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St. Paddy's Corned Beef & Cabbage | Low Carb
14,403 views - 03/13/19
If you've never made corned beef and cabbage you've been missing out. It's so good, you might even want it every week. The brisket...
Autoimmune Protocol Update / Beating IBS
6,839 views - 03/10/19
So here's the results of the autoimmune protocol (#AIP) challenge me and my husband did for the month of February. Great news for him,...
St. Patrick’s Shamrock Eggs, Cabbage, & Smoked Chorizo
5,376 views - 03/05/19
Here's an awesome recipe just in time for St. Patrick's day. Shamrock eggs, served with cabbage and smoke chorizo sausage. Incredibly...
Creamy Keto Celery Soup
13,119 views - 02/26/19
This keto celery soup is awesomely creamy, low carb as heck, and the flavors mingle deliciously in your mouth. The soup has a refreshing...
Cod Fish Foil Packets | Keto
7,107 views - 02/13/19
If you're sick of mushy fish and love it when it comes off in big tasty flakes, but also don't want a lot of mess, you have to try this...
Paleo Chicken Zoodle Soup | Low Carb
5,669 views - 02/05/19
As part of this month's Paleo Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) test/challenge, I made this delicious chicken zoodle soup. It's low carb, and...
Low Carb Paleo AIP Grocery Haul
7,348 views - 02/03/19
Today, I talk about our paleo AIP "challenge" we're doing this month. Funny, calling it a challenge. It's more of a test to see if it can...
Getting Back To Keto | Paleo Style
10,037 views - 01/30/19
The carnivore challenge was mostly successful, and we learned an awful lot. John's finishing it up, but I'm returning to a more standard...
How We're Doing On The Carnivore Diet: Q&A
12,856 views - 01/24/19
Today we give an update on our 30 day #carnivore challenge, as well as answer some of the most frequently asked questions we've gotten....
Adobo Steak Rub | Carnivore Recipe
4,745 views - 01/22/19
This is an awesome #carnivore seasoning. Mother nature made it difficult to improve on "steak," but this rub actually manages to do it....
What I Eat In A Day On Carnivore
198,663 views - 01/17/19
Here's what me and my husband typically eat in a day on the Carnivore Diet. Not every day, but it's very close. We mix things up a little...
Crispy Curry Chicken Wings | Keto & Carnivore
10,917 views - 01/15/19
This recipe is great for anyone eating low carb, keto, and yes, even carnivore. I do use spices, which is allowed in different variations...
Essential Kitchen Tools For Low Carb Living
5,906 views - 01/10/19
It seems with every video I post, someone asks "Oh, where did you get those salt and pepper grinders?" or "Where did you get that pan?"...
Dot's Carnivore Challenge
5,040 views - 01/08/19
This week, I'm all about the Carnivore Diet. My husband and I are trying it, based on some encouraging information we've read and seen....
Easy Keto: Pesto Burger Bowl (With Dressing)
3,770 views - 01/04/19
Are you sick of all those #keto recipes that use like a hundred different ingredients? Well this one's pretty simple: Pesto Burger Bowl....
Saucy Meatball Casserole | Keto Gold
23,668 views - 01/02/19
Is it a casserole, or is it zoodles and meatballs? Either way, it's delicious, as we use both pork and beaf in the meatballs to juicy it...
Keto Pigs In A Blanket With Dipping Sauce | Fathead Dough
41,099 views - 12/30/18
One of the things I missed going #keto -- until now -- was pigs in a blanket. Here's a great pigs in a blanket recipe that you can enjoy...
Creamy Pumpkin Soup Perfection | Spicy & Delicious
2,813 views - 12/27/18
One of the most flavorful soups I've ever made, this dish is intense, and deliciously low carb. Perfect for holidays, cold nights - or...
Spinach Stuffed Rib Roast | Horseradish Sauce
4,628 views - 12/18/18
Recipe comes from I made a few adjustments to reduce the carb count. The creamy horseradish recipe is my...
Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie | Fathead Crust
18,910 views - 12/11/18
This low carb chicken pot pie recipe will deliver that flavor you've loved your whole life, and the fathead crust (a la Tom Naughton)...
Holiday Keto Pound Cake (Cranberry / Orange)
16,868 views - 12/04/18
This recipe uses a nut flour and cream cheese, and that smooths out the consistency to something resembling regular flour. The effect is...
Spaghetti Squash Gratin | Mac & Cheese Substitute
7,256 views - 11/13/18
This Thanksgiving, I'll be making a #keto macaroni and cheese substitute to lower the carb count, and I'll be using my #InstantPot to...
Low Carb Sausage Stuffing For The Holidays
9,528 views - 11/03/18
This is a delicious #lowcarb #stuffing that you can enjoy this #Christmas. It has a delicious herb flavor that intensifies the mild...
Pear & Arugula Salad With Dressing | Thanksgiving Side Dish
4,644 views - 10/30/18
Who said you can't have a salad for #Thanksgiving? Well you can -- as a side dish! This salad is perfect for fall, and is very #lowcarb...
Maple Sage Sausage | Low Carb | Great For Stuffing
4,895 views - 10/23/18
Yes, this really is low carb! You can serve this as patties for breakfast, or use it as part of a low carb stuffing for Thanksgiving....
General Tso's Chicken Wings | Keto Gooey Good
12,282 views - 10/19/18
This keto friendly dish tastes exactly like the world famous General Tso's chicken recipe, because it is, minus the breading. Packed with...
Low Carb Enchiladas Using Thrive Market Tortillas
14,476 views - 10/16/18
Ok, this is the Holy Enchilada for low carbers. Yes! You CAN have low carb enchiladas. The grain-free tortillas are sold by Thrive...
Best Beef Cabbage Rolls Evah'
81,599 views - 10/11/18
Are you a cabbage hater? Yeah? Well it's probably because you haven't tried these cabbage rolls. No, they don't taste like the cabbage...
Strassburg Sock & My Awesome Sister | Keto Reset
5,935 views - 10/08/18
This last week, I sort of overdid it on the physicality (a lot) and I talk about it in this video. I also talk about eating out (ugh)....
Keto Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
9,393 views - 10/02/18
This #cheesecake is easily as good as anything I've ever ordered in a restaurant, and it was fairly easy to make. (Recipe link below)....
Reseting My Keto Reset (And Beyond...)
7,864 views - 09/30/18
A little bad news, some GREAT news, tales of stress and woe and how I'm dealing with it, and my recommitment to a #keto lifestyle -- it's...
Keto Beef Stroganoff | Slow Cooker
6,231 views - 09/25/18
Though invented in 19th century Russia, Beef Stroganoff was born to be cooked in a slow cooker. Also, with an almost 50/50 split between...
Eating Keto At Bonefish Grill
4,774 views - 09/24/18
Our absolute favorite restaurant in the area is the Bonefish Grill here in Northern Virginia. Today, we enjoyed a nice keto lunch there,...
Keto Sautéed Mushrooms | Easy Side Dish
4,710 views - 09/22/18
I only eat one side dish per meal, and I make sure it's delicious and healthy. These sautéed mushrooms fit the bill nicely. I make a...
Pork Chops | Horseradish & Mustard Crusted
4,135 views - 09/19/18
Bye bye boring chops! Here's a delicious keto pork chop dish that'll make your taste buds dance with joy. A little bit spicy and very...
Stress & Mindfulness: 30 Day Keto Reset
6,749 views - 09/16/18
Starting the second week of my 30 day #keto reset. I hope to get back on track after a long and stressful period where I wasn't eating...
Creamy Brussels Sprouts Bake With Crispy Sage Leaves
4,647 views - 09/13/18
Say goodbye to boring ol' steamed Brussels sprouts. This dish is loaded with cheesy goodness, naturally #lowcarb / #keto, and absolutely...
Spinach And Artichoke Chicken Casserole (Easy & Fast)
17,246 views - 09/11/18
This is a quick low carb casserole that delivers way more flavor than you'd think for something so quick and easy to make. You'll use a...
My 30 Day Keto Reset, Day 1
13,360 views - 09/09/18
This is the first day of my 30 day #keto reset. I hope to get back on track after a long and stressful period where I wasn't eating...
Spatchcock Peruvian Chicken
32,166 views - 09/07/18
After making this Peruvian chicken recipe, I can honestly say I'll never make another chicken again that isn't spatchcocked. And the...
Keto Chocolate Cake | Slow Cooker
12,187 views - 09/04/18
This chocolate cake is #lowcarb and all delicious. And get this: you make it in your #slowcooker. Don't worry about moisture and...
Low Carb Butter Chicken | Slow Cooker
12,168 views - 08/28/18
What's better than #lowcarb butter chicken that's packed with flavor? Having it ready when you get home from work, of course! Yes, you...
Pesto And Cheese Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms
4,998 views - 08/21/18
This #lowcarb / #keto stuffed mushroom recipe is packed with flavor. The texture of the mushrooms, lightly oiled, lends a nice mouthfeel...
Herb & Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
4,938 views - 08/14/18
No, this isn't some low-fat soulless chicken breast for your soulless low-fat diet. It's high in fat, low in carbs, and stuffed with...
Keto Asian Meatballs With Slow Cooker Cabbage
22,584 views - 08/07/18
Here's a delicious #keto way to get your fat. The ginger and beef mingle deliciously with the slow-cooked savoy cabbage. It's slightly...
Dot's Top 10 Low Carb Recipes
17,379 views - 08/02/18
After two years making #lowcarb / #keto videos, my husband decided it was time for us to do a Top 10 for the channel, and here it is. Let...
Zoodle Spaghetti Casserole | Low Carb
30,743 views - 07/31/18
Here's a dish I remember loving before going #keto -- Spaghetti Casserole. A.K.A "Million Dollar Spaghetti." This recipe uses "zoodles,"...
Keto Loaded Baked Radishes
7,339 views - 07/24/18
If you miss eating potatoes, and loaded potatoes in particular, look no further. You can enjoy the same great loaded potato taste using...
Low Carb Green Gazpacho
2,127 views - 07/17/18
If you've never had green gazpacho --- a.k.a. "Gazpacho Verde" --- you're in for a treat. Cool, savory, and slightly creamy, it bursts...
Marinated Chicken Shish Kabobs
3,165 views - 07/10/18
I love shish kabobs because the varieties are endless. Here's a wonderful marinated chicken kabob recipe that is healthy, delicious, and...
Keto Egg Salad Taste-Off: Horseradish Vs. Avocado
10,552 views - 07/03/18
Ditch that tired egg salad recipe you learned to make when you were a kid and try something new and keto-friendly. Add a little kick to...
Keto Cauliflower Salad | a.k.a. Fauxtato Salad
17,455 views - 06/26/18
Technically not a potato salad, but it tastes EXACTLY the same. It really is the perfect low carb dish for summer barbecues and...
The Awesome Health Benefits Of Cabbage
7,921 views - 06/09/18
Eating cabbage is incredibly healthy for our digestive system. It has enzymes in it that can ward off cancer, and if you prepare it...
How To Make Hollandaise Sauce | A Creamy Classic
3,684 views - 06/07/18
Straight from Julia Child's famous cookbook, this is how you make traditional hollandaise sauce. It's not simply delicious -- it's a...
Stir Fry Scallops With Vegetables
4,000 views - 06/05/18
Here's a delicious low carb stir fry without any sugar or added carbs, and best of all: scallops! Feel free to mix in other ingredients...
Easy Keto Fish Fry Recipe
36,062 views - 05/29/18
If you miss eating battered fish or fish sticks on your low carb journey, here's some good news: you can still have it without...
Stuffed Keto Guacamole Burger
8,933 views - 05/26/18
This is the ultimate #keto burger for so many reasons. No bun? No problem!. No condiments? Untrue -- they're lurking inside! Delicious...
John's Low Carb Challenge
6,518 views - 05/24/18
I'm an IT guy with a love for "office pizza" trying to lose weight and get healthy one low carb bite at a time. Oh yeah, I'm married to...
Southern Style Collard Greens With Ham Hock
3,732 views - 05/22/18
This is a delicious low carb side dish I grew up with, though I never thought of it in low carb terms back then. All the healthy vitamins...
My Health Comes First: Week 31 Weigh-In
12,282 views - 05/09/18
In this week's episode, I talk about a big problem I have: remembering that my health comes first. -- This video series catalogues my...
Delicious Keto Strawberry Ice Cream
54,286 views - 05/08/18
Who says you can't have low carb ice cream just as creamy and tasty as the sugary stuff they sell in stores? Well you can, but you have...
Update On The Magazine: Weeks 29-30 Weigh-In
6,602 views - 05/02/18
Just a short channel update, and a little about the magazine "First For Women," where they talk about how I lost weight and narrowly...
Keto Cheesesteak Casserole
73,353 views - 05/01/18
This casserole tastes exactly like a Philly cheesesteak because IT IS a Philly cheesesteak, minus the bread (not needed, trust me). The...
Dot's Awesome Keto Margarita
7,826 views - 04/28/18
Yes, it's possible to enjoy a margarita and still be low carb. Just don't drink too many of them (for various good reasons). Zero sugar,...
Keto Lemon Cheesecake Bites
103,941 views - 04/24/18
I've made #lowcarb / #keto cheesecake before, but this recipe beats those others by far. Very keto friendly, high in healthy fat, it...
The Perfect Keto Strawberry Smoothie
38,470 views - 04/21/18
Here's a wonderful #lowcarb strawberry smoothie recipe to really zest up your lazy summer days. Absolutely delicious. 🔗Check out my...
Why We Do It: Week 28 Weigh-In
6,612 views - 04/18/18
This week I talk about my healthy bucket list, and why it's important for meaningful weight loss and a happier life. Here's a link to the...
Savory Cream Of Mushroom Soup
8,944 views - 04/17/18
This is a delicious cream of mushroom soup recipe. Exploding with flavor and naturally low carb, it's easy to make, with only a few...
Cranberry Orange Granola Bars (Naturally Low Carb Snack)
11,168 views - 04/13/18
Yes, you can have granola on a low carb diet. Just don't add sugar. Heck, you don't need a sweetener at all. Add some natural/sugar-free...
My Weight Gain After Fasting, And More: Week 27 Weigh-In
10,529 views - 04/11/18
This week, I talk about the weight I regained after a 7 day fast. I also talk about two tracking products I'm starting to use, and I...
Mexican Chicken Salad With Pico De Gallo
6,578 views - 04/10/18
I love chicken salad, but I REALLY love this Mexican chicken salad topped with Pico de gallo. It's delicious, naturally low carb, and my...
7 Day Fasting Challenge: Week 26 Weigh-In
9,114 views - 04/04/18
In this episode, I talk about my one week fasting challenge: my reasons for doing it, how it felt, my experiences, and also how much...
Mom Took A Fall, Fasting, And Channel Update: Week 25 Weigh-In
5,297 views - 03/27/18
✅Today's Topic: 7 Day Fasting, Channel Update 🔔Website to see the fasting updates: This video series catalogues my attempt...
Orange Maple Bourbon Glazed Ham (Low Carb)
4,464 views - 03/23/18
I made this low carb bourbon glazed ham for Easter and it's my best ham yet. It starts with the ingredients: maple-flavored monk fruit...
Donuts, Wine, And Revelations: Week 24 Weigh-In
5,831 views - 03/21/18
✅Today, I talk about tracing back the source of pain and anxiety, and why it's important for our weight loss goals. ✅This video series...
Keto BLT Sandwich Egg Wraps
20,936 views - 03/20/18
If you miss sandwiches, try these keto blt sandwich egg wraps. Very low carb, they're different as heck, cool-looking on a plate, and fun...
Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole
8,954 views - 03/17/18
Today I'm making low carb chicken spaghetti squash casserole with pesto. It's a great low carb recipe that tastes absolutely decadent...
Some Groovy News: Week 23 Weigh-In
3,565 views - 03/14/18
✅Got some groovy news: gonna be in a magazine! ✅This video series catalogues my attempt to lose the last 50 pounds in my weight loss...
Egg Free Breakfast Recipe Using Anchovies
2,365 views - 03/13/18
This awesome low carb breakfast recipe comes from The Real Meal Revolution. No cooking! 🔗Check out my Amazon store. New stuff all the...
A Braised Cabbage Recipe Even Cabbage Haters Will Love
9,425 views - 03/09/18
Whether you call it #keto cabbage or #lowcarb cabbage, we all agree that cabbage is cabbage, right? Haha no, not right. When I make...
Dealing With Weight Loss Plateaus: Week 22 Weigh-In
5,837 views - 03/07/18
✅In this episodes, I talk about weight loss plateaus and how to deal with them. ✅This video series catalogues my attempt to lose the...
Fluffy Low Carb Blackberry Pancakes
16,522 views - 03/06/18
Unlike a lot of low carb pancake recipes, my blackberry pancakes are made without almond flour. The texture and taste, therefore, is less...
Keto Mushroom And Swiss Cheese Omelette
3,286 views - 03/03/18
Omelettes are almost universally low carb, and great for just about any time of day. This one is designed to be exclusively keto...
Turning Pro: Week 21 Weigh-In
6,032 views - 02/28/18
The difference between an amateur and a pro is as simple as it is profound. Today, I talk about Steven Pressfield's book "Turning Pro"...
Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing On Buffalo Chicken Salad
9,847 views - 02/27/18
This low carb blue cheese recipe will redefine how you think of blue cheese because YOU decide what's in it and how much. The recipe...
Product Review: Coffee Booster
8,104 views - 02/22/18
✅A few weeks, I was contacted by the folks at NutriSolutions to see if I'd be interested in trying "Coffee Booster" -- a product similar...
Tracking, Assessment, And 5 Tweaks: Week 20 Weigh-In
7,467 views - 02/21/18
✅Tracking what you eat and assessing success are vital when it comes to weight loss, and that's the topic of this week's episode. ✅This...
How The Sausage Is Made (Easy)
2,842 views - 02/20/18
Ever want to make your own homemade sausage? Well here's how you do it, with one caveat: we're making low carb sausage. By making it...
Savory Roasted Golden Tomato Soup
2,797 views - 02/17/18
This low carb roasted golden tomato soup recipe is tastier than anything in a can, and it's much lower in sugars and other carbs because...
The Most Exciting Weigh-In Evah': Week 19 Weigh-In
4,763 views - 02/14/18
✅A short update from my recliner because I'm sick, sick, sick. ✅This video series catalogues my attempt to lose the last 50 pounds in my...
Pizza Casserole Perfection
854,932 views - 02/13/18
Yes, #keto pizza is actually a thing. In this video, you'll see how you can still have pizza while eating #lowcarb. It's absolutely...
Decadent Low Carb Lava Cake
14,709 views - 02/10/18
This low carb lava cake recipe is amazing. It comes from George Stella's The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook. This was my first low carb...
The Skinny On Exercise: Week 18 Weigh-In
5,704 views - 02/07/18
✅There's a lot of bad information out there on the importance of exercise on weight loss, and that's what we're talking about today....
Sausage, Peppers, And Onions Bake
9,265 views - 02/06/18
If you're tired of eating sausages with eggs and calling that breakfast, you can relax. This low carb recipe is perfectly healthy,...
The Power Of Anchors: Week 16-17 Weigh-in
4,538 views - 01/31/18
✅Having an emotional anchor, or several, is an excellent way to help keep us on track with our weight loss goals, and that's what we're...
Sizzling Jalapeno Poppers
12,316 views - 01/30/18
This low carb jalapeno poppers recipe kicks quite a wallop, and makes a perfect keto snack. 🍎Recipe comes from George Stella’s "The...
Low Carb Faux-tato Soup Using Cauliflower
7,953 views - 01/23/18
This is essentially a low carb potato soup without the potatoes. To make it, we use cauliflower, creating a creamy cauliflower soup with...
Mental Toughness: Week 15 Weigh-In
4,707 views - 01/17/18
✅ In this episode, we talk about mental toughness and its importance in losing weight and life in general. ✅This video series catalogues...
Low Carb Broccoli Soup (5 Ingredients)
3,281 views - 01/16/18
This #lowcarb broccoli soup -- a Gordon Ramsay Recipe -- is absolutely packed with flavor, and perfect for those who are both keto or...
My Half-Century Birthday: Week 14 Weigh-In
4,540 views - 01/10/18
✅In this episode, I talk about turning 50 years old and how it factors into my weight loss goals. ✅This video series catalogues my...
50/50 Mushroom Burger
4,742 views - 01/09/18
This low carb mushroom burger is the natural pick for anyone on a #keto diet (lifestyle!). It's simply packed with flavor, and you'll...