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ASMR sound chemistry
721,823 views - 01/06/20
Hello! I hope that you enjoy this video by professor raffy. I have invented a new sound science, a sound chemistry. In the right hands...
ASMR vintage webcam sound assortment (liquid, whispers, visuals, tapping)
646,735 views - 12/31/19
[Ad] Start your thirty day trial which includes one audiobook and two audible originals: or text raffy to...
ASMR raffy's christmas special (sound assortment)
594,462 views - 12/23/19
Hello everone. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope that you enjoy this gift from me to you. It is a special sound assortment with...
ASMR ear to ear sound assortment (new microphones)
1,083,230 views - 10/31/19
[Ad] Go to, to take back your internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free. I...
ASMR rain and tapping sounds
619,343 views - 10/21/19
Hello everyone. This video is a mood. its cold. its raining. and we are enjoying the tap tap tap sounds. I hope this video makes you...
ASMR spooky sound assortment
797,786 views - 09/30/19
[Ad] Start your thirty day trial which includes one audiobook and two audible originals: or text raffy to...
what's up
251,141 views - 09/28/19
Song used: Triumph Artist: Zelgaro Find Zelgaro on spotify: Find Zelgaro on twitter: @Zelgaro P.O Box info:...
ASMR haircut and shave
2,383,281 views - 08/29/19
[Ad] Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring. Go to to get your first starter set for $5 I hope you...
ASMR raffy's 3 hour video
3,860,555 views - 08/13/19
A three hour sound assortment. This is my proudest video. It took a lot of work. Olivia edited nearly the entire video while I worked on...
ASMR fun sound assortment
2,013,441 views - 08/05/19
Please enjoy the sounds and my technical difficulty induced meltdown :) It is very nice to be back and I am very excited to have a new...
vlog | ohio to california
236,248 views - 05/18/19
Music credit: Rosentwig Spotify: soundcloud: Bandcamp: Just some...
ASMR sounds with girlfriend
1,100,777 views - 05/15/19
[Ad] Start your thirty day trial which includes one audiobook and two audible originals: or text raffy to...
ASMR iconic duo
1,891,886 views - 01/21/19
Thank you whispering l!ve for the great collab. Please check out one of my favorites at the link below! Whispering l!ve:...
ASMR hand sounds and whispers
2,757,953 views - 12/17/18
This video is hand sounds and movements only. Simple simple :) Follow me on twitter: @RaffyTaphyASMR Buy a RaffyTaphy shirt:...
ASMR blue yeti sound assortment
2,023,924 views - 12/02/18
A little bird told me there will always be a place in your heart for the blue yeti mic. Enjoy :) As mentioned in the video, here is the...
ASMR a bit of tapping
1,515,208 views - 11/18/18
Please enjoy just a bit of tapping. Tapping on the case that makes good sounds, little cup and some wooden blocks. Fast tapping. Slow...
ASMR s words are the best words
3,151,047 views - 11/12/18
s words are the best words. Enjoy the trigger assortment in this video, all starting with the letter s. We have scissor snips, water...
ASMR this is a test
1,817,705 views - 11/05/18
It is very nice to be back. I explain on my twitter why I took such a long break. If you are interested check that out. If you are just...
ASMR 300k old school webcam sound assortment
2,405,360 views - 01/05/18
300K!! Thank you. That's all I can say. And make good sounds of course. Please enjoy. Where to get RaffyTaphy shirt:...
ASMR welcome back sound assortment
8,616,315 views - 12/19/17
The wait is over. Let me apologize for being gone for so long. My next video will be a non-ASMR update on what i've been up to and what...
ASMR little boxes
4,114,208 views - 05/25/17
I've come up with the perfect way to store all of my favorite little sounds. Thought I'd show you some of my favorites :) Old video you...
ASMR tapping
18,058,984 views - 04/06/17
Enjoy my favorite trigger of all time...tapping :D On some wooden blocks, the little pillow and of course the case that makes good...
ASMR good sounds with stress cube
4,295,421 views - 03/05/17
Exploring the great sounds the Stress Cube makes. Get yours at **This is a sponsored video** A big thank you to...
intentions matter
430,804 views - 02/21/17
A response as to why my recent video "Engagement Sounds" was removed. Sorry to "waste" an upload on this stuff. But I had a lot to say....
ASMR Snipps Snipps and Spritz Spritz
2,707,993 views - 02/12/17
Scissors and spray bottles. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like bad decisions and Hennessy. Old video you may like: My first video with...
ASMR what's in my purse
1,143,152 views - 12/21/16
What does Raffy keep in his purse? Lot's of good sounds apparently. previous video you may like: 100k sound assortment celebration...
ASMR sound assortment (lots of whispers, scissors, tapping)
1,511,889 views - 11/24/16
100k!!!!! Nothing else to say but thank you!! This sound assortment is a celebration of something I am so happy about. I hope it helps...
rare raffytaphy video - first ASMR video ever!!!
440,210 views - 11/23/16
This is what started it all. Not many people have seen this video. The quality is awful but my heart was in it from day one!!! Look how...
ASMR shaking my fists (no talking)
423,122 views - 11/04/16
Food for tingles. Enjoy. My last video: setting and breaking the pattern ASMR video spotlight: Great triggers...
ASMR setting and breaking the pattern (tapping, whispers)
3,250,802 views - 10/23/16
Setting and breaking the pattern...for tingles. Old video of mine you may like: Inaudible whispering: ASMR...
ASMR trigger assortment (tapping, liquid shaking, spraying, trigger words)
5,410,918 views - 10/02/16
We were loooooooong overdue for a long video. Here is one hour of sounds for ya. Enjoy!!! Time stamps: Introducing the sounds: 0:00 -...
ASMR exploring triggers with flashlight (tapping, visual, no talking)
940,441 views - 09/18/16
I bought this flashlight and I think it is a great ASMR prop. Does it pass the litmus test? Let me know. Videos you may like: Spanish...
ASMR Sounds with the Roommate (Tapping, Lid Sounds, Whispering)
3,536,943 views - 08/31/16
Please welcome Joe to the channel. He's cool because he's down with ASMR. Videos you may like: Spanish Whispering and hand sounds:...
Random Sound Assortment All Around the Microphone (repetitive whispering, sticky tape, mouth sounds)
673,091 views - 08/04/16
Random sounds are good for the soul. Enjoy. Videos you may like: Spanish Whispering and hand sounds: Trigger...
ASMR Crackles and Crinkles
241,092 views - 07/29/16
I've been itching to dive into some sounds. We finally get to do just that, enjoy :) Other videos you may like: Trigger Words Therapy:...
ASMR Whispered Question and Answer
276,065 views - 07/29/16
As promised, in celebration of our family reaching 50k, I answer some questions. Enjoy :) Want to tweet at me?...
Hand Sounds En Español
788,622 views - 07/29/16
RaffyTaphy en enspañol!! wow! Other videos you may like: Trigger Words Therapy: Like eating videos? Check out...
ASMR Stipples
745,571 views - 07/05/16
Stipple stipple stipple....on your face for your relaxation. ENJOY Other videos you may like: Vlog style/thank you from RaffyTaphy:...
313,089 views - 07/02/16
Unboxing the Uncharted 4 edition playstation 4 in classic RaffyTaphy fashion. Lot's of light/visual triggers and just overall nonsense....
ASMR Fast Tapping and Whispers
369,661 views - 06/26/16
This is just my portion of the collaboration I did with MickelousProductions. Some people expressed that they would like to have seen...
ASMR Crazy Fast Tapping with MickelousProductions
1,257,603 views - 06/25/16
Here it is folks. You wanted more tapping? WELL HERE IS ALL THE TAPPING!!! Thanks Mickelous for working with me to make some tapping...
ASMR Soft Speaking: Just a Chat
121,550 views - 06/14/16
Just wanted to have a chat tonight with you all. It's been a while since we did that. Hope everyone is well. Want to tweet at me?...
ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam
2,720,222 views - 06/05/16
Dr. Raffy makes sure you aren't blind or deaf. Enjoy! Other videos you may like: Last Dr. Raffy video: Want to...
ASMR Hand Sounds and Scalp Massage for Roommate
454,514 views - 05/30/16
The man behind the stories. The legend himself. The roommate. He was kind enough to join me in a video for your relaxation. Please, keep...
ASMR Beard Scratching and Brushing
154,329 views - 05/12/16
Had to take advantage of this opportunity to make some beard sounds, as its death is near. Enjoy! Other videos you may like: Want to...
ASMR Tapping, Lid Sounds and Good Vibes
338,943 views - 04/24/16
Wanted to try something out in nature but it didn't work out. That's not stopping me from sharing my adventures! Enjoy :) MUSIC: Artist...
ASMR Just Hand Sounds
4,312,370 views - 04/12/16
It's hand sounds. Your favorite. Want to tweet at me? Popular uploads: ASMR virtual haircut...
ASMR Sound Assortment (Water, Tapping, Whispers)
1,566,250 views - 03/30/16
Tingly sound assortment for my peeps! Enjoy the sounds. Forget about the stresses of the day, even for just a few minutes. Peace :D...
Just the beginning
430,641 views - 03/28/16
Really hope you liked this. This is my first time trying something like this. I worked pretty hard on this so hopefully it is something...
ASMR Liquid Shaking, Water Sounds
900,334 views - 03/16/16
One of my favorite ASMR triggers is liquid shaking...and I hope you enjoy it too :) Want to tweet at me?...
ASMR Tapping On Adult Beverage
251,950 views - 03/05/16
Hello friends. Many have requested some glass tapping, so I bring you some awesome tapping on my favorite adult beverage. Enjoy....
ASMR Aggressive Fast Tapping
676,148 views - 02/22/16
Can't sleep, so I figured I'd help some friends in the same boat. Some of my popular uploads: Virtual ASMR...
ASMR What did he say? Inaudible Whispering
1,362,871 views - 02/16/16
Hello friends, here with another video. Hopefully this time you can't understand what i'm saying! Some tapping and gum chewing mixed in....
[NO TALKING] ASMR Eating Crispy Seaweed (mouth sounds, crunchy)
373,962 views - 01/31/16
Some crunchy seaweed snack to hold you over until the next video :) Some of my popular videos: Best ASMR tapping video ever...
ASMR Tapping, Repetitive Whispering
238,374 views - 01/31/16
Little bird told me you had trouble falling asleep so I'm here to help. Some of my popular videos: Best ASMR tapping video ever...
RaffyTaphy Q+A Video
98,085 views - 01/31/16
Chill with me for a while and get to know me. A lot of people wanted to know my favorite ASMR content creators and here they are:...
ASMR Update With Some Tapping
59,479 views - 01/13/16
Thank you everyone that has been part of the journey and I'm excited for those who are joining. Hopefully you are super excited, I most...
ASMR Finger And Hand Sounds, Tapping
583,608 views - 01/06/16
Some awesome finger sounds and hand tapping for sleeeeep. Happy 2016 to everyone. It will be a great year. Got a big surprise coming,...
ASMR Get Your Virtual Haircut Roleplay
1,317,243 views - 12/29/15
Hello, welcome to Raffy's e-hair salon. Hopefully you are looking fresh after getting your hair cut by this pro!! Some of my popular...
315,188 views - 12/14/15
Alright, fulfilling this request way later than promised. Better late than never, but never late is better - Drake Some of my popular...
ASMR Crinkles and Tapping
114,723 views - 12/12/15
Hello everyone. Hopefully you can enjoy these wonderful sounds and drift off to sleep. Goodnight :) Here is the very awesome Alex's...
ASMR 1 Hour Sound Assortment Triggers
1,576,508 views - 12/01/15
This video is my way of saying THANK YOU FOR 1000 AMAZING SUBSCRIBERS!!! Thank you for all the positivity you all carry with you. It...
ASMR tapping
160,862 views - 11/22/15
Just a quick vid for you to enjoy while I'm away. Hope every one is doing well. Want to tweet at me?
ASMR Beard Scratching [Hair sounds]
109,610 views - 11/15/15
Video for all of you tingle fiends. Enjoy :) Want to tweet at me?
ASMR Mouth tapping, tongue tapping, mouth sounds, kisses
1,394,745 views - 11/10/15
Much requested and made with much love Want to tweet at me?
ASMR Trigger Words Treatment Roleplay
388,787 views - 11/09/15
Hello everyone. Dr.Raffy here with a relaxing trigger words for you. These are all the words requested by you in the comments. I hope...
ASMR liquid shaking, liquid sounds
160,767 views - 11/04/15
What's up guys. Just a quick video. My next video will be the trigger words video so there is still time to leave me a comment with words...
ASMR close up tapping
434,589 views - 11/01/15
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Here are some close up to the microphone tapping sounds for you to enjoy, as requested. More...
ASMR eating pizza and whispering  (mouth sounds)
164,165 views - 10/29/15
What's up friends. Just eating some pizza and having a chat about life. Hope everyone is in good spirits! Want to tweet at me?...
Best ASMR tapping video ever
6,646,757 views - 10/27/15
ASMR tapping sounds for you and for you only :) Want to tweet at me? ...
ASMR liquid shaking, water sounds
66,279 views - 10/26/15
What's up homies. I was off my game for this video. Not the best flow but I know it will trigger atleast one person so thats reason...
What ASMR means to me + finger sounds
60,987 views - 10/23/15
just a whispered chat on what ASMR means to me and what triggers me. Hope you guys enjoy :) Want to tweet at me?...
ASMR Sticky Sounds, Trigger Words, Whisper, Tapping on Leather
313,576 views - 10/19/15
Hey guys, lot's of repetitive whispers in this one for your relaxation. Also some awesome tapping and touching my wallet. Hope you love...
ASMR eating sounds: Mouth sounds
119,101 views - 10/18/15
just a eating vid for you guys. Enjoy Want to tweet at me?
ASMR Blue Yeti Mic Test: Tapping, whispers, triggers
360,429 views - 10/18/15
So obviously very excited with the new mic. Hope everyone loves it as much as I do. If anyone has any suggestions to improve quality and...