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Why Finland has $100,000 Speeding Fines - Cheddar Explains
88,187 views - 07/09/20
Finland has made headlines over the years for fining drivers with exorbitantly high fine for speeding violations, including one for...
Redesigning The Office for a Post-Coronavirus World - Cheddar Explains
56,988 views - 07/07/20
Covid-19 has rapidly changed the way we work. With about a third of Americans working from home during the pandemic, it’s only natural to...
Why Hotel Rooms Have Bibles - Cheddar Explains
111,239 views - 07/02/20
A Gideon Bible in your nightstand is as synonymous with hotels as tiny shampoo bottles and continental breakfasts. So who puts them...
Why Precisely Priced Homes Sell Better
46,342 views - 06/30/20
The trend of precisely pricing homes is on the rise. Research indicates that a house with a precise price will sell better than a house...
The Reason Medieval Paintings Of Cats Were So Bad - Cheddar Explains
132,652 views - 06/25/20
Have you ever wondered why cats in medieval paintings and illustrations look so wonky? Their little faces don’t look like animals at all....
The Big Brands That Make Trader Joe's Products - Cheddar Explains
173,786 views - 06/23/20
We all love Trader Joe’s. Their fun culture, healthy vibe, and cheap private label have all helped fuel prolific growth over the past two...
Why Juneteenth Isn't A National Holiday And Why It Should Be - Cheddar Explains
30,472 views - 06/19/20
Also called Emancipation Day, or Juneteenth Independence Day, Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United...
How The Cozy Coupe Became The Best Selling Car Of All-Time - Cheddar Explains
120,708 views - 06/18/20
If you were a kid in the last 40 years, you probably have a Cozy Coupe memory. Growing up It seemed like they were everywhere. That's...
How Soy Found Its Way Into Everything - Cheddar Explains
97,733 views - 06/16/20
From milk to canned tuna to shampoo, soy is in a good majority of our day-to-day products. It’s added to around 60% of the nation’s...
Why Obnoxiously Loud Car Alarms Aren't As Common Today- Cheddar Explains
283,636 views - 06/11/20
If you lived in a big city in the 90s, you're probably one of the unlucky people who was kept up at night on a regular basis by errant...
The Real Reason Washington D.C. Doesn't Have Skyscrapers -  Cheddar Explains
767,077 views - 06/09/20
The skyline of Washington D.C. is stunted. You've probably heard that D.C. can't build skyscrapers taller than the U.S. Capitol Building...
Are Face Shields Better Than Masks For Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains
132,274 views - 06/04/20
Now that we’ve all gotten used to face masks, are we ready to make the switch to shields? A recently published article in The Journal of...
Just How Safe Is It To Be Outside During Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains
25,029 views - 06/01/20
Summer is just around the corner, and the outdoors may seem like the perfect escape from the threat of contracting the virus. States are...
The Rise And Fall Of Autotune - Cheddar Explains
235,408 views - 05/28/20
Autotune was a staple in pop hits throughout the 2000s. T-Pain, Nelly, Daft Punk, and almost every major pop artist embraced the...
How America's National Parks Became Critically Crowded With Tourists - Cheddar Explains
146,908 views - 05/26/20
Visitation to National Park Service sites has seen a boom in recent years. For five years in a row, the park service has tallied over 300...
How Pandemics Like Coronavirus Have Shaped Our Homes - Cheddar Explains
164,443 views - 05/21/20
Our home design has changed drastically over the past 150 years. Once commonplace items like claw-footed tubs and standing armoires have...
How Backyard Grilling Conquered America - Cheddar Explains
121,246 views - 05/19/20
Backyard grilling is an American institution. But have you ever wondered where it came from? You might be surprised to learn that the...
The Real Reason Soap Operas Look So Different - Cheddar Explains
263,511 views - 05/14/20
If you compare a daytime Soap Opera with a primetime television show you'll likely notice that Soaps just look different. This look has...
Why 3D Movies Keep Failing - Cheddar Explains
348,221 views - 05/12/20
3D movies seem to be on their deathbed. But this isn't the first time that the 3D craze has come and gone - it seems to be a cycle that...
The Rise, Fall, And Rebirth Of The Ford Bronco - Cheddar Examines
53,019 views - 05/07/20
When the Ford Bronco hit the market in the 1960s, it revolutionized the auto market. Over time, the Bronco became a cult classic, a...
Why There Are So Few Pickup Trucks In Europe - Cheddar Examines
565,461 views - 05/05/20
The pickup truck has become a symbol of Americana. In fact, the Ford F-150 has been the best selling vehicle in the United States for the...
How Navigation Apps Actually Create More Traffic - Cheddar Explores
150,976 views - 04/28/20
Most drivers depend on navigation apps for driving instructions and avoiding traffic. However, these apps could actually be contributing...
Why Movies Are Wrong About Elevator Free Falls - Cheddar Explains
309,754 views - 04/23/20
In practically every action movie, there’s a scene where an elevator cable snaps and the car goes shooting down the shaft. But that...
How Humans Caused Our Own Allergies - Cheddar Explains
346,668 views - 04/21/20
Sniffling. Sneezing. Runny eyes. Springtime brings a rush of seasonal allergies that plague us - but historically, allergies were mild -...
What The Pronunciations Of Brand Names Really Mean - Cheddar Examines
84,844 views - 04/16/20
Marketers use a linguistic science called ‘Sound Symbolism’ to aid in naming brands and products. The science focuses on the sounds of...
Why Sitcoms Stopped Using Laugh Tracks - Cheddar Explains
2,415,537 views - 04/14/20
For the better half of the last century, multi-cam sitcoms across television relied on the laugh track to make TV shows better. Thanks to...
The Rise And Fall Of Orange Juice - Cheddar Explains
591,985 views - 04/09/20
Did you know orange juice wasn't a nationally consumed beverage until the mid 1900's? It feels like the ubiquitous drink of breakfasts...
Why The Human Knee Is A Design Disaster - Cheddar Explores
329,320 views - 04/07/20
Millions deal with knee problems every year. From elite athletes tearing their ACLs to senior citizens with chronic knee pain, there is...
Breaking Down The $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package - Cheddar Explains
36,585 views - 04/04/20
On Friday, March 27th, the House of Representatives approved a record-breaking economic stimulus package. The $2.2 trillion stimulus...
The Surprising Problems With The City Grid - Cheddar Explains
178,146 views - 04/02/20
The rectangular grid is an ancient city plan and has been used by civilizations for thousands of years. It underpins many of our cities...
Why New York Dumps Old Trucks (And More) Into the Ocean - Cheddar Explores
182,665 views - 03/31/20
In 2008, photographer Stephen Mallon documented the dumping of 44 decommissioned subway cars into the Atlantic Ocean. Today, 2,400 cars...
What Makes Coronavirus So Infectious? - Cheddar Explains
132,302 views - 03/28/20
Coronavirus has spread around the world with unprecedented speed and effectiveness. So what is it about this virus that makes it so...
Doctor Responds To Coronavirus Myths - Cheddar Explains
39,509 views - 03/26/20
As COVID-19 sweeps the globe heaps of misinformation comes with it. With so many ways and places to consume information it can be tough...
How Will Summer Really Impact Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains
837,055 views - 03/20/20
Whether it’s the President of the United States or one of your friends, people all over the country are claiming summer will help get rid...
How Los Angeles Got Its Iconic Architecture Style - Cheddar Explains
79,189 views - 03/19/20
You might not recognize the name, but if you've driven around Los Angeles you'll definitely recognize the style. Googie architecture...
The Tiny Compound That Makes Soap A Coronavirus Killer
749,110 views - 03/13/20
Hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity as Coronavirus has spread around the world. But you might be surprised to learn that...
The Fall Of The Business Suit - Cheddar Explains
272,364 views - 03/12/20
Over the last few decades, the classic suit and tie has become a rare sight in offices across the United States. Today, 50% of reported...
Why The World Sends Its Plastic Trash To Malaysia - Cheddar Explores
87,714 views - 03/10/20
Southeast Asia has become the world’s largest importer of plastic scrap. Bales of imported plastic shipped in from the US, Europe and...
Why All Fast Food Chains Look The Same Today - Cheddar Explains
967,720 views - 03/05/20
Have you ever wondered why new McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger Kings and more are starting to look the same? Over the years...
Why Some Apps Are Intentionally Slow - Cheddar Explains
283,010 views - 02/27/20
In tech, speed is usually a major priority. But did you know it’s actually possible to create a program that is too fast? So some...
Bachelor Stars Reveal What It's Really Like To Be On The Show - Experts Explain
150,949 views - 02/25/20
Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be on the The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? In this video, former contestants Ben...
The Cold War Plan For A U.S. Death Star - Cheddar Explores
60,381 views - 02/20/20
The iconic rotating wheel space station from 2001: A Space Odyssey has become a fixture of our collective sci-fi consciousness. But did...
These 7 Digits May Be More Important Than Your Social Security Number - Cheddar Explains
135,254 views - 02/18/20
Our cell phone number has become one of the most important numbers in our lives. Recently a hack called "sim jacking" has gained...
The Moment The NBA Turned Into A Fashion Show - Cheddar Explains
42,068 views - 02/14/20
Today, basketball players are bonafide style icons: the walk into an arena on game day is basically a fashion show. It wasn't always like...
Why New York City Still Uses Wooden Water Towers - Cheddar Explains
1,296,208 views - 02/12/20
When you look across the New York City skyline, you might notice the thousands of wooden water towers that line the tops of the...
How Winning An Oscar Became About Money - Cheddar Explains
36,902 views - 02/08/20
Winning an Oscar isn't just about making a good movie. Studios, actors, and marketing firms run expensive campaigns for months prior to...
How The Red Carpet Became An Award Show Staple - Cheddar Explains
26,958 views - 02/06/20
Hollywood has transformed the red carpet into a platform for actors and actresses to showcase high fashion before award shows like the...
Donald Trump Vs. Nancy Pelosi: A History Of The Rivalry
62,925 views - 02/05/20
After the conclusion of Tuesday night's State Of The Union Address, Nancy Pelosi ripped up a copy of Donald Trump's speech. This dramatic...
The Downfall Of The Convertible Car - Cheddar Examines
188,934 views - 02/04/20
The convertible has been an icon since the beginning of the automobile era. But in recent years, sales have declined drastically. We...
Will A Quarantine Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains
64,271 views - 01/31/20
Efforts to combat coronavirus are underway in China. In attempt to limit the spread of the disease, a travel ban in Wuhan and the...
How Nintendo's R.O.B. The Robot Saved The Gaming Industry - Cheddar Examines
44,558 views - 01/30/20
In 1983 the video game industry is in peril. An over-saturated market of third-party software games resulted in a $3 billion loss. But,...
How the U.S. Military Influences Hollywood - Cheddar Explains
43,958 views - 01/28/20
The Department of Defense has a widespread influence on Hollywood, from hardcore action films to comedies like Pitch Perfect 3. Turn's...
Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains
1,503,891 views - 01/24/20
What exactly is coronavirus, and what's the best way to protect yourself? We checked in with Dr. Amesh Adalja to ask if surgical masks...
Here's Why The Driving Age Is 16 In Most States. Should It Be? - Cheddar Explains
60,071 views - 01/23/20
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. 16 to 17-year-old drivers are almost twice as...
How A Drone Strike Works - Cheddar Explains
94,634 views - 01/21/20
The U.S. has become dependent on drones to monitor and target perceived threats. They may keep military officials out of the line of...
Why Ski Resorts Are Dying - Cheddar Explains
554,314 views - 01/16/20
Skiing is the quintessential winter pastime. But recently, the multi-billion dollar industry is in decline. The number of skiers is...
Why Presidential Speeches Are Getting Dumber
505,651 views - 01/14/20
The reading levels of American presidential speeches have been on a steady decline since the 1920's. The answer has less to do with the...
Why All Films Have This Disclaimer
1,651,080 views - 01/09/20
Nearly all films have this disclaimer: "This is a work of fiction. any similarities to persons living or dead, or actual events is purely...
Why TVs Have Become So Inexpensive
735,523 views - 01/07/20
TV prices have hit all time lows. Why is that? Well, TV companies have found another revenue stream. Further reading: 1. Wired...
The Deceptive Origins of Subliminal Messaging - Cheddar Examines
65,054 views - 12/26/19
Whispers of the word ‘Popcorn’ flashing across a movie screen, rumors of the word ‘sex’ hidden on a Ritz cracker. You’ve heard the tales...
The Real Story Behind the Star Wars Crawl - Cheddar Explains
40,304 views - 12/19/19
The Star Wars opening crawl is arguably as iconic as light sabers and Darth Vader himself. hen A New Hope hit theaters in 1977 audiences...
Why The U.S. Hates Roundabouts
1,855,105 views - 12/17/19
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Expert Explains Why Wine Costs So Much More At Restaurants - Cheddar Explains
42,271 views - 12/12/19
The cost of a bottle of wine might be $20 in a store, but that same bottle of wine could run you $40 or $50 in a restaurant. James Beard...
Why Cell Towers Are Being Disguised As Trees - Cheddar Explains
326,438 views - 12/02/19
Cell towers disguised as trees are sprouting up all across America. And for the most part, they stand out like well, a cell tower. And...
The Rise and Fall of the TV Dinner - Cheddar Explains
1,849,202 views - 11/20/19
TV dinners have a surprising origin and at one point dominated American markets. But are we falling out of love with them as a country?...
The Anatomy of the Presidential Motorcade - Cheddar Explains
552,908 views - 11/13/19
When the President comes to town he is usually riding in a motorcade of 40-50 vehicles. What cars make up this fleet of vehicles and how...
Why American Yards Are Shrinking - Cheddar Explains
574,364 views - 11/05/19
Have you noticed that the yards of American homes have been getting a lot smaller in the last few years? It's not your imagination....
The Surprising Reason We Don't Hitchhike Anymore - Cheddar Explains
768,957 views - 10/29/19
You probably think that hitchhiking is dangerous, and there's a big reason for that: Movies, law enforcement scare tactics, and more. But...
How Your AC Could Help Instead of Hurt The Environment - Cheddar Explores
264,718 views - 10/25/19
Imagine this: your air conditioner is powered by renewable electricity. It also captures carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into...
How Expanding Bike Lanes Can Actually Decrease Traffic - Cheddar Explains
182,632 views - 10/22/19
Common sentiment is that expanding the amount of space that is dedicated to bike lanes would increase congestion and automobile traffic....
The Story Behind The Hack That Wreaked Havoc on Hollywood - The Vault
361,758 views - 10/15/19
In 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked by a group of cyber-criminals who called themselves “The Guardians of Peace”. The hackers...
The Inaudible Sounds That Make Movies Scarier - Cheddar Explains
579,261 views - 10/10/19
Sound is a vital element of any film. But what about sounds you can't hear? In this video, Cheddar Explains how sub-bass sounds, and...
The Unforeseen Issue With Skyscraper Canyons - Cheddar Explores
550,529 views - 10/08/19
Have you ever walked down a city street in the winter and almost been blown off your feet by freezing wind? Well, it's the result of...
How an Unlikely Logo Helped Save a Broken City - Cheddar Explains
327,981 views - 10/03/19
It's hard to go one block in New York City without seeing the I Heart New York logo on a building, in a window, or on a T-Shirt. Cheddar...
How TJ Maxx is Thriving in the Retail Apocalypse - Cheddar Examines
322,840 views - 10/01/19
With the rise of online shopping, retailers have been closing brick & mortar stores at such a high rate that the trend has its own name:...
The Font That Makes Everyone Read Faster - Cheddar Explains
311,698 views - 09/25/19
Since its inception, the art of typography was very much that: an art form. New fonts were designed to suit a mood, match a message, or...
Malls Of The Future Are Re-Inventing Retail - Cheddar Explains
344,587 views - 09/20/19
Malls as we know them are going out of style - but that doesn't mean they're dying. Instead, they're using AI, curated experiences, and...
The Secret Infrastructure Beneath NYC - Cheddar Explains
1,523,821 views - 09/17/19
Above ground, it's a concrete jungle - centuries of buildings of all different shapes and kinds. But what about underground? We take you...
Why Are We Still Making (A Lot Of) $2 Bills? - Cheddar Explains
436,430 views - 09/12/19
The $2 bill is perceived to be very rare, but in fact, there are more than a billion in circulation. Why are we still printing so many of...
Why Does New York City Smell So Bad? - Cheddar Explains
1,205,990 views - 09/05/19
New York City has always been described as filthy and smelly with trash everywhere. But, how did New York develop these characteristics?...
Snobby Employees May Inadvertently Increase Sales - Cheddar Examines
81,182 views - 09/03/19
A study conducted by the University of British Columbia says that rude employees in luxury stores can actually make you want to buy more....
How Drones Could Save Millions of Lives - Cheddar Explores
440,293 views - 08/30/19
Drone technology is increasingly being used to provide remote care, supplement emergency responses, and generally decrease the time it...
How Casinos Use Smell To Hack Your Brain - Cheddar Examines
192,756 views - 08/20/19
Everything in a casino is designed to get you to spend more - including how they smell. Learn about how they use finely tunes scents to...
Why Skyscraper Cemeteries Are On The Rise - Cheddar Explains
179,936 views - 08/13/19
Imagine a tower of the dead, looming over your downtown. Creepy? Or a good reminder that life is fleeting? Cheddar Explains why vertical...
Tesla One Year After Elon's Infamous Tweet - Cheddar Rides
27,746 views - 08/09/19
Cheddar Rides is a weekly show that airs on the Cheddar Business network. Today on Cheddar Rides we took a look into the highs and lows...
Why Are Clothing Sizes So Inconsistent? - Cheddar Examines
74,150 views - 08/08/19
Have you ever noticed how a size 33 in one brand can be way smaller or larger in another brand? Cheddar examines the psychological trick...
Your Voice Can Give Away What You Look Like - Cheddar Explores
194,882 views - 08/06/19
Can you guess what I look like, just from hearing the sound of my voice? Well, artificial intelligence can. In this video, Cheddar...
Why Are So Many Cartoon Mothers Deceased? - Cheddar Explains
137,025 views - 07/30/19
It's a tale as old as time...cartoon characters in films from Disney, Pixar, and more must take down the villains and step-mothers to win...
Why The Government Is Interested In Your Spotify Data - Cheddar Examines
192,343 views - 07/25/19
Economists, bankers, and even government officials are looking at patterns in big data to try and predict what will happen next in our...
The Human Back Is A Design Disaster - Cheddar Explores
1,199,969 views - 07/18/19
Everyone who lives long enough is likely to experience back pain. And the cause isn't just aging. We have evolution to blame for a spine...
Airports Are Designed To Make You Spend Money - Cheddar Explains
238,595 views - 07/13/19
Airports used to be a way-station between the ground and the sky. But in the 1990's airports were transformed into malls. In this video...
Pirates Didn't Really Talk Like That - Cheddar Explains
89,925 views - 07/09/19
From cartoons to the classic Hollywood films, we've always had an idea of how Pirates talked. They said "Argh" and had people "walk the...
How $500M of Art Was Stolen by Fake Cops - The Vault
374,176 views - 07/04/19
On March 18, 1990, 13 works of art valued at a combined total of $500 million were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in...
The Marketing Backstab That Shook Big Beer - Cheddar Examines
484,723 views - 07/02/19
In 2018, four major beer companies came together to fight back against dwindling beer sales - until Anheuser-Busch betrayed them. Cheddar...
Why Don't Buses Have Seatbelts? - Cheddar Explains
959,690 views - 06/27/19
Buckle up for safety, unless you're on a school or city bus, apparently. Is this a case of hypocrisy in action? Or is there something...
How Dominos Won In India - Cheddar Examines
150,695 views - 06/25/19
When Dominos set its sights on expanding into the Indian market they faced a pretty big hurdle - Indians didn't really eat much pizza....
Why Every TV Show Has A Noticeably Boring Episode - Cheddar Explains
798,845 views - 06/20/19
Whether your favorite television show is Friends or Breaking Bad, every TV show has what is called a bottle episode. But are bottle...
Why Krispy Kreme Failed in Australia - Cheddar Examines
157,510 views - 06/18/19
Krispy Kreme's initial expansion into Australia was a success, but seven years later the company closed a third of its stores. Cheddar...
The Fake Socialite Who Scammed New York's Elite - The Vault
5,490,198 views - 06/12/19
Anna Delvey came on the New York City party scene in 2016 and immediately won over everyone. However, her bills started to pile up and...
Why Target Failed In Canada - Cheddar Examines
144,536 views - 06/06/19
Target is an American go-to for cheap, chic everyday products. But when it tried to expand into Canada, things didn't go as planned....
Why All Images of Space Are Photoshopped - Cheddar Explores
182,974 views - 06/04/19
NASA, and most if not all, other space agencies photoshop their images of space - but that doesn't mean their photos are fake. In this...