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Doughnut Masterclass with Patrick Ryan
215,009 views - 04/12/20
Patrick shows us how to make light and fluffy filled or ring doughnuts. You can make these in a single day or over two days if you want...
Easter Pavlova Wreath
3,985 views - 04/07/20
Crunchy on the outside, soft and melt-in-the-mouth with a lovely vanilla flavour on the inside, topped with whipped cream and chocolate....
Baguettes Masterclass with Patrick Ryan
889,657 views - 01/27/20
Classic baguettes! This recipe takes up to 3 days to make, which might seem a little bit crazy, but we promise you the results are worth...
Christmas Stollen Bread Masterclass with Patrick Ryan
48,660 views - 12/18/19
This is Patrick's take on Stollen bread. While not quite the same as the traditional version, his enriched brioche style bread dotted...
Halloween Krispie Treats
2,386 views - 10/11/19
April Danann's Wild Foods
20,459 views - 10/03/19
Watch the series here...
Apple Cider Vinegar Masterclass with April Danann
11,078 views - 09/16/19
You can easily make your own apple cider vinegar at home, but if you're not patient enough, April also has a few tricks for enhancing...
Easy Sauerkraut Masterclass with April Danann
12,131 views - 09/09/19
April shows us a few tricks to making delicious sauerkraut successfully each time. Once you've mastered the basics, try adding other...
Herbal Kombucha (Herbucha) Masterclass with April Danann
14,129 views - 08/31/19
While kombucha is usually made from black tea, April has a fantastic method for making herbal kombucha from herbal teas, spices and...
Meadowsweet Syrup with April Danann
6,537 views - 08/15/19
Please welcome April Danann to the I Love Cooking kitchen! She's all about Wild Foods, especially foods that help gut health, and will be...
Salmon Rice Bowl with Teriyaki Sauce & Tender Stem Broccoli by Kwanghi Chan
5,130 views - 07/19/19
Kwanghi's final recipe in this series is this delicious salmon & rice bowl. It's really easy to make your own teriyaki sauce and rice...
Crispy Fried Egg Tofu with Rice Noodle Asian Salad by Kwanghi Chan
3,113 views - 07/09/19
Silky smooth egg tofu lightly coated in potato starch, deep fried for a crispy outside and custard-like inside. Served with a fresh Asian...
Black Garlic Steak with Courgette, Radish & Cabbage Salad from Kwanghi Chan
4,297 views - 07/02/19
Black garlic is a delicious ingredient that's worth experimenting with. Kwanghi ferments his own black garlic and has used it to marinate...
Pork & Scallion Pot Sticker Dumplings with Kwanghi Chan
5,507 views - 06/23/19
Modern Asian Cooking with Kwanghi Chan Pork & Scallion Pot Sticker Dumplings with Kwanghi Chan Kwanghi's recipe for the ever-popular...
Cantonese-Style Fried Chicken (AKA Chicken Spice Bag) by Kwanghi Chan
9,063 views - 06/18/19
Modern Asian Cooking with Kwanghi Chan In our first episode with Kwanghi he will teach you how to make Cantonese Style Fried Chicken....
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni with Giuseppe Crupi
7,217 views - 06/16/19
Giuseppe's teaching us another delicious dish! This baked cannelloni dish is actually better served the next day so it's a great...
Gnocchi with Pesto Masterclass with Giuseppe Crupi
31,402 views - 06/12/19
Giuseppe's serving up another delicious Italian classic, Gnocchi with Pesto, both made from scratch. Written step by step instructions...
Rainbow Layer Cake
4,863 views - 04/14/19
Rainbow Layer Cake Delicious vanilla cake layers coloured in lovely pastel shades, then finished off with a lovely vanilla buttercream...
Tagliatelle all'Amatriciana with Giuseppe Crupi
8,301 views - 04/04/19
Giuseppe's back with another Italian classic! Amatriciana is definitely a delicious less-is-more kinda sauce which is traditionally...
Italian Pasta Masterclass with Giuseppe Crupi
39,321 views - 02/26/19
We are so excited to introduce you to Giuseppe and we hope you enjoy watching his videos as much as we enjoyed filming with him. He makes...
Patrick Ryan's No Fuss Sourdough Pizza
523,728 views - 02/01/19
Patrick's pizza dough may take a little bit of forethought, but it really is a no-fuss, no-knead, ALL the flavour pizza base that you...
(Mostly) Bread Related Q&A with Patrick Ryan
152,852 views - 01/16/19
We've collected some of the most-asked questions from your comments on Patrick's bread videos and put them to him in this Q&A. We hope it...
Niall Sabongi's Oysters - 3 Ways
4,743 views - 12/27/18
Niall shows you how simple it is to shuck oysters and serve them 3 ways - Oysters in a half shell served simply on ice with lemon or a...
Niall Sabongi's Seared Scallops with Celeriac Purée
2,471 views - 12/23/18
This is one that often ends up on Niall's festive table as it’s so easy and never fails to impress Get the written recipe on page 9 of...
PinKids Shortbread Cookies
2,384 views - 12/20/18
We have teamed up with Pink Lady® to create a delicious Apple Shortbread Cookies. Get the full recipe here...
Dubliner Cheese Potato Gratin
9,148 views - 12/17/18
Dubliner Cheese is a well known Irish cheddar cheese. It is a favourite in many households. We worked with them on this delicious Cheesy...
Niall Sabongi's Crab On Toast
3,514 views - 12/11/18
This is a customer favourite in Klaw, Klaw Poke and The Café. Super simple, packed with flavour and great snack. The below recipe is...
Patrick Ryan's Brioche 2 Ways
244,333 views - 12/02/18
Patrick is back! Learn how to make "Rich Man's Brioche" & 'Chocolate & Orange Mini Brioche Rolls" Brioche is a French bread enriched...
Showstopper Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Frosting (S'more Cake)
4,045 views - 11/26/18
Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Frosting This 3-layered showstopper of a cake is a crowd-pleaser! The light, yet very...
Fyffes Caramelised Banana Pavlova
3,631 views - 11/21/18
Fyffes Caramelised Banana Pavlova We have teamed up with Fyffes to bring you this delicious pavlova recipe. This dessert is ideal...
Niall Sabongi's Seafood Chowder
3,774 views - 11/12/18
Cockle & Smoked Coley Chowder Niall Sabongi’s chowder is light, refreshing and hearty without being thick and gloopy....
Niall Sabongi's Langoustines on Toast
3,928 views - 11/11/18
This is a family fav and you can sub the bread for chicory for a lovely salad, or even with some nice fresh pasta such as pappardelle....
Back to School Mix & Match Lunches
1,033 views - 08/18/18
Back to school is just around the corner and with that comes school lunches. Check out these super easy lunch ideas that the kiddies will...
Indian Cooking At Home: Sweet Sour Fish Curry (Meen Curry)
6,299 views - 07/31/18
In this recipe you will Sunil will teach you how to make a delicious Sweet & Sour Fish Curry. (Meen Curry)
Indian Cooking At Home: Sunil Ghai's Tadka Dal
7,790 views - 07/19/18
In this episode of our Indian At Home Cooking series with Chef Sunil Ghai you will learn how to make a delicious vegetarian lentil Tadka...
Indian Cooking At Home: Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken)
10,434 views - 06/30/18
Leading chef Sunil Ghai shows us how to make a delicious Butter Chicken (Murg Makhani). Serve with his Pulao rice which you can see in...
Courgette Ribbon Salad
1,635 views - 06/29/18
Courgette Ribbon Salad. This courgette salad makes a fantastic side dish. Serve alongside a juicy steak or grilled fish, perhaps as an...
Indian Cooking At Home: How Make Perfect Pulao Rice
4,646 views - 06/20/18
Sunil Ghai shares his times on how to perfect Pulao Rice with Onion & Cumin. This fragrant rice is served alongside numerous Indian...
Indian Cooking At Home: Sunil Ghai's Kurkura Jhinga (Crispy Prawns)
3,485 views - 06/11/18
In our Chef Recipe Series with Sunil Ghai we focus on Indian Cooking At Home. Kurkura Jhinga with Dill Raita is a simple recipe with...
Indian Cooking At Home - Essential Spices
14,862 views - 06/07/18
We have a new Chef Recipe Series - Indian Cooking At Home with Sunil Ghai. Chef Sunil Ghai's guide to essential spices for Indian...
Coconut & Red Berry Smoothie Bowl
1,994 views - 05/29/18
Coconut & Red Berry Smoothie Bowl Smoothie bowls change up your usual smoothie to something fun to make and eat. It’s easy to substitute...
100% Rye Sourdough Masterclass With Patrick Ryan
487,526 views - 05/25/18
100% Rye Sourdough Masterclass With Patrick Ryan - Firehouse Bakery. Patrick Ryan owner of Firehouse Bakery will be making a 100% rye...
Wholemeal Spelt & Black Treacle Yeasted Bread Masterclass
190,385 views - 05/10/18
We have another beautiful bread video with the King of Bread - Patrick Ryan, Firehouse Bakery. In this masterclass Patrick will teach you...
How To Make A Multiseed Sourdough Masterclass
506,842 views - 04/23/18
Patrick Ryan, Firehouse Bakery is back with a new sourdough masterclass. This is a follow on masterclass from Patrick's standard...
How To Make Scones Masterclass With Patrick Ryan
87,512 views - 04/06/18
Patrick is back with a new recipe for scones! Learn how to make these Apple, Berry & Almond Scones they are delicious. Get the full...
Chocolate Berry Tart
4,508 views - 03/23/18
Chocolate Berry Tart This dessert makes a beautiful centrepiece for any celebration. It is no-bake and very simple to make and it is...
Hot Cross Buns Masterclass
143,402 views - 03/16/18
Due to the success of our bread masterclasses with Patrick Ryan (Firehouse Bakery, Ireland) we have worked with Patrick to create more...
How To Make The Perfect Victoria Sponge
15,571 views - 02/19/18
How To Make The Perfect Victoria Sponge A classic sponge can be used to make various cakes, the most common being a delicious Victoria...
Chicken Broccoli Bake
5,743 views - 02/19/18
This is a simple and delicious meal that’s hearty and packed with flavour. It’s easily doubled and freezes well, so perfect for stowing...
Bunny Butt Cupcakes
1,976 views - 02/19/18
Bunny Butt Cupcakes. Kids are going to love making these cute bunny butt cupcakes! You can bake everything from scratch using our easy...
Chicken Cacciatore
3,556 views - 02/19/18
Chicken Cacciatore – A classic Italian dish that’s hearty, warming and easy to make. Using only chicken breast also makes this a...
Creamy Pesto Chicken
3,399 views - 02/19/18
Creamy Pesto Chicken – This recipe dresses up a chicken dinner with little fuss! Tender chicken breasts and juicy plum tomatoes with a...
3 ingredient Microwave Chocolate Brownie
5,099 views - 02/07/18
We have teamed up with Irish blogger Michelle Hunt aka Peachy Palate to bring you a mini series of recipe videos. In this video you will...
Healthy Veggie Nuggets
2,503 views - 01/30/18
We have teamed up with Irish blogger Michelle Hunt aka Peachy Palate to bring you a mini series of recipe videos .Crispy on the outside,...
Honey & Soy Chicken Wings
3,536 views - 01/22/18
We have teamed up with Michelle Hunt AKA Peachy Palate to create a mini series of 4 quick and easy recipes. Crispy Baked Honey Glazed...
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Donuts
2,486 views - 01/18/18
We have teamed up with Irish blogger Michelle Hunt aka Peachy Palate to bring you a mini series of recipe videos. First up is her Peanut...
How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass
9,642,690 views - 12/15/17
*** We've collected some of the most-asked questions from your comments on Patrick's bread videos and put them to him in this Q&A. We...
A White Bread Masterclass
280,061 views - 11/24/17
Here is the first of our two part bread masterclass with Patrick Ryan. Get the full recipe here...
Christmas Showstopper Cake
3,062 views - 11/17/17
A Gold Glittering Christmas Showstopper Cake. The sponge is lightly spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon and the frosting is flavoured with...
Snowy Road Bars
1,421 views - 11/14/17
A little twist on the traditional rocky road - snowy road. These little bites of deliciousness its made using white chocolate, crushed...
Hot Chocolate Float
1,930 views - 11/10/17
If you are a hot chocolate fan you will love these hot chocolate floats. Simply make your hot chocolate, dip your glass in chocolate...
Healthier Treats For Kids: Chocolate Bark
1,461 views - 11/06/17
In our Healthier Treats For Kids series with leading cookbook author Sharon Hearne Smith we have a collection of amazing delicious treats...
Minty choco-mole mousse pots
1,019 views - 10/26/17
In our Chef Recipe Series with Sharon Hearne Smith we will focus on Healthier Treats For kids. This Minty choco-mole mousse pots recipe...
Healthier Treats For Kids: Raspberry & Coconut Eggs
816 views - 10/26/17
In our Chef Recipe Series with Sharon Hearne Smith she will show you how to make delicious healthier treats for kids. These Raspberry &...
Healthy Oat Raisin Cookies
3,191 views - 10/23/17
I Love Cooking have teamed up with leading Irish chef Sharon Hearne Smith to bring you our Chef Recipe Series: Healthier Treats For Kids....
Healthy Granola Bars with Sharon Hearne Smith
1,563 views - 10/12/17
In our Chef Recipe Series with Sharon Hearne Smith we focus on healthier treats for kids. Check out these Gusty Granola Bars! They are...
Blackberry & Banana Muffins
2,534 views - 09/27/17
I Love Cooking have teamed up with leading Irish chef Sharon Hearne Smith to bring you our Chef Recipe Series: Healthier Treats For Kids....
Chef Recipe Series: Catherine Fulvio's  Red Wine & Grape Focaccia
1,816 views - 09/20/17
Sweet ripe grapes carmelise forming a slightly crispy top to this focaccia that the @CatherineFulvio's #Focaccia #bookclub #baking .
Chef Recipe Series: Catherine Fulvio's Chicken Hot Pot
6,808 views - 09/14/17
Catherine Fulvio's Chicken Hot Pot recipe is the perfect one pot wonder. It is healthy, nutritious and a great family meal. This one is...
Mixed Berry Smoothie
655 views - 09/06/17
A quick & easy breakfast. Healthy too. Check out for more recipes
I Love Cooking Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio's Carbonara
1,760 views - 09/04/17
With just a few ingredients this is an easy to make midweek meal and is simplicity at its best. Catherine's Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is...
Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio's Panna cotta with Plum & Berry Compote
691 views - 08/11/17
I Love Cooking presents our very first Chef Series with leading Irish chef Catherine. Learn how to make this delicious Panna Cotta with...
Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio's  Beetroot & Proscuitto Salad
1,167 views - 08/11/17
I Love Cooking's chef series with Catherine Fulvio presents a beautiful fresh, Beetroot & Proscuitto Salad with Orange Dressing
Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio's Bellini
542 views - 08/11/17
Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio Bellini
I Love Cooking Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio's Baked Cod
1,929 views - 08/11/17
I Love Cooking Chef Series: Catherine Fulvio Baked Cod
Lemon & Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner
3,151 views - 07/06/17
Lemon & Rosemary Vinegar Cleaner You may not be aware but in your cupboard, you have one of the most powerful cleaning agents – Vinegar!...
Slow Cooker Five Spice Pulled Pork
1,901 views - 05/23/17
Our slow cooker 5 spice pulled pork is great for family gatherings or parties. It take minimal effort and tastes amazing. Why not try...
Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Brownie Cake
1,076 views - 05/23/17
Slow Cooker Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Cake is the ultimate indulgent dessert! What’s even better it can all be done in a slow...
Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Ribs
689 views - 05/23/17
Our slow cooker ribs are really tender and are great to prepare ahead of BBQ’s. You can finish them off on the BBQ to get that smokey...
Manor Farm Chicken Meatballs
810 views - 05/09/17
A healthy family dinner of Manor Farm Meatballs with Courgetti
How To Make A Unicorn Cake
23,039 views - 05/04/17
Learn how to make our unicorn cake. It is a lot easier than it looks. Get this recipe and lots more over on
Slow Cooker White Wine Chicken Casserole
5,738 views - 04/10/17
Our slow cooker chicken casserole is the perfect family meal. Slow cooking is great when you are preparing meals in advance. They take...
Slow Cooker Beef & Guinness Stew
3,609 views - 04/10/17
Slow Cooker Beef & Guinness Stew. This hearty stew is the ultimate comfort food! While this recipe does require a little more preparation...
Sticky Toffee Pudding
629 views - 02/10/17
Sticky toffee pudding is a classic! A sweet, rich caramel flavoured pudding served warm with a generous smothering of toffee sauce, it’s...
Frozen Berry Breakfast
1,023 views - 12/20/16
A fun twist on adding fruit to your breakfast is to add frozen fruit, it’s like having bites of fruity ice-pops! Berries are particularly...
How To Make Royal Icing
2,063 views - 12/07/16
Royal Icing This versatile icing can be used to decorate cookies or used to ice details on fondant covered cakes, or, can be used as...
How To Cover A Cake With Marzipan
1,057 views - 12/07/16
Learn how to cover any cake using marzipan. See for more tips and recipes
Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
903 views - 12/05/16
Mrs Claus Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. These delicious oatmeal cookies are crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle. They're...
Minty Hot Chocolate
523 views - 12/01/16
Minty Hot Chocolate. Something to warm your fingers and toes, a lovely hot mug of minty hot chocolate made with real chocolate, milk and...
How to Make A Christmas Fruitcake
2,557 views - 11/02/16
Christmas Fruitcake This fruitcake recipe is perfect in every way. It’s packed full of flavour, and, you don’t need an electric mixer to...
How to make Chicken Parmigiana
1,517 views - 10/19/16
How to make Chicken Parmigiana
Chocolate Apple Pops
7,681 views - 10/04/16
Chocolate Apple Lollipops. Your kids are going to love these treats! Slices of apple dipped in chocolate, then drizzled with more...
Pinata Cake
2,046 views - 08/23/16
Piñata Cake - What could be better than a big cake? How about a big cake filled with chocolates or sweets? This fun cake is easy to make...
Lemon Drizzle Loaf
3,016 views - 07/27/16
Lemon Drizzle Loaf is probably one of the nation's most favourite baked treat! And this recipe will soon become your favourite too. It's...
Quick Massaman Curry
2,410 views - 06/28/16
Massaman curry is quite simple to make and our version is made even better with a quick cooking time. No more two hour waits for this...
Sharon Hearne Smith The No Cook Cookbook
465 views - 06/22/16
Sharon Hearne Smith's Chicken Kofta recipe from The No Cook Cookbook
Scotch Creme Eggs
596 views - 03/22/16
Scotch Creme Eggs These fun versions of Scotch eggs are actually sweet! They're no bake and easy to make, so kids will love making them....
Apple Crumble for Two
1,414 views - 02/04/16
Learn how to make an easy apple crumble for two. Get this and many more recipes on
How To Make A Berry Trifle
30,606 views - 12/18/15
Learn how to make a really easy berry trifle. Get the full recipe on