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Outer Banks vs Never Have I Ever vs On My Block | Smoothie Challenge | Netflix
982,306 views - 05/31/20
Chase Stokes (Outer Banks), Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Never Have I Ever), and Jess Marie-Garcia (On My Block) make mystery smoothies based...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | Anatomy of a Scene | Netflix
40,712 views - 05/30/20
Director Jessica Yu and her crew break down the recreation of a glamorous evening at the 1948 Academy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium and...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | A Movie Within a Series | Netflix
22,316 views - 05/30/20
Go behind-the-scenes to explore how HOLLYWOOD brought the industry-changing movie "Meg" to life in the limited series through a sandbox...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | Overcoming History | Netflix
14,111 views - 05/30/20
If movies have the ability to change the world, what would that world look like today if the industry had embraced inclusivity decades...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | The Golden Age of Hollywood | Netflix
28,365 views - 05/30/20
To bring 1940s Hollywood to life, the cast and crew detail how every aspect from the costume design, makeup and hairstyling reveal the...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | Casting Famous/Infamous Characters | Netflix
37,470 views - 05/30/20
The cast and creators of HOLLYWOOD detail casting the complex characters in pursuit of the Hollywood dream. Dive deeper into how the...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | The Main Titles | Netflix
35,568 views - 05/30/20
The significance of HOLLYWOOD’s hopeful opening credits sequence is explored: a depiction of dreamers climbing and aiming for the stars,...
Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | The Real Hollywood | Netflix
30,360 views - 05/30/20
HOLLYWOOD production designer Matthew Flood Ferguson and visual effects supervisor Paul Santagada, describe tapping iconic locations and...
Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow Play Trivia With The Cast Of Space Force | Netflix
81,897 views - 05/29/20
To celebrate the launch of Space Force on Netflix, Steve Carell, Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome...
Know It All Podcast | Why Do We Like Movies About Crime? | Netflix
13,514 views - 05/29/20
On this episode of Know It All, Jayus explains why we love robbers, heists, and watching them on screen. Watch La casa de papel, Only on...
Never Have I Ever in Other Languages | Dub Swap | Netflix
139,634 views - 05/29/20
Hear your favorite Never Have I Ever characters' dialogue get “dub swapped” with various official Netflix foreign language dubs from...
Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell? | Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich | Netflix
292,536 views - 05/29/20
On one hand, Ghislaine Maxwell was known as a graceful socialite. On the other, according to her accusers, she was a woman who lurked at...
CURON | Official Trailer | Netflix
462,925 views - 05/29/20
Seventeen years after the tragic events that forced her to leave Curon, a woman returns home with her twin children. They soon discover...
Japan Sinks: 2020 | Official Trailer | Netflix
695,586 views - 05/28/20
An ordinary family is put to the test as a series of massive earthquakes throw Japan into total mayhem. From director Masaaki Yuasa...
F is for Family Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix
347,987 views - 05/28/20
Frank and the Murphys are back! F is for Family returns with a new season on June 12. While Frank deals with an unwelcome visit from his...
What To Watch Next If You Love Stranger Things | Netflix
388,547 views - 05/28/20
Set in the 1980s, Stranger Things blends paranormal plotlines with coming-of-age drama, and this nostalgic, supernatural series has...
Under the Riccione sun | Official teaser | Netflix
478,875 views - 05/28/20
How many things can happen during an Italian Summer? So many, actually. Mara, Tommy, Guenda, Marco, Emma, Ciro, Furio, Camilla, Bea,...
Jo Koy: In His Elements | Official Trailer | Comedy Special | Netflix
102,926 views - 05/28/20
For the first time ever, comedian Jo Koy takes Netflix to the Philippines in his new special, Jo Koy: In His Elements, launching June 12....
Netflix Originals Based on Books | Netflix
97,467 views - 05/27/20
Are you still watching? Bring more excitement to your streaming, by grabbing a book based on one of our original titles. SUBSCRIBE:...
Lenox Hill | Official Trailer | Netflix
423,932 views - 05/27/20
Follow the journey of four real doctors — two brain surgeons, an emergency room physician, and a Chief Resident OBGYN — who struggle to...
Love Is Blind | Home Tour with Lauren & Cameron | Netflix
1,271,274 views - 05/26/20
Love Is Blind's Lauren and Cameron show you how their house has changed since Lauren moved in. Watch Love Is Blind, only on Netflix:...
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend | Behind the Interactive Special | Netflix
37,166 views - 05/26/20
The cast and crew of Netflix's Emmy-nominated comedy series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" detail the unusual workflow behind the show's...
Spelling the Dream | Official Trailer | Netflix
95,702 views - 05/26/20
Following four hopeful competitors’ journeys, this documentary explores the trend of Indian Americans ruling the Scripps National...
Dark Season 3  | Date Announcement | Netflix
2,100,186 views - 05/26/20
The final cycle is about to begin. Will the loop finally be broken? Find out on June 27th. Only on Netflix. Watch Dark on Netflix:...
21 Surprising Trivia Facts From Extraction (And 1 Hidden Lie) | 21 Facts | Netflix
69,411 views - 05/25/20
Hey there knowledge-lovers! Our trivia experts have pulled out 21 interesting and random factoids based on the events and locations in...
The Lovebirds' Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae Break Down the Horse Scene Shot by Shot | Netflix
79,430 views - 05/24/20
THE LOVEBIRDS stars Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae take a second look at their action-packed horse kick bacon grease escape scene from...
Antoni Cooks for Lauren and Cameron of Love is Blind | Netflix
96,583 views - 05/23/20
Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski cooks spaghetti carbonara for Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind, in this episode of 'Show Me What You're...
Drag Queens Trixie Mattel & Katya React to Too Hot to Handle | I Like to Watch | Netflix
763,673 views - 05/23/20
Drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya react to scenes from the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle, in this episode of "I Like to Watch."...
The Kissing Booth | Exclusive Deleted Scenes | Netflix
1,651,339 views - 05/22/20
If you were curious what moments hit the cutting room floor, wonder no longer! Here are a few deleted scenes that didn't make the final...
Joey King Reveals Kissing Booth 2 Release Date LIVE!
1,058,971 views - 05/21/20
Join Joey King and friends from The Kissing Booth movies as they share secrets for the upcoming sequel, The Kissing Booth 2. They talk...
Queer Eye: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
389,126 views - 05/21/20
Get your tissues ready, hennies! Queer Eye is back for Season 5, and the Fab 5 are heading to the City of Brotherly Love to transform 10...
The Old Guard | Official Trailer | Netflix
2,548,844 views - 05/21/20
Forever is harder than it looks. Led by a warrior named Andy (Charlize Theron), a covert group of tight-knit mercenaries with a...
Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga | Official Trailer | Netflix
562,317 views - 05/21/20
Entering a fighting tournament held once every 100 years, Baki gives his all to fight back from the brink of death!! The highly...
Blood & Water | Episode 1 | Netflix
1,427,348 views - 05/20/20
We are excited to welcome the cast and creator of Blood & Water in this special screening of the first episode to celebrate the launch of...
What Sex Education Sounds Like in Other Languages | Dub Swap | Netflix
183,943 views - 05/20/20
Otis may be a decent amateur sex therapist, but can he do it in French? Letʼs find out, when we take your favorite Sex Education...
13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
4,434,452 views - 05/20/20
The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to...
New on Netflix | June 2020
725,670 views - 05/20/20
Comedy - 0:25 Drama - 2:12 Kids & Family - 4:15 Anime - 5:26 Nonfiction - 6:04 SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix:...
New on Netflix | June 2020
39,123 views - 05/20/20
Comedy - 0:24 Drama - 2:12 Kids & Family - 3:59 Anime - 5:15 Nonfiction - 5:53 SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix...
Lost Bullet | Official Teaser | Netflix
197,340 views - 05/20/20
A mechanical whiz is mistakenly charged with murder. The only proof of his innocence is the crime bullet, lodged in a missing car. A...
The Last Days of American Crime | Official Trailer | Netflix
678,715 views - 05/19/20
As a final response to terrorism and crime, the U.S. government plans to broadcast a signal making it impossible for anyone to knowingly...
SWEET MAGNOLIAS | Official Trailer | Netflix
415,852 views - 05/19/20
Life in the small, Southern town of Serenity isn't exactly serene for three best friends as together they navigate relationships, family...
Space Force | Official Trailer | Netflix
1,925,671 views - 05/19/20
Space is...hard. From the crew who brought you The Office, Space Force premieres May 29 only on Netflix. SUBSCRIBE:...
Da 5 Bloods | Official Trailer | Netflix
947,805 views - 05/18/20
From Academy Award® Winner Spike Lee comes a New Joint: the story of four African-American Vets — Paul (Delroy Lindo), Otis (Clarke...
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 | Official Date Announce | Netflix
1,408,193 views - 05/18/20
On October 1, 1989, seven extraordinary humans were born. On July 31, 2020 they return. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy streams July 31,...
The Callback with Patti LuPone and Holland Taylor from Hollywood | Netflix
53,448 views - 05/17/20
Broadway and screen legends Patti LuPone and Holland Taylor sit down for an intimate conversation surrounding their notable careers and...
Blood & Water | Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix
570,488 views - 05/15/20
After crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen transfers to an elite school to prove whether the popular star student is her sister...
Every John B In Outer Banks | Netflix
145,651 views - 05/14/20
A name so nice we said it twice… or a hundred and forty nine times. Same difference. Watch Outer Banks, Only on Netflix:...
Somebody Feed Phil: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
65,802 views - 05/14/20
"Everybody Loves Raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal joins family and friends — new and old — to sample the best local cuisine from around...
619,415 views - 05/14/20
Some nights are so big, you'll never recover. On May 15, discover an island paradise full of drugs, music, sex...and murder. From Álex...
Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix
1,265,127 views - 05/14/20
Attention all passengers, Mr. Wilford would like to address the rumors of disturbances in the tail. Let me assure you, your security is...
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich | Official Trailer | Netflix
1,054,004 views - 05/13/20
The Full Story on Jeffrey Epstein Revealed. From Lisa Bryant, Academy Award Nominee Joe Berlinger (Conversations with a Killer: The Ted...
Farewell Season: Fuller House | Official Trailer | Netflix
1,504,954 views - 05/12/20
Fannerinos, you’re going to need a box of tissues. 🤧 Bring it in with us for the farewell season of Fuller House on June 2, only on...
The Kissing Booth in Other Languages | Dub Swap | Netflix
186,010 views - 05/12/20
We gave your favorite scenes from The Kissing Booth an international spin! With Japanese OMG girls, German teachers, and of course, lots...
The Woods | Official Trailer | Netflix
252,715 views - 05/12/20
New Netflix Original series based on Harlan Coben’s novel. The Woods - June 12th. Only on Netflix. Summer’94 – holiday camp based in the...
Hannah Gadsby: Douglas | Official Trailer | Netflix
118,868 views - 05/12/20
Hannah Gadsby is back by popular demand...reluctantly. Douglas, the highly anticipated follow-up to the genre-defining comedy special...
The Lying Life of Adults | Announcement | Netflix
82,635 views - 05/12/20
The Lying Life of Adults, the latest novel by the beloved Italian novelist Elena Ferrante, will soon become a Netflix Original Series....
I'm No Longer Here | Official Trailer | Netflix
313,390 views - 05/11/20
A terrible misunderstanding with a local gang sends 17-year-old Ulises, leader of a group hooked on cumbia music, across the border to...
Saying Goodbye | 13 Reasons Why | Netflix
1,547,553 views - 05/11/20
The final season of 13 Reasons Why arrives June 5th on Netflix. Song heard here: "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron. SUBSCRIBE:...
Snowpiercer | Official Teaser | Netflix
255,375 views - 05/11/20
Seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, all remaining life lives aboard the massive Snowpiercer. 1001 cars long, the...
Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall | Official Trailer | Netflix
112,667 views - 05/11/20
Backed by a full band and a ready wit, actor Ben Platt opens up a very personal songbook onstage —numbers from his debut LP, "Sing to Me...
Control Z | Official Trailer | Netflix
1,731,798 views - 05/11/20
When a hacker begin to reveal all of the students' secrets, El Nacional turns into a disaster. If the only way to protect your own...
Blood & Water | Season 1 | Official Teaser | Netflix
327,671 views - 05/11/20
Welcome to the jungle...It's about to get hectic. Blood and Water is coming May 20. Only on Netflix. SUBSCRIBE:
The Most Awkward Moments From Never Have I Ever | Netflix
335,953 views - 05/10/20
TBH if we were talking to Paxton, we’d be this awkward too. Watch Never Have I Ever, Only on Netflix:...
Netflix Presents: The Witcher's Bestiary | Netflix
851,067 views - 05/10/20
Sure, we all know and love the mutants and mages of The Witcher, but there’s one group we don’t pay enough attention to: its amazing...
Here's to the moms💕 | Netflix
53,572 views - 05/09/20
From Netflix moms to all moms out there, thank you. We’re so grateful for all you do. In honor of Mother's Day, we bring you a...
Strong Black Legends: Debbie Allen | Strong Black Lead | Netflix
19,952 views - 05/09/20
This week, in our special season two finale, Tracy sits down with the legendary triple threat Debbie Allen. They talk about Debbie’s time...
Antoni Makes Fritters | Show Me What You're Working With | Netflix
55,654 views - 05/09/20
Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski teaches you how to cook fritters in this episode of the new Netflix Youtube series 'Show Me What You're...
Outer Banks Hilarious Bloopers | Netflix
1,999,271 views - 05/09/20
Hilarious bloopers from the set of Outer Banks season 1! Watch Outer Banks, Only on Netflix:
Selling Sunset | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix
178,005 views - 05/08/20
The top real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group are back and this season, the ladies deal with even more mind-blowing mansions,...
The Eddy feat. St. Vincent (Lyric Video) | Netflix
38,363 views - 05/08/20
Watch The Eddy, Only on Netflix: Listen to The Eddy feat. St. Vincent:...
Becoming | CLIP | Netflix
14,447 views - 05/08/20
Becoming is now available globally on Netflix: Becoming is an unprecedented look at the life of...
F is for Family | Announcement: Jonathan Banks is Big Bill Murphy | Netflix
228,406 views - 05/07/20
Jonathan Banks joins the cast of F is for Family as Big Bill Murphy. Season 4, coming soon. Watch F is for Family on Netflix:...
Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything | Official Trailer | Netflix Standup Comedy Special
81,410 views - 05/07/20
Like the ancient grains of Babylon, Patton provides a healthy dose of witticism in his newest Netflix comedy special, Patton Oswalt: I...
What YOU Sounds Like In Other Languages | Dub Swap | Netflix
80,043 views - 05/06/20
Ever obsess over what Joe might sound like in French, Hindi or Spanish? Us too! In our latest Dub Swap, we took our favorite characters...
The Never Have I Ever Cast Plays Kiss & Tell | Netflix
103,905 views - 05/06/20
Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Lee Rodriguez, and Ramona Young from Never Have I Ever kiss a globe, a tennis balls and more! Watch Never Have I...
Stranger Things vs. Umbrella Academy vs. Lucifer | Kiss, Marry, Vanish | Netflix
144,889 views - 05/05/20
They’re bad to the bone, but maybe you could change them? In this edition of Kiss / Marry / Vanish, we make the best case possible for...
Lana Knows What You Did | Too Hot To Handle Parody | Netflix
84,206 views - 05/05/20
She's always watching. Always listening. She knows what you did. Meet Lana, the "talking cone" featured in the Netflix Original Reality...
The Big Flower Fight | Season One Official Trailer | Netflix
184,487 views - 05/04/20
Ten pairs of amateur gardeners from around the world push their skills to the limit as they compete to create stunning, supersized floral...
Becoming | Official Trailer | Netflix
729,360 views - 05/04/20
Watch Becoming globally on Netflix starting May 6: Becoming is an intimate look into the life of former...
Best Narration From John McEnroe | Never Have I Ever | Netflix
92,632 views - 05/03/20
Did you ever think you'd hear 80s tennis star John McEnroe gushing over Paxton's jawline? Cause I didn't. Watch Never Have I Ever, Only...
The Half of It Cast Take the Best Friends Challenge | Netflix
374,396 views - 05/03/20
Leah Lewis, Alexxis Lemire, Daniel Diemer and Wolfgang Novogratz from The Half of It put their IRL friendships to the test! Watch The...
Strong Black Legends: Bumper Robinson | Strong Black Lead | Netflix
22,905 views - 05/02/20
This week, Tracy sits down with 90s heartthrob, Bumper Robinson. They get into his time as a child actor on Warner Brother studio lots,...
Know It All Podcast | What’s On The Kids Menu | Netflix
23,926 views - 05/01/20
On this episode of Know It All, Jayus explains why chicken tenders (commonly known as tendies) are so important. More episodes of the...
Strong Black Legends: Omar Epps | Strong Black Lead | Netflix
15,267 views - 05/01/20
This week, Tracy sits down with Brooklyn-born legend, Omar Epps! The two talk about his breakout role, alongside Tupac Shakur, in Juice...
Flirting With Chase Stokes of Outer Banks | Charm Battle | Netflix
1,947,540 views - 05/01/20
Madison Bailey and Madelyn Cline put their charm to the test with Chase Stokes. Watch Outer Banks, Only on Netflix:...
Have A Good Trip | Official Trailer | Netflix
737,467 views - 05/01/20
The true stories you don't know. From the people you do. Only on Netflix May 11. SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix:...
Trial by Media | Official Trailer | Netflix
194,871 views - 05/01/20
From Executive Producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov, six televised cases defined by headlines reaching across different areas of the...
The Eddy x Jorja Smith - Kiss Me In The Morning (lyrics) | Netflix
113,349 views - 04/30/20
The Eddy feat. Jorja Smith - Kiss Me In The Morning (Lyric Video) (From The Netflix Original Series The Eddy) “Kiss Me In the Morning”...
The Music of The Eddy | Netflix
38,902 views - 04/30/20
A musical drama about jazz would be nothing without… a jazz band. One must write, compose, and above all, teach actors to become real...
Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill | Official Trailer | Netflix
294,106 views - 04/30/20
Comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld is back with an all new stand-up special: 23 Hours to Kill. This hour-long special showcases more of...
The Eddy | International Jazz Day | Netflix
30,440 views - 04/30/20
When the going gets tough, music is what keeps us moving. Watch life and music coming together in Damien Chazelle’s The Eddy. Only on...
The Cast of Outer Banks Smooch Some Fishes | Kiss & Tell | Netflix
876,702 views - 04/29/20
Fish, bucket hats, sea shells, and a telescope are just some of the items the cast of Outer Banks have to kiss. Watch Outer Banks:...
Guys of Too Hot to Handle: YOU Decide | Kiss, Marry, Vanish | Netflix
86,288 views - 04/28/20
When it comes to the guys from Too Hot To Handle, who would you kiss, marry, and vanish? Tell us your answers in the comments below, and...
Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye Makes Eggs and Sausage for a Fan | Cook #withme | Netflix
57,308 views - 04/28/20
#stayhome #withme Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski goes one-on-one with fans who are looking for help cooking with whatever ingredients are in...
Becoming | First Look | Netflix
357,464 views - 04/27/20
Watch Becoming globally on Netflix starting May 6: Becoming is an intimate look into the life of former...
How I Got to Netflix - Maitreyi Ramakrishnan | Never Have I Ever | Netflix
776,570 views - 04/27/20
Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan explains how she went from her Canadian hometown, Mississauga all the way to Netflix....all...
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend | Interactive Special Official Trailer | Netflix
240,416 views - 04/27/20
Kimmy sets off on her biggest adventure yet. Three states! Explosions! A dancing hamburger! And you, the viewer, get to decide how the...
Nairobi is a Total F***ing Badass | La Casa de Papel | Netflix
413,198 views - 04/26/20
Reminisce over the best moments of the self proclaimed Spanish Beyoncé. Watch La casa de papel:
Dating Slang with the Cast of Too Hot To Handle | Netflix
620,364 views - 04/26/20
This is a bit of a pash-rash now ain't it? Test your knowledge of the dating game along with the contestants from Too Hot To Handle!...
Every Denver Laugh in La Casa de Papel | Netflix
945,839 views - 04/25/20
Professor: We're going to rob the most secure bank in Spain. Denver: hahahahahaha. Watch La casa de papel:...
Scuba Diving With The Cast of Outer Banks | Shot by Shot | Netflix
1,496,619 views - 04/23/20
The cast of Outer Banks describe what it was like shooting their diving scenes, breaking it down, shot by shot. SUBSCRIBE:...