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New COVID-19 study Confirms: Beating up Asians does NOT prevent Coronavirus
2,755,260 views - 04/24/20
Violence and hate crimes towards Asians continue to rise, BUT is this the best course of action to help defeat the Coronavirus? Scientist...
Ugh, There's Just Nothing To Do!
2,280,982 views - 04/12/20
got bored. made a vid all by my lonesome self. ugh, there's just nothing to do. Order my new energy drink, Ninja Melk! AMAZON:...
My Midlife Crisis...
2,531,400 views - 03/14/20
I know it's been months since I've posted but I've been going through some stuff... Order my new energy drink, Ninja Melk! AMAZON:...
Body Shaming Drama with Blogilates Fitness Instructor (Ft. Cassey Ho) - Off The Pill Podcast #41
562,093 views - 12/22/19
Order my new energy drink, Ninja Melk - NOW AVAILABLE! EUROPE limited supply! , GUAM in-store @ 76 Circle K , @...
The Dog Piano!
1,217,627 views - 12/15/19
My dogs won't let me practice the piano, so I turned them into one... See Bloopers and Behind The Scenes for this video Here:...
College Student Turns $27K to $5,000,000 (Ft. Steven Dux) - Off The Pill Podcast #40
470,143 views - 12/08/19
Thanks to our sponsor Steven's Free Day-Trading Course with Account Statement ($41K to 290K ):...
Epic Mime Fight! (Dear Ryan)
4,955,550 views - 12/01/19
Leave your dear ryan's in the comments for the next video or upvote the ones you wanna see next! See bloopers and Behind The Scenes for...
Life on Netflix’s Terrace House Reality Show - (Ft. Eden Kai) Off The Pill Podcast #39
217,045 views - 11/24/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Eden Kai, talk about his life after being on Netflix's hit show, Terrace House. Eden speaks of his...
Life of a Tech Reviewer (Ft. Marques Brownlee) - Off The Pill Podcast #38
377,728 views - 11/17/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD), talk about his love for Technology, Ultimate Frisbee, Red Cameras,...
Frozen 2: BURNT (Official Fake Trailer)
8,365,488 views - 11/15/19
So I started making this vid years ago back when Frozen just had come out, but it took too long to make and I decided not to post it......
Greg Got Punched in Singapore! - Off The Pill Podcast #37
259,557 views - 11/03/19
Ryan, Paco, and Greg talk about Greg's wedding plans and his overall thoughts about marriage. After the shi-shi break, Greg goes on to...
Cooking, But Not Really: HOT POCKETS!
1,286,667 views - 11/02/19
The cooking show for those that don't know how to cook... Today, we make our own homemade hot pockets! Instagram -...
Getting Girls with Confidence (Ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto) - Off The Pill Podcast #36
273,000 views - 10/27/19
Ryan, Paco, and Timothy DeLaGhetto discuss Tim's time spent on Wild 'n Out as the “token asian”, his business endeavors, and how his...
Ryan Tries: A Bob Ross Tutorial
3,364,176 views - 10/26/19
Since it's pretty much my first time ever painting, I decided it'd be a bad idea to just follow a Bob Ross tutorial... Instead, I'd give...
Stop-Motion Ninja Melk Commercial!
2,061,089 views - 10/19/19
I was tasked with making a commercial for Ninja Melk... Nearly half a year and over 3500 pictures later. Order Ninja Melk - NOW...
Why I Haven't Been Posting...
1,850,670 views - 10/12/19
I know I should've uploaded this at the beginning of the year, but here it is... My honest thoughts about youtube and why I haven't been...
Christianity, Science, and Aliens - Off The Pill Podcast #35
171,789 views - 10/06/19
Ryan, Will, and David talk about aliens, Area 51, religion, and science. David answers some of the tough questions around Christianity...
RackaRacka’s $130K YouTube Video (Ft. Danny Philippou) - Off The Pill Podcast #34
116,989 views - 09/30/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Danny Philippou, talk about clinical trials for cash, his writing process when creating horror...
Alex Sparring with Deji, KSI & FouseyTube (Ft. Alex Wassabi) - Off The Pill Podcast #33
208,687 views - 09/22/19
Thanks to our sponsor - - Get 2 months FREE! Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Alex Wassabi, talk about...
Why You Should Vote for Andrew Yang (Ft. Andrew Yang) - Off The Pill Podcast #32
688,614 views - 09/15/19
Ryan, Michelle Phan, David, and presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, discuss his policies around UBI ($1,000 for US citizens 18+), Asian...
Ryan and Arden’s Future Plans (Ft. Arden Cho) - Off The Pill Podcast #31
564,902 views - 09/08/19
Ryan, Paco, and special guest, Arden Cho, talk about their relationship. What makes their relationship work? What are some things they...
Life as a Top League Of Legends Player (Ft. Scarra) - Off The Pill Podcast #30
491,850 views - 09/01/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, William ‘Scarra’ Li, discuss all things related to his success on Twitch, what it takes to be the...
How to be a Great Dancer (Ft. D-Trix) - Off The Pill Podcast #29
226,861 views - 08/25/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and Emmy Award winning dancer, Dominic Sandoval (aka D-Trix), talk about Dom's experiences as a judge on TV Show, So...
Instagrammer w/ 22 Million Followers!  (Ft. Sommer Ray) - Off The Pill Podcast #28
414,264 views - 08/18/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Sommer Ray, speak on her life as a Social Influencer, her passions surrounding the fitness and...
How to be a Kpop Star (Ft. Jun Sung Ahn) - Off The Pill Podcast #27
253,171 views - 08/11/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and guest, Jun Sung Ahn (aka JunCurryAhn), talk about what it’s like to be a star in the current Kpop industry and how...
What's it Like Being #1 Most Subscribed on YouTube? (Ft. Anthony Padilla) - Off The Pill Podcast #26
552,754 views - 08/04/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and legendary YouTuber, Anthony Padilla, discuss all things YouTube from algorithms, societal pressures, fame, and...
From Twilight Actor to BgA Movie? (Ft. Justin Chon) - Off The Pill Podcast #25
221,190 views - 07/28/19
Ryan, Paco, and special guest, Justin Chon, talk about his experiences being cast for the movie, Pitch Perfect, why he hated...
What is it Like Being Bisexual? (Ft. Anna Akana) - Off The Pill Podcast #24
537,852 views - 07/21/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Anna Akana, discuss how she uses comedy to cope with the topic of suicide. What was Anna’s life...
Taking a Break from YouTube (Ft. Bethany Mota) - Off The Pill Podcast #23
263,737 views - 07/14/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest, Bethany Mota, talk about her childhood, career, how she met her boyfriend, D-Trix, and her love of...
The Teehee Song! (Dear Ryan)
3,167,739 views - 07/13/19
SPECIAL EDITION of DEAR RYAN where I actually do all of the most upvoted dear ryan comments! Try some Ninja Melk! NOW AVAILABLE @...
Why Bitcoin? & Building a $1B Business (Ft. Michelle Phan) - Off The Pill Podcast #22
667,129 views - 07/07/19
Ryan, Paco, David, and special guest Michelle Phan discuss what Bitcoin is and why it’s important in today's society. Michelle also...
Toronto Raptors NBA Champions & Life (Ft. Jeremy Lin) - Off the Pill Podcast #21
916,303 views - 06/16/19
Ryan, Will, and special guest, Jeremy Lin, discuss Lin's recent championship win with the Toronto Raptors and his process before, during,...
Chick-fil-A and LGBT Pride Month - Off The Pill Podcast #20
217,142 views - 06/10/19
Thanks to our sponsor - - Get two months FREE! Ryan, Paco, and David make an announcement about having an...
Hackers, Ninjas, & Flat Earth Conspiracy (Ft. Chad Wild Clay) - Off The Pill Podcast #19
259,464 views - 06/02/19
Ryan, Paco, and special guest, Chad Wild Clay, talk about how Chad was inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, how he became a YouTube...
I Made an Energy Drink!?
1,546,876 views - 05/31/19
It's been over 3 years, but it's finally here...I made my own energy drink! Thank you to all of you watching for making this possible!...
This Travel Blogger Made $150-250K a Year (Ft. Jacob Fu) - Off The Pill Podcast #18
165,595 views - 05/26/19
Ryan, Paco, and guest, Jacob Fu, talk about how Jacob made $150K-250K a year creating content centered around traveling through his blog,...
Kevjumba is Back! (Ft. Kevin Wu) - Off The Pill Podcast #17
777,739 views - 05/19/19
Ryan, Paco, and special guest, Kevin Wu (Kevjumba), talk about sports, his transition from being in the YouTube spotlight to his private...
Ryan's Mom Reveals His Past (Ft. Luci Higa) - Off The Pill Podcast #16
409,510 views - 05/12/19
On this special Mother’s Day episode, Paco, Ryan and his mom, Luci, talk about their similarities, differences, and how she supports...
Daina Speaks on RHPC & Greg and Ninja Melk?? (Ft. Daina Benzon) - Off The Pill #15
363,841 views - 05/05/19
Thanks to our sponsor - - Get two months FREE! Ryan, Paco, and Daina talk about her experiences working for...
KSI Speaks on Jake & Logan Paul and the Sidemen (Ft. KSI) - Off The Pill #14
1,331,681 views - 04/28/19
Ryan and Paco ask special guest, KSI, about his thoughts on Jake & Logan Paul, and Joe Weller. They discuss his goals, career, how his...
Breakups and The Avengers Theories - Off The Pill #13
380,725 views - 04/21/19
Ryan and Paco listen as Derrick opens up about his past relationship and how friends have helped him through tough times. After the shi...
Hate Comments, Eating Cats or Dogs, Humanity - Off The Pill #12
256,236 views - 04/14/19
Ryan, Will, and David Choi start off by talking about how fans reacted to David in episode 2 of Off The Pill. Ryan brings up how...
How to make a Club Banger! (Get Introverted MV)
1,617,263 views - 04/13/19
Last time I was in LA, David and I made a Mumble Rap song in a day. Today, we attempted a "Club Banger"? Not sure if we're gonna...
The Nipsey Hussle Conspiracy - Off The Pill #11
304,521 views - 04/07/19
Nominate someone! - Inaugural Award - Ryan and...
Ryan and Arden Discuss Their Relationship (Ft. Arden Cho) - Off The Pill #10
1,864,219 views - 03/31/19
Thanks to our sponsor - - Get two months FREE! On this very special 10th episode, Ryan, Paco, and special...
Tablecloth Tricks! (Dear Ryan)
5,462,565 views - 03/29/19
Leave your dear ryan's in the comments or upvote the ones you wanna see for the next episode! Watch Behind The Scenes here:...
Off The Pill Podcast #9 - Shane Dawson Controversy, Age of Consent, and How Ryan Met Arden
430,542 views - 03/24/19
Thnx to our sponsor SeatGeek! Use code HIGA for $20 off your first order: (Restrictions Apply) Ryan and friends...
Off The Pill Podcast #8 (Ft. JR Aquino) - What Happened to YTF? JR on American Idol
305,699 views - 03/17/19
Ryan Higa, Paco, and guest, JR Aquino, discuss his experiences of being on American Idol, what really happened during YTF, overcoming a...
Ryan Tries: Ghost Hunting - THE PIONEER SALOON
1,826,143 views - 03/16/19
I've watched so many of these ghost shows my entire life and never truly believed them, so I decided to try it out for myself. Despite...
Off The Pill Podcast #7 - Ghost Hunting, Challenge Dangers, How Greg Met Ryan
495,536 views - 03/10/19
The guys speak about their ghost hunting experience and how it changed their perspectives regarding the spirit world. What’s going on...
Off The Pill Podcast #6 - (Ft. Ian Hecox) -Smosh vs Defy Media, RiceGum Challenges & Ian's Fan Story
728,558 views - 03/03/19
Ryan, Paco, and guest, Ian Hecox from Smosh, speak on what really happened at Defy Media and their new home at Mythical Beast (Rhett and...
Revealing My Not-So-Secret GF!
4,742,340 views - 03/01/19
Wasn't the biggest secret in the world and if you've been keeping up with our podcast, you probably already know because this was...
Off the Pill Podcast #5 - Ryan's GF Revealed, BTS fandom, and his First Kiss
857,865 views - 02/24/19
Thnx to our sponsor SeatGeek! Use code HIGA for $20 off your first order: (Restrictions Apply). Ryan and friends...
Off The Pill Podcast #4 - (Ft. dogdog & itsHafu) - Top Hearthstone Players on Twitch Streaming
371,047 views - 02/17/19
Ryan, Will, and guests, David (aka @dogdog) #1 Hearthstone Player in N. America & Hafu (@itsHafu), discuss all things gaming and Twitch....
Off The Pill Podcast #3 (Ft. Sean Fujiyoshi) - Jobs, Dealing with Fans, and Is Liam Neeson Racist?
1,324,800 views - 02/10/19
Ryan, Paco, and guest, Sean Fujiyoshi, discuss the difficulties of job hunting and life as public figures. How should YouTubers be...
Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT
3,109,282 views - 02/09/19
Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode! Order...
Off The Pill Podcast #2 - The Apple Conspiracy, ASMR, and Is Incest Wrong?
760,469 views - 02/03/19
Ryan Higa and the guys talk about ASMR, where sayings come from, and controversies surrounding the mega-conglomerate, Apple. Then, the...
DJ on a Budget! (Dear Ryan)
2,982,030 views - 02/02/19
Leave your Dear Ryan comments or upvote the ones you want to see in the next episode! Shout out to Alan Walker for coming through and...
Off the Pill Podcast #1 - ADHD, Brand Deals, and Choosing to be Gay?
1,293,431 views - 01/27/19
Ryan Higa and the guys talk about the history of brand deals, Adderall, the anti-PC movement, high school sports stories, and the topic...
EXPOSED (Official Music Video) **DISS TRACK** definitely clickbait
3,615,672 views - 01/26/19
It’s time to learn the truth about some of your favorite youtubers and also some of the most hated ones as well. Spotify -...
If I Quit Youtube...
3,303,325 views - 01/19/19
Changes are coming... Bloopers and Behind the Scenes for this video: Order...
Why Youtube Rewind was Brilliant!
3,919,534 views - 12/28/18
Yes, I've read the comments, heard all the hate and I know it's the most disliked video in the history of youtube... but when you see...
Inside The Mind of Ryan Higa
3,403,664 views - 12/14/18
Rane Hawson goes deep inside the mind of Ryan Higa... See the making of this video here:...
Everyday Trickshots! (Dear Ryan)
7,934,694 views - 11/02/18
Leave your dear ryan's in the comment section or upvote the ones you want to see in the next episode! Watch the bloopers and behind the...
Pokemon: The Horror Movie (Official Fake Trailer)
5,619,691 views - 10/21/18
What it's really like for Pokemon from their point of view... If Pokemon were a horror movie. See Bloopers and Behind the Scenes here:...
I Dare You (ft. KSI & Miniminter)
7,885,581 views - 10/12/18
Leave your dares in the comment section or upvote the good ones for the next episode! Huge thank you to KSI and Simon for being down to...
My First Escape Room!
7,929,825 views - 09/08/18
Before Sean left, we all did an escape room together... It pretty much inspired this entire video. See the actual vlog of us doing the...
Goodbye Sean...
8,600,709 views - 09/01/18
We had little over 2 days to plan, create and execute a surprise going away party/video for Sean. It wasn't our best surprise ever, but...
Off The Pill - Babies and Theybies!?
2,653,413 views - 08/04/18
It's been a while since I've done one of these and yeah.. it may also be the last one lol. See bloopers and BTS for this video here:...
Cardboard Guitar!? (Dear Ryan)
7,222,458 views - 07/20/18
Leave your DEAR RYAN's in the comment section or upvote the ones you wanna see for the next episode! See bloopers and BTS here:...
My Honest Graduation Speech
4,012,945 views - 07/09/18
Not one of my typical vids, but something I've been wanting to say. I've always gotten a lot of requests to speak at high school and...
I Dare You: Body Shot!? (ft. Merrell Twins)
4,440,973 views - 06/16/18
Leave us your dares and let us know who you wanna see play with us on the next episode! Thank you to Veronica and Vanessa for being...
Dancing Without Moving!?
17,497,571 views - 06/02/18
Nearly 1 whole week of standing still and over 4 thousand pics later... I present to you, Dancing Without Moving. To see how we made...
The Ultimate Foil Ball (definitely clickbait)
6,313,832 views - 05/20/18
This video definitely never might not, not be a clickbait on opposite day. See bloopers and BTS here:...
FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)
35,838,110 views - 05/11/18
Play Fortnite for FREE here: Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video Order my new energy drink,...
The Pun Challenge!?
6,112,182 views - 04/27/18
Go and bother the youtubers that you think would be good at this Random Word Generator Pun Challenge or try it out yourself and tag me in...
Will You Fight Me?
6,403,945 views - 04/01/18
With all the hype around the Drama Scene and YouTubers fighting one another, I felt that it was time to start looking around for my one...
Friends Theme Song Rap! (Dear Ryan)
4,403,615 views - 03/24/18
Yeah.. I watch way too much Friends. How many references did you actually catch? Taking screenshots of your Dear Ryan comments! Leave...
How To Make Mumble Rap
12,051,656 views - 03/17/18
When David and I are bored, we sometimes make these random, awful songs that no one ever sees. Well, this time we're bringing you with...
Rant on Award Shows!
2,745,735 views - 03/09/18
Probably not the most popular opinion but something I've been wanting to say for a while... See bloopers and behind the scenes here:...
The Nintendoe Paper!
7,960,960 views - 03/02/18
Sorry it's been so long since we posted a video, this took a bit longer than expected. Hopefully you'll understand why by the end of this...
Boy Band Gaming Music Video! (Dear Ryan)
4,168,632 views - 01/26/18
Leave your Dear Ryan's in the comment section or help me out by upvoting the ones you wanna see for the next Dear Ryan Video! See...
YouTube ReRyan FAIL!
4,349,586 views - 01/12/18
So you might be wondering why our annual version of Youtube Rewind didn't happen last year.. well, just watch and you might understand....
Gucci Gang Country Edition! (Dear Ryan)
8,910,633 views - 12/16/17
Leave your Dear Ryan comments for the next episode or upvote the comments you want to see next! See Bloopers and BTS here:...
Dude vs. Wild - Nevada Mountains
4,807,512 views - 12/08/17
Parody of one of my favorite shows, "Running Wild" with Bear Grylls. See Bloopers and BTS here:...
How to get Views on YouTube!
6,346,191 views - 12/01/17
Here are all the best tips and techniques to getting more views on Youtube in 2017. See Bloopers and BTS here:...
I Dare You: GOING BALD!?
4,814,239 views - 11/12/17
I know it's been a while since we did this show, but we're back with what might be the best episode yet! Leave your dares in the comment...
IT Parody (Dear Ryan)
12,989,996 views - 11/07/17
Leave your dear ryan's in the comments or upvote the ones you wanna see next! See Bloopers and Behind The Scenes here:...
BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)
16,594,967 views - 10/20/17
Playing PUBG for the first time can be a little frustrating... for your teammates that is... See bloopers and Behind the Scenes here:...
How to be Gangster 2.0
8,046,433 views - 09/29/17
Due to popular request, after our how to be ninja 2.0 remake, we decided to continue the trend! Throwback! Watch How To Be Ninja 2.0...
Humble Parody! (Love Song Edition)
6,233,524 views - 09/16/17
Leave your Dear Ryan comments in the comment section or upvote the ones you wanna see for the next episode! Order my book "how to write...
The Truth Behind Trump!?
8,913,474 views - 09/04/17
Now it all makes sense. It's time you knew the truth... See bloopers and Behind The Scenes here:...
How to be an Anime Superhero!
9,879,923 views - 08/20/17
I apologize in advance for our Japanese. None of us actually speak it and we really did use direct Google Translate, which we know isn't...
Stupid Inspirational Sayings!
6,948,919 views - 08/05/17
A tribute to all those people who post those beautiful inspirational sayings everyday... See bloopers and BTS here:...
Dumbest Things I've Ever Done! (Dear Ryan)
8,358,405 views - 07/29/17
Leave your Dear Ryan comments or upvote the comments you want to see for the next Dear Ryan video! See Bloopers and BTS here:...
The RHPC Squad!
4,773,518 views - 07/19/17
For years, you've been asking how we all came together to create RHPC... here is a NOT so EXAGGERATED version of how that happened....
Over Dramatic People!
8,705,766 views - 07/01/17
We all know at least one person like this... Today I'm gonna be talking about one of my biggest pet peeves! Order my book "how to write...
Punny Gifts for Rich People! (Dear Ryan)
10,868,547 views - 06/16/17
Leave your Dear Ryan comments in the comment section below OR upvote the Dear Ryans that you wanna see next episode! Order my book "how...
Millennial Love (Official Music Video)
4,936,634 views - 06/09/17
What a modern day love song would sound like in the language of Millennials... @Spotify: @iTunes:...
Fidget Spinner Haters!
6,124,568 views - 05/26/17
If you're a bit older, like myself, you probably think this is one of the dumbest things you've ever seen. This is for all of you fidget...
Life of a Youtuber!
4,832,064 views - 05/13/17
After over a decade of doing this, I've finally decided to publish my findings... This is every stage of a Youtubers career from start...