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Top 4 QUICK + HEALTHY Treats | Danielle Hayley
32,562 views - 12/31/16
Danielle Hayley has some quick, easy and super healthy snacks to eat without ever feeling guilty! Let us know which one you'll be trying...
16 BOOB HACKS - COMFORT + BRA ADVICE | Melanie Murphy & Hannah Witton
376,428 views - 12/27/16
Melanie Murphy and Hannah Witton are back on the channel with more must know hacks! Today it's all about our boobs! AwesomenessTVUK...
ULTIMATE 10 Minute FLAT STOMACH, ABS / CORE Workout | Leyla Rose + Josh Yianni
62,607 views - 12/20/16
Leyla Rose brings you the ultimate 10 minute workout for flat abs! ICON UK is a brand new channel in the ICON network. It’s your...
16,537 views - 12/18/16
Jordan Lipscombe is back showing you how to achieve this lovely makeup inspired by Kylie Jenner. It's very wearable and very everyday,...
18 VAGINA HACKS - PERIODS + ODOR + SHAVING | Melanie Murphy & Hannah Witton
3,534,855 views - 12/13/16
Melanie Murphy and Hannah Witton are back on the channel with more must know hacks! Today it's all about our vaginas! ICON UK is a brand...
GIGI HADID Inspired DIY Hair Strobing: How To Make You Hair Look Lighter
21,606 views - 12/11/16
Want lighter looking hair without dying your entire head? Gigi Hadid inspired hair strobing is the answer! This technique involves dying...
2 SMOKY EYE Makeup Tutorials: EVERYDAY + EVENING SELENA GOMEZ INSPIRED | Kaushal Beauty best bits
16,280 views - 12/06/16
We've put two of our favourite Kaushal smoky eye videos into one amazing video. Whether you want a soft everyday eye or a smouldering...
29 HACKS + TIPS: Shaving made FASTER, CHEAPER & EASIER | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton
444,080 views - 12/04/16
Melanie and Hannah are here with some hacks and tips to make shaving easier, quicker, cheaper and less irritating! ICON UK is a brand...
Top 9 CHRISTMAS PARTY MAKEUP + BEAUTY FAVOURITES | Kaushal Beauty & Danielle Peazer compilation
10,099 views - 12/02/16
We've put Kaushal & Danielle's top Christmas favourites into one video for you! Let us know which product is your favourite down in the...
KENDALL JENNER Smoky Eye 3 Product Makeup HACK! w/ Jordan Lipscombe
26,441 views - 11/27/16
Jordan Lipscombe shows you how to do a smoky eye the Kendall Jennar way using only THREE products! ICON UK is a brand new channel in the...
TOP 5 Makeup + Beauty HACKS | Kaushal Beauty, Leyla Rose, Zoe London, Melanie Murphy Compilation
27,330 views - 11/24/16
We've put together some of our favourite hacks from our lovely ICON girls and put them together into one super amazing video! Enjoy!...
WORKOUT: Hip-Hop Inspired Full Body Toning Top 4 Moves | Danielle Peazer (compilation)
45,571 views - 11/20/16
We've put together some of Danielle's top hip-hop inspired moves from previous videos. These all tone different parts of the body, but...
15 Everyday WINTER Skincare, Makeup + Fashion FAVOURITES | Kaushal Beauty + Sonya Esman Compilation
52,265 views - 11/15/16
We've put together Kaushal and Sonya's favourites into one compilation guide to everything you need to keep warm and look great during...
PERRIE EDWARDS Shout Out To My Ex LITTLE MIX Makeup Tutorial | Jordan Lipscombe
13,808 views - 11/10/16
We love Perrie's makeup in Shout Out To My Ex! Today Jordan Lipscombe shows you her gorgeous take on the look using some of her favourite...
GIGI HADID Full Body Total SCULPTING + TONING Workout / Scola Dondo
26,341 views - 11/08/16
Scola is back with another celeb-inspired workout for your guys. Today it's a full body toning workout! Make sure you repeat this workout...
18,226 views - 11/06/16
We're trying out the new water method trend to get a flawless base. See how we got on... Leyla's video:...
Top 5 Ultimate Mascaras | Kaushal Beauty, Leyla Rose, sunbeamsjess, Roxxsaurus Compilation
17,067 views - 11/01/16
We've picked out our ICON girls' favourite mascara picks and put them all into one super helpful video for you! Enjoy and coat those...
Top 8 SIMPLE HEALTHY EATING Hacks | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton
29,345 views - 10/30/16
Melanie and Hannah take you through some simple tips for eating healthy! ICON UK is a brand new channel in the ICON network. It’s your...
Last Minute No Spend Snapchat Deer Halloween Makeup
2,984 views - 10/25/16
We’re OBSESSED with the snapchat deer filter at the moment, so were very excited to try it ourselves! This cute halloween look is super...
2 VAMPIRE Halloween Makeup Looks | Kaushal Beauty + sunbeamsjess
6,688 views - 10/23/16
The gorgeous Kaushal and Jess take us through two vampy makeup looks that are perfect glam alternatives for Halloween. Products...
No Spend 4 Drugstore Product Last Minute Skull Halloween Makeup
5,019 views - 10/20/16
If you’re stuck for a look for Halloween last minute, this contoured skull look is perfect. It’s all done using makeup you probably...
Sonya Esman's Top 3 HEALTHY and EASY Vegan Snacks
8,741 views - 10/16/16
Sonya Esman takes us through her top vegan snacks. They're all healthy, easy to make, and filled with flavour. Let us know you're...
My First Time | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton
357,746 views - 10/11/16
Melanie and Hannah take us through their first times! ICON UK is a brand new channel in the ICON network. It’s your ultimate lifestyle...
sunbeamsjess EVERYDAY AUTUMN GRWM Makeup + Outfit Compilation
8,387 views - 10/09/16
We've pulled together some of our favourite autumn inspired makeup and fashion from sunbeamsjess and put them together into the ultimate...
Workout: BIGGER + TONED BUM - Top 4 Exercises | Danielle Peazer compilation
34,178 views - 10/04/16
Want a bigger and more toned butt? We've picked our favourite moves from our Danielle Peazer workouts and put them together into this...
DRUGSTORE EVERYDAY GRWM Back To School / Uni | sunbeamsjess Best Bits
9,566 views - 10/02/16
Back to school or uni over the last month? We've pulled together some of our favourite makeup looks and outfits from sunbeamsjess to...
KYLIE JENNER Affordable + Drugstore DIY Matte Metal Liquid Lipsticks
6,376 views - 09/29/16
Reign, King K, Heir and Kymajesty can be all yours with a little DIY! Watch to see how to make these matte liquid lipsticks using...
Top 8 SKINCARE SAVIOURS for GLOWING SKIN | Kaushal Beauty, sunbeamsjess, Lexi A-N
55,307 views - 09/27/16
We've picked out the ICON UK girls' favourite skincare products for all times of the year and put them together into one super helpful...
Sonya Esman's Top 5 FAVOURITE SHOES
9,249 views - 09/25/16
Sonya Esman's top shoes of all time - right here on ICON UK. Get them while you can! TOPSHOP: FLARED HEEL PEEP-TOE MULES £60 NEW LOOK:...
4,399 views - 09/22/16
This is a must try! Watch how to make this super pretty rainbow highlighter using these beautiful mermaid inspired shades. Want more DIY...
FAT BURNING + TONING Full Body Perfect Workout | Danielle Peazer Compilation
1,385,429 views - 09/20/16
We've picked some of our favourite Danielle Peazer workouts from the past and put them together into the ultimate full body fat burning...
TOP 5 SUGAR SWAPS: How To Eat Less Sugar | Danielle Hayley
8,221 views - 09/18/16
Looking for ways to reduce your daily sugar intake? Watch Danielle Hayley's top 5 sugar swaps for ideas to eat less! ICON UK is a brand...
BEYONCÉ Inspired TONED BUM + THIGHS Workout | Scola Dondo
11,358 views - 09/15/16
The beautiful Scola Dondo is back with an amazing Beyoncé-inspired workout. You asked for routines to tone your leg muscles... and this...
SEX QUIZ: Melanie Murphy VS Hannah Witton
217,934 views - 09/11/16
Melanie and Hannah go against each other in a quiz all about sex. It's packed full with advice, but let us know if you have any questions...
Top 10 HIGH END HERO Makeup Products | Kaushal Beauty, sunbeamsjess, Lexi A-N, Sonya Esman Best Bits
28,526 views - 09/08/16
Makeup doesn't have to cost a fortune, but sometimes it's nice to have a little splurge. We've gathered all of our ICON UK girls'...
33,682 views - 09/06/16
Leyla's here with her boyfriend Josh! Today she's putting down the makeup brushes and stepping out in fitness gear. Together they're...
Roxxsaurus vs Leyla Rose: Five Minute Makeup Challenge
9,453 views - 09/04/16
Roxxsaurus and Leyla Rose take part in the five minute makeup challenge here on ICON UK. Let us know who you think is the winner in the...
Back To School PERIOD LIFE HACKS | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton
52,361 views - 09/01/16
Summer's nearly over and it's almost time to go step into the classroom again. We love back to school hacks and we hope you find these...
Danielle Peazer's Top 15 Fitness + Workout LIFE HACKS
22,274 views - 08/30/16
In-between her ICON UK workouts, Danielle Peazer told us some of her favourite workout hacks to make your fitness routine just that...
Emily Ratajkowski Inspired Belly Fat Burning + Flat Stomach Workout | Scola Dondo
20,537 views - 08/28/16
Scola Dondo is back on the channel again with a new workout. This one's focused on the stomach, inspired by Emily Ratajkowski's super...
Kaushal Beauty Back To School Natural Makeup + Easy Braid Hair Tutorials Compilation
61,635 views - 08/26/16
It's almost time to go back to school or uni, so we've picked out some of our favourite Kaushal Beauty videos from the past that are...
Sonya Esman's Top 5 HIGHSTREET + AFFORDABLE Bags
10,649 views - 08/25/16
In today's brand new video, Sonya Esman shows us her top 5 bags of all time. The bonus? They're all from the highstreet - so they're...
Workout: TONE + SHAPE Arms, Shoulders and Back | Danielle Peazer Compilation
87,835 views - 08/23/16
We've created the ultimate arms, shoulders and back workout, picked from some of our favourite Danielle Peazer videos on ICON UK. Give it...
Top 10 Affordable DRUGSTORE Makeup | Kaushal Beauty, Roxxsaurus, Leyla Rose, Zoe London Best Bits
53,282 views - 08/21/16
We've gathered our ICON UK girls' favourite affordable drugstore makeup products and put them all together into one super helpful video!...
FAT + CALORIE Burning Cardio Dance Workout | Danielle Peazer Compilation
347,281 views - 08/18/16
We've picked some of our favourite Danielle Peazer workouts from the past and put them together into the ultimate dance workout for you...
EXAM RESULTS Survival Guide | 15 Top Tips | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton
12,902 views - 08/17/16
Whether it's your GSCEs or A Levels, Melanie and Hannah have got all the information you need for survival. Good luck! NO MIRROR MAKEUP...
2,967 views - 08/16/16
The ICON UK teams members are stepping out from behind the camera again for the 100 layers trend. This time it's boy vs girl and we've...
100 LAYERS OF EVERYTHING!? | ICON UK | Eyebrows, Liquid Lipstick, Highlighter, Mascara
5,038 views - 08/14/16
Today we step out from behind the camera to find out why everyone’s been so obsessed with trying the 100 layers of makeup challenge....
3 Smoky Eye Looks | AD | Leyla Rose | L'Oréal Paris #killereyes with new Fatale Mascara
65,325 views - 08/12/16
Today Leyla Rose shows you how to create three buildable smoky eye looks using the new L’Oreal Paris Fatale mascara. She transforms her...
Danielle Peazer's Night Out Makeup GRWM AD | L'Or‎éal Paris #KillerEyes
83,968 views - 08/11/16
Join Danielle Peazer as she unleashes her inner femme fatale and shows us her ultimate look for a night out. Keep watching to see how to...
Top 5 Healthy + Glossy Hair HACKS + TIPS | Kaushal Beauty, Leyla Rose, Zoe London Best Bits
20,457 views - 08/09/16
Kaushal Beauty, Leyla Rose and Zoe London are here with their top 5 hair hacks! We've picked the best healthy hair tips from your...
Danielle Peazer's Post Workout Smoothie
9,217 views - 08/07/16
Tired after that workout? Today, Danielle Peazer talks us through a great, healthy post workout smoothie that will help boost your energy...
Selena Gomez Inspired Abs / Flat Stomach Workout | Scola Dondo
16,399 views - 08/05/16
If you want those flat abs like Selena, then this is the workout for you! Follow along with Scola, as she takes you through this high...
Kylie Jenner Everyday Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial
3,891 views - 08/04/16
It's Kylie Jenner's most classic look: the nude lip. Keep watching to see how to replicate her makeup look away from the red carpet....
Total Toning Full Body Hip Hop Dance Workout | Danielle Peazer Compilation
407,309 views - 08/02/16
We've picked some of our favourite Danielle Peazer workouts from the past and put them together into the ultimate dance workout for you...
60 Seconds With Sonya Esman
56,861 views - 07/31/16
We asked Sonya Esman as many questions as possible in one minute! If you want to get to know her a little better, then keep watching!...
2 Everyday Makeup Tutorials | Kaushal Beauty Best Bits
106,094 views - 07/29/16
Top Kylie Jenner Makeup Looks Transformation
3,592 views - 07/28/16
These are our top four favourite Kylie Jenner makeup looks, including the classic nude lip, winged eyeshadow, lots of peachy tones and of...
ICON UK Trailer | Kaushal Beauty, Danielle Peazer, Roxxsaurus, Sonya Esman, Leyla Rose, sunbeamsjess
9,632 views - 07/26/16
Subscribe to ICON UK , your ultimate lifestyle destination brought to you by a team of amazing YouTubers!...
Sonya Esman GRWM Everyday Summer Makeup Routine
68,348 views - 07/24/16
It's Sonya Esman again! Today she shows you her everyday makeup, hair and outfit routine for the summertime. Subscribe to the channel so...
How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat | Danielle Peazer Compilation Workout
889,885 views - 07/23/16
We've picked some of our favourite Danielle Peazer workouts from the past and put them together into the ultimate flat stomach workout...
2 Kendall Jenner Makeup Looks | Kaushal Beauty (Everyday + Festival Glam) Best Bits
18,976 views - 07/21/16
We've put together some of our favourite looks from Kaushal all in one place and today we're all about Kendall Jenner. The first look is...
Top 7 HIGH END Makeup HEROES | sunbeamsjess & Lexi A-N
15,981 views - 07/19/16
If it's time for a splurge, watch Jess and Lexi talk through their must-have high end products. Products Featured: Urban Decay: 24/7...
Summer Fashion Lookbook | Sonya Esman
14,916 views - 07/17/16
Sonya Esman is back on ICON UK! She bought the LA weather to London for this beautiful summer fashion lookbook, featuring some perfect...
Bigger BUM + Toned THIGHS Danielle Peazer Workout Compilation
178,135 views - 07/15/16
We've picked some of our favourite Danielle Peazer workouts from the past and put them together into the ultimate toned bum and thighs...
Top 9 Makeup and Beauty HACKS + TIPS | Kaushal Beauty Best Bits
67,394 views - 07/14/16
We love makeup hacks and tips and here are some of Kaushal's top ones taken from some of our favourite videos on ICON UK. Give this video...
Danielle Peazer's Energy Boosting Pre Workout Smoothie
13,266 views - 07/12/16
Working on that flat stomach or toned bum? Today, Danielle Peazer talks us through a great, healthy pre workout smoothie packed full of...
Holiday Makeup & Beauty Favourites | sunbeamsjess + Lexi A-N
7,939 views - 07/10/16
Heading off on holiday soon? Then check out Jess and Lexi's travel must-haves to keep your skin looking and feeling great this summer....
Roxxsaurus vs Leyla Rose: Blindfold Makeup Challenge
4,440 views - 07/07/16
Do you know your makeup? Today we're testing Roxi and Leyla's knowledge of some of their favourite products as they go head to head to...
Kim Kardashian Butt Workout | Scola Dondo
15,614 views - 07/05/16
Want a lifted and toned bum like Kim Kardashian? Then keep watching this video with personal trainer, Scola Dondo. Scola's joining the...
How To Style Dungarees Two Ways | sunbeamsjess + Lexi A-N
7,649 views - 07/03/16
Our ICON UK fashion girls are back more styling tips. Check out their ways to wear dungarees! Jess: Dungarees: Topshop Crop Top: Calvin...
No Mirror Makeup Challenge | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton
11,120 views - 06/30/16
ICON UK is a brand new channel in the ICON network. It’s your ultimate lifestyle destination for fashion, beauty and wellness. All ICON...
Energy Boosting Detox Matcha Green Tea Fruit Smoothie | Danielle Hayley
38,958 views - 06/28/16
To make a refreshing green tea smoothie, simply blend the following until smooth; Greek yogurt, a banana, almonds, matcha green tea...
Top 6 Summer Sunglasses | sunbeamsjess & Lexi A-N
6,578 views - 06/26/16
Get the perfect accessories for summer, brought to you by the ICON UK fashion girls! Sunglasses featured: JESS Ray-Ban Dior Maison...
Kendall Jenner Inspired Festival Fashion Lookbook
4,669 views - 06/23/16
Dress like the best at your next festival with our Kendall Jenner inspired lookbook! Items featured OUTFIT #1 BooHoo: Harmony...
Kylie Jenner Inspired Festival Rainbow Braids Hairstyle Tutorial
9,417 views - 06/21/16
Watch how to recreate Kylie's hair look from Coachella using hair chalk! These will brighten up any rainy festival day. Products...
Gigi Hadid Inspired Festival Nails Tutorial
9,354 views - 06/19/16
Complete your look this festival season with our tutorial inspired by the nail look Gigi Hadid wore to Coachella! Check out more from...
Glam Festival Inspired Makeup AD | Leyla Rose | L’Oréal Paris #FestivalReady
6,065 views - 06/16/16
It’s the last tutorial in our #FestivalReady makeup challenge with the ICON UK girls! It’s almost time to pack up our tents, but today...
Flawless Festival Inspired Makeup AD | Roxxsaurus | L’Oréal Paris #FestivalReady
6,676 views - 06/14/16
We’ve pitched our tents in festival season this week and today Roxi’s here with another tutorial in our #FestivalReady series. She’s...
Bronzed + Contoured Festival Inspired Makeup AD | Kaushal Beauty | L’Oréal Paris #FestivalReady
58,858 views - 06/12/16
Grab your wellies! Kaushal is back on the channel and today we’re getting #FestivalReady. Keep watching to see how to recreate this...
Workout: Top 4 Exercises For Slim Toned Arms | Danielle Peazer
95,790 views - 06/09/16
Want super toned arms for summer? Today Danielle takes us through her top exercises to shape and tone. What area do you want us to focus...
Top 6 Festival Fashion Accessories | sunbeamsjess & Lexi A-N
6,762 views - 06/07/16
IIf you're heading off to any festivals this summer then make sure you check these essentials off your list. Bought to you by our fashion...
Makeup Look Swap | Roxxsaurus & Leyla Rose
12,372 views - 06/05/16
It's makeover time. Today on ICON UK, Leyla tries out her own signature makeup look on Roxi! Products featured: L’Oreal Paris True...
Beauty + Makeup Hacks Everyone Should Know Swap | Leyla Rose & Zoe London
5,404 views - 06/02/16
Everyone loves some good beauty hacks. They can sometimes be a total lifesaver! Today Leyla Rose and Zoe London are back together on ICON...
Friend TAG | sunbeamsjess & Lexi A-N
6,599 views - 05/31/16
The ICON UK fashion girls are back on the channel again today. In this video you can find out a little bit more about them! Questions...
Top Drugstore Makeup Product Swap | Roxxsaurus & Leyla Rose
8,004 views - 05/29/16
Today, Leyla and Roxi are here to share and swap their current favourite drugstore products with each other. Keep watching to learn what...
Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial | Leyla Rose
10,193 views - 05/26/16
Leyla's here again with another celebrity look. This time it's Ariana Grande's classic makeup! Products used: Too Faced Born This Way...
Summer Fashion Essentials | sunbeamsjess & Lexi A-N
9,065 views - 05/24/16
All the things you need for summer, bought to you by the ICON UK fashion girls: sunbeamsjess and Lexi A-N. Jess' Essentials: The Fedora...
Relationship Advice Debate | Melanie Murphy & Hannah Witton
46,850 views - 05/22/16
It's Melanie vs Hannah with our relationship debate here on ICON UK! What advice issues do you want us to tackle next on the channel? Let...
Top 4 Lipsticks For Spring / Summer | Leyla Rose + GIVEAWAY!
4,046 views - 05/19/16
Enter the competition here: The sun has been shining and these are Leyla's favourite lip colour shades of the...
2 Quick And Easy Braid Hairstyles | Roxxsaurus
7,592 views - 05/17/16
Braids are super on trend right now and today on ICON UK Roxi from Roxxsaurus is here to show you two quick and simple ideas for your...
Body Confidence Hacks | Melanie Murphy & Hannah Witton
54,185 views - 05/15/16
Melanie's back on the channel and this time she's bought her friend and one of our favourite YouTubers, Hannah Witton. They're going to...
Workout: Top 4 Exercises For A Flat Stomach | Danielle Peazer
346,321 views - 05/12/16
Summer's here and if you want that toned tummy for your holidays, then our fitness girl Danielle has her favourite exercises to show you....
Top 6 Cheap Dupes For High End Makeup Products | Leyla Rose & Zoe London
11,142 views - 05/10/16
Today the girls are back with more super helpful makeup tips. If the price tag of high end products is sometimes too much, then keep...
Karlie Kloss Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Roxxsaurus
10,034 views - 05/08/16
She's back and today we've got more celebrity looks for you here on ICON UK. Roxi shows you how to achieve this pretty Karlie Kloss look...
Beyoncé Lemonade Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Leyla Rose
5,449 views - 05/05/16
She's back and we're loving Lemonade. Today Leyla shows you her take on Beyoncé's smoky eye makeup look. Products Featured: GIORGIO...
Clear Skin Beauty Boosting Detox Smoothie | Danielle Hayley
18,268 views - 05/03/16
Just in time for summer - Danielle is back on ICON UK with another delicious smoothie recipe. Today it's a mango, blueberry and spinach...
Glitter Tips Nail Tutorial
4,578 views - 05/01/16
These look so lovely! Learn how to do these lovely glittery nails in this tutorial on ICON UK. Let us know any other styles that you’d...
Workout: Top 4 Exercises For Slim Toned Legs | Danielle Peazer
202,497 views - 04/28/16
Want super toned legs for summer? Yea you do! Today Danielle takes us through her top exercises to shape and tone. What area do you want...
Kim Kardashian Sandbagging Makeup Technique | Roxxsaurus
12,763 views - 04/26/16
Today, Roxi’s here to teach us all about sandbagging – it’s like baking, but even better. Keep watching to learn more about the ultimate...
I Have Never… | Helen Anderson, Gracie Francesca & MsRosieBea
36,391 views - 04/24/16
Gracie, Rosie and Helen are here today on ICON UK to play our extra special game of “I Have Never!” Keep watching to find out some...