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Liev Schreiber Apologized To His Kids For Bringing Ray Donovan Home At Night
61,960 views - 11/13/19
Liev Schreiber, the star of "Ray Donovan" on Showtime, apologized to his kids for sometimes bringing his character home with him after a...
Cold War Kids Perform Complainer
8,544 views - 11/13/19
Indie rockers Cold War Kids take over the Ed Sullivan Theater for a performance of this song off their new album "New Age Norms 1," the...
Daniel Kaluuya Hung Out At Costco To Perfect His Ohio Accent
70,553 views - 11/13/19
The star of the film "Queen and Slim," Daniel Kaluuya, spent time with the staff at an Ohio Costco to help him get into character as Slim...
Meanwhile... Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey
136,620 views - 11/13/19
Meanwhile... a flock of aggressive wild birds have residents of a 55-and-up community in the Garden State running scared. #Colbert...
Democratic Presidential Field Narrows From 17 To 19 Candidates
139,956 views - 11/13/19
Two fresh new faces seem poised to enter the race for the Democratic nomination: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former...
Trump Teases Release Of Tantalizing First Phone Call With Ukraine
1,057,270 views - 11/13/19
In an effort to distract everyone from the details of his "perfect" call with Ukraine's leader on July 25th, President Trump has signaled...
It's Impeachment Hearing Eve!
320,922 views - 11/13/19
With Republicans screaming and Democrats dreaming impeachment is near, it's the most wonderful time of the year. #Colbert #LSSC...
LATE SHOW ME MORE: A Most Amazing Man
108,116 views - 11/09/19
Some amazing performers graced Stephen Colbert's stage this week, as our host welcomed acting legends Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen,...
Donald Trump May Return To The Apprentice After Presidency Ends
2,455,640 views - 11/08/19
While many people aren't in a hurry to see the return of Trump's signature reality show, the good news is there may be life "after" the...
John Dickerson: Bloomberg Thinks There's A Place For Him In The Presidential Race
400,850 views - 11/08/19
"60 Minutes" contributor John Dickerson outlines the factors that might motivate Michael Bloomberg to enter the Democratic presidential...
John Dickerson: Senators Can't Use Phones Or Talk To Each Other During Impeachment Trial
596,223 views - 11/08/19
"60 Minutes" contributor John Dickerson details how members of the Senate will have to act while sitting as jurors in a potential...
King Princess: Hit The Back
111,862 views - 11/08/19
The musical sensation makes her U.S. television debut with a performance of "Hit The Back" off her album "Cheap Queen." #Colbert...
Meanwhile... Juul Has Teens Hooked
888,647 views - 11/08/19
Meanwhile... a new report says the e-cigarette company Juul disregarded early evidence that its product was getting teens hooked on...
Graham With The Wind
231,367 views - 11/08/19
An epic tale of a man who took a stance. And then quickly changed it... with the wind! #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late...
Something Is Seriously Wrong: Bill Barr Refused To Publicly Defend Trump On Ukraine
3,123,303 views - 11/08/19
Donald Trump's own Attorney General defied his wishes and declined to hold a press conference to clear the President of wrongdoing on his...
King Princess: 1950
71,952 views - 11/07/19
In this web exclusive, King Princess treats the Late Show crowd to a performance of the hit song that propelled her to global stardom,...
Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen: Hamlet And Juliet Are The Roles That Got Away
568,581 views - 11/07/19
The stars of the new film "The Good Liar," Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen, are holding out hope they may one day get to act across gender...
Stephen Whips Up Delicious Desserts With The Kids From MasterChef Junior
172,727 views - 11/07/19
Cory, Remy and Che from MasterChef Junior have a new cookbook called "MasterChef Junior Bakes" and they show Stephen how to make a few...
Helen Mirren & Ian McKellen Act Out Trump's Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Call
1,161,705 views - 11/07/19
With Stephen Colbert judging their innocence or guilt, these two acting greats take on the roles of Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky...
Republican Support Collapses In The Suburbs, Democrats Win Big In Virginia
1,664,472 views - 11/07/19
Surf's up Democrats! Tuesday's election results show there's a big blue wave sweeping through suburban America. #Monologue #Impeachment...
Hark! The Covetton House Advent Calendar Has Arrived
462,110 views - 11/07/19
Here at Covetton House, we know the reason for the season. But we're ignoring it and selling you jewelry instead. #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy...
Outtakes From Trump's Bunch Of Bull Campaign Ad
296,839 views - 11/07/19
Acting in one of President Trump's campaign ads is harder than it looks. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel...
Lindsey Graham's Willful Ignorance Will Not Be Enough To Protect Trump
2,529,653 views - 11/07/19
The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, is doing his best to avoid having to admit that...
Meanwhile... Is It OK To Say OK, Boomer?
1,823,205 views - 11/06/19
Meanwhile... Is it problematic for people to say "OK, Boomer" as a way to tease older folks on social media? #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy...
Elizabeth Banks Made Charlie's Angels To Celebrate Women At Work
366,559 views - 11/06/19
Elizabeth Banks, who directed, wrote and stars in the new "Charlie's Angels" film, was inspired by the way the original TV series...
Read The Transcript Is Trump's Latest Rallying Cry
2,277,112 views - 11/06/19
We DID read the transcript. That's where we found out about Trump pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. #Monologue #Impeachment...
Sen. Amy Klobuchar On Her Duty As A Juror In A (Potential) Trump Impeachment Trial
291,939 views - 11/06/19
Sen. Amy Klobuchar returns to The Late Show to discuss the solemn duty she and her Senate colleagues face as they prepare for a possible...
Sen. Amy Klobuchar Lists Her Progressive Policy Goals
148,015 views - 11/06/19
Climate change, gun safety and immigration reform legislation, including a path to citizenship, are among the top policy priorities for...
Listen To Donald Trump Jr.'s New Audiobook
398,816 views - 11/06/19
Visit Audible and download "Triggered" today. You'll feel as if you're in the room with Donald Trump Jr.! #Colbert #Triggered #ColdOpens...
Gordon Sondland, Fearing Perjury Charges, Amends His Ukraine Testimony
2,134,385 views - 11/06/19
The U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, had originally testified that there was no quid pro quo in Trump's dealings...
Sen. Sherrod Brown: Those Who Embolden Trump Will Not Look Good In History
647,739 views - 11/05/19
The senior Senator from Ohio, author of the new book "Desk 88," says that the most disappointing thing he has seen in his 13 years in the...
Senator Sherrod Brown's Desk Was Once Occupied By A Kennedy
140,825 views - 11/05/19
Senator Sherrod Brown's new book "Desk 88" examines some of the Senators that occupied the office before him and how he ended up sitting...
Tim McGraw's Family Motivated Him To Change His Lifestyle
241,247 views - 11/05/19
"Grit & Grace" author Tim McGraw returns to The Late Show with some stories from his youth, and explains how physical fitness is one of...
Trump's Border Wall Is Remarkably Easy To Penetrate
1,377,404 views - 11/05/19
The construction paper wall built by children at the White House Halloween party might actually be harder to cut through than the steel...
NYC Bids Adieu To Donald Trump (In Song)
1,182,148 views - 11/05/19
Start spreading the news: Trump's leaving today! #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE:...
Trump's GOP Defenders Are Backed Into A Corner
3,309,255 views - 11/05/19
Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz are so desperate to find ways to defend his "perfect" Ukraine phone call that they are considering doing...
LATE SHOW ME MORE: Witchy For Halloween
109,451 views - 11/02/19
Some supernaturally powerful guests took over the show this week, with our new friends Jennifer Aniston and Queen Latifah making their...
Conan O'Brien Flipped Interview
1,596,277 views - 11/02/19
Stephen Colbert tells Conan O'Brien how being rejected to write for Conan actually helped Stephen celebrate his 25th marriage...
Rob Corddry Never Gets Cast As A Bostonian
167,808 views - 11/02/19
Rob Corddry, star of "The Unicorn" on CBS, hails from Massachusetts and does a "wicked" Boston accent. Would somebody please tell...
What Will Godzilla Destroy Next?
187,738 views - 11/02/19
Is the King of Monsters jealous of the attention President Trump receives for his destruction of American institutions? #Colbert...
Flipped: 50 Cent Interviews Stephen Colbert
603,851 views - 11/02/19
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson takes over the desk in this flipped interview and asks Stephen about his comedy mentors. #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy...
Stephen Colbert's Audience Q&A: Yes, I will Renew your Vows
472,474 views - 11/02/19
Every night before the show, our host takes questions from the audience. This time, Stephen's Q&A takes a romantic turn when a couple...
Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston Urge Celebrities To Get Arrested
786,034 views - 11/02/19
Take it from acting legend Sam Waterston: you don't want to get caught on the wrong side of the law just so you can be on the right side...
The Trump Impeachment Trial Could Look A Lot Like The Kavanaugh Hearings
2,593,314 views - 11/02/19
While Senate Republicans are pledging to conduct a fair trial should the Trump impeachment reach that chamber, there is reason to suspect...
Meanwhile... Gender-Neutral Emojis Debut
891,978 views - 11/01/19
The shadowy global entity known as the Unicode Consortium has released a new batch of emojis focused on diversity. #Colbert #Meanwhile...
Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Trump Undermined Our National Security, To The Benefit Of The Russians
2,775,536 views - 11/01/19
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi explains to Stephen Colbert what the impeachment inquiry is really all about: patriotism and upholding...
Speaker Pelosi: We've Sent Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell Scores Of Bills
1,522,506 views - 11/01/19
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi points out that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the self-described "Grim Reaper" of...
Speaker Nancy Pelosi On Donald Trump's Future As President
1,303,629 views - 11/01/19
Stephen Colbert talks to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, about what to expect as formal impeachment inquiry...
Twitter's Ban On Political Ads Is A Jab At Mark Zuckerberg
520,507 views - 11/01/19
With the Facebook CEO facing backlash over his hands-off approach to political ads, Twitter seized the moment and was cheered for...
It's The Great Impeachment, Charlie Brown
341,898 views - 11/01/19
If the Great Pumpkin has been impeached, who will take his place this Halloween? #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late Show"...
Trump Impeachment Resolution Passes With Zero Republican Votes
3,172,338 views - 11/01/19
Not only are House Republicans standing firm behind the President, their leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy was willing to go on the record to...
Norman Reedus' Scariest Halloween Costumes Of 2019
115,698 views - 10/31/19
The zombie-killing star of "The Walking Dead" is an expert on the macabre, so he was a natural choice to rate this year's scariest...
Joe Biden: It's Time We Put A Pet Back In The White House
895,785 views - 10/31/19
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden celebrated #NationalCatDay by posing for a photo with his dog, a German Shepherd named Major....
Norman Reedus Explains How He Ended Up With An Internet Famous Cat
328,062 views - 10/31/19
Norman Reedus, star of "The Walking Dead," brought home a black cat for his son and the cat ended up becoming an Instagram star! #Colbert...
Cynthia Erivo Could Become The Youngest EGOT Ever
295,373 views - 10/31/19
The beloved actor and Broadway star, who plays the title role in a new film about the life of Harriet Tubman, could become the youngest...
Trump Pleads For Rupublicans To Defend Him Against Infair Impeachment
1,594,463 views - 10/31/19
The President wasted no time on spell checking when he took to Twitter to whine about the "infair" impeachment process and to urge his...
Miranda Lambert: It All Comes Out In The Wash
77,784 views - 10/31/19
Country music superstar Miranda Lambert takes over the Ed Sullivan Theater for a performance of this song off her new album "Wildcard."...
How We Improved Apple's AirPods Headphones
211,737 views - 10/31/19
When we considered redesigning the AirPods we had one revolutionary idea in mind: how can we take something small and easy to lose, and...
White House Intentionally Left Words Out Of The Trump-Ukraine Transcript
2,279,374 views - 10/31/19
Congressional testimony from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman directly contradicted President Trump's claim that he released a word-for-word...
Thomas Middleditch Does A Great Impression Of His English Dad
295,130 views - 10/30/19
Thomas Middleditch, star of "Silicon Valley," slips easily into an English accent when channeling words of wisdom he received from his...
Jennifer Aniston: I Had Slippery Fingers As A Waitress
720,559 views - 10/30/19
The star and executive producer of "The Morning Show" on Apple TV+, everyone's best friend Jennifer Aniston, recalls her decidedly...
Jennifer Aniston On Friends Reunion Rumors: Something Is Happening
842,851 views - 10/30/19
The executive producer and star of "The Morning Show" on Apple TV+, Jennifer Aniston, does little to dispel rumors that there may be some...
Meanwhile... It's Spooky Szn
944,959 views - 10/30/19
It's Halloween, which means just for tonight, Meanwhile is dressing up as "Halloweenwhile." #Colbert #Meanwhile #Comedy Subscribe To...
The Trump Impeachment Moves To Prime Time
336,255 views - 10/30/19
House Democrats may soon begin televising impeachment inquiry proceedings in primetime. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late...
Donald And Melania Trump Hosted A Spooky Halloween Party
534,436 views - 10/30/19
The President and First Lady did their best to make sure the White House Halloween party was as creepy as possible. #Colbert #Halloween...
Unlike Donald Trump, Alexander Vindman's Character Is Unimpeachable
2,666,362 views - 10/30/19
The President and his GOP allies are seeking to cast doubt on the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is a first hand witness to...
Chef José Andrés Upstaged Donald Trump At World Series Game 5
1,528,818 views - 10/29/19
Noted Trump critic and World Central Kitchen founder Chef José Andrés threw out the first pitch at Nationals Park, on the same night that...
Queen Latifah Gives Stephen A Preview Of Her Ursula
531,033 views - 10/29/19
Queen Latifah stars in "The Little Mermaid Live!" and she gives us a little taste of what's in store with her performance as the villain...
Crowd Chants Lock Him Up At Trump During World Series Game 5
798,594 views - 10/29/19
President Trump was greeted with loud "boos" and a special chant when he attended Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park. #Colbert...
Radhika Jones Previews Vanity Fair's Women On Women
177,286 views - 10/29/19
"Vanity Fair" editor Radhika Jones dug into the magazine's archives to compile a new collection of important works by female journalists....
Late Show Is Releasing 900 New Christmas Movies
207,273 views - 10/29/19
There's a huge market for new Christmas movies, and The Late Show is not going to let Hallmark Channel hog all the nog. Check out our...
Trump Gets Extremely Graphic In Describing Death Of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
2,803,468 views - 10/29/19
The President revealed way too much when announcing the details of the Special Forces raid that took out the ISIS leader. #Monologue...
LATE SHOW ME MORE: I'll Drink To That
113,691 views - 10/26/19
"I love to watch you work" said Steve Carell said to his longtime buddy Stephen Colbert this week. And work our host did as some major...
Eddie Murphy Made Dolemite To Honor The Genius Of Rudy Ray Moore
1,060,637 views - 10/26/19
The legendary comedian makes his first visit to The Late Show and tells Stephen about the inspirational comedic figure who he portrays in...
Do We Really Need Another White House Tell-All Book?
588,133 views - 10/26/19
"Warning," a new book from the same anonymous author who penned an op-ed in the New York Times warning of misconduct in the White House,...
The Avengers Respond To Marvel Movie Critics
189,975 views - 10/26/19
You're right, Hulk. The "Godfather" films do glorify violence. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE:...
Ree Drummond Cooks Shrimp & Grits For Stephen Colbert
187,192 views - 10/26/19
The "Pioneer Woman" herself, Ree Drummond, drops by to treat our host to some recipes from her new cookbook, "The New Pioneer." #Colbert...
Barack Obama Urged Eddie Murphy To Return To Stand Up
1,167,399 views - 10/26/19
President Barack Obama used his time with Eddie Murphy to ask two questions: when will you return to stand up comedy, and what kind of...
Dem Candidates Struggle To Impress Donors And Stay In The News
1,739,646 views - 10/26/19
While high-powered Democrat donors fret over their lack of enthusiasm for the current frontrunners, some of the lesser known candidates...
Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert Re-enact Their Sketch Waiters Nauseated By Food
1,664,338 views - 10/25/19
Steve Carell stars in the new Apple TV+ series, "The Morning Show" but before that he got hired as a correspondent on "The Daily Show"...
Meanwhile... Star Wars Fans Are Pumped For Episode Nine
1,008,992 views - 10/25/19
Meanwhile... You won't believe the REAL reason a beloved Star Wars character is being killed off in the upcoming film. #Colbert...
Steve Carell Never Rewatches Himself In The Office
2,129,926 views - 10/25/19
"The Morning Show" star Steve Carell isn't a big fan of watching himself on TV. He's not too big on watching his movies either. #Colbert...
Toby Keith Performs That's Country Bro
50,433 views - 10/25/19
Country superstar, and friend of the show, Toby Keith pays homage to the format's greatest singers on this single from his new album...
Risk: Chaos Edition
236,866 views - 10/25/19
All it takes to win is to boldly declare victory and leave chaos in your wake. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late Show"...
Trump Wishes The Dems Were Kiddingly About Impeachment
3,805,266 views - 10/25/19
President Trump may have been kidding about building a wall in Colorado, but House Democrats are not joking around when it comes to...
Andrea Savage Found Out That Her Husband Has A Very Scary Talent
217,764 views - 10/24/19
Comedian Andrea Savage, who stars in her own truTV series "I'm Sorry," didn't know that her husband can walk on glass until he busted out...
You'll Never Have Another President Like Me
1,712,684 views - 10/24/19
"You'll Never Have Another President Like Me" Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: For more content...
Bombshell Testimony Directly Ties Trump To Ukraine Quid Pro Quo
1,775,063 views - 10/24/19
The incredibly damning details revealed during former Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor's testimony before Congress are making it harder for...
The Crazy Train In Impeachment Fantasyland
245,909 views - 10/24/19
Here, we choo-choo-choose to believe in the Constitution. Isn't that bananas? #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens Subscribe To "The Late Show"...
Ronan Farrow Saw A Master List Of Trump Dirt At The National Enquirer
1,175,208 views - 10/24/19
"Catch And Kill" author Ronan Farrow saw 60 items, including affairs and cases of sexual misconduct, on the list of scandals the National...
Ronan Farrow: The Free Press Is Alive And Well
505,696 views - 10/24/19
"Catch And Kill" author Ronan Farrow believes brave whistleblowers and journalists will ensure that the free press continues to thrive...
Trump's Syria Victory Speech Has People Saying 'Wow'
2,490,407 views - 10/24/19
In a self-congratulatory speech this morning at the White House, the President declared 'permanent' peace in Syria. #Monologue #LSSC...
The NBA Season Is Officially Underway
201,524 views - 10/23/19
After a rocky start to the basketball season, the broadcast team at CBS Sports is excited to put the Hong Kong controversy behind them....
John Lithgow: Trump Has Turned Our Comics Into Geniuses
921,266 views - 10/23/19
Actor John Lithgow, author of the new book "Dumpty: The Age of Trump in Verse," thinks the President doesn't have the timing or wit to...
Colbert Gets A Surprise Visit From Rudy Giuliani
2,675,909 views - 10/23/19
Did Rudy Giuliani and his fraud buddies lead the President to impeachment by pushing debunked Ukraine conspiracy theories? Here to tell...
Camila Mendes Had To Gloss Up For Her Role On Riverdale
441,784 views - 10/23/19
"Riverdale" star Camila Mendes didn't nail her first audition for the role of Veronica, so she made sure to look the part when she...
Julie Andrews Reads Stephen Colbert A Bedtime Story
125,049 views - 10/23/19
Stephen Colbert is thrilled to present this spoonful of sugar from the one and only Julie Andrews. #Colbert #LSSC #JulieAndrews...
Gasp! Bill Taylor's Testimony Said To Be 'Incredibly Damaging' To Trump
2,895,458 views - 10/23/19
Thanks to the testimony of former Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, we may now have solid evidence of the crime that Trump and his...
Julie Andrews: Therapy Saved My Life
792,942 views - 10/22/19
The legendary actress, author of a new memoir called "Home Work," shares stories from her past including one about how her friend Mike...
A Young Jonathan Groff Dressed As Mary Poppins For Halloween
258,063 views - 10/22/19
Jonathan Groff, who stars in the new Off-Broadway "Little Shop of Horrors," is such a big fan of Julie Andrews that he once dressed up as...
Trump Campaign Sells 'Get Over It' Shirts After Mulvaney's Quid Pro Quo Admission
1,829,416 views - 10/22/19
It was too late to walk back the comments after Trump's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted, on camera, the very thing that the...