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ASMR Dip Pen Calligraphy Writing | Old Norse Myth Kings | Beowulf
51,312 views - 01/16/20
Writing down the Ynglings dynasty and Scylfings semi-legendary royal clan. Swedish accent Binaural Soft Spoken video, including a lot of...
The History of ASMR 2010-2020 | feat. WhisperingLife
61,610 views - 01/06/20
Special Guest Appearance by first ASMRtist WhisperingLife: 55:02 History Ramble about the 2010s - the decade when the ASMR community blew...
ASMR 1hr Google Maps Bus Ride Part 5 | Deep Voice
44,959 views - 12/30/19
Happy 2020! After the New Year’s party, enjoy this slow, almost endless imaginary night bus ride through Sweden. Including maps, reading...
ASMR 1hr Tracing old Maps of Sweden and Stockholm | History
74,439 views - 12/19/19
More than one hour of Map Reading. Tracing historical borders and places. Zooming in, unfolding fragile city maps. Binaural Soft spoken...
ASMR 1hr The Witcher | Drawing Map on Cloth Canvas | Deep Voice
170,756 views - 12/08/19
Binaural Soft Spoken in a Swedish accent. A lot of fabric scratching sounds as I draw the Northern Kingdoms from The Witcher on a Duck...
ASMR 1hr Fast Tapping on 11,063 Names (Highly Requested)
387,429 views - 11/28/19
Can’t believe how many requests I’ve got for making this compilation video! One hour of fast tapping on the usernames of the supporters...
ASMR 1hr Geography Quiz + iPad Tapping | Deep Voice
197,799 views - 11/20/19
More than one hour of geography quizzes, played on iPad. Practicing and trying to learn more about the states, provinces and regions of...
ASMR Podcast Launch! Handwriting Long URL | Drawing Thumbnail
56,461 views - 11/07/19
ASMRctica is now on Spotify and iTunes! (Links shown below). Some audio content will be exclusively posted in the podcast. In this video...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Map of Michigan | History
121,247 views - 10/23/19
Binaural Soft Spoken in a Swedish accent. Featuring drawing, painting, writing, pointing, talking about Michigan’s history, Native...
ASMR Learn How To Meditate | Ramble + 20 minutes quiet Meditation
38,425 views - 10/15/19
Soft Spoken Rambling in Swedish accent. For quite some time I’ve been thinking about starting to meditate regularly, and finally I...
ASMR Lord of the Rings | Drawing Doors of Durin | Elvish Writing
125,246 views - 09/29/19
Drawing a replica of Tolkien’s illustration from ’The Lord of the Rings’, showing the Moria gate and ancient elvish letters. Swedish...
ASMR 1hr Exploring Mars | History & Globe Tracing | Drawing Martians
168,231 views - 09/11/19
Soft Spoken video about the History of Mars, from formation to exploration. Telescopes, albedo features, rovers and mysterious canals....
ASMR 1hr Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit | Dip Pen Drawing Thror's Map
830,178 views - 08/22/19
Vintage Middle Earth map from The Hobbit. Swedish accent Binaural Soft Spoken video, including a lot of soothing scraping and scratching...
ASMR Shipping Forecast | Deep Voice Reading in Swedish | Svenska Sjörapporten
63,614 views - 08/16/19
Map tracing and Binaural Soft Spoken reading inside a boathouse two Marine & Coastal Weather Forecasts, one from August 2019 followed by...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Map of Iceland | History Sagas Vikings
147,331 views - 08/04/19
Binaural Soft Spoken in a Swedish accent. Featuring stories about early Viking voyages and the first settlements on Iceland - to help you...
ASMR Map of German Confederation 1815 | Pointer Tracing
162,569 views - 07/26/19
Soft spoken Historical atlas video about the 39 original states of the German Confederation - in a Swedish accent and with a lot of...
ASMR Drawing Map of Brazil Part 2 | History | Drawing Flag
86,802 views - 07/07/19
Showing you the map of Brazil. Deep voice Binaural speaking slowly in a Swedish accent about the Bio diversity, National Parks,...
ASMR Drawing Map of Brazil Part 1 | Soft Spoken
234,819 views - 06/30/19
1 hour Map drawing, while Deep voice Binaural speaking slowly in a Swedish accent. Featuring state borders, rivers, capital cities and...
ASMR Reading Map of Central Europe in 1378 | Soft Spoken
347,841 views - 06/13/19
Tracing with pointer in an old Historical Atlas, the medieval European Kingdoms, Duchies and Counties, while Binaural Soft speaking in a...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Map of Texas | History of Flags
273,960 views - 05/30/19
Drawing the map of Texas on a notebook cover, while Binaural Soft speaking in a Swedish accent, drawing historical flags and talking...
ASMR 1hr Reading Swedish Board Game Instructions | Deep Voice
41,551 views - 05/23/19
Let me bore you to sleep by reading the rules to 3 Board Games in Swedish: ”Tabu”, ”Femettan” and ”My Little Pony Drömslottet”....
ASMR 2hrs Drawing Game of Thrones Map - Essos | with Sea Monster
271,507 views - 05/17/19
2 Hours of Drawing the GOT continent of Essos and surrounding areas, Binaural Soft spoken in a Swedish accent - to help you relax and...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Map of Antarctica | History of Exploration
163,026 views - 05/13/19
Binaural Soft speaking in Swedish accent while drawing Antarctica, close up writing, and talking about the discovery of this continent,...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Game of Thrones Map - Westeros | Soft Spoken
752,494 views - 04/25/19
Drawing the GOT continent of Westeros, rivers, mountains, region borders and capitals, while Binaural Soft speaking in Swedish accent -...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Map of the USA | Soft Spoken
589,210 views - 04/11/19
Drawing the United States of America, rivers, mountains state borders, while Deep voice Soft speaking in Swedish accent - to help you...
ASMR Deep Voice Reading Maps from 1895 Atlas - using Loupe
292,618 views - 04/01/19
Flipping through an old swedish atlas from 1895. Tracing, reading and rambling about Africa and South America in a swedish accent soft...
Why is ASMR so popular? | Vlog reply to Let’s Find Out +Tapping on Markers
58,094 views - 03/28/19
A Soft Spoken Rambling reply to ’vlog about vlogs’ from Let’s Find Out ASMR, while drawing and tapping on a box of markers. Ending with...
ASMRctica ASMR Now on the Tingles App | Drawing on Notebook Cover
66,938 views - 03/25/19
Now you can find my videos on Tingles - The ASMR app. It’s not going to change anything here, I’ll keep uploading videos as usual. If...
ASMR Try Finding Calm in Crisis | Maps of Utrecht and Christchurch + Gentle Rain Sounds
49,916 views - 03/18/19
I will donate all revenues from this video to MSF and ICRC. This is a Soft spoken ASMR video intended for Sleep Aid and Anxiety Relief....
ASMR Time Zones Map Tapping | Deep Voice Soft Spoken
109,877 views - 03/14/19
Binaural Rambling in Swedish accent about the Time Zones of the world, while tapping and tracing on the iPad World Clock Map - to help...
ASMR 1+ Hour Drawing Map of Australia | Binaural Soft Spoken
140,735 views - 03/03/19
Deep voice Soft speaking in Swedish accent - while Drawing the map of Australia - to help you relax and sleep....
ASMR Fall asleep to Pi (π) 3,14... Tile Wall Tracing Soft Spoken in English
31,450 views - 02/19/19
1 hour Tile wall Tapping, Tracing, Scratching on Street number signs - City sounds Sleep aid - Soft spoken in English...
ASMR What Do Tingles Feel Like? | Tree Bark Tapping | Rambling
32,403 views - 02/12/19
How would you describe tingles? 1 hour Soft spoken Ramble video about my experience of Brain tingles and ASMR, recorded from a tree in a...
ASMR 1 Hour Drawing Map of Italy | Soft Spoken Binaural
223,729 views - 01/17/19
Deep voice English/Italian Soft speaking in Swedish accent - while Drawing the map of Italy - to help you relax and sleep. ASMR Map of...
How Does ASMR Help You? Part 1 | Rain & Nature Sounds inside a Tent
26,499 views - 01/11/19
Thank you so much for your fantastic replies to the question I asked you some time ago: ”How do ASMR videos in general help you through...
ASMR Swedish Positive Affirmations | Du Duger | Close-Up Ear-to-Ear
31,010 views - 01/06/19
The swedish word ’duga’ means to be good enough just as you are. Personal attention video containing binaural whispering after some...
ASMR Google Maps Bus Ride Part 4 | Soft Spoken 1 Hour+
53,154 views - 12/30/18
Happy new year! After the party, enjoy this slow, almost endless imaginary night bus ride through Sweden. Including maps, reading out bus...
ASMR Practicing Japanese Hiragana Characters ひらがな Soft Spoken
32,078 views - 12/24/18
Trying to learn all Hiragana by reading and handwriting on my tablet. Also Soft spoken rambling in a Swedish accent deep voice about my...
ASMR | Chalkboard handwriting music notes of famous song | Deep voice Soft spoken
21,406 views - 12/20/18
Humming as I try to remember the melody and harmonies of a famous portuguese fado song. Also trying to remember how to write sheet music...
ASMR Maths + History Pt 2 | Calculator Memorizing Tapping Reading
33,178 views - 11/30/18
More than 1 hour of calculator tapping, pointing & tracing, concentrating on math, plastic sleeve crinkling, reading in Swedish from an...
ASMR 1hr Swedish - Maps - Cough drops | Tingle Overdose Sleep Aid
98,611 views - 10/31/18
Soft Spoken, with an extra deep voice (due to a cold), I want to read to you in Swedish about the industrial history of Nacka, just...
ASMR History+Math Pt1 The Swedish Mayflower pin | Sleep or Study help
54,864 views - 10/24/18
1 hour of gentle plastic crinkles, pointing & tracing, calculator tapping, old book page flipping, history & nerdy collection show &...
ASMR Huge Atlas Collab Ep 5
21,361 views - 10/08/18
Featuring tingles with flyby, Gaslamp, Let’s Find Out and ASMRctica. Let’s explore the maps in our world atlases together, looking up...
ASMR Math 1hr Calculating How Many Dots Pt 2 | Gauss Sum | Soft Spoken
215,025 views - 10/01/18
Before I count them all, I decided (inspired by your comments) to try to calculate how many dots there are on this tray. Writing on the...
ASMR Drawing Map of Europe (With Cough Drop) Part 2
92,912 views - 09/27/18
Let me show you what I did to get 1M views, in this soft spoken meta video about my channel’s by far most viewed video, uploaded in 2016....
The ASMR Tag | 25 Questions + Nougat Carving
41,730 views - 09/23/18
I was challenged to do this Q&A that Gibi started on Sep 1st, and I’m so honored to be able to take part in this Tag series :) As usual...
ASMR 1hr Drawing Map of France | Binaural Soft Spoken
397,536 views - 09/09/18
Deep voice English/French Soft speaking in Swedish accent - while Drawing the map of France - to help you relax and sleep. The map...
ASMR Guess how many dots! Counting in Swedish Pt 1 | Deep voice Binaural Sleep Aid
47,692 views - 08/21/18
All the dots on this tray I found, made me start to wonder How many, more precisely… So in this video I start to count them in a quiet...
ASMR Writing on Garbage bags + Ramble about new ASMR favorites | Binaural Soft Spoken
29,228 views - 08/15/18
I want to share with you which ASMRtists I’ve watched and listened to most frequently this summer, and do shout-outs for some favorite...
ASMR 30 Triggers in 30 Minutes | Instagram Compilation #1
16,687 views - 08/09/18
Check out my Instagram @asmrctica for Daily ASMR videos in July & August! This is a compilation of 33 1-minute ASMR videos posted on...
ASMR 1 Hour Drawing Map of Glasgow Public Transportation System | Binaural Soft Spoken
90,059 views - 08/03/18
Deep voice Soft speaking in Swedish accent - while Drawing the map of Railways, Bus lines and Metro system in Glasgow, Scotland - to help...
ASMR Treehouse Old Wooden Plank Tracing | Thanks Gibi for the Shoutout
29,064 views - 07/18/18
Old Wooden Plank Tracing & Tapping starts at 9:46. I’d like to thank Gibi ASMR for her nice shoutout, in this Treehouse ramble + Wooden...
ASMR Outdoors | Writing your names Pt 2 | Cough Drop | Thanks for all support
28,428 views - 07/01/18
Follow me on Instagram @asmrctica for Daily ASMR videos in July & August! I’m back in the forest in the archipelago, and would once again...
ASMR Outdoors | 3D Imprints of the Forest | Rambling + Calming Nature
22,634 views - 06/20/18
Nature sounds, Birds and Deep voice soft speaking while strolling through the woods in early summer morning. Looking for small items to...
ASMR Drawing | Top 6 Most Subscribed YT ASMRtists portrayed | Congrats Gibi on 1M
49,825 views - 06/12/18
My homage to the ASMR community! Drawing Fan Art portraits of the creators behind the 1M+ Subbed YT ASMR Channels*: Gibi ASMR, ASMR...
ASMR Binaural Pyjama Ramble | Social Anxiety and Work
30,545 views - 06/09/18
See you on my new Twitter and Instagram! I’m also asking you an important question, rambling about how Social Anxiety has affected my...
ASMR Huge Atlas Collab Ep 1
22,597 views - 06/04/18
(Featuring tingles with flyby, Gaslamp, Let’s Find Out and ASMRctica.) Let’s explore the maps in our world atlases together, looking up...
ASMR Deep voice Reading from Difficult Book in Swedish | Binaural
375,856 views - 06/02/18
Fall asleep instantly as I read in Swedish from this very challenging philosophy book from 1781, Critique of Pure Reason, by Immanuel...
ASMR Writing your names | Mint Drop | Thanks for your comments
29,349 views - 05/28/18
I’d like to thank you for all your amazingly supportive comments in this deep voice soft spoken handwriting video, recorded both indoors...
ASMR 1+ Hour Drawing Map of Germany Soft Spoken
326,411 views - 05/19/18
Drawing the map of Germany while soft speaking in a Deep voice Swedish accent for Sleep Aid Relaxation. In the end some page flipping in...
ASMR Handwriting famous song lyrics in Portuguese | Escrita em Português | Binaural Soft Spoken
15,712 views - 05/11/18
Writing down the lyrics to one of my favourite songs in portuguese: Gaivota, written by Alexandre O'Neill. Deep voice swedish accent...
ASMR Ramble about creating video content from Lisbon, Portugal   Soft Spoken
14,291 views - 05/05/18
Deep voice vlogging from this beautiful city about some video ideas I’m currently working on. Thanks for all fantastic support to this...
ASMR Welcome to visit my new Patreon page! Tile Wall Tracing Soft Spoken
40,577 views - 04/28/18
My Patreon: is introduced in this City Street Ambience Soft Speaking and pencil tapping video. A...
ASMR Whisper GeoStalkr Google Earth Searching Game, collab with Indiee ASMR
50,753 views - 04/23/18
Hi, I’m so proud to present Indiee ASMR in our first collaboration video. Playing a game we call GeoStalkr, using Google Maps, quietly...
ASMR Star Globe + Orpheus and Eurydice Myth Soft Spoken
31,298 views - 04/15/18
Hi! Today I’d like to tell you this ancient greek story in swedish accent and deep voice for sleep aid relaxation. It’s amazing how much...
ASMR Swedish Desert Island in Ice. Winter sounds + some Soft speaking
18,355 views - 04/11/18
Exploring a deserted island by walking on ice - Relaxing nature sounds from snow, feet, birds, trains, tapping + Soft spoken Show & tell...
ASMR Relief World Map - Soft spoken History of the Continental Plates
305,131 views - 04/02/18
Talking about what I’ve learned so far about the historic movements of the tectonic plates of the earth – in this Soft Spoken Geography...
ASMR Last Therapy Session: Social Media Addiction Ramble + Old cell phone Gameplay
23,454 views - 03/25/18
Thank you so much for showing such amazing support to my last 2 videos, and sharing your stories, thoughts and views on depression and...
ASMR Dealing with Social Anxiety Ramble (Soft Spoken Positivity)
15,175 views - 03/22/18
Thank you so much for showing such amazing support to my latest video, and to me. It’s been fantastic to read your comments, your stories...
ASMR I’ve got nothing to complain about, but I still do (Soft Spoken Negativity)
15,152 views - 03/19/18
A very different video in confession / diary style. Actually not sure if it’s relaxing at all, but if there’s just one person out there...
ASMR The geographical shape of Sweden - Soft Spoken
33,891 views - 03/07/18
New Series Announcement in this channel update! I would also like to show you some FanArt, and the map of Sweden from an old atlas. Some...
ASMR Night Sky Map Drawing | Northern celestial hemisphere
63,636 views - 02/24/18
Constellation & Star Map on Chalkboard – Soft Spoken ASMR video for Sleep Aid Relaxation I’m learning to navigate through the Northern...
ASMR Let’s Find Out / ASMRctica Collaboration: Grocery List
19,147 views - 02/16/18
The other part of this collab can be found here: Let’s Find Out’s ASMR Youtube channel:...
ASMR Drawing 10.000 Dots for 10.000 Subs! Thanks to you all!
25,640 views - 02/09/18
Marker pen tapping for Sleep Aid Relaxation – Soft Spoken. When I first started this channel I could never in my life imagine that it...
ASMR Metro Map of Stockholm - Soft spoken Geography Show and Tell
50,126 views - 02/03/18
Showing you the subway map of Stockholm while rambling in a soft spoken voice. Counting stations and reading the names - Tracing metro...
ASMR Mysterious Box & Microphone Stand - Tapping, Scratching, Show & Tell
9,445 views - 01/24/18
Just wanted to show you some new recording equipment, and a fiberboard box that quite surprisingly was able to produce some amazing...
ASMR Drawing map of Canada - Soft spoken Sleep Aid
200,118 views - 01/14/18
Extra Drop 21:38 Skip Extra Drop 29:34 Drawing a map of the northern part of the North American continent, in this Geography Show and...
ASMR Old map of Sweden with Distance Calculator - Soft Spoken - Part 1
82,245 views - 01/08/18
Extra Drop 20:03 Skip Extra Drop 28:09 I present a vintage give away card from an old gas station, calculating distances between some...
ASMR Swedish Lucia songs and Game & Watch Nostalgia
10,356 views - 12/13/17
Sleep Aid Relaxation - Humming some traditional swedish songs for celebrating Lucia 12/13, while playing Donkey Kong 2, the vintage &...
ASMR Earth Globe Soft Spoken Show And Tell - Part 2 (Nearly 1 hour)
54,144 views - 11/30/17
Skip Intro 1:06 Globe exploring starts at 9:43 Relaxing Global Scalp Massage 38:40 Thank you all for watching my videos and supporting...
ASMR Two Swedish Stories translated into English -Reading Book Part 2
20,492 views - 11/22/17
5:31 1st Story Translated 20:04 2nd Story Translated Translation#2 might be a little less stumbling than the first one… so check 20:04...
ASMR One Hour Treexploring - Autumn Woods, Sounds of leaves, Soft Spoken
20,271 views - 11/15/17
Chapter Time Stamps: 10:18 Juniper Tree 14:05 Pine Tree 20:37 Deep Moss 23:43 Fir Tree 26:13 Rotten Stub 34:43 Apple 43:47 Moss covered...
ASMR Drawing Map of Great Britain & Ireland - Soft spoken
145,563 views - 11/07/17
Skip Intro 1:38 Map Drawing starts at 12:50 I learn geography and draw a map of Ireland and the United Kingdom while soft speaking -...
My favorite ASMR Artists Ramble - Soft Spoken, Hand movements, Graphite pencil on nails
18,514 views - 10/27/17
I’d like to share with you my favorite ASMR Youtube channels for the moment, and why. A lot of Map video recommendations rambling, but...
ASMR Boathouse - Rain outdoors, Calming sea waves, Soft Spoken Sleep Aid
20,453 views - 10/19/17
Open Air Ancient book show and tell, and some swedish reading. Sounds from rain falling on trees, page flipping, and gentle sea waves...
ASMR Halloween Special 2017 - Whispered Reading & Candy Crinkles 🎃
19,141 views - 10/13/17
Book reading starts at 7:03 As Halloween is approaching, I’m reading 'The Juniper Tree' - one of Brothers Grimm’s most horrifying Fairy...
ASMR Learning by Drawing Map of the US - Soft Spoken
202,368 views - 10/03/17
I learn geography and draw a map of the United States of America while soft speaking - Sleep Aid Relaxation including Soothing Pencil,...
ASMRctica ASMR Channel Trailer
7,478 views - 09/28/17
Allow your Self to be More Relaxed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Donations: If you enjoy the content I create for this channel, and would...
ASMR By the sea - Sitting on the dock of the bay Watching the tide, Tracing clouds
14,053 views - 09/24/17
Open Air Clouds Show and Tell - Map tracing, Soft spoken Sleep Aid Relaxation ———————————————————————————————— ►socials:...
ASMR Multilingual - Learn Swedish - Teacher - Glasses - Beard scratching - Stamps
34,901 views - 09/16/17
Learn some Swedish words and grammar. Stamp / Francobollo / Timbre / Briefmarke Sounds, Writing Sleep Aid Relaxation - Soft spoken...
ASMR In the forest 3 - Open Air Close Up Pencil drawing - Soft spoken Sleep Aid
19,783 views - 09/10/17
Drawing a landscape picture outside with graphite pen on paper. Close up view and stereo sound. Sea waves, wind in the trees. Sleep Aid...
ASMR In the forest 2 - Looking for Blueberries - Sleep Aid Relaxation
13,152 views - 09/04/17
Peaceful forest sounds, Walking in the woods, Soft spoken, Sea waves, wind in the trees 1st part of this series:...
ASMR In the forest 1 - Pencil drawing sound - Soft spoken Sleep Aid Relaxation
14,438 views - 08/29/17
Drawing a landscape picture outside with graphite pencil on paper. Sea waves, wind in the trees ————————————————————————————————...
ASMR Favorite Vinyl Record - Soft Spoken - Humming - Drawing
24,496 views - 08/23/17
Skip Countdown Intro 2:25 Showing you my all time favorite record album: ”The kick inside”, by Kate Bush. Sleep Aid Relaxation Video...
ASMR Drawing Map of the World - Orange Peel - Cough Drop - Soft Spoken
166,990 views - 08/17/17
Using Earth Globe as reference, I draw a world map on paper and orange peel while soft speaking - Sleep Aid Relaxation including Soothing...
ASMR +Bonus 6min Story of a Cough Drop - Audio Only No Talking
7,168 views - 08/15/17
Audio recording for the background track to ASMR Google Maps Bus Ride - Part 3: It hit me...
ASMR Google Maps Bus Ride - Part 3 (1 hour long)
44,240 views - 08/12/17
A long, slow, imaginary Night Bus Ride through Sweden. Sleep Aid Relaxation - Including Soft Speaking – Reading Maps - White Noise from...
ASMR Reading from a Book - Soft Spoken - Part 1
19,970 views - 08/07/17
Thank you all for watching my videos and subscribing! I could never in my life imagine that my videos could attract 350 000 views and...
ASMR New Sound: Button Snap Tapping - Receipt Crinkling & Reading German Ad - Sleep Aid
30,997 views - 02/12/16
Also in this video: Soft speaking - Counting on fingers - Sleep Aid Relaxation - Clicking & Snapping on Buttons - Receipt & Paper reading...
ASMR Drawing Map of Europe - Soft Spoken - With Cough Drop
1,230,940 views - 02/10/16
Freehand Drawing the coastline, national borders and capitals — Non-exact from memory - Soothing Pencil Sounds and some Paper Tapping....
ASMR Earth Globe Soft Spoken Show And Tell
175,378 views - 02/08/16
Showing all the countries in Europe, and some states in US - Sleep Aid Relaxation - Tapping - Cough Drop. Hope you enjoy! Back from nap?...