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Who is Mona Lisa? | DW Documentary
32,084 views - 07/04/20
Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" is probably the world’s most famous painting. But whose portrait actually is it? There are two clues to...
Conspiracy theories on the internet | DW Documentary
141,383 views - 07/02/20
Conspiracy theories are spreading rapidly on the Internet. And they find an audience that believes them. Scientists are studying why...
Peru – from the Amazon to Lima | DW Documentary
81,490 views - 07/01/20
Two young brothers from the Shipibo people set out on a journey to the city of Lima. The modern metropolis stands in sharp relief to...
Climate change in the desert | DW Documentary
129,189 views - 06/30/20
Climate change is leaving its mark on Morocco’s oases, too. Sandstorms are becoming more and more frequent, groundwater levels are...
Black Lives in Germany – racism hidden and overt | DW Documentary
41,529 views - 06/29/20
Not only in the U.S.A., but in Germany, too, people encounter discrimination based on their skin color. What are the lives of Afro-German...
The Plague and COVID-19 | DW Documentary
28,165 views - 06/27/20
The history of the Oberammergau Passion Play reaches back to the seventeenth century, when a plague known as the Black Death swept...
The Mennonites – a trip back in time | DW Documentary
1,628,308 views - 06/25/20
Like the Amish in the US, the Mennonite Christian community shuns the modern world. Most Mennonites live in secluded, self-sufficient...
China – coronavirus and its aftermath | DW Documentary
485,447 views - 06/23/20
The Chinese government has responded to the pandemic by stepping up digital surveillance and imposing tight censorship. That has...
Mallorca island - German tourists are coming! | DW Documentary
48,891 views - 06/22/20
It’s just a pilot project, but it has ramifications. The first tourists since the easing of the coronavirus lockdown are arriving in...
The Russians – an intimate journey through Russia (2/2) | DW Documentary
113,032 views - 06/19/20
A very private trip through Russia - a world power with a shrinking population, a myriad of ethnic minorities, and vast distances....
The Russians – an intimate journey through Russia (1/2) | DW Documentary
299,302 views - 06/19/20
A very private trip through Russia - a world power with a shrinking population, a myriad of ethnic minorities, and vast distances, a...
Sexual violence as a weapon of war | DW Documentary
443,475 views - 06/18/20
Sexual violence and mass rape have long been used as a weapon of war. It is not only the victims and survivors who suffer trauma - an...
Bayer and the bees | DW Documentary
219,440 views - 06/16/20
Insecticides are sometimes necessary in farming. But some substances, like neonicotinoids, kill not only pests but bees as well. Now the...
Tarchi becomes a woman | DW Documentary
40,569 views - 06/15/20
Tarchi Ausavapichayachote is a transgender person in Thailand. She was born a boy but identifies as female. Now she is having surgery...
The cleaners – social media's shadow industry (2/2) | DW Documentary
120,970 views - 06/14/20
Manila is home to a gigantic shadow industry of digital cleaning. It employs tens of thousands of people working 10-hour shifts for the...
The cleaners – social media's shadow industry (1/2) | DW Documentary
96,590 views - 06/14/20
Manila is home to a gigantic shadow industry of digital cleaning. It employs tens of thousands of people working 10-hour shifts for the...
Children of jihad | DW Documentary
64,493 views - 06/11/20
The so-called Islamic State (IS) used children as soldiers and slaves willing to kill. Officially, the IS is considered defeated, but its...
Child labor for shimmering cosmetics | DW Documentary
194,903 views - 06/09/20
Mica is a natural mineral added to many cosmetics to make them shimmer. But mica has its dark side. The glamorous raw material is often...
A football club for grieving fathers | DW Documentary
8,521 views - 06/08/20
The Sands United football team members are all fathers who are grieving their stillborn babies. Dan had a good job and a happy...
Rising threat from the seas | DW Documentary
578,077 views - 06/06/20
How high will the oceans rise due to climate change? The projections are the subject of dispute, with scientists continually correcting...
Katja's corona diary | DW Documentary
10,642 views - 06/04/20
Katja Alekseev lives with a condition that causes her muscles to waste away. That also affects her breathing, placing her in the...
The perfect coffee – fair trade and sustainable | DW Documentary
57,539 views - 05/28/20
Germans love coffee, and the country doesn't really wake up without it. But is it sustainably produced and fairly traded? Not really....
Indonesia: Diversity under threat | DW Documentary
262,198 views - 05/27/20
For a long time Indonesia was considered a model for a moderate form of Islam. There have been increasing indications that radical...
Lockdown in Cape Town - South Africa and Coronavirus | DW Documentary
42,358 views - 05/25/20
Since late March, Cape Town, like all of South Africa, has been under lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many residents...
The 3D printing revolution | DW Documentary
171,268 views - 05/23/20
Three-dimensional printing promises new opportunities for more sustainable and local production. But does 3D printing make everything...
A modern Catholic church in Spain | DW Documentary
21,054 views - 05/21/20
Many Spaniards perceive the Catholic Church as old-fashioned. A priest in Madrid is trying to change that by leading a modern, inclusive...
Two months in lockdown - Berlin's new 'corona' normal | DW Documentary
128,061 views - 05/20/20
Berlin is searching for a new normal. After more than two months of social distancing, children are finally returning to school and many...
Shooting a species to save it | DW Documentary
21,023 views - 05/19/20
Big game hunting causes outrage - but it also offers opportunities to preserve threatened species. Big game hunters bag elephants or...
Corona diaries | DW Documentary
212,489 views - 05/17/20
People from all over the world have been describing the drastic impact of the corona pandemic: The empty streets outside their homes,...
Coal is dividing Greece | DW Documentary
78,064 views - 05/15/20
Four old, coal-fired power plants are devastating the landscape in Greece. Open-cast mines continue to spread, causing a controversy that...
The last Kalash of the Hindu Kush | DW Documentary
985,432 views - 05/12/20
The ancient culture of the Kalash people is threatened. Almost 4,000 still live at the foot of the Himalayas between Pakistan and...
Return to Auschwitz | DW Documentary
35,784 views - 05/11/20
Lea Roth, Peter Somogyi and Alex Spilberg were deported to Auschwitz when they were children. Their families were exterminated, but they...
The end of World War II | Free Full DW Documentary
326,819 views - 05/07/20
Adolf Hitler's suicide on April 30, 1945 ended "the thousand-year Reich." In May, the German military signed an unconditional surrender...
Jewish life in Poland | Free Full DW Documentary
36,777 views - 05/05/20
The Nazis murdered 90 percent of Poland's Jews in the death camps. Seventy-five years after the end of World War Two, life is returning...
Beyond the emoji | DW Documentary
90,085 views - 05/04/20
Every day we send seven billion emojis worldwide. Although the colorful icons called emojis can no longer be ignored in our daily...
Hürtgen forest and the end of World War II | Free Full DW Documentary
1,570,340 views - 05/02/20
Thousands of soldiers were killed in the last battles of World War II. US troops who fought in the Hürtgen Forest nicknamed it the "Death...
The coronavirus pandemic and family life | DW Documentary
31,111 views - 05/01/20
The coronavirus crisis is a tough test for families. Many people cannot visit their loved ones for weeks on end, and are looking for...
The death of Adolf Hitler | DW Documentary
2,146,036 views - 04/30/20
Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker as the Red Army closed in on Berlin on April 30, 1945. But legends about the Nazi dictator's...
Born poor, die poor? How to tackle poverty | Free Full DW Documentary
95,495 views - 04/27/20
Children denied education; girls sold into brothels, lonely, neglected elderly people. Poverty defines the lives of millions. Social...
European settlers in Chile | DW Documentary
206,528 views - 04/25/20
A land dispute between European immigrants and the indigenous people of Chile has turned deadly. Hardly a day passes in the Chilean...
Coronavirus  in closed worlds in Israel, Iran, Greece | DW Documentary
39,162 views - 04/24/20
The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life for people around the world. This time we are in Greece, Iran and Israel and...
Fighting the migration challenge in Malaysia | DW Documentary
23,026 views - 04/20/20
Many undocumented migrants work in so-called “3D jobs” - dirty, dangerous and demeaning professions. Millions live a life without any...
How artificial intelligence is changing our society | DW Documentary
340,765 views - 04/18/20
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our lives. It touches on all aspects of society - private life, business, security -- including...
Corona – heroes in crisis mode | DW Documentary
29,043 views - 04/17/20
Many people are on the frontline fighting against corona. Italy has been in lockdown for weeks but paramedic Andrea is still on the road...
Corona in Italy | DW Documentary
836,967 views - 04/14/20
Venice, a city deserted. Filming while wearing protective masks, filming in a northern Italy that has been devastated by the...
Russian Lives - death (6/6) | Free Full DW Documentary
92,365 views - 04/11/20
Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? A journey through Russia...
Russian Lives - Old age (5/6) | Free Full DW Documentary
70,914 views - 04/10/20
Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? A journey through Russia...
Being creative in times of  the coronavirus pandemic | DW Documentary
14,984 views - 04/10/20
The coronavirus pandemic is presenting everyone with challenges. But some people are coping with the current circumstances by staying...
Russian Lives - Adulthood  (4/6) | Free Full DW Documentary
98,084 views - 04/09/20
Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? A journey through Russia...
A poisoned legacy – the Bhopal disaster | DW Documentary
48,836 views - 04/09/20
The world’s worst industrial disaster continues to claim new generations of victims. The 1984 leak at a chemical plant in the Indian city...
Russian Lives - Youth  (3/6) | Free Full DW Documentary
90,145 views - 04/08/20
Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? A journey through Russia...
Russian Lives - Childhood  (2/6) | Free Full DW Documentary
83,812 views - 04/07/20
Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? A journey through Russia...
Coronavirus in Berlin | DW Documentary
249,983 views - 04/07/20
Since the middle of March, many people’s lives have been turned upside down. The Coronavirus is spreading. Politicians are taking more...
Russian Lives: birth (1/6) | Free Full DW Documentary
78,932 views - 04/06/20
Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? In this volume Lina from...
How healthcare professionals are coping with coronavirus | DW Documentary
26,062 views - 04/03/20
Doctors, paramedics and nurses are all fighting on the front line against the invisible coronavirus enemy – and against their own fears...
The story of a German conman | DW Documentary
289,812 views - 04/02/20
It was one of the biggest white-collar scams in German history. In the 1990s, Manfred Schmider and his company FlowTex took investors for...
Putin's pride: Cossacks and the church | DW Documentary
534,286 views - 03/26/20
Russia - a global power, confident and strong. That’s the image projected by President Vladimir Putin. Decades after the Soviet Union’s...
Coronavirus in Germany I DW Documentary
102,365 views - 03/23/20
Schools, day-care centers, pubs and museums are dark. Everyone who can is working from home. In Germany, public life is at a standstill....
World War Two – the final months | DW Documentary
1,081,688 views - 03/21/20
Spring 1945: The Second World War was in its final phase. The Nazis were still pursuing their delusional goal of ultimate victory,...
Coronavirus in China | DW Documentary
4,760,584 views - 03/17/20
For weeks now China has been in lockdown because of the new coronavirus. Journalist Sebastien Le Belzic who works in Beijing has been...
Ocean Viking rescue ship: Lifesavers at sea | DW Documentary
18,010 views - 03/16/20
On the rescue ship Ocean Viking, search and rescue coordinator Nick Romaniuk and his right-hand man Tanguy pick up 276 migrants in...
Marvel – re-emerging from the ruins | DW Documentary
121,687 views - 03/12/20
Today, Marvel is one of the world’s best-known players in the comic industry. Spider Man and X-Men are just some of its popular...
The kidnapping campaign of Nazi Germany | DW Documentary
836,183 views - 03/11/20
On orders from Heinrich Himmler, the Nazis abducted children from Poland for forced Germanization. Hermann Lüdeking, Jozef Sowa and...
Radical climate change movement or rational protest? | DW Documentary
22,108 views - 03/10/20
Extinction Rebellion: a global activist movement that seeks to see changes in climate policy. "XR" demonstrators have staged spectacular...
The women's restaurant in Marrakesh | DW Documentary
26,553 views - 03/09/20
In Morocco, households that find themselves without a man often face financial difficulties. Fatima Zahara knows that only too well....
No snow means no skiing, or does it? | DW Documentary
15,706 views - 03/06/20
Despite the lack of natural snow due to climate change, Nico Brinkmann is determined to draw more visitors to Winterberg to ski. He runs...
Better brain health | DW Documentary
3,197,328 views - 03/05/20
Chocolate reduces stress. Fish stimulates the brain. Is there any truth to such popular beliefs? The findings of researchers around the...
The clothes we wear | DW Documentary
61,908 views - 03/03/20
We live in an age of hyper-consumption, and nowhere is this more obvious than the fashion industry. ‘Fast fashion’ is the buzzword these...
Life in North Korea | DW Documentary
6,171,289 views - 03/01/20
Are people in North Korea allowed to laugh, dance and marry? This documentary provides unique insights on everyday life in the East Asian...
Why it's time for sustainable business: Rethinking growth – Founders Valley (1/3) | DW Documentary
31,332 views - 02/28/20
An entire generation of young people is rejecting the idea of unlimited economic growth on a planet with finite resources. Among them are...
WikiLeaks – public enemy Julian Assange | DW Documentary
681,549 views - 02/25/20
The Wikileaks revelations shocked the world, and co-founder Julian Assange shot to fame. WikiLeaks exposed U.S. army war crimes, the...
Kenya's million dollar garbage business | DW Documentary
95,688 views - 02/24/20
Local gangs run the Dandora dump site in Nairobi and terrorize garbage collectors. Richie is only 12, but already he is his family’s...
Deadly waste from raw materials | DW Documentary
204,949 views - 02/23/20
Huge quantities of raw materials are needed for mobile phones, copper pipes or wind turbines. Things that we Europeans naturally use are...
Northern lights – adventures in winter | DW Documentary
52,947 views - 02/22/20
Most northern Europeans like winter, even when the mercury falls below minus 40 degrees Celsius. But in the polar regions of Norway,...
Soyalism | DW Documentary
391,000 views - 02/21/20
Industrial agriculture is increasingly dominating the world market. It’s forcing small farmers to quit and taking over vast swathes of...
Attack on a night club in Germany | DW Documentary
47,771 views - 02/17/20
The eastern German town Frankfurt an der Oder was long held up as a model of integration - until a group of refugees stormed a popular...
Atatürk – the father of modern Turkey | DW Documentary
315,146 views - 02/16/20
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a revolutionary and the founder of modern Turkey. A brilliant military strategist, a womanizer and a popular...
Germany's role in NATO and the world | DW Documentary
407,853 views - 02/13/20
The world has become more insecure and a new arms race seems imminent. Disarmament treaties are lapsing and existing alliances crumbling....
Nepal: A doctor helps the blind see | DW Documentary
31,051 views - 02/11/20
In Nepal, ophthalmologist Sanduk Ruit has developed a method for treating cataracts, an eye disease that leads to blindness. The...
Looted art in the Third Reich | DW Documentary
116,321 views - 02/10/20
The Nazis systematically plundered Jewish art collections in Germany. This documentary looks at selected cases to how art dealers...
Childhood under Mao – China's Cultural Revolution | DW Documentary
211,157 views - 02/07/20
Hundreds of foreigners were involved in Mao's Cultural Revolution. Their children were raised as young communists. But as the class...
People, trading and markets in Ghana | DW Documentary
1,885,450 views - 02/06/20
Ghana is the second largest cocoa producer in the world. Still, many Ghanaians have yet to taste chocolate: The precious commodity is...
Drought and floods — the climate exodus | DW Documentary
353,713 views - 01/29/20
More people around the world are fleeing from climate change than from war. If human-induced climate change continues at the current...
Being a foster mother | DW Documentary
51,196 views - 01/27/20
After raising three kids of their own, Susanne and her husband Moritz care for seven foster children. There's never a dull moment in...
Victim of Nazi twin experiments in Auschwitz | DW Documentary
867,034 views - 01/26/20
Eva Mozes Kor was experimented on as one of Dr. Josef Mengele's twins at Auschwitz. After decades of anguish, she decided to forgive the...
The world’s most polluted river |  DW Documentary
1,405,731 views - 01/25/20
The Citarum River in Indonesia is the world’s most polluted river. One of the main polluters is the fashion industry: 500 textile...
Spain's water problem | DW Documentary
168,775 views - 01/24/20
There are believed to be a million illegal boreholes in Spain, used to irrigate agricultural zones. The country’s water crisis and...
Tomatoes and greed – the exodus of Ghana's farmers | DW Documentary
1,310,588 views - 01/22/20
What do tomatoes have to do with mass migration? Tomatoes are a poker chip in global trade policies. Subsidized products from the EU,...
Between India and Pakistan – the Sikhs | Free Full DW Documentary
431,248 views - 01/21/20
India and Pakistan traditionally have hostile relations, but there is hope on one front, at least. In order to enable the Sikhs from...
South Africa's female park rangers | DW Documentary
23,298 views - 01/20/20
Thanks to Leitah Mkhabela and her all-female gamekeeper crew, the Black Mambas, the number of poached rhinoceroses in South Africa’s...
Startup and entrepreneur TV show in Sudan | DW Documentary
35,835 views - 01/19/20
Youth unemployment cuts deep in Sudan. But a hit TV show has inspired young entrepreneurs. Startups compete in the show - and the format...
Flying over the Atlantic — transatlantic flights | DW Documentary
42,025 views - 01/18/20
The first successful transatlantic flight in 1919 was a milestone for mankind. This film tells the stories of the people who dared to...
Oil and ruin — exodus from Venezuela | DW Documentary
598,007 views - 01/17/20
Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Hunger is widespread and there is a severe shortage of medicines. The UN...
Mosul after ISIS | DW Documentary
259,316 views - 01/14/20
Mosul, Iraq, was finally liberated from ISIS in July 2017 after nine months of devastating battle. The city is the second largest in...
Living with an extreme disability | DW Documentary
38,357 views - 01/13/20
Markus Behrendt and Christine Wagner-Behrendt from Kassel have been taking care of their son Jascha for 13 years. He broke his neck in a...
Saving historic Lisbon | DW Documentary
52,319 views - 01/12/20
Lisbon’s historic soul is under threat from spiraling property prices and an influx of tourists. The city council initiative "Shops with...
A train ride to the Czech Republic | DW Documentary
121,679 views - 01/11/20
A train journey through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains between Germany and the Czech Republic. Peculiar rock formations and the river Elbe...
German shipping companies and the arms trade | DW Documentary
274,715 views - 01/10/20
Germany’s secret service, the BND, is heavily involved in the delivery of weapons to crisis areas of the world. As this documentary...
Climate change in the Antarctic | DW Documentary
86,364 views - 01/07/20
Few places on Earth are as remote as the German research facility Neumayer Station III. The scientists who work at this outpost in...
Moon mission | DW Documentary
630,086 views - 12/27/19
Fifty years after the first Moon landing, researchers are working at full speed on the next lunar mission. Their aim is to build a...
O Christmas tree | DW Documentary
16,519 views - 12/23/19
Each December, like many families, the Scherms go out and chop down their own Christmas tree. It's a holiday tradition. But what makes...