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If saying GET BACK HERE actually worked in tv shows.
1,444,763 views - 01/10/20
When you were about to rob a house, but the carpet is hella clean --- Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸...
Your friends that are too down for you.
2,128,593 views - 12/30/19
Bro it's okay, he can park there for a little while Music Oddwin - 19
GPS always points you in the wrong direction
1,399,815 views - 12/18/19
I turn gps on and the first thing it will tell me to do is turn right, then when I do it the entired trip gets rerouted and now its gonna...
Why do Sekiro's enemies even fight him?
2,471,304 views - 12/03/19
Im actually garbage at Sekiro, so the last part is how I actually play 😂 Thanks to Activision for sponsoring this video, because I was...
Putting your glasses down for 5 SECONDS
2,160,880 views - 11/19/19
I want normal vision so bad. MERCH! - Im finally dropping some merch (that Ive been...
If you learned how to quick save in real life.
2,474,231 views - 11/08/19
Im quick saving before every purchase I ever make so I could use it before I actually buy it. Music Oddwin - 19
If eye surgeons did you how barbers do.
2,736,604 views - 10/29/19
I had a barber forget he was cutting my hair, that phone conversation musta be immaculate. Music Oddwin - 19
When you're always in other peoples business.
1,411,425 views - 10/15/19
Smh if he would have just stayed out of other people affairs all the time 😪 Music King Kaiyo - Melodic Oddwin - 19
Me shopping for ANYTHING online.
1,715,017 views - 10/08/19
When you finally find a good discount while shopping online Music King Kaiyo - melodic Oddwin - 19
How baggage handlers treat your luggage at ANY airport.
2,192,811 views - 09/22/19
They legit just fight your bags. I cannot be convinced otherwise Music King Kaiyo - melodic Oddwin - 19
Me vs literally ANYONE in word games.
3,056,409 views - 09/11/19
Everyone I go against knows the entire dictionary and the lore to each word. Music King Kaiyo - melodic Oddwin - 19
People that have a million alarms set.
2,934,908 views - 08/29/19
People set a million alarms and ignore every single one of them. Music Oddwin - 19
Strangers at the gas station at 1AM.
2,459,454 views - 08/16/19
They be acting like they got super powers guys...they might. Feat. Lenarr -
When you have to question your own intellect again.
1,982,729 views - 08/05/19
I have literally ordered food at a drive thru, paid for the food, then left without it... Music Oddwin - 19
Maining ANYBODY in Smash Bros.
2,924,509 views - 07/28/19
It doesn't matter who you pick, I'm going to hate you. Also though...I main joker😂 Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Overpowered protagonists make no sense.
3,603,322 views - 07/06/19
When the protagonist is so strong that it doesn't feel like they should be in the show. Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Reaching in your pocket and NOT finding your phone.
1,825,339 views - 06/30/19
Your heart drops into your stomach the moment you realize its gone. Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ▸...
Trying to learn ANYTHING new.
3,755,124 views - 06/25/19
This was me when I try the learn the simplest iluusion tricks Music Fly - Teil Oddwin - 8.16.18
If NPC's had to do a mission without any human player interactions.
2,108,019 views - 06/18/19
If video game NPC's did a mission without anyone giving them a human response Music 8.16.18 - Oddwin
Walking with people that got longer legs than you.
2,586,454 views - 06/10/19
One step = 68.5 of yours. Video is sponsored by Twitch Join in from June 9th through the 13th on Music Snackin 2 -...
How I imagine laws against memes
1,635,060 views - 06/04/19
Be careful out there memers Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Basically me for an entire month
1,869,439 views - 05/20/19
When flu season hit Music Melodic - King Kaiyo 8.16.18 - Oddwin
The reason I don't talk crazy online.
3,956,201 views - 05/11/19
You ever just get your entire bank account leaked and it starts trending on twitter Oddwin - 8.16.18
Sound Pillow
1,767,108 views - 05/03/19
I dont remember why I made this, but yea here. Music DJ Grumble - Diamond Edge Oddwin - 8.16.18
I hate sleep paralysis the MOST.
3,013,160 views - 04/23/19
Everyone always talking about ghosts when they get sleep paralysis, but what if its not ghosts. Feat. RDCWorld1 -...
If insects had to introduce themselves.
7,746,749 views - 04/16/19
Yea so they're basically just organic killing machines. Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
If you learned how to deflect in real life.
4,026,691 views - 04/05/19
Music - Oddwin - 8.16.18
When the hero is just as smart as villain.
8,487,874 views - 03/28/19
Laundry dude gone be alright he got insurance. Oddwin - 8-16-18
Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.
1,843,499 views - 03/18/19
Always face down😐. I broke my camera lens while making this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you guess when that happened. Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
How they feel at a drive thru, but at 3:20am
2,886,185 views - 03/09/19
Even if they don't say it, you can feel their anger. Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Basically EVERY Fox main.
1,640,001 views - 03/09/19
Star Fox in Super Smash Bros. Posting this for meme purposes, this video is shorter than my outro LOL! Music Oddwin - 8.16.18...
When you hate losing, but don't want to show it.
1,937,100 views - 03/01/19
This is how it be at tournaments, 😂 Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Basically ANY main character in a detective anime.
4,754,054 views - 02/23/19
If you breath AT ALL while doing ANYTHING they will know. Music 8.16.18 - Oddwin
Challenge Failed?
672,289 views - 02/12/19
Sponsored by the USMC Recap and update from that one video: We were asked to do 3 days of Marine Boot Camp, but it was ACTUAL Marine...
What REALLY happens when they say I'll be there.
1,299,556 views - 02/12/19
No, no you wont be there....why... why Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Basically ANY loot based games.
2,209,152 views - 02/05/19
Sponsored by Loot Crate Link: Code: calebcity This is complete irony that they sponsored this video because I...
Just some throw away videos
1,196,505 views - 01/30/19
Me doing this actually gave me more video ideas 😂 Music Oddwin - 8.16.18
Challenge Accepted.
674,972 views - 01/23/19
Sponsored by the US Marines Corps Just giving you all an update on what Im gonna be doing this week. I was challenged to fly out for 3...
This is how it feels sometimes
1,802,582 views - 01/16/19
When you become paralyzed from the ankles down because apparently chairs are anti human feet artillery. Music King Kaiyo - Melodic...
Super Human Interview 2
5,756,563 views - 01/09/19
If super humans had to apply for jobs, but they were trash too Music eevee - house of memories oddwin - 8.16.18
Basically ANY voice command device.
1,551,626 views - 01/04/19
When siri lowkey hates you Music
What did you do to my drink...
1,762,970 views - 12/26/18
People that make hot chocolate with water instead of milk!! Music Oddwin - Lake
Games where the NPCs have priority over everything.
1,408,655 views - 12/18/18
When you get interrupted in the middle of battle by a random npc messenger, so it forces you to talk to them and you think everyone else...
When someone disrespects your ears with their words.
1,522,566 views - 12/13/18
When your friend say something so dumb you challenge that man to an Agni Kai. Music Oddwin - Lake
When you pick up a soda that's ACTUALLY fresh and still carbonated.
1,731,000 views - 12/05/18
When you realize fresh soda is basically battery acid Music King Kaiyo - Melodies Oddwin -
How objects feel when you're raging on a video game.
2,582,696 views - 11/30/18
What would you have done if you were that water bottle.
Asking ANYONE for the password.
1,843,963 views - 11/17/18
When you ask anyone for the wifi and they end up flippin and turn into angry ghost. Music TEK.LUN - Dancin all jolly like!...
Stores that ONLY want to make your life more inconvenient.
1,586,145 views - 11/12/18
Yall thought the chip took too long for payments? wait until they find a more efficient way to waste our time. (I didn't get a chance to...
How putting in ANY eye contacts feel to me.
1,276,909 views - 11/01/18
When you're putting in contacts for the first time, then realize "oh these aren't contacts, they're tactical knives" so you gotta rethink...
How EVERYTHING sounds when you're trying to sleep.
2,874,197 views - 10/23/18
When the TV volume on mute, but it sound like its on 120 Music King Kaiyo - Melodies
When your dramatic friend slips down 2 steps.
1,015,371 views - 10/14/18
The friend that always acts like their arm fell off if anything happens to them.
Trying to audition for ANY Disney project.
2,419,459 views - 10/06/18
When you try to audition for like ANY Disney movie, but you're required to have at least 3 platinum records released before you're eligible.
When you find out you're friends with the wrong person.
2,663,956 views - 09/24/18
"When the homie gets too comfortable and starts telling you things you disagree with." Seriously though don't punch your spouses yall....
I walked into the wrong restaurant.
4,530,263 views - 09/17/18
When you walk into the wrong restaurant and the prices are mad high, but you already sat down so you don't want to just leave and look...
Me during ANY season change
1,802,139 views - 09/08/18
The first person to suggest mail by pigeon.
3,729,369 views - 08/30/18
Fun fact tho, they used to call mail people 'couriers' and horses were used centuries before pigeons... but not in this sketch 🤫 Music...
Super human interview
7,463,860 views - 08/21/18
If super humans had to apply for hero jobs, but all of their powers are trash.
The where I'm from type people.
3,222,448 views - 08/08/18
And I never finished my story either.
Games that let you max out your stealth.
3,678,873 views - 07/30/18
When the guards in the game lowkey don't want to fight you because they know you're the main character, so they act like they don't hear...
People that think the manager can change everything.
5,340,410 views - 07/16/18
People that think a manager can change reality itself
How I fix snoring
848,735 views - 07/16/18
This is just basically how i feel about it.
Games where the world stops during dialogue.
6,067,787 views - 07/09/18
Those games where everything, but the main characters, pauses for dialogue, even the person talking. Music George Jonathan - Puppy Love
How fish deal with stress. (IB: DemetriusHarmon & DopeIsland)
984,076 views - 07/02/18
Basically what happens to fish under high stress.
The first undercover agents to test the new hidden cameras.
1,232,397 views - 06/25/18
With: AlphaXTv - & Lenarr
I hate porta potties.
551,434 views - 06/17/18
This always happens to me, they just caught it on camera this time.
When your knees weak.
604,339 views - 06/05/18
I just wanted to upload this here since it wasnt up on my page yet but show love in tacos 🌮 if you seen it already!
When the FBI suspects you of a crime, but you're inside on the game.
4,999,516 views - 05/30/18
Basically how crazy people sound on some games if you take it out of context.
Someone tries to rob an upcoming rapper.
4,864,088 views - 05/18/18
Music Troy L -
You got five dollars?
2,661,965 views - 05/07/18
Basically how it feels to drive with the gas light on, but have no intent on going to the gas station.
How GPS pronounces all the streets
1,355,153 views - 05/02/18
Another CalebCityTV drop that I wanted up as a single video, so if you've seen this before give me tacos🌮! I appreciate it.
Dropping anything in the bathroom
2,857,207 views - 04/25/18
Everything I drop in the bathroom falls in the toilet no matter what.
Basically how trying to stay neutral is.
1,889,920 views - 04/19/18
When you tried to stay neutral in an argument that you're not even a part of.
If your shoes talked.
3,196,675 views - 04/12/18
I actually didn't have to post this video on youtube (since its a Foot Locker ad), and I'm not getting anything extra for doing it, but I...
When you actually don't have spare change.
1,561,440 views - 04/04/18
Yes this was on CalebCity TV before, but Im still posting these separately because it was easier to manage. Like always, put them tacos🌮...
The first plant to become a venus fly trap
5,668,760 views - 03/28/18
Basically how the first Venus fly trap happened
How taxes do you.
1,959,285 views - 03/23/18
How they be dropkicking your income
What they SHOULD do in anime.
3,214,089 views - 03/15/18
How they pull your wisdom teeth
1,325,465 views - 03/08/18
"Let me go put some gloves on" then you wake up in a hospital. Music DeKobe - Stars in the forest
I didn't even push you that hard.
2,044,173 views - 03/03/18
How your brother overreacts when you pushed him and he scratched his leg, but you don't want to get in trouble so you try to hurt...
Your whole funny bone.
1,647,592 views - 02/27/18
Thanks for the video sponsor Audible! 🙏🏾Get a free audiobook with a 30day free trial or text CALEBC to...
The friend thats always forgetting something.
1,342,618 views - 02/27/18
I know some of you have seen this before, but I wanted this to be on my Youtube channel too (but put tacos🌮 if you seen it)
Basically how mid terms go.
1,366,804 views - 02/22/18
When you just sat down, and now you have 4 projects, 2 reports, a final and a midterm due.
When you wait too long to talk to her.
1,256,035 views - 02/18/18
When you find a good catch, but you gotta catch her.
I hate delivery
1,446,267 views - 02/11/18
When you realize you're inviting strangers to your doorstep.
Those commercials selling stuff that nobody wants to buy.
1,140,721 views - 02/07/18
Did you know its actually spelled marshmallow? I refused to accept that I've been pronouncing it like 'marshmellow' my entire life, NO.
When you realize you're going up against the main character.
3,111,811 views - 02/06/18
When you find out you're fighting the main character of the anime.
How DJs just ruin your favorite songs
1,833,694 views - 01/31/18
When the DJ actually don't even care about the song, he just want you to know his name.
When you making food at 3am so you gotta be quiet
472,752 views - 01/29/18
Everything hurts more when you gotta be quiet.
The new invisible cloak just came in!
915,845 views - 01/26/18
Let me know if you guys want more unboxing videos like this one 👍🏾.
When you trusted your friend to help him rob someone.
934,100 views - 01/24/18
When you agreed to help your friend rob someone, but you're a coward. ---------------- I'm going to be posting all of the "CalebCityTV"...
Its at the bottom of the bag.
3,372,138 views - 01/20/18
That friend thats always out of inventory space in real life.
How Future came in on that song (Looped for 3 minutes)
758,115 views - 01/18/18
Songs Kings Dead - Kendrick Lamar
How the massage places treat you on your first run.
2,798,703 views - 01/13/18
When the masseuse lowkey try to kill you when they find out its your first time.
When the homie choking on something, but its fire.
6,823,969 views - 01/08/18
When you was bouta save the homie from choking, but then you heard that beat. Songs Oddwin -...
If life glitched like video games
2,103,354 views - 12/31/17
Testimonial commercials
1,105,244 views - 12/27/17
When you trusted a commercial just because they had people in there saying that the product worked. Music Choa Garden remix - Jae Sambo
The 'Essay'
1,031,772 views - 12/21/17
When someone shows you a meme, but it turns out to be a 10 page essay, and now you tryna speed read the entire thing so they don't judge...
When your homie got some heat for you.
1,354,126 views - 12/19/17
When you don't know how to tell your friend their taste in music is garbage. Original song - Pots n pans - A.King & J.Mattheus
Disrespecting the apple store
869,115 views - 12/15/17
When you step in an Apple store with an orange in your hand.