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My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!
839,352 views - 03/24/20
We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon! Find them...
best ADDICTING apps to waste time on iOS and Android
144,578 views - 03/23/20
Sitting bored at home? Best and most addicting iOS and Android apps to wast time! iOS List: 2048 - Juicy Stack...
Apple Powerbeats or AirPods?
236,492 views - 03/17/20
The new Powerbeats are here, but are they replacing AirPods? MKBHD vs ME - Galaxy S20 Real Day in the Life! -...
MKBHD vs ME - Galaxy S20 Real Day in the Life!
348,353 views - 03/14/20
Its an excuse for an MKBHD Studio tour with Marques Brownlee himself! Its a real day in the life with the Galaxy S20 review! Check out...
What's In My Gaming Tech Backpack?
213,228 views - 03/10/20
Time for another ultimate gamers backpack video with my favorite & best gaming accessories, gaming headsets, and more! This video is...
AirPods Pro vs
264,715 views - 03/07/20
It's Samsung vs Apple. Are the AirPods Pro worth it over the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+? Or are the new improvements to the Galaxy Buds...
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - REAL Day in the Life Review!
366,806 views - 03/03/20
It's finally time! We documented a REAL full day with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and tested out a ton of features. If you want to...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 30.0 (this one is HUGE)
445,486 views - 02/29/20
It's finally time for Massive Tech Unboxing 30 guys! There's a ton of tech to go through here so be sure to grab your snacks! Check out...
let's buy TOO MUCH TECH
445,700 views - 02/27/20
Time for another $1,000 shopping challenge between #teamuac and #teamarie! This time she has a little help from one of our viewers,...
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra AND Galaxy Buds+ Unboxing!
425,319 views - 02/21/20
The new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is in the house! We're unboxing it and the Galaxy Buds+ today and checking out everything about them!...
My Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing AND First Impressions!
424,352 views - 02/15/20
We got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip so we HAD to do an unboxing. Are you guys excited about foldable phones? Find it...
Top 10 BEST Mac OS Tips & Tricks!
206,345 views - 02/13/20
Bet you didn't know all these feature existed on Mac OS. 😏Give it a try on your MacBook or iMac and let me know what you guys think! Feel...
Galaxy S20 vs S20 ULTRA Hands On! - What's the Difference?
397,041 views - 02/11/20
I got a chance to go hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Can't lie I'm super...
What's In My Minimalist Gadget Backpack 3.0!
299,072 views - 02/08/20
Want just the essential tech to go in your backpack? Here's my list of what you need for a minimalist tech backpack! Check out the HP...
5 Things the Tesla Model S is MISSING
143,724 views - 02/06/20
There are some surprising things my Tesla Model S can’t do. Today we talk about it. If you’re a Tesla owner, what features do you wish...
5 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch Accessories! (2020)
321,680 views - 01/30/20
Looking for some new Nintendo Switch accessories? I got you covered with some must haves in 2020. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 29.0!
576,214 views - 01/25/20
Time to unbox a bunch of tech for the month! Grab your snacks folks. So I Went BACK to Tech Heaven... -
So I Went BACK to Tech Heaven...
556,206 views - 01/22/20
So I went back to MicroCenter and had to take you guys with me. I still think this place is tech heaven... If you've never heard of it,...
Best New Smart Home Tech 3.0!
266,517 views - 01/18/20
Looking to add some dope tech to your smart home? Here are some things I've been enjoying at home and in the studio! Shout-out to ARRIS...
The Coolest Tech at CES 2020!
330,423 views - 01/15/20
This video is sponsored by Amazon. I didn't go to CES this year (some of you may already know why but if not, check this video out:...
Baby Tech! It's FINALLY Time!
188,100 views - 01/14/20
It's finally time. We're having a baby! Follow our journey to parenthood. Follow us on Instagram: UrAvgFamily -...
My FAVORITE Tech of 2019!
448,249 views - 12/28/19
2019 is coming to an end, so let's talk about some of our favorite tech of the year! Leave a comment below letting me know what you guys...
16” MacBook Pro Review - One Month Later!
309,134 views - 12/21/19
I spent a month with the 16 inch MacBook Pro. Here's what I think after using it for a while. My Massive Tech Unboxing 28.0! (Don't...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 28.0! (Don't miss this one!)
642,200 views - 12/14/19
Time for another MASSIVE Tech Unboxing vid. Lots of cool gaming stuff in this one. With some surprisingly good holiday tech choices too!...
Tech YouTubers Made Me Buy!
546,060 views - 12/05/19
This is some of the tech I've purchased over the years, thanks to other tech YouTubers. Thanks a lot guys lol. My Ultimate Tech Man...
Can You Trust Laptop Claims?
308,369 views - 11/30/19
Can you trust laptop claims? I test the claims of a the Lenovo Yoga C940, part of the Intel Project Athena Innovation Program. Let's see...
BEST Black Friday Tech Deals 2019!
875,819 views - 11/27/19
It's time for some Black Friday tech deals! We've got a huge list from gaming consoles, to 4K TVs and even iPhone 11 Pro deals. Teching...
My Favorite Tech of the Month - November 2019!
246,765 views - 11/25/19
I've been enjoying a lot of new tech lately and here are my favorite from the month of November! Teching Out Another YouTuber for the...
Fastest Charging Smartphone EVER! (Gundam Edition!)
352,992 views - 11/24/19
I finally got my hands on it guys. The Oppo Reno Ace is here, and it's officially the fast charging smartphone out right now while...
Teching Out Another YouTuber for the Holidays!
922,189 views - 11/23/19
Looking for the perfect holiday tech gifts? I’ve got you covered. It was so fun participating in this gift swap and trying something new...
My Massive Angry Mystery Unboxing!
251,399 views - 11/20/19
Today we're checking out some VERY interesting tech for a good cause. You definitely won't expect what's in the box haha. Use the link...
My Holiday Tech Shopping Haul 2019!
1,459,267 views - 11/18/19
Time to go tech shopping with Arie again! We hit up Best Buy to start picking up tech gifts for the family, and of course, Arie turned it...
The Most Advanced Earbuds of 2019? Sony WF-1000XM3!
339,526 views - 11/14/19
I finally got my hands on the latest earbuds from Sony, the WF-1000XM3! Are these the most advanced earbuds in 2019? When it comes to...
NEW 16-Inch MacBook Pro Unboxing + Hands-On! (2019)
330,115 views - 11/13/19
The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is finally here! Here's a quick unboxing and overview of all the new features and specs! My Ultimate Tech...
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019) - Beauty Meets Power!
430,961 views - 11/11/19
We got the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 in hand but how does it stack up? Let's find out. This video is sponsored by Dell. Find it here: Dell XPS...
My Ultimate Tech Man Cave! (2019)
1,066,515 views - 11/09/19
I've finally completed my man cave and tech'ed it out completely but it's also an awesome spot for hanging out and de-stressing at the...
SHOWDOWN: Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7!
468,359 views - 11/05/19
The Surface Pro X is officially available so now's the perfect time to compared it to it's older brother, the Surface Pro 7. Let's see...
SHOWDOWN: Airpods Pro VS Powerbeats Pro!
2,021,570 views - 10/30/19
Which pair deserves your $250? We have the Airpods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro. We talk airpods pro sound quality, transparency mode, noise...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 27.0!
517,838 views - 10/26/19
Time for another uravgconsumer massive tech unboxing! This one has some great gaming accessories, some new tech like the Microsoft...
Google Pixel 4 XL - REAL Day in the Life Review!
331,999 views - 10/21/19
It's time we take the new Google Pixel 4 XL into the real world and see how it performs. We test out the battery life, performance, that...
Top 5 Awesome Tech Under $50!
283,366 views - 10/19/19
It's backkkkk! Time for another top 5 awesome tech under $50. What budget should come next? Sponsored by Setapp. Click:...
Xbox Sent Me The BEST Upgrade!
748,495 views - 10/17/19
We just got our hands on the new Xbox One X Eclipse Bundle WITH the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Here’s everything you need to...
Pixel 4 Hands On - What You DIDN'T Know.
171,989 views - 10/16/19
Today Google announced the Pixel 4 along side a bunch of new products like the Google Pixel Buds, PixelBook, Nest Mini, and a bunch more....
iPhone 11 One Month Later - The Good & The Bad
1,096,559 views - 10/12/19
I've had the iPhone 11 for a month and here's everything you need to know about owning one. Check out my Unboxing and Reviews below of...
OnePlus 7T - Real Day In The Life Review!
363,895 views - 10/03/19
OnePlus dropped a new phone with the OnePlus 7T but how does it stack up in the real world? Social Networks: Join my Discord Server:...
Microsoft Surface Lineup Hands On! - I'm EXCITED
224,863 views - 10/03/19
Microsoft announced the Microsoft Surface laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface duo, Microsoft Surface Neo, surface pen slim and the...
Tesla Smart Summon: Does It Actually Work?
2,216,655 views - 10/02/19
Tesla software 10.0 just dropped and includes a ton of new features like access to Spotify, playing games like Cuphead and the new Smart...
My NEW 4K Home Theater Setup! (2019)
1,878,088 views - 09/30/19
Enter LG CineBeam Netflix gift cards giveaway by just commenting where you want to set up the projector – Try LG...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 26.0!
579,925 views - 09/28/19
Time for another Massive Tech Unboxing! Thanks to Raid: Shadow Legends for sponsoring a portion of this video. Install Raid for Free ✅...
Electric Bikes Might Be My New Thing
395,902 views - 09/24/19
I finally found an electric bike that's perfect for me. This is the RadRunner. Check out Rad Power Bikes here:...
iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10+ Camera Comparison
456,423 views - 09/21/19
Time for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera comparison we've all been waiting for. The biggest titans...
11 MUST HAVE iPhone 11 Accessories!
1,403,321 views - 09/20/19
iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are finally out and here are some of the best iPhone 11 accessories for a variety of...
iPhone 11 Pro Max - REAL Day in the Life Review!
1,117,927 views - 09/19/19
It's finally time to for my iPhone 11 Pro Max review! We did an iPhone 11 REAL day in the life with the Pro max since that will be the...
iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro Unboxing - All The Green Models!
850,448 views - 09/17/19
Time for an unboxing of the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max! We've got all three models and we'll go over everything...
iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Hands On!  - What's the Difference?
8,226,420 views - 09/11/19
Apple announced their new iPhones the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, & the iPhone 11 Pro Max with impressive new iphone 11 features such as...
Really Awesome But Overpriced Tech 2.0!
316,414 views - 09/09/19
Time to bring back the series about seriously awesome tech, but w/ a serious price tag! For $20 off a suitcase, visit...
Teching Out a COLLEGE Dorm Room!
343,176 views - 09/07/19
Time to tech out another space and this time it’s a college DORM room. Watch as I take two #LGUltrafine monitors and a bunch of tech to...
Using a Laptop with TWO Screens! - Good or a Gimmick?
225,933 views - 09/03/19
Is a laptop with two screens actually good or a gimmick? I spend a week putting this thing to the test. Let me know if this is something...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 25.0!
638,992 views - 08/31/19
Time for another massive tech unboxing! Lots of awesome tech in this one. Grab ya snacks! Custom AirPod Rules: To get a chance at your...
What It Feels Like Flying at 900 MPH!
577,916 views - 08/29/19
I would have never imagined I would ever fly in the US Navy fighter jet F/A-18 Super Hornet but what an awesome experience. Drop an emoji...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - REAL Day in the Life!
864,794 views - 08/24/19
Time to take the Galaxy Note 10+ out for a REAL Day in the Life Review! We test out it's features over the course of a full working day...
I Made the Ultimate Tech Kit
535,420 views - 08/17/19
I finally put my MUST HAVE tech in one spot. This is my Ultimate Tech Kit. (Not to be confused with the tech survival kit) Check out...
Awesome Back to School Tech 2019! (Baller Edition)
843,202 views - 08/15/19
We saw the back to school budget edition and now it’s time for the baller edition for those of us who saved up some coin this summer!...
Unboxing New SEGA Genesis Mini!
151,345 views - 08/14/19
SEGA finally did it. They just dropped the SEGA Genesis Mini. Anyone grow up on the SEGA Genesis and plan to pick one up? Find it here:...
Awesome Back to School Tech 2019! (Budget Edition)
1,237,259 views - 08/13/19
It's officially back to school time! Here's some new tech that could help out the school year if you're on a budget! My Favorite Tech...
My Favorite Tech of the Month - August!
240,520 views - 08/10/19
Time for another favorite tech of the month! This time with a lot of new tech that I've really been into in July & August. We've got some...
Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ (5 Things You Need To Know)
234,242 views - 08/07/19
Samsung has finally announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and surprisingly the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Here are the 5 most important...
SHOWDOWN: New King of BASS Headphones?
333,355 views - 08/03/19
Are the new Sony XB900N headphones good enough to dethrone the long time champ, the XB950N1? Let's find out who the king of bass is in...
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Car Racing
227,862 views - 07/30/19
So I went to Formula E in Brooklyn and so many people don’t even know it exists! So here’s 5 facts to know about electric car racing!...
Bose ANC 700 Review - Much Needed Refresh!
187,186 views - 07/27/19
Did Bose finally catch up to Sony with their new Active Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones? Let's find out if it's worth the $400 they're...
Replacing My iPhone With An Apple Watch
395,830 views - 07/24/19
The Apple watch is wildly popular and I've often wondered, on its own, just how much could it get done? And what would the experience be...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 24.0!
816,021 views - 07/20/19
Time for another masssive tech unboxing! What was your favorite item? Find everything here: SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface -...
Tech You Can ACTUALLY Afford. Seriously.
1,399,583 views - 07/16/19
We've got some great tech lined up that will be easier on your pockets and an awesome value. Which one is your favorite? Use code...
The Top Summer TECH Essentials! (2019)
349,880 views - 07/15/19
The Top Summer TECH Essentials! 3.0 We compiled a list of some awesome tech to get you through the summer! We’ve got of course an...
The Nintendo Switch Lite is FINALLY Official!
393,166 views - 07/10/19
The Nintendo Switch Lite (a.k.a Switch Mini) was announced today and here are all of the Switch lite details including Switch lite...
$1000 Tech Shopping Haul!
297,877 views - 07/06/19
Time for another tech haul but this time with a subscriber! We took a a random winner over from Twitter and took him shopping at Best...
5 MUST HAVE PS4 Accessories 2019!
982,333 views - 07/03/19
Continuing our MUST HAVE series is a collection of accessories for the PS4 in 2019. All cool stuff for the PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and...
Massive Back to School Tech Haul! (30 Minute Challenge)
1,744,442 views - 06/29/19
Arie and I are at it again, going toe-to-toe to find the best tech (smartphones, speakers, laptops, etc) and tech deals for college...
5 Things To Buy Instead of a Tesla.... Sorta 😅
334,099 views - 06/27/19
It's summer time and I've pulled out my favorite "vehicles" for getting around without having to pump gas. Let me know what you think...
My Last Xbox One X Setup
410,683 views - 06/13/19
So at e3 Xbox announced Project Scarlett (xbox 2) which means we have the next gen Xbox console coming soon. Here’s what will probably...
Trying the NEW Xbox Elite Controller S2 + Project Scarlett Details!
415,491 views - 06/10/19
E3 is underway and Xbox announced new hardware AND games. So today, we're checking out the brand new Elite Controller Series 2 and...
Can You Trust AmazonBasics Tech?
359,697 views - 06/08/19
We've all seen AmazonBasics products while searching on Amazon but how good (bad?) is their tech? let’s see! Check out GoToRoom here:...
3 Features You'll Want on Your Next Laptop
489,193 views - 06/06/19
This one is for the recent grads out there! Here are some features you want to look out for on your next laptop. Thanks Intel for...
My Favorite Tech of the Month - May 2019!
254,962 views - 06/05/19
Time for another round of my favorite tech of the month. This time it’s my favorite tech from May. We’ve got truly wireless earbuds, One...
The BEST Features Coming To iPhones (2019)
418,335 views - 06/04/19
I got some hands on time at WWDC and Apple just announced a ton new features for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. so you know we gotta talk...
SHOWDOWN: Powerbeats Pro VS AirPods 2 VS Galaxy Buds!
683,412 views - 06/01/19
It's finally time to compare the biggest truly wireless earbuds from Apple, Beats, and Samsung in today's showdown! Furnishing My New...
Furnishing My New Game Room!
394,747 views - 05/26/19
I’m finally recreating the Ultimate Gamer’s Paradise! Before we add all the tech, we need some dope furniture to give this place the vibe...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 23.0!
705,849 views - 05/25/19
Time for another massive tech unboxing! We unbox some really fun items, like a customizable controller, playstation 4 gaming headset and...
OnePlus 7 Pro Review - REAL Day in the Life!
351,107 views - 05/18/19
Time for another real day in the life, this time with the new OnePlus 7 Pro. Spend the day with me as I test out the new pop up selfie...
Pixel 3a XL Review - REAL Day in the Life!
172,915 views - 05/16/19
Watch as Arie takes the Pixel 3a XL around for a full day. She does a Pixel 3a review and tests the Pixel 3a camera, the Pixel 3a battery...
OnePlus 7 Pro - Unboxing + Best Features!
233,604 views - 05/14/19
I've got a OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and have had it in hand for some time now and the only way to describe it is RIDICULOUS. With it's new...
My New Smart Home Tech from Dyson! (2019)
291,895 views - 05/12/19
My smart home just got an awesome upgrade! Dyson dropped some new gear for the home, and they pack a ton of tech! Which is your...
NEW PowerBeats Pro Unboxing - Better than AirPods?
737,146 views - 05/07/19
Apple and Beats by Dre just launched the NEWEST pair of truly wireless earbuds - the PowerBeats Pro! We go through and PowerBeats Pro...
Top 10 Tech Life Hacks 2019!
252,658 views - 05/04/19
Got a new list of tech life hacks for you guys to try out! If you knew about these, try looking at some of our other tips below 👇🏾 Top...
Bluetooth Earbuds You Can Actually Afford! (2019)
221,651 views - 04/25/19
Looking for some great budget bluetooth earbuds? Here's a quick list of wireless earbuds for those of you, who don't want to buy AirPods...
My Tesla Model S Wrap Upgrade!
377,142 views - 04/20/19
I finally did a vinyl wrap for my Tesla Model S. Let me know what you guys think of the new color upgrades! Hit up Phenomenal Vinyl if...
PS5 - All The Details Revealed!
483,833 views - 04/16/19
Sony just gave an interview detailing a TON of information on the new PlayStation 5. We'll be seeing things like more powerful specs, 8K...
MSI GS75 - A Gaming Laptop You'll ACTUALLY Want To Buy.
255,960 views - 04/10/19
Today we're taking a look at the MSI GS75 Stealth. One of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market with an RTX 2080 built-in for...
DESTROYING My Ultimate Gamer's Paradise...
569,090 views - 04/06/19
It's time to take the Ultimate Gamer's Paradise down. We're moving to a new studio so the game room will have a new place soon! Watch to...
My Massive Tech Unboxing 22.0!
764,405 views - 03/30/19
Follow us on Instagram - UrAvgConsumer:, UrAvgGf: Time for another Massive Tech Unboxing!...
My Favorite Tech of the Month - March!
358,587 views - 03/28/19
Time for another Favorite Tech of the Month, this time for March. What tech have you guys been using for the past month? Support the...