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How To Apply False Lashes For BEGINNERS **3 EASY STEPS** | NATALIE ODELL
21,858 views - 07/11/20
Are you tired of looking like a bald chicken? Well then this video is for you!! lol I used to struggle putting on my false lashes but I...
My First Pride Experience **GRWM** | Rainbow Winged Eye Liner | Natalie Odell
100,993 views - 06/30/20
Hey Baddies, since I couldn't actually attend pride this year I figured it would be fun to celebrate with you!! Watch me do a bomb pride...
182,743 views - 06/28/20
Hey Baddies!! I filmed this video before I went to Miami but its still true to how I feel so I wanted to release it to you all! Lets chat...
My Sisters Are Getting Married **EMOTIONAL**
59,794 views - 06/17/20
Omg Baddies!! We did it! My sisters are getting married! We couldn't wait to tell you first and bring you along as we plan their...
Why Wont Your Brother Marry Me? **ASKED AND ANSWERED**
91,973 views - 06/11/20
Baddies Please be compassionate when watching this video. It was very Emotional for my sister in Law Zashia! She wanted to know why my...
My SECRET To Edit Instagram Photos Like A PRO **MAKE MORE MONEY**
32,834 views - 05/29/20
Heyyyy Baddies!! It took me YEARS to figure out how to make my photos look professional through editing for my instagram! Doing that has...
How To Clip In Hair Extensions  **BEGINNER FRIENDLY**
45,104 views - 05/22/20
Baddies!! I'm literally in LOVE with these clip ins!! They were so easy, this was actually my first time EVER using clip ins! So if i can...
My Best Friend is in LOVE with me (HOW I FEEL)
428,671 views - 05/07/20
My Best friend confessed her love for me.. This is how I feel. Purchase our book: Make sure you...
Testing Viral Tik Tok Beauty Hacks (BAD IDEA)
33,176 views - 05/03/20
Hey Baddies, watch me test viral Tik Tok beauty hacks!! Some were fun, some were ehhh.. suspect lol. Dont forget to subscribe and please...
How I WAX My Eyebrows At Home (Quarantine Edition)
20,649 views - 04/26/20
It's time to save money Baddies!! No more paying to get your eyebrows done, especially during this quarantine! Love you guys! please...
My STUD BF Does My Makeup  (BAD IDEA😩)
91,879 views - 04/17/20
This is the struggles of having a Tomboy Best Friend lol Make sure you follow my socials Instagram:...
I RUINED My Natural Curly Hair!                                     (BIG MISTAKE)
37,190 views - 04/11/20
Heyyyy Baddies!! This is how I ruined my curly hair!! Omg must watch!! (please don't make the same mistakes!!) Please make sure that...
When The Thirst Is Real | pt 1
33,997 views - 12/22/19
Everyone has encountered that ONE overly thirsty person. This is how you respond to them when the thirst is real. lol Make sure you...
A Petty Thanksgiving | part 1
43,351 views - 11/29/19
Every family has those petty and crazy family members at each holiday gathering!! This Thanksgiving was not short of petty clapbacks...