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Cozy Christmas Party & Home Spa🎄 ASMR
1,506,562 views - 12/24/19
Hi everyone! Merry Christmas :D In the beautiful christmas evening we are going to have a little christmas party with cozy home spa. I...
ASMR Eye Relaxation Clinic🌼
1,828,942 views - 11/29/19
Hi everyone! Welcome to my eye relaxation clinic :) In here I will relax your eyes with some natural methods and help you to have some...
ASMR Relaxing Piercing Cafe🍪
3,300,030 views - 10/16/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video you're in my little piercing cafe. you'll have a cup of coffee and get some piercing today! I...
School Nurse Lice Check💙 ASMR
5,371,135 views - 09/01/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will check your scalp and do some lice treatment for you. I wanted to make some calm school...
Take a Cool Nap in a Summer Day🍉 ASMR
1,561,715 views - 07/29/19
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will help you to take a little nap in a summer day. I will cool you down and make you some...
Healing Pamper Night🌙 ASMR
2,589,507 views - 07/07/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) This video is for you who feel tired and need some time to rest. and I will make some blend tea for you. Thank...
ASMR Relaxing 👂 Attention
1,154,296 views - 06/14/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) It's been a while since I used this microphone and I had fun with it! I really like it but I'm always not sure...
Sleepy Eyelash Extensions & Lip Treatment💜 ASMR
4,220,648 views - 05/26/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video you will get some relaxing beauty treatments which will make you feel sleepy! I hope you enjoy...
ASMR Freely Putting You to Sleep zzZ
1,382,646 views - 05/08/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I actually didn't decide what to do. I just try to freely put you to sleep with my mind goes. it...
◼Backstage Makeup & Hair Styling◼ ASMR
5,306,445 views - 04/26/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video we're here in a backstage! I'm your makeup artist and I will do your makeup and hair styling. It...
Stress Relieving Scalp Massage💚 ASMR
1,098,301 views - 04/14/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will help you to remove your stress and headache with some scalp massage. Thank you so much...
ASMR 👂の検査と治療✨ (Eng sub)
2,118,523 views - 03/26/19
とぞたのしんでください。いつもありがとうございました!:) Thank you for your support♥ :
10 Triggers for Your Tingle & Sleep💫 ASMR
803,762 views - 03/15/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) Tonight in this video I will give you 10 triggers for your sleep and tingles. Mostly it's tapping sounds that...
Let Me Take Good Care of You :)💞 ASMR
3,343,492 views - 03/05/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) Sorry for reuploading. I've been having lots of monetization problem so far. I make all of my videos with love...
Doctor & Nurse Latte's Ear Cleaning👂 ASMR
2,979,401 views - 02/20/19
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) In this video doctor and nurse latte will be cleaning your both of your ears! It's my first time to do this...
Relaxing Face Treatment😌 ASMR
2,766,984 views - 02/13/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will check your face in detail and give you some treatment. Thank you so much for watching and...
ASMR Whispers in Different Languages (Eng Sub)
1,241,839 views - 02/02/19
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will whisper to your ears in a few different languages. It's just for your relaxation and...
ASMR Healing Barber Shop🌿
2,450,181 views - 01/14/19
Happy New Year! It’s Latte :) In this video I will do your shaving with relaxing aroma therapy and scalp massage. It took me a while to...
クリスマスメイクショップ🎄💄 ASMR (Eng sub)
2,495,008 views - 12/24/18
メアリークリスマスです :) ♥ Thank you for your support♥ : Music : Deck the Halls by Kevin MacLeod is licensed...
ASMR 💫Tonight, Happy Christmas Together🎄
765,261 views - 12/18/18
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video, we're going to have a relaxing time together at christmas night. I hope you enjoy and marry...
ASMR Relaxing Hair Color Changing💜
1,409,920 views - 12/10/18
Hello! It's Latte :) In this video I'm your friend and I will color your hair with the product that you brought. I hope you enjoy! Thank...
ASMR 日本語 保健室の先生の治療💊 Japanese ASMR
1,553,013 views - 11/30/18
こんにちは! ラテです:) 今回作った動画は保健室の先生が治療をする動画です。楽しく視聴してくだされば感謝します! おやすみなさい。^_^)/♥
ASMR My Favorite Triggers to You♥
1,427,343 views - 11/20/18
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) It's been a pretty long time since I last upload video. I actually had a travel for a few weeks. I needed...
ASMR 마녀의 마법 스파 치료💧
665,190 views - 10/22/18
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 이번영상은 마녀의 마법 스파 치료입니다. 곧 할로윈이라서 제가 좋아하는 마녀 컨셉으로 만들어 보았는데 즐겁게 시청해주셨으면 좋겠어요 :D 저번 한국어 영상에서 따뜻한 말들도 감사드려요 ^_^! 시청해주셔서 감사드리고...
ASMR Witch's Magic Spa Treatment💧
1,330,906 views - 10/17/18
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) Because halloween is soon so I wanted to make another witch video this time. In this video I will give you...
ASMR 日本語 🍂秋の夜にヘアケアしてあげます :) - ささやき, 髪の毛ブラスィン, 頭皮マッサージ
1,055,022 views - 10/06/18
こんにちは! ラテです:) 今日の動画はあなたの髪の毛を柔らかにケアする動画です。外が少し騒騒しいが、どうぞ楽しく見てください! いつも視聴してくださってありがとうございます♥ Thank you for your support♥ :...
ASMR Cozy Autumn Night Relaxation🍂- whisper, hair brushing, scalp massage
1,626,498 views - 09/28/18
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) Tonight, I like to gently brush your hair and give you some scalp massage so that you can have some...
ASMR 속삭이는 편안한 페이셜 클리닉💖 Whispered Facial Clinic Korean ASMR
1,569,080 views - 09/19/18
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 오랜만에 한국어 영상을 올리네요! 이번 영상은 피부관리 영상이에요. 저는 페이셜이나 피부관리 영상을 정말 좋아해서 즐겨보는 편이에요. 그래서 편안하고 즐겁게 만들었어요! 편안하게 시청해주세요! 항상 감사드리고 좋은밤...
ASMR Helping You in the Jungle🌴
861,181 views - 09/09/18
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) This time I will help you in the jungle. I will treat your wounds and take care of you to relax. I hope you...
ASMR Makeup Removing Service✨ After Summer Festival
1,004,674 views - 08/29/18
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will simply remove your makeup after the summer festival. This time I just wanted to make...
ASMR Getting You Ready for the Summer Festival💙
1,279,272 views - 08/14/18
Hi Everyone! It's Latte :) This time you are in the summer festival and I will help you to get ready for the summer festival. I will do...
Relaxing 👂 Checkup & Treatment ASMR
1,473,224 views - 07/23/18
Hello Everyone! It's Latte :) In this video you are going to be get some checkup and treatments. I hope you enjoy it :D Thank you so much...
Doing Your Lovely Pink Makeup🎀/ ASMR Makeup Artist
1,963,344 views - 06/27/18
Hello ^_^! It's Latte :) In this video I will do your lovely pink makeup. After filming japanese video, I wanted to just enjoy doing some...
ASMR 日本語 ヘアサロン✂/ Japanese ASMR Haircut & Shampoo
1,982,057 views - 06/25/18
こんにちは! ラテです:) 今日の動画はラテヘアサロンです。最近日本語アニメーションを観ながら勉強しているのに本当に面白いです。それで練習もしたくて以前から作ってみたかったヘアカット動画を作ることになりました。楽しく視聴してください!...
Grooming You🐾/ ASMR Relaxing Pet Salon
1,527,243 views - 06/12/18
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) In this video you are a cute little pet and I will groom you and make you relax! I watched some of cute...
優しい友達のケア🎐/ ASMR Japanese 友達
1,238,780 views - 05/15/18
こんにちは! ラテです:) 今日の動画は優しい友達が病気の友達を見守ってくれる感じの動画です。いつも視聴してくださってありがとうございます。 幸せして良い一日送ってください!♥ Thank you for your support♥ :...
Taking Care of You in the Sleepy Evening🎐/ ASMR Friend Personal Attention
2,051,677 views - 05/14/18
Hello Everybody! It's Latte :) This time I will be your friend and take care of you. Becuase you are sick. So I softly help you to relax...
자연주의 스킨케어 연구소🌱/ ASMR Korean 스킨케어 제품 테스트
948,947 views - 04/25/18
안녕하세요 여러분! 라떼입니다 :) 오랜만에 이렇게 한국어 영상을 올리게 되었네요^_^ 그동안 제가 불안증으로 되게 힘들었었어요.. 특히 자고 일어나자마자 마치 힘껏 달리고 난 것 처럼 심장이 뛰고 그게 하루종일 불쑥불쑥 찾아오더라고요. 한국어...
Nature Skin Care Lab🌱/ ASMR Skin Care Product Testing
2,412,969 views - 04/17/18
13:19 dead skin cell remover 33:03 facial essence mask 44:34 foam cleanser 53:56 nature toner 59:57 nature cream 01:20:04 lip balm Hello...
🌜Dreaming Tattoo Shop🌛/ ASMR Tattoo Artist
2,999,588 views - 03/27/18
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I'm a tattoo artist and doing your first tattoo with relaxing mood! I didn't know about...
Calm and Peaceful Time with Nurse💞/ ASMR Nurse
3,411,302 views - 03/13/18
05:12 treating your wound 16:21 doing your check-up 43:47 taking care of you Hello everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I'm your nurse!...
Rescuing You🖤/ ASMR Secret Agent
3,831,615 views - 02/27/18
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video I will rescue you by disguising you with a special plan. I've always wanted to make some dark...
Healing Sleep Cafe🌙 / ASMR Sleep Care Service
4,904,132 views - 02/10/18
11:52 in the sleep room 20:13 hand movement 34:19 hair touching & brushing 42:09 scalp massage 50:36 brushing your face 56:34 ear...
Doing Your Ear Makeup👂💕/ ASMR 3dio Ear Makeup Artist
2,002,456 views - 01/27/18
12:59 cutting some hairs 18:32 doing your earcleaning 23:27 wiping the outside 26:43 moisturizing your ears 30:19 ~ doing your ear...
Little Delight in the Office📎/ ASMR Taking Care of You & Fixing Your Makeup
2,100,934 views - 01/16/18
04:19 taking care of you 46:26 fixing your makeup Happy new year! This is Latte :) Today we are in the office and I will take care of...
Cozy Sleep Clinic♥/ ASMR Triggers, Soft Whispers, Personal Attention
2,918,561 views - 12/29/17
Hi Everyone! It's Latte :) This is my last video in 2017. I wanted to make a cozy video just for you. In this video I will help you to...
❄Yeti's Hair Salon / ASMR Scalp Check, Haircut and Coloring
3,060,387 views - 12/21/17
Hi everyone! It's Latte :) In this video You are a yeti and I will be doing your scalp check, haircut and hair coloring. I hope you enjoy...
Relaxing Migraine Relief Care in Christmas Hotel🎄/ ASMR Soft Personal Attention
1,743,641 views - 12/11/17
10:4~ migraine care Hi Everyone! It's Latte :) Today In this video you are in christmas hotel and get some relaxing migraine relief...
You Are a New Santa Claus in Christmas Village🌕/ ASMR Latte's Christmas Fantasy
929,488 views - 12/01/17
Hello, lovely people! This is Latte :) Today you are in the christmas village and going to be a santa claus! Since I was a kid I have...
安らかなスパフェイシャルトリートメント🌸/ ASMR Japanese エステ
4,172,470 views - 11/22/17
みなさん、こんにちは! ラテです:) 日本語の動画は久しぶりですね! まだ日本語がちゃんとできなくてあまり自信がなかったです。けれど、毎日勉強しているのでこれから一生懸命に作ってみたいです! 今日の動画はスパフェイシャルです。...
Relaxing Spa Facial Treatment🌸/ ASMR Aesthetician
3,930,545 views - 11/20/17
Hello Everyone! This is Latte :) In this video you are going to get some relaxing facial care. I will massage your skin, extract your...
Cleaning You💦/ ASMR Robot Cleaning Lady
1,718,247 views - 11/06/17
Hello! This is Latte :) Today in this video I will clean you as a robot! Everytime I clean something I wanted to make a video using some...
Halloween Special Care in Latte's Beauty Salon🎃/ ASMR Makeup Artist
1,111,277 views - 10/27/17
Hello! This is Latte :-) Today In this video I will do your makeup, hair styling and nails for your halloween party tonight! Thank you so...
의사 선생님의 정기검진/ ASMR Korean Doctor Exam
2,078,704 views - 10/24/17
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 이번영상은 의사 선생님의 정기검진입니다. 즐겁게 시청해주세요! 저번에 잠시 올렸다 지웠었는데 이런저런 문제가 발생해서 해결하느라 이제야 올리게 되었네요 ㅜ_ㅜ; 그래도 지금이라도 올릴 수 있어 다행이라고 생각해요 :D...
Dr. Latte's Annual Physical Examination / ASMR /
1,107,571 views - 10/19/17
Hi Everyone! This is Latte:) I feel that time is really fast. About a year ago I started making ASMR videos and I have made almost 100...
A Kind Witch Helping You♥/ ASMR Fantasy Witch
2,857,672 views - 10/12/17
Hello warm hearts! This is Latte :) I really love fairytales and fantasy and halloween is near so I made this video. A kind witch's help!...
ASMR 10 Triggers for Your Tingle & Relaxation :D (Whispering)
910,065 views - 10/08/17
Hi everyone! This is Latte :) Today's video is some triggers for your tingle and relaxation. I personally like soft speaking but...
Traditional Korean Makeup on You💝/ ASMR Tingly Makeup Artist
2,984,540 views - 10/03/17
Hello! It's Latte :) Today is the national holiday in korea. So I made a video of traditional korean theme. It's the makeup in the joseon...
私がそばにいてあげる♥/ ASMR 日本語  / Japanese ASMR Caring You
3,153,563 views - 09/30/17
こんにちは! ラテです :) 今日の動画は疲れたあなたのために寝る時まで面倒を見てくれる動画です! スキンケアもしてあげて髪も搔いてあげてそしてマッサージもしてあげます^_^)/ みんな今日もおやすみなさい♥ 06:34 クレンジングティッシュ 09:17 スキンケア...
편안한 헤어살롱✂️/ ASMR Korean 헤어 & 샴푸
2,499,391 views - 09/26/17
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 이번 영상은 미용실에서 머리도 잘라드리고 샴푸와 드라이도 해드리는 영상 입니다. 미용실에 가면 항상 그 분위기가 좋아서 찍어보고 싶었어요. 즐겁게 시청해 주시구 모두들 좋은 하루 보내세요 :D♥ 09:08 헤어컷...
Relaxing Hair Salon✂️/ ASMR Haircut & Shampoo
3,693,832 views - 09/23/17
Hello! This is Latte :) Today I'm a hair stylist and will doing your haircut, shampoo and hair drying. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so...
ASMR 日本語 お医者さんの治療💉/ Japanese Doctor ASMR
3,863,569 views - 09/18/17
こんにちは! ラテです:) 日本語の動画は久しぶりですね。 これから頑張ってもっとよく日本語の動画も作るようにします!:D 今日の動画はお医者さんおの治療です。 全般的な診療と治療をしてあげます! それでは次の動画で会いましょう! おやすみなさい♥
Let Me Help You Relax♥/ ASMR Relaxing Treatment for You
1,753,618 views - 09/10/17
02:37 lighting a candle 05:30 deep breathing 07:56 hair touching & gentle scratching 11:35 relaxing lotion massage 20:35 triggers 29:11...
ASMR 3dio Ear Cleaning & Massage
1,751,359 views - 09/07/17
01:34 fluffy soft ear cleaning 03:50 wood earpick 06:52 crispy silicon earpick 09:57 plastic earpick 13:29 checking inside your ears with...
Doing Your Lovely Face Painting🎨/ ASMR Face Paint
1,398,627 views - 09/01/17
Hi guys! This is Latte :) In this video I will do your face painting for the festival. I love festival so It was really happy time to...
ASMR Korean 방문 피부힐링 관리사 -☀햇볕 화상 관리
960,267 views - 08/27/17
02:13 피부 체크 05:58 아이스팩으로 피부 쿨링 12:46 피부에 팩 올려드리기 17:41 귀마사지 & 닦아드리기 24:01 클렌징 워터로 닦아드리기 27:51 세럼 발라드리기 29:42 피부 마사지 33:50 크림 발라드리기...
ASMR Home Visit Skin Therapist -☀Sun Burn Treatment
1,249,762 views - 08/25/17
02:16 checking your skin 06:14 cooling down your skin 13:13 face mask 19:46 ear massage 26:24 cleaning your skin with cleanser 31:14...
School Nurse Caring You💓/ ASMR Wound Treatment & Physical Examination
1,518,282 views - 08/18/17
01:28 checking your wounds 05:41 cleansing the areas 09:39 disinfecting your wounds 12:30 applying some ointment 15:04 attaching...
🌃한여름밤의 귀이개 가게 / ASMR Korean 귀청소
1,790,229 views - 07/28/17
06:35 귀 바깥쪽 클렌저 바르기 09:29 타올로 닦아드리기 11:07 귀 안쪽 살펴보기 14:32 나무 귀이개 테스트 17:07 실리콘 귀이개 테스트 21:19 쇠 귀이개 테스트 25:40 불빛 귀이개 테스트 28:12 개구리 귀이개...
🌃 Summer Night's Ear Cleaning Tool Shop / ASMR Ear Cleaning
1,452,550 views - 07/26/17
06:28 bubbly ear cleanser 10:21 wiping the cleanser with a towel 11:39 checking inside your ears 13:24 testing wood ear pick 17:26...
ASMR 11 Tapping, Water Bottle, Shaking, Pipet, Foam, Blowing Trigger Sounds (No Talking)
545,100 views - 07/23/17
00:01 plastic cleansing water bottle - tapping 04:40 plastic cleansing water bottle - shaking 05:46 plastic cleansing water bottle &...
ASMR Snow White Taking Care Of You❤ / Personal Attention /
551,146 views - 07/19/17
Hi everyone! This is Latte :) Today in this video snow white latte will take care of you. I bought a green screen and I wanted to test it...
ASMR 日本語 メンズシェービング & 耳かき / ASMR Japanese Men's Shave & Ear Cleaning
2,345,574 views - 07/15/17
01:36 ひげのチェック 03:22 長いひげのカット 06:25 ブラシで払う 07:05 スチームタオル 09:41 シェービングフォームお塗って上げる 14:48 ひげのシェービング 19:43 タオルで拭いて上げる 20:49 オイルを塗って上げる 25:49...
ASMR Relaxing Hair Brushing & Scalp Massage For You💕
2,094,890 views - 07/13/17
01:14 potpourri and welcome tea 04:25 wooden brush 10:47 pink dense brush 14:54 relaxing scalp massge 19:41 head massge with a tool 24:15...
ASMR Ear Doctor Treating Your Sick Ears👂
2,173,929 views - 07/08/17
Hello lovely people! This is Latte :) In this video I will treat your sick ears. It could be a little bit strange but I like something...
ASMR 10 Triggers For Your Sleep & Relaxation :)
943,538 views - 07/03/17
00:52 smartphone tapping sound 04:23 mic brushing sound 09:40 tea box & tea bag sounds 18:32 glass tapping sound 21:50 sissors sound...
Makeup Salon For Men💜 / ASMR Makeup Artist
1,522,866 views - 06/28/17
02:44 talking about your makeup 05:14 combing & fixing hair 06:35 examine your skin & face structure 08:30 clean up your skin with...
ASMR Korean 눈검사를 해보아요👀/ 안과의사
347,782 views - 06/20/17
00:14 간단한 문답 01:53 눈주위 터치해보기 05:03 눈안쪽 살펴보기 07:32 시력검사 09:50 빛을 이용한 검사들 17:22 손가락을 이용한 검사들 21:23 눈 건조도 검사 안녕하세요 여러분! 라떼입니다:) 이번 영상은 안과에서...
ASMR Eye Examination with Dr.Latte 👀
995,989 views - 06/18/17
00:23 asking simple questions 01:54 touching your eye areas 05:19 checking inside your eyes 07:34 vision test 10:20 some tests using...
Let Me Help You Sleep Well🌙/ ASMR Hair brushing & Scalp Massage
2,193,738 views - 06/12/17
02:02 neck pillow around your neck 03:50 light lavender candle 06:32 tidy your hair a little bit 07:41 wood brushing tapping sound 09:16...
ASMR 속삭이는 마카롱 탭핑 & 이팅 사운드 / ASMR Korean Macaron Tapping & Eating Sound
438,272 views - 06/08/17
00:00 ~ 07:15 박스 탭핑 소리 07:15 ~ 마카롱 탭핑하고 먹고 이야기 나누기 안녕하세요 여러분! 라떼입니다 :) 오늘은 오랜만에 이팅사운드를 가지고 왔습니다! 마카롱 이팅이랑 탭핑 사운드에요. 제가 마카롱을 정말 좋아해서 찍는...
ASMR 日本語 脳神経の検査  (音フェチ)🔦/ ASMR Japanese Cranial Nerve Exam
2,687,943 views - 06/04/17
こんにちは。ラテです :) 今日は脳神経の検査の動画を持ってきました。 普段に医師の映像を好きでよく作って見ようと思います。それではお休みなさい! ♥ Hi everyone! This is Latte :) Today's video is Japanese...
ASMR 1Hour of Various Ear Triggers
1,103,939 views - 05/31/17
Have a nice time♥ 00:03 ear to ear whisper 02:17 3dio case scratching & tapping 04:18 ear cupping & touching 07:04 ear tapping 09:38 ear...
편안하게 화장 지우고 스킨케어 해드릴게요💖/ ASMR Korean 뷰티살롱
946,240 views - 05/25/17
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 오늘은 화장 지워드리구 스킨케어 해드리는 샵이랄까 그런 영상을 가져와 봤어요.하는 내내 즐거웠답니다! 그런데 너무 즐겁게 한 나머지 마이크에 몸이 닿아서 둥둥 하는 소리가 나더라구요 ㅠ_ㅠ.. 최대한 편집을 하긴...
Relaxing Makeup Removing and Skin Care Service💖/ ASMR Beauty Salon
2,698,834 views - 05/24/17
Hi everyone! This is Latte :) Today's video is makeup removing and skin care service for you. I hope you enjoy this and Always Thank you...
Happy Birthday To You and Me🎁 / ASMR Whisper
840,234 views - 05/18/17
Hi everyone! This is Latte :) In today's video we are going to exchange gifts, eat and chat and have a nice time. Actually yesterday was...
ASMR 日本語 眉毛の手入れショップ✨ (音フェチ) Japanese
1,743,672 views - 05/14/17
こんにちは。ラテです :) 久しぶりに日本語の動画ですね。 今日の動画は眉毛の手入れしてくれる店です。 みんな聞いて楽になれば良いと思います。 まだ日本語が下手ですが一生懸命勉強しているから、これからもたくさん動画作ります。いつも見てくれてありがとうございます。...
ASMR Korean 속삭이며 귀 닦아드리구 면봉으로 귀청소 해드릴게요 / Ear Cleaning / Whisper
948,267 views - 05/10/17
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 오늘은 여러분들의 귀를 시원하게 닦아드리구 면봉으로 귀청소를 해 드리는 영상을 준비했어요. 속삭이는 영상을 되게 오랜만에 찍은 것 같은데 즐겁고 편안한 시간이었어요 헤헤 모두들 편안한 밤 되시구요! 행복한 한주...
ASMR Simple Handmovement & Face Touching with a litte bit of Layered Sound
477,950 views - 05/08/17
Hi! lovely people! It's Latte :) Today's video is simple hand movement and face touching video. And I added some tingly sounds from 6:35...
입술 알러지 치료 / ASMR Korean 피부과
326,978 views - 05/06/17
안녕하세요! 라떼입니다 :) 오늘은 간단하고 짧은 영상을 준비했어요. 입술 알러지 치료라는 롤플레이인데 제가 예전에 립스틱을 제대로 안지워서 실제로 걸린적이 있었거든요. 그때를 상기하며 한번 만들어 보았어요. 자잘한 실수들이 있지만 웃으며...
Treating Your Lip Infection / ASMR Dermatologist
417,754 views - 05/05/17
Hello everyone! It's Latte :) Today's video is short simple video. It's treating your lip infection and examine and cleaning. I hope you...
ASMR Various Gloves Sounds with Face Touching & Triggers
221,163 views - 05/01/17
01:13 , 11:12 , 17:31 , 22:58 , 28:27 Hi Everyone! This is Latte :) Today's video is gloves sounds,camera touching,brushing and so on. I...
따뜻한 봄 메이크업🌸/ ASMR Korean 메이크업 아티스트
426,244 views - 04/25/17
05:08 클렌징 해드리기 07:09 크림 발라드리기 10:26 파운데이션과 컨실러 16:10 파우더와 눈썹그리기 20:36 아이섀도와 아이라이너 27:49 마스카라 30:07 블러셔와 립메이크업 안녕하세요! 라떼입니다:) 이번영상은 저번...
Warm Spring Makeup For You🌸/ ASMR Makeup Artist
1,673,969 views - 04/24/17
05:18 cleansing your face 07:32 putting moisture cream 10:59 foundation & concealer 17:22 putting some powder 20:06 drawing eyebrows...
ASMR Japanese Trigger Words / 日本語 ASMR 言葉繰り返し
935,264 views - 04/21/17
こんにちは! Latte です:) 今日は日本語を勉強しながらいいと思った言葉を繰り返して言う 動画を持ってきました. みんなおやすみなさい! Hi everyone! This is Latte :) In this video I speak some...
Let Me Brush Your Teeth :D / ASMR Personal Attention, Brushing Sounds, Camera Touching
489,758 views - 04/16/17
01:55 looking inside your mouth 04:42 brushing your teeth 14:42 rinse them out 15:53 inter dental brush 17:51 flossing your teeth 22:10...
Warm Spring Ear Care Salon🌸/ ASMR Ear Cleaning & Ear Massage
895,739 views - 04/08/17
02:02 making some tea for you 05:58 taking a look at your ears brushing dusts 09:01 cleaning your ears with water 11:36 removing the...
따뜻한 봄 이어케어 살롱🌸/ ASMR Korean 귀청소 & 귀마사지
310,246 views - 04/08/17
01:38 따뜻한 차 한잔 05:08 귀 살펴보고 브러쉬로 털어드리기 07:19 물로 귀 살짝 씻겨드리기 09:55 타올로 닦아드리기 12:02 면봉 귀청소 14:17 나무귀이개 귀청소 18:13 솜털로 정리해드리기 18:58 귀마사지...
ASMR Sweet Macaron Triggers💛
903,265 views - 04/04/17
01:00 crinkle sound 03:37 brush and crinkle 06:40 scissors sound 07:52 box tapping sound 13:39 macaron tapping & tasting sound Hi guys,...
Tapping You👏 / ASMR Dr.Latte's Tingle Experiment
1,813,908 views - 04/01/17
02:29 clean your temple areas and attach the devices 05:07 tapping you with my hands 10:47 with thin small stick 13:58 with round wooden...
당신의 얼굴을 톡톡톡👏/ASMR Korean 라떼의 팅글 연구소
676,890 views - 04/01/17
01:51 관자놀이 부분 닦아드리고 기기 부착 05:46 손으로 톡톡톡 12:15 얇고 작은 나무 스틱으로 15:07 동그란 나무스틱 17:30 치과 도구들 22:45 스포이드 26:32 스티커 붙이고 쇠스틱으로 톡톡 32:54 스티커랑 기기...