Channel Videos from Robert McDonell

A Scorpion Challenge Rod and Pete
99 views - 01/18/20
Lunch at Lamai Beach Lookout
110 views - 01/18/20
Incense Burner
41 views - 01/18/20
Massive Incense Burner Koh Samui Thailand
Statue on the Beautiful Island of Koh Samui
61 views - 01/15/20
A wonderful message on this video.
A Farewell from Lamai Perfect Resort
34 views - 01/14/20
After a Nine Day Healing Retreat, the group heads home, wishing they could stay longer,
Thailand Healing  Steam Room
55 views - 01/14/20
Our Beautiful Herbal Steam Room on the Island of Koh Samui Thailand
Thailand Healing Retreat Closing Dinner
23 views - 01/13/20
This is our closing circle from the March 2018 Thailand Healing Retreat
Thailand Healing   Retreats  Mark McBaron
59 views - 01/13/20
Mark McBaron Powering Over Stress in Koh Samui Thailand on a Thailand Healing Retreat
A Thailand Healing Retreats Snake Bite
89 views - 01/13/20
This is a snake bite I received at the Samui Snake Farm. I survived to tell the story. yahooo
A Thailand Healing         Retreats         Snake Rescue
58 views - 01/13/20
Here is a Beautiful Green Tree Snake I found in trouble on a busy road on the Island of Koh Samui Thailand, nearly ran over him. Rescued...
Silky Oak mDay 1
615 views - 06/13/16
Silky Oak 2
248 views - 06/07/16
Blue Tongue
421 views - 12/07/15
Found this little guy in my backyard.
King Cobra
266 views - 11/19/15
Up close to the King Cobra in Thailand.Highlight of my Recent Trip to Thailand. Snake Show where I was literally a few feet away from...
Mums 100 Year Old Scones Receipe-Yummy they are.
1,094,593 views - 10/14/15
For the best scones ever made Just Follow Mums Recipe from her mother, Mrs Kidd is 88 Years Young and been making scones since she was 10...
Whale of a Time
318 views - 09/30/15
Whales off the Coast of Coffs Harbour 30th September
Goanna Tracks in Coffs Harbour
83 views - 09/30/15
Goanna's are out and about and here are the tracks.
Tiger Cat or Tiger Quoll by 8 Figure Adventurers
1,114 views - 08/24/15
The Quoll is mostly carnivorous; the smaller Quolls primarily eat insects, birds, frogs, lizards and fruit; the larger species eat birds,...
Kangaroos Coffs Harbour 1st Aug
148 views - 08/01/15
Beautiful Kangaroo's in Coffs Harbour on the Horse's birthday, 1st August. Magnificent animals, carry their young around in a pouch to...
Koala from 8 Figure Adventurers
76 views - 06/26/15
The koala is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. It is the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae,...
Emu at 8 Figure Adventurers
133 views - 06/25/15
Join us a 8 Figure Adventures for a life you have dreamed of. Link in here for Freedom to Travel Australia and see wildlife like these...
Echidna at 8 Figure Adventurers. We catch a climpse of Australian Native. The Elusive Echidna.
199 views - 05/30/15
Join us a 8 Figure Adventures for a life you have dreamed of. Link in here for Freedom to Travel Australia and see wildlife like this...