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A Fashion Editor’s HONEST REVIEW of Fabletics | Instagram vs. Reality | Cosmopolitan
1,273 views - 11/15/19
In today’s episode of “Instagram vs. Reality,” Cosmo’s very own fashion editor Rachel Torgerson vets popular Instagram athleisure brand...
Charli XCX Battles Band Nasty Cherry in a Tense Round of Thumb Wars  | Cosmopolitan
1,520 views - 11/13/19
Charli XCX and bad-ass band Nasty Cherry graced the Cosmo offices with their presence after performing a wild show in NYC just the night...
David Dobrik vs Iggy Azalea (& more!) Expensive Water Challenge! 💦 | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmo
11,550 views - 11/12/19
If you’re watching this, you’ve likely seen every episode of Cosmo’s Expensive Taste Test by now (thanks, boo ❤️) and if you...
Gross Diet Foods and Secret Love Zones?! | Weird Tips We Found in Old Cosmos | Cosmopolitan
3,459 views - 11/07/19
Welcome to our brand-new series where we celebrate the quirky, hilarious, sometimes-brilliant advice from the ghosts of Cosmo past....
David Dobrik Does the Grossest Thing With Gum | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan
1,325,179 views - 11/06/19
#cosmopolitan #expensivetastetest #daviddobrik David Dobrik, Casey Neistat and the Vlog Squad dropped by our offices to try on bras,...
Beauty Editors Test Buzzy Skincare Products | Sh*t We Stole from the Beauty Closet | Cosmopolitan
2,026 views - 11/05/19
There are approximately 12 million* different kinds of skincare products that we could be buying to make us look like perfect angel...
Kesha Chugging Champagne Is A Whole Mood | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmpolitan
226,819 views - 10/31/19
Where the Animals at?! Kesha’s been super busy working on her upcoming album, ‘High Road,’ but she stopped by to put her expensive—or, as...
Debby Ryan Wants to Win This So. Bad. | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan
403,423 views - 10/30/19
Debby Ryan, star of Netflix's Insatiable, hangs out with Cosmo to test her expensive pageant queen taste. Can she guess between cheap vs...
Gregg Sulkin & Laura Marano Can’t Handle Talking to Ghosts | Celebs Play Ouija Board | Cosmo
11,553 views - 10/29/19
Gregg Sulkin and Laura Marano are starring in your soon-to-be favorite holiday movie, ‘A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish,’ but since...
James Charles Morphe Mini Palette Halloween Rainbow Skull Makeup Challenge! | Cosmopolitan
4,224 views - 10/24/19
Happy Halloween, Sisters! James Charles is here with his new Morphe Mini Palette to show our beauty editor Lauren Balsamo (from Sh*t We...
7 Hair Must-Haves Beauty Editors Keep For Themselves | Sh*t We Stole From the Beauty Closet💄| Cosmo
1,659 views - 10/22/19
If we gave you 10 minutes to raid Cosmo’s beauty closet, which haircare products would you steal?! Editors Ama, Chloe, and Carly have...
7 Skincare Must-Haves Beauty Editors Swear By | Sh*t We Stole From the Beauty Closet💄| Cosmo
2,792 views - 10/22/19
If we gave you 10 minutes to raid Cosmo’s beauty closet, which products would you steal?! Editors Lauren, Ama, and Chloe share their...
A Fashion Editor's HONEST REVIEW of Reformation | Instagram vs. Reality | Cosmopolitan
4,848 views - 10/17/19
Welcome to our new series, “Instagram vs. Reality,” where Cosmo’s very own fashion editor Rachel Torgerson vets popular Instagram...
Liza Koshy Tests Her Dollar Store Taste | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan
1,020,019 views - 10/16/19
Liza Koshy is 100% that witch, but does she have the expensive Halloween taste to prove it? Catch the 👑Queen of YouTube 👑 and star of...
The ‘Looking for Alaska’ Cast Struggles through This Whole Video | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmo
47,624 views - 10/15/19
The cast of Hulu’s new miniseries, ‘Looking for Alaska,’ are seriously adorable—but these guys cannot, for the life of them, guess what...
Charlize Theron & Nick Kroll Piss Off Some Spirits 😱 | Celebs Play Ouija Against Their Will
14,977 views - 10/10/19
We achieved the impossible, folks. We totally scared the sh*t out of Charlize Theron (sorry to her publicist!!!!!!)—but luckily Nick...
Fast and Lazy Halloween Makeup Looks 🎃| Cosmopolitan
3,184 views - 10/09/19
It’s officially October— 🎃 spooky szn 🎃 —which means it’s time to start actually preparing for Halloween right TF now. If you, like me,...
‘The Politician’s’ Zoey Deutch Eats Crickets 😱| Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan
75,295 views - 10/08/19
Zoey Deutch is exactly like your bff—that is, if your bff starred in a smash Netflix series (ahem, ‘The Politician’) and was on the cusp...
I Went on 30 Dates in 3 Days | Cosmo Video Diaries
13,551 views - 10/03/19
For our brand-new series, Cosmo Video Diaries, L.A.-based writer and comedian Gabi Conti went on 30 dates in three days with guys she met...
Oops, We Gave 'Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch Trust Issues 💎 | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan
414,800 views - 10/01/19
It’s always a good day when ‘Riverdale’s’ Madelaine Petsch is in the office—well, for us, anyway! Madelaine came in with Cheryl...
Hannah B Put Mashed Potatoes On My Face | We Said Whaaat? with Cosmo Assistant Sam Feher
15,441 views - 09/30/19
Welcome to our brand-new series, “We Said Whaaat?” where we celebrate the quirky, hilarious, sometimes-brilliant advice from the ghosts...
What “Sexy” Halloween Costumes *Really * Look Like on 5 Women | Actual People Try On | Cosmopolitan
37,693 views - 09/25/19
The only thing spookier than Halloween are these “sexy” Halloween costumes—seriously, who tf comes up with these?! We had 5 women try on...
5 Womens' Brutally Honest Reviews of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Shapewear | Actual People Try On | Cosmo
367,275 views - 09/10/19
Kim Kardashian’s brand-new shapewear, SKIMS, just launched—curious to see how it looks on someone who isn’t a Kardashian/Jenner?! We had...
We Tricked Queer Eye's Antoni Into Loving Cheap Guac 🥑| Expensive Taste Test
297,517 views - 09/06/19
We all know and love Antoni Porowski as the posh, guacamole-loving food-wizard on Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’— but can he actually taste the...
Halsey Gives Her MUA the Craziest Rainbow Eye You've Ever Seen  | Turn the Beat Around
438,205 views - 09/03/19
Our October cover star Halsey claims she’s “Bad at Love” but she’s an amazing musician, a total sweetheart, and honestly? A kick-ass...
'Bachelorette' Hannah B + Too Much Champagne = Tyler C. Real Talk | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmo
557,749 views - 08/29/19
Can ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah B tell the difference between a $4 red wine vs. a ~fancy~ red wine? Lol, no…she can’t—but she’ll drink it...
Aimee Song's Song of Style x Revolve Collab Will Make Your Butt Look G🍑🍑D | Actual People Try On
2,040 views - 08/28/19
Fashion influencer Aimee Song is about to release the September drop of her Song of Style x Revolve collab collection—and of course we...
New FENTY BEAUTY Brow MVP Tutorial with Rihanna's Makeup Artist! | Try On | Cosmopolitan
10,657 views - 08/20/19
If you’ve been waiting forever for Queen Rihanna’s next genius launch for Fenty Beauty (um, same) you’ve come to the right place. We...
3 Women Give Honest Reviews of Popular Sticky Bras | Try On
19,969 views - 08/15/19
3 women with different bra sizes try on 6 types of sticky bras—from the Insta-famous invisible bra to Amazon’s stick-on nip covers. After...
Noah Cyrus Sings and Gives an Instagram Brow Makeup Demo | Turn the Beat Around
13,350 views - 08/08/19
We can’t tell what’s more beautiful, Noah Cyrus’ singing voice or the ✨glittery makeover ✨she gives her makeup artist, Natalia Lopez de...
💰Iggy Azalea Has ~Fancy~ Taste and Isn't Sorry About It 💰| Expensive Taste Test
1,590,080 views - 08/06/19
The 👑 of fancy, Iggy Azalea herself, has landed to play Cosmo's Expensive Taste Test. Can the In My Defense artist (and Cosmo's newest...
Tutorial: Hunter Schafer Models 3 Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks
397,586 views - 08/03/19
If you watch HBO’s Euphoria, you stan Jules—a.k.a the lovely Hunter Schafer—and her wild, magical, breathtaking makeup. Literally...
RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Alyssa Edwards Teaches You How to Roast Haters | How to Be Petty
211,602 views - 07/20/19
#cosmopolitan #howtobepetty #alyssaedwards Take a seat and let RuPaul’s Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards teach you how to destroy your...
Ruby Roo’s Electric-Blue Makeup Look Is Positively *Shocking* | Cosmo Queens
33,052 views - 07/14/19
WARNING: Ruby Roo’s makeup look is EXTREMELY high-voltage, so stay TF back (for your own safety, of course). Kidding, kidding...but it...
Mariah Carey Gives Her MUA a Crazy 2000s-Inspired Makeover | Turn The Beat Around
210,422 views - 07/09/19
Where the Lambs at?! Mariah Carey is flexin’ her ✨beauty skills✨with her makeup artist Kristofer Buckle. As Mariah attempts to recreate...
We Tortured ‘Stranger Things’ Star Gaten Matarazzo With 💄| Expensive Taste Test
4,271,944 views - 07/02/19
#strangerthings #expensivetastetest #cosmopolitan This is now a Gaten Matarazzo stan account! JK, but not really. Catch the ‘’Stranger...
A'keria Chanel Davenport Is The Master of Colorful Eyeshadow | Cosmo Queens
68,459 views - 06/30/19
Season 11 contestant A’Keria Chanel Davenport took a break from her busy post-RPDR schedule to show Cosmo how she beats her face, and...
Logan Browning Knows Fancy Champagne Just By LOOKING At It🥂| Expensive Taste Test
51,530 views - 06/29/19
#expensivetastetest #loganbrowning #cosmopolitan Can Logan Browning, the star of Netflix's 'The Perfection' and 'Dear White People,'...
ICY GRL Saweetie Raps Circles Around Her Biggest Fan | Beat Your Superfan
11,622 views - 06/25/19
#saweetie #cosmocrush #beatyoursuperfan 💎💎THE ICY GRL herself drops by our studio to go to head-to-head against her superfan and prove...
The Haus of Aja Is Here, and They Came to Slay | Cosmo Queens
438,000 views - 06/20/19
Ayo, sis! You’re in the Haus of Aja now, so get ready to be gooped AND gagged. Yeah, that's right: Aja, Kandy Muse, Dahlia Sin, and...
Aubrey Plaza Wants You to Throw Away Your Clothes and Get Ugly Ones Instead | How to Be Petty
81,087 views - 06/04/19
Need advice? But not the kind that makes you a better person? Behold, advice that makes you a PETTIER person. 'Parks and Rec' and...
Trinity the Tuck Looks Like a True Winner With This Makeup Look | Cosmo Queens
80,936 views - 05/28/19
Trinity the Tuck is in the house, and she’s here to slay. So, how exactly does Trinity transform? First, she starts out by setting her...
$700k vs $33?! Does Kathryn Newton Know Her 💎💎💎? | Expensive Taste Test
220,510 views - 05/23/19
#expensivetastetest #kathrynnewton #cosmopolitan The Society’s Kathryn Newton knows the difference between real and fake diamonds. But...
Can Charles Melton Beat The Biggest Riverdale Superfan?! | Beat Your Superfan
19,024 views - 05/17/19
Charles Melton may be dreamy, but he also knows his stuff. In this round of Beat Your Superfan, it’s all about his new movie, The Sun Is...
Can She Guess Yara Shahidi’s Zodiac Sign? | Star Chart with Aliza Kelly
11,191 views - 05/16/19
Can Cosmo’s resident astrologer, Aliza Kelly, guess Yara Shahidi’s Sun, Moon, rising sign, Mercury, Mars AND Venus? It seems like a lot...
Dahlia Sin Is Serving Major Eleganza With This Chic Makeup Look | Cosmo Queens
68,878 views - 05/13/19
Precision is the name of the game for Dahlia Sin. The drag queen's delicate hand, sharp strokes, and tight angles craft a look that's...
Yuhua Hamasaki's Makeup Look Is the Definition of Extra | Cosmo Queens
80,874 views - 05/07/19
You've been warned: this makeup transformation is not for basic bitches. Yuhua Hamasaki stopped by Cosmo to show us how she creates her...
Emma Roberts Has Guilty Pleasures, Too | Under the Covers
166,368 views - 05/06/19
Lucky us, we got go under the covers with our June COVER STAR Emma Roberts! She told us all about what she does when she stays up all...
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and The Original PLL Cast Battle It Out | Beat Your Superfan
193,289 views - 05/01/19
Listen up bitches, Beat Your Superfan is back, but this time there’s a twist. It’s the Pretty Little Liars original cast vs The...
Brita Filter's Stunning Sunset Beauty Look Will Make You Want to Take a Beach Vacay
44,620 views - 04/29/19
Iconic NYC-based drag queen Brita Filter is getting toasty with a sunset-inspired makeup look so gorgeous, you'll be transported...
Real Housewives Drama Doesn’t Keep Erika Jayne Up at Night | Under The Covers
37,143 views - 04/25/19
Get in losers, we’re going to bed. Cosmo gets under the covers with the realest of the Real Housewives, Erika Jayne. Erika reveals which...
Ross and Rocky Lynch Get Competitive with Twin Superfans | Beat Your Superfan
65,138 views - 04/24/19
Have the Lynch brothers met their match? Ross and Rocky Lynch, aka the Driver Era, take a break from tour to go head-to-head against twin...
Miz Cracker's Makeup Transformation Is the Most Mesmerizing Thing | Cosmo Queens
546,943 views - 04/22/19
Comedy queen Miz Cracker is known for her zany personality. Her purple cut crease is f-i-e-r-c-e, and historians will probably write...
Beauty Youtuber Nikita Dragun Sleeps Like a Vampire | Under the Covers
13,061 views - 04/18/19
Time for bed! Cosmo gets under the covers with Youtuber and make up artist, Nikita Dragun. Nikita gives us a crash course in how to take...
Hot New Choreo with Instagram’s Buzziest Dancers | Cosmopolitan
76,883 views - 04/17/19
Cosmo brought six of IG’s buzziest dancers together on a helipad in L.A. to model our favorite spring fashions AND we asked the amazing...
Flour Shop’s Sprinkle Explosion Cakes Are Gorgeous and SO SATISFYING (ASMR!)
6,840 views - 04/16/19
Haven’t you always wanted to hear what sprinkles sound like close-up? SOUND ON because super cute baker Amirah Kassem from Flour Shop in...
Scarlet Envy Looks Like Jessica Rabbit’s Twin in This Glam Makeup Look | Cosmo Queens
664,778 views - 04/15/19
Have you ever see someone so gorgeous you audibly gasp? Cool, ’cause that just happened to us, thanks to Scarlet Envy. The drag queen...
Queer Eye's Fab Five Teach Us How to Sext Properly | Under The Covers
429,764 views - 04/11/19
Wait, WHO sleeps naked?! We’re so ready to snuggle up with America’s faves, the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye! Cosmo gets REAL cozy with...
How to Be A Mukbang Influencer | Cosmopolitan
5,028 views - 04/09/19
Join Cosmo's brave snapchat editor, Mia, as she learns how to become a mukbang influencer, digging into some Red Lobster for her very...
You've Never Seen a Smoky Eye More Flawless Than Gia Gunn's | Cosmo Queens
131,571 views - 04/08/19
You might recognize Gia Gunn from season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but that's only the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a famed...
Olivia O'Brien Sings You a Lullaby | Under the Covers
15,708 views - 04/05/19
Get ready to want be best friends with Olivia O’Brien. 💅 Cosmo goes under the covers with the ‘hate u love u’ singer! She gets real about...
Farrah Moan's Highlighter Might Blind You, But It's Worth It | Cosmo Queens
156,091 views - 04/01/19
Lost in the dark? Just look for the shimmering light that is highlight kween, Farrah Moan! In her latest Cosmo Queens transformation...
Malec (Matt and Harry) Go Up Against a Shadowhunters Stan | Beat Your Superfan
431,720 views - 03/28/19
Shadowhunters stars Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr., aka Malec, face off against their biggest superfan! Matthew and Harry may have...
Bebe Rexha Sings Against A Super Rexhar | Beat Your Superfan
397,697 views - 03/20/19
Bebe Rexha faces off against her biggest superfan, Devin, in a battle to see who knows the popstar best. Bebe and her fan sing some of...
Spencer Pratt’s Funniest Moments Reading Cosmopolitan Magazine
864 views - 03/18/19
MTV The Hills star Spencer Pratt read our entire April issue of Cosmo cover-to-cover LIVE and it was hilarious. It was hard to choose,...
'7 Rings' Co-Writer Njomza👏 CAN 👏SING 👏 But She Can't Sleep | Under the Covers
3,664 views - 03/14/19
Singer and songwriter Njomza gets comfy with Cosmo and sings us a lullaby off her latest EP, Vacation. Her voice sounds like butter and...
The Hills Stars Spencer and Heidi Pratt Birth Chart Reading | Star Chart with Aliza Kelly
5,892 views - 03/13/19
The Hills: New Beginnings stars Spencer and Heidi Pratt, aka the fabulous Speidi, sit down with Cosmo’s resident astrologist Aliza Kelly...
The Cast of The Hills: New Beginnings Goes Head-to-Head in OG Hills Trivia | Cosmopolitan
535,748 views - 03/07/19
Um, do you remember what Justin Bobby was wearing when he left Audrina on the beach? Because we sure as hell do. But does Audrina?!...
Cardi B's Pianist Chloe Flower Shows Us How to Vintage Shop Online | Cosmopolitan
5,556 views - 03/06/19
Chloe Flower is a boss when it comes to online shopping. The classical pianist is best known as Cardi B’s badass Grammy’s pianist, but...
Star of MTV's The Hills Spencer Pratt Reads The April Issue of Cosmo Magazine Cover-to-Cover
8,396 views - 03/05/19
In celebration of the April issue of Cosmo, featuring the cast of MTV's The Hills: New Beginning, Spencer Pratt is doing a reading of the...
Kat McNamara Battles a Shadowhunters Fan Over Who Knows Malec Best | Beat Your Superfan
336,257 views - 03/01/19
Kat McNamara kicks ass as Clary Fray in Shadowhunters but can she hold her own in a battle against a superfan? We test her knowledge on...
Bunk'd Star Peyton List Dreams About Forgetting Her Lines | Under the Covers
18,327 views - 02/22/19
Disney Channel veteran Peyton List got under the covers with Cosmopolitan, and can we just say, we’re obsessed!? She admits that...
The Merrell Twins Are Afraid of Monsters Under Their Bed | Under the Covers
46,534 views - 02/14/19
Identical twin Youtubers Veronica and Vanessa Merrell, aka the Merrell Twins, get cozy with Cosmo and dish on whose got the weirdest...
Lana Condor Gets Her Horoscope Read ⭐(Plus: Noah Centineo's Sign!) | Star Chart with Aliza Kelly
10,884 views - 02/13/19
’Sup star gazers? Welcome to Cosmo’s new series, Star Chart, where we get to know celebs based on the sky. Pro astrologer, Aliza Kelly,...
What Keeps Amanda Steele Up At Night? | Under The Covers
4,252 views - 02/07/19
Model and Instagram sensation Amanda Steele gets under the covers with Cosmo to share her weird dreams about pie (you’re not the only one...
Marie Kondo Cleans Out Beauty Editors' Makeup Bags! | Cosmopolitan
842,837 views - 02/05/19
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a smash hit on Netflix - but does her KonMari method work in the Cosmopolitan closets? Our Cosmo beauty...
RENT Live Star Jordan Fisher Can’t Sleep Without His Dog (Aww 😍) | Under the Covers
19,679 views - 01/31/19
Broadway veteran Jordan Fisher (Mark from Rent Live! Grease! Hamilton!) goes under the covers with Cosmopolitan and omg, do we have a...
She's Too Fast for MONSTA X! | Beat Your Superfan
359,585 views - 01/30/19
K-pop superstars MONSTA X have tons of hit songs - but can they remember the lyrics faster than a superfan?! Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk,...
What Does Loren Gray Dream About? | Under the Covers
19,740 views - 01/24/19
"Kick You Out" singer songwriter Loren Gray gets under the covers with Cosmo to share her thoughts on people who wear socks to bed...
Jordyn Woods Is Taking Snuggle Volunteers | Under the Covers
22,129 views - 01/18/19
Secndnture designer Jordyn Woods gets under the covers with Cosmo to tell us all about waking up next to her bestie, what she likes to...
Dove Cameron Sings AND Speaks French With Her Biggest Fan | Beat Your Superfan
332,913 views - 01/15/19
Welcome to Cosmo's NEW gameshow, Beat Your Superfan! Dove Cameron faces off with Sam, a huge fan of the Clueless and Descendants star....
We Know What James Charles Wears In Bed | Under the Covers
19,716 views - 01/10/19
Welcome to our NEW series, Under the Covers! We're getting into bed with your favorite celebs, starting with YouTube beauty SUPERSTAR...
What’s Gina Rodriguez’s Biggest Regret? Find Out in the Cosmo Quickie!
9,586 views - 01/10/19
What’s Gina Rodriguez’s biggest regret? Our Ferburary cover star tells us everything that she loves, hates and finds super sexy in our...
Anita Kiss | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
95,019 views - 12/27/18
Anita Kiss is 16 and she’s already mastered the perfect cat eye. This young queen is proof that age ain’t nothin’ but a number....
Peppermint | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
122,500 views - 12/21/18
Big lashes? Check. The perfect black pout? Check. Shoulder pads made out of candy? Basically, yes, check. In spirit of the holiday...
Iconic Christmas Entertainment Ranked by Adam Rippon | Adam Rippon Riffs On | Cosmopolitan
42,053 views - 12/20/18
Adam Rippon ranks the most iconic Christmas entertainment including movies, music and more! He uses a Christmas tree to decorate in...
Holiday Glitter Butts ft. Drag Queens Ruby Roo and Brita Filter | Cosmopolitan
31,625 views - 12/19/18
Drag Queens Ruby Roo and Brita Filter are here to make your holidays a little bit brighter by taking on 2018's viral glitter butt trend,...
Ashley Graham's Holiday Makeover with Cosmo's Mystery Beauty Box | Cosmopolitan
5,425 views - 12/19/18
American Beauty Star host Ashley Graham has to give a Cosmo editor a holiday makeover using only the products inside a mystery holiday...
Alexis Michelle | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
69,994 views - 12/14/18
The OG Cosmo Queen RETURNS with this stunning ice queen inspired look. She is a literal snow princess! What's your favorite go-to winter...
Traditional Holiday Foods | Adam Rippon Riffs On | Cosmopolitan
78,193 views - 12/13/18
Adam Rippon, aka Cosmo's resident taste-tester, is here to give you his honest opinions on all traditional holiday foods. Yes, he loves a...
Shea Couleé | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
671,499 views - 12/08/18
When it comes to adding pop of color, Shea Couleé goes by her own set of rules. Trust, it WORKS. Plus, the detail is absolutely...
Box Braids with Wavy Ends | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
57,623 views - 12/07/18
These classic box braids get a fun twist when Stasha Harris adds wavy ends! You can wear them down or tied together in a pony. Want to...
Gorgeous Eyes | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
141,089 views - 12/01/18
Lashes, lashes, lashes! These queens had the most S T U N N I N G eye looks of all - including some of the most epic colored contacts....
Epic Contours | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
51,705 views - 11/30/18
Drag is an art, it's no doubt. These drag queens are the best of the best in terms of contour! Whether its powder or cream, neutral or...
Braided Stitch Bun with Weave | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
37,356 views - 11/30/18
This wavy weave is paired with a perfect braided stitch bun, and the final look is seriously gorgeous. Would you add a weave to your...
Harajuku | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
109,206 views - 11/28/18
Harajuku's rad '90s inspired look will have you feeling some next level nostalgia! Plus, check out how she incorporates her wig into her...
Flat Twist Bun | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
51,100 views - 11/20/18
Need the perfect holiday l👀k? ✨ We got you! Magic Fingers Studio creates this gorgeous bun by adding extensions to flat twists. 😍...
Blair Bitch | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
76,645 views - 11/15/18
Blair Bitch's Betty Boop inspired drag look has it ALL: electric detailed eyebrows, stunning glittery red lips, and an inflatable head...
Bloopers | Adam Rippon Riffs On | Cosmopolitan
26,804 views - 11/13/18
Adam Rippon is Cosmo's resident pop culture consultant AND taste tester. It's a tough job! So, naturally, there are some slip ups and...
Golden Braided Bun | The Braid Up | Cosmopolitan
95,743 views - 11/09/18
This braided style by an artist at Magic Fingers Studio is absolutely gorgeous. The gold wire intertwined with the braids is SUCH a...
Soju | Cosmo Drag Queens | Cosmopolitan
152,470 views - 11/07/18
Season 11 RuPaul's Drag Race Queen SOJU is here to serve you her latest look along with her new single, K-Pop Idol Reject. Catch this...