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ASMR Super Fast Haircut for MAXIMUM Tingles
105,197 views - 12/11/19
A super-fast ASMR haircut which will send shivers down your spine and give you intense tingles! This video has NO TALKING and will use...
ASMR For Instant Sleep (not clickbait)
275,480 views - 12/09/19
Tonight's 40 minute ASMR sound assortment uses 3 different microphones to help you relax and fall asleep! This video uses the 3DIO, Blue...
ASMR worst reviewed plastic surgeon
234,053 views - 12/07/19
pls rate five stars if you think i gave a good nose job. hehehehe. Tonight's ASMR video is another Worst reviewed roleplay! This video...
ASMR 12 Triggers To Make You Sleep Instantly
249,409 views - 12/05/19
Hey hey! Welcome to this incredibly sleep inducing video! Tonight's ASMR video has 12 triggers for sleep! If you have insomnia, sleep...
[ASMR] finally, some good freaking food
152,341 views - 12/03/19
Hey do you want some? I'm only gonna share if you like the video.. Instagram: Disclaimer: ***...
Top 10 ASMR Triggers for Sleep
343,193 views - 12/01/19
Can't sleep? No worries! Jojo's got ya the top 10 ASMR triggers for sleep, tingles and relaxation! This video includes less talking but...
ASMR for people who want tingles
378,842 views - 11/29/19
Can't get tingles? Jojo's got you covered with this long sound assortment for both tingles and sleep! Please enjoy this long video with...
ASMR how to fall asleep in 5 minutes
428,245 views - 11/27/19
Sorry for the gross thumbnail HAHAHA. I've been so excited to do this video! Tonight's video is all about the secret technique I've used...
ASMR WORST reviewed game store
384,688 views - 11/25/19
bro i legit broke my Nintendo DSi for this, please smash like Instagram: Disclaimer: *** This...
Sleepiest ASMR Triggers  💤
303,476 views - 11/23/19
Tonight we have a sound assortment of new triggers for your sleep and relaxation! Pls smash like so I can get my horse a saddle. Cheers...
Tingliest ASMR Ever
302,704 views - 11/21/19
You Tingle? You Lose! Welcome to my tingliest ASMR video yet! I really do feel like this one will give so many of you guys tingles! Let's...
Extremely Sensitive ASMR For Sleep
752,275 views - 11/19/19
Oh hi! If you can't fall asleep, then you should watch this video! This video has tons of uber relaxing triggers which will guarantee...
hey, that's pretty good ASMR
197,761 views - 11/17/19
hahahaha its very tingly and will probably help you sleep! This video was just me testing my Rode mics to see if they still worked! This...
99.9% of YOU will sleep to this ASMR video
331,184 views - 11/15/19
Tonight we have a 50 minute long sound assortment using three different microphones! The Blue Yeti, 3DIO and Rode mics! Please enjoy and...
ASMR worst reviewed tsa agent
398,115 views - 11/13/19
pls rate 5 stars so I can fly first class. Tonight the worst reviewed TSA agent goes through your luggage before you board your flight!...
ASMR for Tingle Noobs
236,432 views - 11/12/19
Extremely sensitive ASMR is back and better than ever! Please enjoy this highly tingly mouth sound centred video!! Timestamps will be in...
ASMR Sleep Treatment
250,880 views - 11/10/19
This ASMR video is for people who can't sleep. If you're one of those people who are experiencing insomnia then look no further! Tonight...
ASMR chill barber shop
272,535 views - 11/08/19
A classic asmr haircut at your local late-night barber shop! Enjoy! Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR For People Who Don't Get Tingles
260,360 views - 11/07/19
Ora ora. You think you'll get through this video without tingles? Think again! Tonight we give you some intense tingles and help you...
ASMR worst reviewed starbucks
535,342 views - 11/04/19
rate five stars so we can afford to make coffee here. Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR Go to Sleep Please 💤
390,166 views - 11/03/19
go to sleep right now pls. Tonight we have some inaudible whispering with some relaxing and tingle inducing hand movements! This video...
SUPER Fast & Aggressive ASMR
211,563 views - 11/01/19
This is some pretty hardcore fast and aggressive ASMR which will stimulate tingles! Please enjoy this high-energy, super tingly video!...
ASMR tapping for sleep
165,767 views - 10/30/19
Hi guys I like to make tapping sounds. Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR BEST reviewed sleep clinic
382,904 views - 10/28/19
Need sleep? Welcome to the five star sleep clinic! It looks like you've had a rough time with some worst reviewed doctors... well no...
[ASMR] Guaranteed Tingles
310,837 views - 10/26/19
The ultimate brain scratch and mouth sound video to send shivers down your spine. People have been requesting witches fingers to make a...
ASMR for Instant Sleep 💤
346,409 views - 10/24/19
Can't sleep? Well look no further! This video has very little to no talking and features the new Blue Yeti X microphone! Please like the...
ASMR worst reviewed face painter
671,139 views - 10/22/19
rate five stars or i will paint a willy on your face. Instagram: Patreon:...
fastest ASMR mouth sounds
400,470 views - 10/20/19
the mouth sound video to end all mouth sound videos. Check out sufficient whispers for the great ideas:...
ASMR new sleepy triggers 💤
408,963 views - 10/18/19
all new asmr triggers for sleep, tingles and relaxation! Pls smash like if you enjoyed and got shum sleep! Thanks so much for watching as...
Extremely Layered ASMR
255,811 views - 10/16/19
Huge shoutouts to Johie for being an absolute STAR at helping me with these layered sounds! ASMR has layers. Just like ONIONS. Feel free...
ASMR worst reviewed ear exam
775,732 views - 10/14/19
rate 5 stars or ill do the worst yo mama joke. Instagram: Patreon:...
[ASMR] fall asleep in 25 minutes
355,671 views - 10/12/19
please go to sleep right now or i'm telling mum thanks bye. Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR giving you a braingasm
302,028 views - 10/10/19
A super tingly sound assortment for sleep and chills! I hope you enjoy and remember to like if so! Instagram:...
ASMR the most tingles you'll ever have
562,732 views - 10/08/19
A fifty minute ASMR super-sound assortment using three different microphones! Please feel free to use this video for tingles and sleep!...
ASMR inaudible whispers  💤
334,511 views - 10/06/19
its ya boi Caesar Mulan Salad, the doggo whisperer! Instagram: Patreon:...
background ASMR for sleep, study, gaming, work  etc
365,810 views - 10/04/19
you dont have to watch this ASMR video. Feel free to continue doing whatever you were doing before clicking on this video! Instagram:...
ASMR worst reviewed flight attendant
753,966 views - 10/02/19
please rate five stars or the plane will crash. Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles
586,668 views - 09/30/19
Can't get tingles? Tonight we're getting rid of tingle immunity for good! We have a sound assortment with two microphones; the blue yeti...
ASMR eating your toxic thoughts
472,482 views - 09/28/19
This ASMR video has tons of mouth sounds y'all. Tonight we're doing some personal attention, where we "eat" all your negative thoughts!...
ASMR sleepy triggers 💤
766,972 views - 09/26/19
Welcome to this classic ASMR sound assortment for sleep and tingles! Feel free to put on a pair of headphones and relax to this long...
ASMR worst reviewed tattoo artist
896,980 views - 09/24/19
Please give me 5 stars so I can graduate plumbing school Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR Squidward Roleplay
365,873 views - 09/22/19
pls like if you enjoyed hehe. So It's finally here, the long-awaited Squidward roleplay. Thanks so much for being so patient for this...
Top 10 ASMR Triggers for Tingles
290,250 views - 09/20/19
Tonight we have the top 10 ASMR triggers for tingles! These include tapping, mouth sounds, hand movements, inaudible whispering and other...
Extremely Sensitive ASMR
433,933 views - 09/19/19
Shop for great ASMR merch on Tingletastic: Extremely Sensitive ASMR Mouth Sounds are back! This video has...
ASMR Go to Sleep (4k)
324,221 views - 09/17/19
I'm telling mom that you're up past bed time. Don't make me do this. 0:00 Intro 2:40 Slow and Calm Breathing for Sleep 8:30 Tingle...
ASMR worst reviewed doctor
1,040,241 views - 09/15/19
Please leave 5 stars. I good doctor i swear Instagram: Patreon:...
[ASMR] Personal Attention (4k)
282,043 views - 09/13/19
Tonight we help you relax and fall asleep with some personal attention! This is another classic ASMR video which includes mouth sounds,...
ASMR for Sleep (4K)
510,760 views - 09/11/19
A classic ASMR sound assortment for sleep, tingles and relaxation! This should have you all ready for bed so please enjoy! Instagram:...
fastest ASMR ever
604,239 views - 09/09/19
gotta go fast. asleep. Instagram: Patreon: Disclaimer:...
ASMR worst reviewed haircut
1,239,215 views - 09/07/19
Please leave 5 stars I have to feed my pet Minecraft dog and cat. Hope you all enjoy this ASMR Haircut "Worst Reviewed" video! Huge...
I fell asleep to this ASMR video..
283,563 views - 09/05/19
It's not often I fall asleep to my own videos, so feel free to fall asleep to this Tascam NO TALKING ASMR video. Instagram:...
ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles
545,004 views - 09/03/19
New ASMR sounds for people who don't get tingles! Tonight we use the 3DIO microphone and some super cool triggers for sleep and...
Top 10 ASMR Trigger Words for Sleep
492,142 views - 09/01/19
Welcome to the Top 10 ASMR Trigger Words for sleep, tingles and relaxation! Thanks so much for watching as always and I hope you have a...
I found a Nether Castle in Minecraft... (ASMR)
236,387 views - 08/30/19
smash like for more minecraft Instagram: Patreon:
Top 10 ASMR Triggers for Sleep
773,354 views - 08/28/19
The top 10 ASMR triggers for sleep. tingles and relaxation! Thank you for 800,000 subscribers! Smash like if you enjoyed the video and...
ASMR Sensitive Mouth Sounds
436,026 views - 08/26/19
Some super intense mouth sounds and hand movements for sleep, tingles and relaxation! Enjoy! Instagram:...
ASMR Fall Asleep
461,100 views - 08/24/19
Today we're sharing the secret to falling asleep in 5 minutes. This is a tactic used by some of the most trained and skilled people in...
Don't close YOUR eyes.. [ASMR] Card Magic
323,512 views - 08/22/19
This card trick fools 99% of all people...Can you figure it out? Instagram: Patreon:...
Extremely Tingly ASMR
459,878 views - 08/20/19
Instagram: Patreon: Disclaimer: *** This video is...
Best ASMR Triggers
342,220 views - 08/18/19
Here are my best ASMR triggers at the moment! Im liking as many comments as I can so make sure to smash like and comment! 0:00 Trailer...
I lost my turtle in Minecraft.. (ASMR)
301,084 views - 08/16/19
smash like for part 4, Today we finally leave our little island to explore the world of Minecraft but something terrible happens.....
So I tried eating ASMR.. (WARNING: Extremely Intense)
263,236 views - 08/15/19
Never again. The first and last mukbang eating show. Trailer: 0:00 Eating Watermelon: 2:44 Why I haven't wanted to do eating shows: 3:12...
ASMR for Sleep
548,856 views - 08/13/19
Feel free to use this ASMR video for sleep & relaxation. We have an extremely classic sound assortment for tonights video! Mouth Sounds,...
I found diamonds in Minecraft.. (ASMR)
580,312 views - 08/11/19
smash like for part 3. Feel free to fall asleep to this ASMR Minecraft lets play on Hardcore Mode! I've almost fallen into lava about 5...
me and the boys do ASMR
503,871 views - 08/09/19
After insane demand, Andrei and Pierce are back for ASMR with Friends Part 2! This video is highly relaxing with many new triggers so...
ASMR Go to Sleep
746,374 views - 08/07/19
Instagram: Patreon: Disclaimer: *** This video is...
Minecraft ASMR #1
714,330 views - 08/05/19
If you want to see more ASMR Minecraft, smash like. Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR but its fast hand sounds..
545,791 views - 08/03/19
Instagram: Patreon: Disclaimer: *** This video is...
ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles
659,688 views - 08/01/19
A 50 minute classic ASMR sound assortment for sleep and relaxation! Remember to smash like for a cookie! Trailer: 0:00 Intro: 1:09...
ASMR for Tingles & Sleep
378,239 views - 07/30/19
You can fall asleep and tingle to this NO TALKING ASMR which has so many great triggers! Thanks so much for watching! Trailer: 0:00...
ASMR Intense Mouth Sounds
374,743 views - 07/28/19
Sk sk pa pa br br kkkk. Hihi! Tonight we have some intense ASMR mouth sounds for tingles, sleep and relaxation! Please enjoy! 0:00...
99.99% of YOU will sleep to this ASMR video
538,620 views - 07/26/19
Can't fall asleep? This video will guarantee sleep within 30 minutes! This ASMR video has talking as well as no talking. Trailer: 0:00...
I fell asleep to this ASMR video...
384,951 views - 07/24/19
Legit. Hai. I have 6 NEW triggers which I wanted to share with you today as I thought they sounded so good to the point I actually fell...
ASMR but it's fast and aggressive..
730,573 views - 07/22/19
HAI. This video has tons of tingles from tapping, mouth sounds, hand sounds, inaudible whispering and so much more. Remember to leave a...
ASMR Video that is able to tickle your ears
359,960 views - 07/20/19
Welcome to another ASMR video with NO TALKING. This video includes plenty of intense sounds like tapping, ear cleaning, ear picks and...
ASMR Spa Treatment..
476,045 views - 07/18/19
Today we give you a facial, scalp massage and extremely relaxing ASMR spa treatment! Feel free to enjoy this video I recorded in my hotel...
ASMR 20+ TRIGGERS for Sleep & Tingles
677,585 views - 07/16/19
Welcome to the ULTIMATE ASMR experience where tonight we have over 20 triggers to help you tingle and fall asleep. This video has both...
ASMR Intense Scalp Massage
306,519 views - 07/14/19
Your brain will legit melt into a pool of sloosh. That's how tingly this scalp massage is. Instagram:...
Extremely Sensitive ASMR 3
681,876 views - 07/12/19
mouth sounds, inaudible whispering, hey vsauce, michael here. Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR No Talking for Sleep
319,481 views - 07/10/19
Feel free to fall asleep to this NO TALKING ASMR sound assortment! This video has some of your favorite triggers so please enjoy! 0:00...
ASMR to Make YOU Sleep
698,991 views - 07/08/19
Fall asleep instantly to this ASMR video using both the Blue Yeti and 3DIO Microphone! This video includes talking and no talking for...
Extremely Tingly ASMR 3
542,633 views - 07/06/19
The ultimate ASMR experience with three different microphones for all your ASMR needs! Feel free to tingle, relax or fall asleep! 0:00...
Best ASMR ear cleaning video ever
355,301 views - 07/04/19
This ear cleaning has NO TALKING. Tonight we're just focusing on sounds as Dr Jojo gives you the most thorough ear cleaning in the tingle...
99.9% of YOU will sleep to this ASMR Video..
566,369 views - 07/02/19
Feel free to fall asleep to this tingly ASMR sound assortment! This video has talking and no talking as well! 0:00 Tingly Trailer 0:58...
Extremely Sensitive ASMR Barber
461,711 views - 07/01/19
This no-talking ASMR video is an ultra fast barber sound video with combing, cutting hair, snipping, liquid and all things tingles!...
ASMR Intense Mouth Sounds
923,253 views - 06/28/19
Intensely relaxing mouth sounds for tingles and sleep! Trailer: 0:00 Mouth Sounds, Hand movements and Finger Flutters: 0:30 Eraser Case...
ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles
549,366 views - 06/26/19
No background noise. Just you, just me and trigger sound assortment for sleep. Intro: 0:00 Mason Jar: 1:49 Ear-to-Ear Whispering and Hand...
[ASMR] Sleep Time.. 💤
380,762 views - 06/25/19
Some extremely relaxing ASMR which will help you fall asleep! This video has layered sounds, visual hand movements and energy plucking,...
1,893,917 views - 06/22/19
Me and the boys and girls do ASMR I know we haven't hit 700k yet, but I couldn't resist uploading this video after editing it! This is...
Insanely Tingly ASMR
518,666 views - 06/20/19
This is a video for people who don't get tingles and need sleep! Trailer: 0:00 Tingle Noodle: 0:37 Latex Glove Finger Flutters and Hand...
ASMR Sleepy Triggers  💤
603,170 views - 06/18/19
A classic ASMR sound assortment which includes all of your favourite triggers for sleep! Please let me know if you like this backdrop!...
692,676 views - 06/16/19
Dr Jojo is in the house with a whispered roleplay to help you relax and fall asleep! 0:00 Introduction 0:56 Questions and Writing 4:00...
ASMR Inaudible Whispering
668,692 views - 06/13/19
Many people requested this semi-inaudible video so here it is. This video has mouth sounds and all inaudible sounds for sleep!...
favorite ASMR triggers for sleep...
650,016 views - 06/12/19
Trailer: 0:00 Witches Fingers Mic Scratching: 0:53 Mason Jar and Liquid Sounds: 10:12 Squishy little Dumpling: 14:36 Cardboard Flute:...
My ears were cleaned from this ASMR video...
405,202 views - 06/10/19
Lemme clean your ears I can literally see the ear wax Trailer: 0:00 Latex Glove Finger Flutters and Whispers: 0:44 Ear Brushing: 5:54...
ASMR Go to Sleep
796,830 views - 06/08/19
Go to sleep right now or i'm telling mom. Trailer: 0:00 Simulated Scalp massage: 1:48 Sound Box: 8:30 Brushing the mic: 14:14 Cardboard...
I fell asleep to this ASMR video..
767,041 views - 06/06/19
Legit, is it weird I can sleep to my own videos? Trailer: 0:00 Tingly Metal Lid Sounds: 0:48 Simulated Scalp Massage: 5:43 Intense...
Extremely Sensitive ASMR 2
1,736,853 views - 06/03/19
sk sk, takadimi, takida mouth sounds Instagram: Patreon:
I bet I can fool you with this magic trick... ASMR
622,587 views - 06/01/19
I'll try to fool you to sleep with this card magic ASMR video! Instagram: Patreon:...
ASMR Sleepy Pleasures
394,468 views - 05/30/19
Feel free to fall asleep to this highly relaxing ASMR video! Tonight we have a sound assortment of your favourite triggers for sleep!...
ASMR Shaving Cream
281,339 views - 05/28/19
An entire ASMR video dedicated to shaving cream on the mic is here! Feel free to enjoy this visually and aurally satisfying video for...