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ASMR Magic ✨ Gold Play Button Unboxing, My Story, Anxiety & Gratitude ❤️ Whispered w/ Tapping etc.
133,796 views - 01/01/20
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #YouTubeCreatorAwards Happy New Year my loves! 🎉 Today marks exactly 4 years since I uploaded my first ASMR video to...
ASMR Mic Scratching & Ear to Ear Whispering Close Up 🤍 New Scratchy Windshields for Brain Tingles 🤤
176,353 views - 12/23/19
#ASMR #Whisper #ASMRMagic Hello! 🖤🤍 In this ASMR session I will scratch your brain with some new foam windshields that sound quite...
ASMR ✨ Intoxicating Crinkles to Give You Tingles (No Talking) Plastic, Crinkly Foil, Paper, More 💖
256,985 views - 12/12/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Crinkling Hello! 💖 This ASMR session is dedicated to over an hour of pure crinkling sounds using different plastic,...
ASMR ❤️ Massage for Your Mind & Positive Affirmations ~ Fluffy Mics, It's OK, Let Go, Shh ~ Whisper
368,507 views - 12/01/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Whisper Hello! ❤️ This ASMR session is dedicated to the comforting sound of fluffy mics along with lots of whispered...
ASMR 8 New Triggers to Keep You Tingling 🔮 Experimental Sounds, Deep Crinkles, Wood & More 💙1 Hour
905,864 views - 11/24/19
#ASMR #Tingles #ASMRMagic Hello 💙 For this ASMR session I have 8 or so new items that I've not used before, some of which are a little...
ASMR Tapping & Scratching to Make YOU Tingle ✨ (NO TALKING) Long Claws, Gentle Vinyl, Cork, Card ++
915,386 views - 11/17/19
#ASMR #Tapping #ASMRMagic Hello, hello 💜 This ASMR session is dedicated to tapping & scratching triggers with these super long...
ASMR 4 x Deep Ear Attention👂 Ear Massage, Mic Scratching, Brushing, Cleaning, Gel Pads, Fluffy Mics
403,097 views - 11/10/19
#ASMR #Tingles #ASMRMagic Hello, hello! 💖 Tonight we are going back to basics with the 4 mic setup and doing some old school magic...
ASMR Sleep Meditation 🌧 Koshi Chimes, Rain, Nature, Ear to Ear Gentle Sounds 🌊(Study, Work, Sleep)
187,431 views - 11/01/19
#ASMR #Sleep #KoshiChimes Hello ☔️ Tonight I have an hour long session dedicated to the gentle sleepy sound of bamboo Koshi chimes, along...
ASMR Whispering to You 🧡 Mic Touching, Nail Damage Story, Random Triggers & Cute Cat Purring 😻
183,004 views - 10/25/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Whispering Hello 🧡 Tonight I will be whispering to you and making some different trigger sounds, plus updating you on...
ASMR 12 Spine Tingling Triggers ✨ (NO TALKING) Deep Ear Sounds, Bassy, Scratchy, Crinkly & Sleepy
424,473 views - 10/18/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Tingles Hello! ♥️ For this ASMR session I have 12 intense and tingly triggers for you using the Zoom H5 microphone....
ASMR Very Tingly Trigger Words 💋 Breathy, Clicky Whispering (It’s OK, Sk, Scratchy, Good, Glitter +)
374,014 views - 10/06/19
#ASMR #TriggerWords #ASMRMagic Hello! 🖤 Tonight I have some deep ear trigger words for you, most of them have been requested on previous...
ASMR ♥️ Sleepy Face Brushing, Oil Facial Massage & Sponge, Close Up Whispering, Layered Sounds +  💤
325,127 views - 09/27/19
#ASMR #Sleep #ASMRMagic ✨ Hello! ♥️ Tonight I have some personal attention triggers for you with loads of close up breathy whispering,...
ASMR DEEP Brain & Scalp Massage for Sleep 💤 (NO TALKING) Fluffy Mic Ear Brushing & Head Scratching
588,478 views - 09/17/19
#ASMR #Massage #ASMRMagic Hello! 🤗 Tonight I have over an hour of deep & intense brain/scalp massage for you, using the fluffy fluffy...
ASMR Pure Scratching 💎 (NO TALKING) Intense Cork, Vinyl, Wood, Fabric, Card, Mics & MORE | 2 Hours
1,077,512 views - 09/02/19
#ASMR #Sleep #ASMRMagic Hi! 💙 Tonight I have 2 hours of JUST scratching triggers for you, NO tapping, NO whispering and all new footage...
ASMR Luxury EAR MASSAGE & Whispering to You ❤️ Ear Tapping, Crunchy, Sticky, Oily Sounds for Sleep
522,406 views - 08/29/19
#ASMR #EarMassage #ASMRMagic Hello! 💙 Tonight I have a classic ear massage for you using a luxurious body scrub I bought recently, which...
ASMR Sensitive Sounds for Sleep & Tingles 🌵(NO TALKING) Crisp, Crinkly, Crunchy, Relaxing & TINGLY ✨
908,809 views - 08/25/19
#ASMR #Tingles #ASMRMagic Hello hello ❤️ Tonight I have an assortment of different ‘crisp’ triggers for you, including some crunchy...
ASMR 10 New Triggers to Make You Sleepy 💤 (NO TALKING) Experimental, Intense, Satisfying, Tingly
1,333,740 views - 08/11/19
#ASMR #Sleepy #ASMRMagic Hello ❤️ Tonight I have 10 trigger sounds for you without whispering, all of which are new aside from the big...
ASMR Bamboo Sounds for Sleep 🌱 Wood Scratching, Tingly Typing, Gentle Koshi Chimes, Crisp Tapping +
399,759 views - 08/02/19
#ASMR #Sleepy #ASMRMagic Hello 💚 Tonight I have 11 or so different triggers all made from bamboo! There's a mixture of wood-like...
ASMR 20+ TASCAM Triggers 💖 (NO TALKING) Brain Melting Sounds to help YOU Sleep, Study & Tingle ✨
1,668,357 views - 07/12/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Tingles Hello loves 💛💖 Tonight is the return of the Tascam mic and I have 20 or so triggers over 1.5 hours to help you...
ASMR 4 x Sleepy Sounds 💤 New Brain Massage w/ Mic Scratching, Ice, Cups, Bassy Sounds & Whispering +
1,452,332 views - 06/30/19
#ASMR #Sleep #ASMRMagic Hello ❤️ This video includes lots of different triggers using 4 microphones for more intense tingles, such as...
ASMR 20 Wood Triggers 🌳 (NO TALKING) Scratching, Tapping, Clicky & New Sounds for Sleep & Study 💚
4,605,720 views - 06/21/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Sleep Hello! 💚 Tonight I have 20 various wooden (and wood related) triggers for you to relax, study or fall asleep to...
ASMR 🧡 DEEP Experimental Triggers to make YOU Tingle (NO TALKING) Intense, Satisfying & Sleepy 💚
2,067,193 views - 06/09/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Tingles Hello! ♥️ Tonight I have some deep & experimental sounds for you that I hope will help those of you who are...
ASMR Sounds that’ll MELT Your Brain 🧠💦 Vinyl Tapping, Crinkles, Wood, Sticky Sounds + More
905,612 views - 06/02/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Tingles Hello my lovely people 💙 Since I’ve made a few videos with all new triggers recently, I thought tonight we...
ASMR ICE Cold TINGLES! ❄️ Ice Tapping & Scratching, Ice Spheres & Cubes, Unique Sounds (NO TALKING)
2,156,512 views - 05/19/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Tingles Hello 💙 Tonight I have an experimental no-talking ASMR session for you, using lots of different ice triggers...
ASMR 7 Brain Tingling New Triggers 🍀 Satisfying, Scratchy, Crinkly, Crunchy, Fluffy Sleep Sounds
2,455,903 views - 05/12/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Sleep ✨ Hello! Tonight I have 7 new ASMR triggers for you, some are a little experimental and others are classic ASMR...
ASMR to Make You Sleepy ❤️ Face Brushing, Massage, Negative Energy Sweep, Whispers, Hair Brushing +
710,280 views - 05/03/19
#ASMR #Sleepy #ASMRMagic Hello! Tonight I have some gentle ear to ear sounds for you along with visual triggers and whispering to help...
ASMR Ear Massage (No Talking) REALISTIC Ear Touching, Rubbing, Tapping, Stroking for Study & Sleep 😴
970,875 views - 04/25/19
#ASMR #EarMassage #ASMRMagic Hello! Tonight I have a long ASMR ear massage for you, without any oil or lotion and no talking to help you...
ASMR ♥️ INTOXICATING Triggers to Make YOU Sleepy ~ Bassy, Crisp, Deep & Tingly Sounds ✨
2,112,400 views - 04/12/19
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Sleepy Hi! This ASMR video includes various ear to ear trigger sounds with some close up slow whispering to help you...
ASMR DEEP Ear Triggers 🔮 (NO TALKING) Mic Scratching, Intense Brushing, Crinkling, Fluffy Massage +
1,567,164 views - 03/28/19
Hellooo! This ASMR video includes intense triggers such as mic windshield scratching, deep ear crinkles, long brushing sounds and a...
ASMR One Million ✨ Ear to Ear Whispering in New ASMR Space, Shure Mic Test, Crinkles & Cake ❤️🎂
324,560 views - 03/14/19
Hello my loves, tonight I am whispering to you from our new ASMR recording space to say thank you for ONE MILLION of US!!! ❤️ 🥳 Ahh,...
ASMR Time to SLEEP ⏳ Soothing Sounds, Close up Whisper, Face Brushing, Gentle Tapping, Crinkle +
515,708 views - 03/05/19
ASMR intended for Sleep, Relaxation & Tingles ✨ Hi! Tonight I have some very close up whispering for you along with the sound of these...
ASMR 3Dio Triggers👂(NO TALKING) Ear Cleaning, Brushing, Konjac Sponge, Cotton, Gloves, Crinkle +
375,016 views - 02/24/19
Hello! ❤️ I have some simple 3Dio ASMR triggers for you tonight, some that are highly requested, some old school and a couple of new...
ASMR 60+ Triggers over 3.5 Hours ✨ (NO TALKING) Intense Relaxing Ear to Ear Sleep Sounds
23,500,730 views - 02/05/19
Hello! 💜 Over 60 new, classic and experimental ASMR triggers in 3.5 hours for your sleep, relaxation & tingles 😴 Sleepy sparkles...
ASMR Intense Fluffy Brain Massage for Sleep & Headache Relief 💚 Ear to Ear Brushing Sounds ❤️
496,601 views - 01/20/19
Hello! ❤️ In this ASMR session I will be testing out some new fluffy windshields for the long Rode microphones and doing some mic...
ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering & Sounds 🎊 A New Year, a New Filming Space for 2019 ❤️
393,438 views - 01/01/19
Happy New Year beautiful people! 🎇🎊❤️ On the 1st of January 2016 I uploaded my first ASMR video to this channel, now here we are 3 years...
ASMR 🎄 Festive Sleep Triggers 🦌 Calming Crinkles, Fluffy Head Massage, Beads, Scratches, Lush, More
252,821 views - 12/16/18
Hello! ☃️ Tonight's video is a little sound assortment with some festive themed items, so lots of crinkles, scratching, some tapping,...
ASMR Tapping & Scratching Binaural Dummy Head Mic (NO TALKING) Intense Sounds for Tingles & Study
2,280,979 views - 12/09/18
Hellooo! Here is one hour of pure tapping and scratching on binaural Bob the dummy head mic :) This has to be the most requested...
ASMR 9 Sleepy New Triggers ✨ Deep Crinkles, Massage, Brushing, Sequins, Scratchy & Soft Sounds
963,061 views - 12/02/18
ASMR Slightly Experimental Triggers for Sleep 💤 Hellooo :) Tonight I shall be testing out some new ASMR props with you, including...
ASMR Pure Lid Sounds (NO TALKING) Ear to Ear Opening & Closing Lids, Lipstick, Makeup, Scrubs Etc. 💋
622,191 views - 11/18/18
Hello! ❤️ This ASMR video is dedicated purely to 1 hour of different lid & cap sounds, which I feel is an effective but somewhat...
ASMR Whispering Extremely Close Up Positive Trigger Words, Fabric Brain Massage & Sleep Countdown 💤
647,073 views - 11/04/18
Hello! ❤️ In this ASMR video I will be repeating some positive and sleepy trigger words deep in your ears whilst making some soothing...
ASMR Aloe Vera GEL Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Ear Touching, Tapping, Rubbing for Sleep & Study 😴
968,326 views - 10/28/18
Hellooo! 💚 A new lotion or oil ear massage has been requested quite a lot, but I recently bought this aloe vera gel and thought it made a...
ASMR Scratching & Tapping 12 Different Tingly Textured Things 💎 1.5 Hours Long to Help You Sleep
629,096 views - 10/22/18
ASMR Tingly Textures ✨ Tapping & scratching triggers, with super close soft whispers ✨ Hellooo! It's time for another tingly textures...
ASMR Pure Close up Whispering 💕 The ASMR Tag (25 Questions Challenge) 💕
285,534 views - 10/14/18
The ASMR Tag (25 Questions Challenge) created by Gibi 💞 Purely Whispered 💞 Hello! I was tagged by two of my faves, ASMR Art of Sound...
ASMR Ear Cleaning DEEP w/ Scraping (NO TALKING) Q-Tips, Tweezers, Feather, Metal & Bamboo Pick +
1,622,058 views - 10/07/18
ASMR Ear Cleaning, w/ Deep Scraping & Inner Ear Scratching👂 Hello! Tonight I am giving you a thorough ear cleaning with lots of...
ASMR New Triggers for Your Sleep & Tingles ❤️ Deep Relaxing Ear to Ear Sounds (4 Rode Mics)
629,022 views - 09/23/18
Hi! ❤️ Sooo, I bought a new set of Rode mics recently and thought we could test them out with lots of different triggers, some of which...
ASMR Lush Whispering 💚 Show & Tell, Lid Sounds, Label Reading & Gentle Tapping | Relaxation & Sleep
311,953 views - 09/16/18
ASMR Deep Ear whispering about Lush pamper products with some gentle sounds 🛁 Hello! Tonight's video is focused on whispering about...
ASMR Sponge Mic 💙 (NO TALKING) Scratching, Brushing, Crinkle, Squishing, Fluffy Massage, Rain +
1,357,736 views - 09/09/18
ASMR Sponge Mic without talking ~ Intense deep ear triggers 💙 Hello! Tonight we have some old school Magic triggers ✨ I thought I'd...
ASMR 17 Natural Sleep Triggers 🌹Pumice Stone, Konjac Sponge, Quartz, Wood Tapping, Bassy Cocoa Pod +
534,009 views - 08/26/18
ASMR Natural Sleep Aid 💤 Over 17 new & requested ear to ear triggers with very close up whispering ♥️🖤 Hellooo 🤗 Tonight we shall be...
ASMR Bob The Builder 🚧 (NO TALKING) Varied Ear Triggers, Kinetic Sand Cutting, Lotion Massage +
266,020 views - 08/19/18
#ASMR #dummyhead #asmrmagic Hello! A lot of you have been wondering where Bob has gotten to, but don't worry he is still around, he...
ASMR Brain Massage & Whispering ❤️ Face Brushing, Stipple, Sleepy Trigger Words & Gentle Ear Blowing
871,930 views - 08/12/18
ASMR Gentle Fluffy Mic Massage w/ Close Whisper, Face Brushing & Stippling etc. to help You Sleep 😴 Hello! This video is dedicated to...
ASMR Intense Mic Scratching DEEP in Your Ears (NO TALKING) Nails, Mascara Wands, Japanese Pick +
2,231,731 views - 08/05/18
ASMR Pure Mic Windshield Scratching without talking ❤️ Hello! After months of requests for a pure windscreen scratching without...
ASMR Sleepy Sparkles 💎 Head Massage, Hair Brushing, Tweezers, Makeup Pearls, Scratchy Sponge +
6,734,681 views - 07/29/18
1.5 Hours of Glittery & Sparkly ASMR triggers for Sleep & Tingles ✨ Hello! Tonight's video is dedicated to sounds made with all things...
ASMR Pure Tapping (NO TALKING) Varied Vinyl, Cork, Wood, Shower Mat, Beeswax, Glass, Book + 2 Hours
6,336,886 views - 07/15/18
ASMR Pure Tapping on 20 Different Items, mostly with long nails ❤️ 2 hours with the 3Dio & Rode mics ✨ Hellooo :) Tonight's video is...
ASMR Crinkle Hour 💫  Deep Crinkly Rain Coat, Shower Cap, Foil Pom Poms, Plastic, Paper + ✨ Tingles
743,924 views - 07/08/18
ASMR 9 Crinkle Triggers Ear to Ear with Close up Slow Whispering ✨ Hello! Welcome to crinkle hour :) I was informed by some of my...
ASMR Gel Pad Oil & Lotion Ear Massage (NO TALKING) 🔷 Intense for Tingles & Deep Sleep 💤 1 Hour 3Dio
1,485,353 views - 07/01/18
Hello! 💙 A new ASMR oil, lotion & gel pad ear massage for you, which was highly requested in my 50 triggers video here:...
ASMR Deep Sleep Sounds ~ Bassy, Crisp, Scratchy, Intense & Soft w/ Ear to Ear Whispering
1,040,615 views - 06/24/18
ASMR 1 hour Ear to Ear Sound triggers with Close Whispering ♥️ Hello! Tonight I have a mixture of crisp & bassy sounds with whispers,...
ASMR 50+ Triggers over 3 Hours (NO TALKING) Ear Cleaning, Massage, Tapping, Peeling, Umbrella & MORE
81,798,163 views - 06/17/18
Over 50 varied & relaxing ASMR triggers in 3 hours for your sleep & tingles, using Binaural Bob, the 3Dio and the Rode NT1 mics! ✨☔️❤️...
ASMR Whispering Ear to Ear, Close Up 💜 50+ Facts about Me for 500K 🎉 Relaxation
417,526 views - 05/27/18
Pure Whisper ASMR 💭 50+ Random Facts About Me / Q&A get to know me kinda thing 💜 Hello again :) Soooo yesterday, our little community...
ASMR Deep Brain & Scalp Massage (NO TALKING) Fluffy Ear to Ear Mic Brushing, Scratching, Stroking
2,505,303 views - 05/20/18
ASMR Deep Brain, Scalp & Ear Massage using Fluffy Windshields (No Talking) 💆 Hello! Tonight's video is focused on the fluffy mic...
ASMR 3Dio Ring & Case Mic Scratching w/ Tapping, Close Whispering & a Little Portuguese 😴 Sleep
698,615 views - 05/13/18
ASMR 3Dio Metal Ring & Mic Case Scratching w/ Tapping, Close Up Breathy Whisper & a few Sleepy Trigger Words ❤️ Hello! Tonight's video...
ASMR 4 x Sponge Mic! Scratching, Brushing, Squishing, Crinkle, Fizzing 🍰 Deep Tingle Triggers
730,119 views - 05/06/18
ASMR Sponge Mic Triggers ~ Ear to Ear Scratching sounds, Brushing, Bassy Squishing, Crinkling, Gentle Fizzing, Craft sponges, Mascara...
ASMR 15+ TASCAM Triggers for Sleep, Tingles & Study (NO TALKING) Ear to Ear Varied Sounds 🎙
3,055,200 views - 04/29/18
Hello! ❤️ I have 15 more Tascam ASMR triggers for you, some of which have been requested from previous videos and others that are new &...
ASMR DEEP Inner Ear Cleaning (NO TALKING) Scraping, Picking w/ Metal, Bamboo & Feather Picks
8,527,250 views - 04/22/18
ASMR Ear Cleaning👂 Deep intense scraping & picking with metal dentist tools, mascara wands, bamboo & Japanese feather ear pick 👂 Hello...
ASMR Sleepy Sounds 💤 Bassy Cork, Keyboard, Crinkles, Sticky, Fizzy & Crunchy Sounds +
665,263 views - 04/15/18
ASMR Experimental & Classic Sleep Triggers with binaural Bob and the Rode mic setup. 💙 Whisper video 💙 Hello! Tonight I have a long...
ASMR Whispering Extremely Close Up Trigger Words for Relaxation 💜 w/ Ear to Ear Fluffy Mic Brushing
647,698 views - 04/08/18
ASMR Whispering Repetitive Trigger Words inc. Coconut, Stipple, Click, Relax, Sleep, Inglenook, Mascara, Scratchy Tapping,Textured etc....
ASMR Textured Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Salt Scrub, Gel, Sugar & Sticky Syrup 🍭 For Sleep & Study
1,070,878 views - 03/25/18
1 Hour ASMR Ear Massage using Crunchy Salt Scrub, Smooth Gel and Sugar mixed with Sticky Chocolate Syrup 🍭 Loads of Ear Stroking,...
ASMR Tapping & Scratching Tingly Textures - 2 Hours 💎 Ear to Ear Triggers w/ 4 mics & Whispering
819,651 views - 03/18/18
Hello! Tonight I have 2 hours of tapping and scratching ASMR triggers for your sleep and tingles 😴 So this is part 3 of the Tingly...
ASMR TASCAM Mic Crinkling (NO TALKING) Deep Ear Relaxing Crinkles 💤 Plastic Wrap, Vinyl, Paper +
992,470 views - 03/11/18
ASMR Tascam Crinkle Hour! Plastic Wrap / Cling Film on Mic Windshields & Sponge, Vinyl Crinkling, Paper Decoration, Bubblewrap & Crinkle...
ASMR Lush Whispering w/ Ear to Ear Lid Sounds, Sleepy Lotion, Salt Scrub, Gentle Scratching & Soap 💋
346,285 views - 03/08/18
ASMR Close up Ear to Ear Whispering about Lush products, with Lid Opening Sounds, Label Reading and some delicate Tapping & Scratching...
ASMR Haircut & Scalp Massage (NO TALKING) Hair Brushing, GENTLE Blow Dry, Head Scratching, Sleep 💤
1,202,766 views - 03/04/18
ASMR 1 Hour Hair Cut & Scalp Massage with Binaural Bob the Dummy Head Mic 💇‍♂️ Scalp scratching & massaging, hair cut & hair play, hair...
ASMR Ear & Microphone Brushing for Sleep (4 Mics) Strong Relaxing Sounds w/ Soft Whispering 🌙
1,565,124 views - 02/25/18
ASMR Intense Mic Brushing Experiment with Your 3Dio Ears & the Rode Mics 🎤 Lots of fluffy makeup brushes and an extra long cleaning...
ASMR Sleepy Head 😴 Crunchy, Sticky, Oil Ear Massage, Konjac Sponges, Face Mask, Scratching + MORE
1,595,810 views - 02/18/18
ASMR Pampering with Binaural Bob 💋 Scratching his Textured Head, Crinkly Foam Shower Puffs on his Ears, Ear Brushing, Oily, Soapy, Sticky...
ASMR 20+ TASCAM Triggers for Sleep & Tingles (NO TALKING) Deep Relaxing Ear to Ear Sounds 💙 3 Hours
29,627,241 views - 02/11/18
3 Hours of over 20 Tascam Triggers for sleep (Classic and Experimental ASMR) 🎤 💙❤️ Hello again :) This is a verrry long sound...
ASMR Doing YOUR Makeup 💋 Personal Attention w/ Face Brushing & Touching etc. For Relaxation 💄
1,983,849 views - 01/28/18
ASMR Doing your Make-up on a Stormy Night ⛈ Soft Spoken Roleplay with close up visual triggers and a few tingly sounds (and some wind...
ASMR Tapping & Scratching Binaural Head Mic (NO TALKING) Strong Textured Sounds for Sleep & Tingles
3,293,873 views - 01/21/18
Textured Glitter Dummy head (Bob) Scratching & Tapping with long nails 😋 1 hour NO Talking Hello! Bob is back with his makeup on and I...
ASMR Deep Ear Cleaning w/ Whispering for Sleep 👂 Japanese Ear Pick, Q-Tips, Mascara Wands, Cotton +
2,164,267 views - 01/14/18
ASMR Whispered Ear Cleaning, with Japanese fluffy ear picks, q-tips, mascara wands / spoolies, glass water dropper bottle, ear blowing,...
ASMR 15 Triggers 🎉 (NO TALKING) Tapping, Crinkles, Crunchy Sounds, Brushing, Water Fidget Spinner +
550,737 views - 01/01/18
No Talking ASMR 🎉 Cups on your ears, Vinyl tapping & Crinkles, Brushing Vinyl, Crunchy sounds, Orbeez Strawberry Squishies, Water fidget...
ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering & Microphone Scratching Deep in Your Ears for Sleep & Relaxation 😪 🎤
824,659 views - 12/23/17
ASMR Simple Ear to Ear Whispering & Scratching the Mic Windshield on the Rode mics ❤️🎤 Hello! This video is a very impromptu one that...
ASMR Fireside Festive Magic🎄 Soft Spoken w/ Very Close Whispers 🎄 Tree & Ornament Show and Tell
150,191 views - 12/17/17
Festive ASMR 🎄 Mostly soft spoken, with very close up whispering near the end and lots of sparkles, ornaments, fire crackling, some Lush...
ASMR Lotion & Oil Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Varied w/ Gel Pads for Extra Tingles ❤️ 2 HOUR Relaxation
11,292,392 views - 12/10/17
#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Sleep Hello! ❤️ This ASMR session is dedicated to 2 hours of lotion & oil ear massage, with gel pads (silicone makeup...
ASMR Scratching & Tapping Tingly Textured Sheets 😴 Beeswax, Vinyl, Glitter, Holo, Crystals 💎 4 Mics
1,147,686 views - 12/03/17
Scratching & Tapping different textured sheets using the Rode mics and Bob, the binaural dummy head ❤️ Hello! Tonights video is...
ASMR Umbrella 2 ☔️ NO TALKING 🔥 Tapping, Brushing, Fire, Rain, Water Spritzing, Layered Sounds, MORE
1,182,297 views - 11/26/17
ASMR Umbrella Ella Ella part 2 (No Talking) Fire, Rain, Tapping, Sprinkling, Fizzing, Crackling and More 🔥☂️🌧 Hello loves, Tonight I...
ASMR Long Hair Brushing, Close Up Unintelligible / Inaudible Whispering, Ramble & Gentle Tapping 😴
447,509 views - 11/12/17
ASMR Brushing my Hair, Unintelligible/Inaudible Whispering (with unintentional mouth and breathing sounds) some Makeup Tapping & Rambles...
ASMR 4 x Tingles 🎤 Gel Pad Lotion Ear Massage, Ear Scrub, Ear Cleaning, Crinkles, Brushing +
5,161,756 views - 11/05/17
ASMR Binaural Dummy head pampering, with Rode Mics for whispers👂 Lotion ear massage with new squishy silicone gel makeup sponges, ear...
ASMR Tascam Brushing Deep in Your Ears (NO TALKING) Intense & Varied Mic Brushing for Tingles ✨
1,535,794 views - 10/29/17
ASMR 1 Hour Tascam Microphone Brushing, without Whispering ❤️ Hello! Tonight I have this simple sounds video featuring the Tascam mic...
ASMR Scratching & Tapping 9 Tingly Textures 💎 1.5 Hour Sounds & Whispers For Tingles & Sleep 😴
1,121,023 views - 10/22/17
ASMR Tapping & Scratching triggers with Close Up Whispers for your Sleep & Tingles 😴 Hello! Tonight is part 2 of the tingly textures...
Fireside ASMR 🔥 Face Brushing, Close Up Whispering, Ear Tapping, Fire Crackling, Crunchy Leaves +
401,047 views - 10/18/17
ASMR Fireside Tingle Treats! Autumn themed relaxation with leaf crinkling, gentle acorn tapping, ear massage, pinecones, pumpkins and...
ASMR Satisfying Silicone Head Peeling 💎 Tapping, Scratching, Spoolie Ear Cleaning, Konjac Sponges +
1,686,772 views - 10/08/17
1 hour + NO Talking ASMR - Dummy head tapping & scratching, silicone peeling, face cleansing, mascara wand ear cleaning, konjac sponge...
ASMR Pure Whispering, Close Up Ear to Ear Q&A 💙 Name, Triggers, ASMRtists, Makeup etc.✨ Relaxation
411,523 views - 10/01/17
ASMR Ear to Ear Purely Whispered Q&A with the Rode mics, as requested 😊 ❤️ Hello! Tonight I have my longest whisper video ever, for...
ASMR Tascam Tingly Ear Cleaning ✨ Mic Tapping, Tweezers, Q-Tips, Brushing, Feather Pick ✨ NO TALKING
6,781,111 views - 09/24/17
1 Hour No Talking ASMR ~ Tascam Ear Cleaning with Tweezers, Q-tips, Makeup Brushes, Silicone star brush, LED & Feather Ear Picks Hello!...
ASMR Gloves ♦️Latex, Fishnet, Satin, Scrubby, Crinkle, Rubber, Faux Fur & Leather +
352,952 views - 09/17/17
ASMR Binaural Gloves Sounds with Close up Ear to Ear Whispering ~ Latex, Rubber, Fishnet, Crinkly, Satin, Exfoliating, Faux Leather &...
ASMR Lotion Ear Massage w/ Stroking, Rubbing, Close Up Ear to Ear Whispering & Trigger Words
886,391 views - 09/10/17
ASMR Lotion Ear Massage with whispering & some Trigger Words ❤️ Hello! Tonight I will be whispering to you with the Rode mics and...
ASMR Deep Ear Cupping (NO TALKING) Intense Bass & Underwater Sounds for Relaxation👂
645,569 views - 09/07/17
ASMR Pure and Extreme Ear Cupping without talking :) Hello! This is a pure ear cupping video with a lot of 'underwater' ear...
ASMR Close Up Whispering, Ear Tapping, Woodwick Fire Candle & Other Good Sounds to Relax You
668,978 views - 09/03/17
ASMR Ear to Ear Whispers with Tapping, Scratching, Crackle Fire Candle, Sponges & Other triggers 💎 Hello my loves! This is a simple...
ASMR Microphone Brushing & Windshield Scratching (NO TALKING) 1 Hour for Sleep, Study, Relaxation  💤
1,288,824 views - 08/27/17
ASMR Mic Brushing and Windshield Scratching without Talking or Tapping sounds ❤️ Hello! It has been a little while since I've used the...
ASMR Tingly Textures! 💎 Scratching & Tapping Triggers for Tingles w/ Close Up Whispering 💜
1,116,870 views - 08/20/17
ASMR Tapping & Scratching Triggers with Ear to Ear Whispering ❤️ Hello! Tonight I have a video dedicated to tapping and scratching,...
ASMR Tascam Tingles ✨ Oil Ear Massage, Ear Cleaning, Brushing, Glass Dropper, Whisper +
783,326 views - 08/13/17
ASMR Tascam tingles, with ear to ear Whispering ❤️ Hello! :) Tonight I have a fun little experiment with the Tascam microphone and some...
ASMR Scalp Massage (NO TALKING) Intense Head Massaging & Scratching for Relaxation & Headache Relief
1,568,604 views - 08/06/17
ASMR Intense Scalp Massage without talking 😴 Hello my lovely! Tonight I shall pamper you with a thorough and varied head massage, with...
ASMR Crinkle Sounds Around You 💫 Paper, Vinyl, Bubblewrap, Plastic & More Crinkling for Tingles
571,064 views - 07/23/17
ASMR Crinkling & whispering Ear to Ear with the Rode NT1 mics ❤️ Hello, I am back with my lava lamp and a bunch of crinkly items to try...
ASMR Tascam Mic Tapping W/ Scratching (NO TALKING) Gentle Close Up Ear to Ear Sounds 😴 White Noise
4,219,286 views - 07/16/17
Hello lovely people, Tonight I have an hour of nail tapping on the Tascam, with a little bit of scratching and mic touching to vary it a...
ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering 👂Lush Products Show & Tell, Ear Scrub & a few Tingly Sounds 🛁 3Dio
374,843 views - 07/09/17
Hello, this may be the best smelling ASMR video ever!!! :P So this is just a casual whispered ramble about some Lush products I've...