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$2,000 Monthly Stimulus Check Approved?  Hint: NO!!
19,071 views - 06/04/20
Stimulus Checks Depend on US Labor Market on Forbes:...
Second Stimulus Check Update | Second Checks Already Sent Out??? Not so fast...
194,396 views - 06/04/20
Appreciate all of your comments sharing the latest updates on your economic stimulus check statuses. Here's the resources from today's...
Second Stimulus Check Update June 1st | Calculator For 2nd Check?
109,100 views - 06/01/20
Here's some resources for the Heroes Act (Second Stimulus Check): FAQ page: 📞...
How I'm Picking The Best Stocks Right Now (during pandemic)
2,508 views - 06/01/20
A recent experience buying something online revealed the #1 thing you should be looking for when picking a stock to invest your money...
Second Stimulus Check Update | Roadblocks to Passing
18,712 views - 05/29/20
MarketWatch article "McConnell on coronavirus relief: ‘In the next month or so we’ll be talking about possibly another bill"...
Second Stimulus Check Update | $450 Bonus Check Proposal
44,064 views - 05/28/20
Forbes article 'White House Considering $450 Weekly ‘Back To Work Bonus’...
Second Stimulus Check Update 5/27 | In a MONTH or so?????
90,475 views - 05/27/20
MarketWatch article "McConnell on coronavirus relief: ‘In the next month or so we’ll be talking about possibly another bill"...
Second Stimulus Check Update | Sooner Than Later??
337,245 views - 05/26/20
Here's my prediction on when a second stimulus check will be issued. Also, here's some more resources for you: 5 Facts On Second...
$2,000 Stimulus Check Update | Will it Happen?
101,075 views - 05/23/20
5 Facts On Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Update on
Stimulus Check and Prepaid Debit Card Update | Find Your Check
15,200 views - 05/22/20
5 Facts On Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Update on
$4,000 Stimulus Check Proposal:  It's [NOT] A Check
6,391 views - 05/21/20
$4,0000 Stimulus Tax Credit Proposal:...
5 Facts On Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Update
266,251 views - 05/20/20
$2,400 Monthly Payment (You Might Not Know About) on my blog
Protect Yourself From the Next Stock Market Crash
2,879 views - 05/20/20
Learn more about protecting your income at USAA here: ★☆★ ★☆★ I can remember the shock I felt when I watch the...
$2,400 Monthly Payment (You Might Not Know About)
155,315 views - 05/19/20
5 Facts On Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Update on
The First Stimulus Check Didn't Work..
18,816 views - 05/19/20
MarketWatch article on Cares Act:...
Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Passes House - What' Next?
93,724 views - 05/18/20
Forbes article 'How Likely is The New $2,000 Stimulus Package to Happen?...
Why Michael Jordan is the GOAT..
1,713 views - 05/18/20
Michael Jordan is The GOAT! The Last Dance by ESPN has reminded me how dominant MJ was. This video shares his 7 greatest principles for...
7 Side Hustles That Pay $150 Per Hour | CNBC Make It Reaction
7,941 views - 05/15/20
CNBC Make It Article on Side Hustles:...
Heroes Act Update | Certified Financial Planner Answers Will it Pass?
26,090 views - 05/14/20
Forbes Article "Here’s How Likely You Really Are To Get Another $1,200 Stimulus Check"...
HEROES Act Proposal - $1,200 Stimulus Check For Individuals ($6,000 For Families)
147,116 views - 05/12/20
HEROES Act Proposal - $1,200 Stimulus Check For Individuals And Up To $6,000 For Families on Forbes:...
[Breaking News] Bernie Sanders Proposes $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Payment
64,063 views - 05/08/20
A New $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Payment To Be Proposed By Senators Harris, Sanders And Markey on Forbes:...
The Buffett Indicator is Signaling a Stock Market Crash (is it right?)
10,025 views - 05/02/20
Business Insider on Buffett's Indicator:...
Best Investment Strategy You Can Do Right Now (100% Legal)
6,116 views - 05/01/20
Roth IRA Conversion Rules on Best Places to...
Will There Be a Second Stimulus Check? | Certified Financial Planner Responds
86,192 views - 04/30/20
Forbes Article on Second Stimulus Check:...
How To Deposit Your IRS Stimulus Check Faster (with ZERO fees)
4,903 views - 04/27/20
CNBC Article on Updates to IRS Portal:...
My Largest Real Estate Investment Ever | Real Estate Syndication FAQs
3,608 views - 04/27/20
On this channel we talk about wealth building. We talked about real estate, the stock market, side hustles and online businesses. 💰 I...
IRS Stimulus Check Status | Common Errors FAQ
10,100 views - 04/25/20
Forbes Article on Common IRS Check Glitches:...
[Just Passed] Don't Miss $1,000 Stimulus Check (this will run out fast)
59,550 views - 04/24/20
Apply Here for EIDL: SBA.Gov Resources:...
$2,000 + $1,000 per Month (for OVER a year)
161,595 views - 04/23/20
Forbes Article on ABC Act:...
Sweatcoin App Review: Here's How Much Money I Made Walking
6,872 views - 04/23/20
Have you tried Sweatcoin? Sign up here to try it out for free: How to Make Money Online on...
The IRS Has Never Allowed This With 401ks
7,468 views - 04/22/20
401k and withdrawals Care Act: The Complete 401k Rollover to IRA Guide on...
[Latest] Round 2 of Stimulus Payments: $2,000 checks, Free Rent, Rehiring
513,594 views - 04/22/20
Forbes Article used as source:
Your Stimulus Check (could be) Delayed 21 Weeks | IRS Releases Timeline
10,847 views - 04/21/20
Here’s Exactly When You’ll Get Your Stimulus Check...
The $1,200 Stimulus Check vs $2,000 Payment | 4 Key Differences
216,974 views - 04/21/20
Forbes article for reference:...
IRS Stimulus Checks Are Delayed. Here's Why..
64,191 views - 04/20/20
Why IRS stimulus checks still haven't been mailed out yet:...
New IRS Stimulus Check Timeline (longer delays?)
70,471 views - 04/18/20
CNBC Article on new timeline:...
5 CRAZY Reasons Your Economic Stimulus Check Hasn't Arrived
7,925 views - 04/17/20
IRS Get My Payment Tracker Tool: IRS Non-Filers Online Portal:...
[Breaking] $2,000 Per Month (for a WHOLE year?) Stimulus Package in Congress
606,890 views - 04/16/20
The Emergency Money for the People Act press release:...
IRS Stimulus Check Update | Does the IRS Site Really Work? - Wed April 15th
14,642 views - 04/15/20
IRS Get My Payment Online Tool: IRS Stimulus Check FAQ:...
Don't Miss IRS Tax Deadline (avoid this stupid penalty)
3,368 views - 04/14/20
IRS announcement about tax deadlines: What Happens When You...
Track Your Economic Stimulus Check - IRS Online Portal
40,606 views - 04/13/20
Track your check status here: ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get Started Today with the "Make $1K...
Warren Buffett Dumped (OVER) $30,000,000 of This ONE Stock
31,266 views - 04/12/20
Business Insider Article on Buffett's sell:...
IRS Launches Online Registration Tool For Stimulus Checks [About Time!]
19,301 views - 04/10/20 link: FreeFileFillableForms Link:...
IRS Requires to Payback Your Stimulus Check?
27,569 views - 04/08/20
There's a lot of questions and concerns you have to payback your economic stimulus check. Here's what you need to know. ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get...
Second $1,200 Stimulus Check Coming?
194,284 views - 04/07/20
Congress is discussing the possibilities of a second economic stimulus check. Could it happen? Forbes article on current check...
How Dwayne Haskins Spends First $1,000,000 (financial planner reacts GQ Sports)
2,498 views - 04/07/20
One of my favorite documentaries of all times was ESPNs 30 for 30 entitled Broke. That documentary was following professional football...
[SHORTCUT] Do This to Get YOUR Stimulus Check Faster
47,087 views - 04/05/20
Turbo Tax created an online portal to help expedite stimulus checks being processed. Here's what you need to know: Business Insider...
Warren Buffett JUST Sold 13 Million Shares of Delta Airlines (???)
35,969 views - 04/04/20
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway just unloaded 13 million shares of Delta Airlines and 2.3 million shares of Southwest....
Sorry... You're Not Getting a Stimulus Check (3 groups left out)
24,330 views - 04/04/20
Not everyone qualifies for an economic stimulus check. Here are the 3 groups that don't... ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get Started Today with the "Make...
Your Stimulus Check Might be DELAYED (up to 5 months)
11,331 views - 04/03/20
Here's the latest update on when your stimulus check might arrive. Warning: it may take up to 5 months! ✅If you're waiting, here are...
8 Easy Ways to Make FREE Money Fast ($9,385+)
16,439 views - 04/02/20
I think everyone would agree with me when I say there is nothing better than a free meal……unless it’s free money! 🆓💰 Today I am going to...
5 Stimulus Check Scams to Avoid [BEWARE]
4,298 views - 04/01/20
Stimulus check scams are rampant. Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones. Business Insider article:...
5 Stocks Billionaires Are Buying (and 1 they are selling)
20,169 views - 03/31/20
Ever wonder what stocks billionaires are buying right now?? Warren Buffett GE Stock: Motley Fool:...
Get Your Stimulus Check Faster (do these 2 things)
52,897 views - 03/30/20
How do you get your economic stimulus check super fast? By completing two simple steps! 📍Resources mentioned in the video: tax...
Government Wants to Send You $1,200 for FREE (sorta)
17,833 views - 03/26/20
Stimulus Check Update: $1,200 or $1,500?
65,958 views - 03/25/20
Here's the links referenced in this video: USA Today:...
Trump vs Pelosi Stimulus Plan ($1,500 check coming your way?)
152,405 views - 03/24/20
The Democrats released their updated version of the economic stimulus plan and here's what we know so far. This Forbes post runs down...
Pelosi DENIES 1,200 stimulus check 😱(will you get your money?)
85,672 views - 03/23/20
Trump was trying to pass a $1 trillion stimulus package but the Democrats denied the bill a second time today. Here's the latest...
Trump wants to NOW give you $2,400 or MORE (will it pass?)
89,467 views - 03/20/20
▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get Started Today with the "Make $1K Blogging" Free Course here: ➡️➡️➡️ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO...
Average 401k Balance Down OVER $28,714 (BIGGEST mistakes to avoid)
24,801 views - 03/20/20
As the stock market continues to drop, 401k balances are getting demolished. The investors that don't make this mistake will become...
Stock Market Hits 3 Year Low (closes under 20,000)
5,313 views - 03/18/20
▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get Started Today with the "Make $1K Blogging" Free Course here: ➡️➡️➡️ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO...
Trump Wants to Give Every American $1,000 💵 (too little too late?)
58,906 views - 03/17/20
President Trump announced his plan for a $1 trillion economic stimulus plan. In his proposal, every American would receive $1,000 cash....
0% Interest Rates + Dow Jones BIGGEST Drop Ever (what I'm buying AND avoiding)
11,647 views - 03/16/20
Got another 1-Take market update for you. Enjoy! ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Get Started Today with the "Make $1K Blogging" Free Course here: ➡️➡️➡️...
Will The Stock Market Hit a New Bottom? (financial planner responds)
7,612 views - 03/13/20
The Dow Jones recovered somewhat today with a 9.36% gain. But I don't think the road to recovery is happening just yet. Here's my...
Stock Market Down ANOTHER 5.86% (financial planner shares BIGGEST mistake to avoid)
7,507 views - 03/12/20
This is another 1-take edition - I promise I will get back to my regular edited videos. But I want to address the market close, again...
Stock Market Drops Over 2000 Points (financial planner responds)
8,046 views - 03/09/20
This is a quick, unedited video. No fancy memes or vid clips. Last week my wife and I were on vacation, enjoying our time in Mexico....
Couple Found $30,000 of Dividend Stock (didn’t know existed)
4,955 views - 02/28/20
Just the other day I was putting on a pair of my most comfortable joggers. I put my hand in the pocket and found a wadded up $20. This...
How I Built 5 Income Sources That Make $276,468 Per Month
8,693 views - 02/26/20
If you are ready to quit your 9-5 job and start making over $1,000/day - then I have the course for you. You need to sign up below. For...
How This Couple Paid Off $52,000 of Debt in 7 Months
2,826 views - 02/25/20
Imagine having over $52,000 in debt. What would you do? Many would give up or consider bankruptcy. Not this couple. 🙅‍♂️ This couple...
Top 5 High Paying Dividend Stocks (I’m buying right now)
7,885 views - 02/20/20
There is no better feeling than Payday! When that check gets deposited and you feel rich for the day. You know what’s better than...
5 Examples of Bad Money Advice Financial Experts Share (and you follow)
4,749 views - 02/18/20
You know what leaves a bad taste in my mouth? Bad financial advice, the kind that comes from personal finance ‘experts’. 🤮 Today I am...
6 Best Roth IRA Accounts (to open for new investors)
16,058 views - 02/12/20
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: “I love talking about the Roth IRA. If you’ve watched any of my other videos where I mention...
5 Roth IRA rules you NEED to know (before opening an account)
11,169 views - 02/11/20
The Roth IRA is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I love the Roth IRA 🤟I talk about it all the time. I get a lot of comments on...
15 Years Old with $5 Million (millionaire reacts)
10,140 views - 02/06/20
Could you imagine becoming a multi-millionaire at the age of 15? How crazy would that be? 🤪 I don’t know what I would have saved or...
Dividends are Money in the Bank (literally)
6,574 views - 02/05/20
Today we are going to talk about Dividend paying stocks. 📈 More specifically, we are going to talk about my next 3 picks for my...
$100k Growth Stock Portfolio Challenge (the next 3 🚀)
3,837 views - 02/04/20
I am so excited today, my money transfer is finally in M1Finance. 😃 For those that are new here, I am doing two $100k portfolios. The...
Dave Ramsey Might Think I’m Crazy. Here’s Why..
7,247 views - 01/30/20
There’s no doubt that I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan. Total Money Makeover was one of the first personal finance books I read. But there is...
Do Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Really Work?
4,102 views - 01/29/20
Welcome back to another addition of The Wealth Board™. Today we are talking about one of my mentors, Dave Ramsey. I’ve been a huge fan...
$100,000 Dividend Portfolio (next 3 picks)
3,461 views - 01/28/20
Today we are going to continue talking about Dividend Paying Stocks and the 2020 Grow Your Dough $100k Throwdown. I am going to reveal...
Building $100,000 Growth Stock Portfolio (1st 3 stocks revealed)
5,445 views - 01/23/20
We are still ‘picking some stocks’! 🥳 Maybe you didn’t see the first video where I shared the first 3 dividend stocks I am purchasing...
A different way to spend $1,000,000 | MrBeast
1,944 views - 01/22/20
Welcome back to another addition of The Wealth Board™. I recently did a reaction video to the MrBeast $1,000,000 challenge. ✅Spending...
My $100,000 Dividend Portfolio From Scratch (my first 3 stock picks)
22,349 views - 01/21/20
Today I am trying to invest $100,000 with an App called Robinhood. For those of you that are new, this all stems from a Grow Your Dough...
Top 1% of Rich People Do These 2 Things (so simple)
4,387 views - 01/16/20
I am sharing another reaction video today! I am a what you would call a high achiever. I do all the ‘rich habits’ - I wake up at 5am...
MrBeast $1,000,000 Challenge | Financial Planner Reacts to Spending $1m in 24 Hours
2,791 views - 01/14/20
Today I am going to do a reaction video for someone that I would not have known about if not for my kids. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The were constantly...
Preparing For the Next Stock Market Crash | Recession 2020
27,208 views - 01/09/20
Welcome back to another edition of The Wealth Board™ - today we are going to talk about the Great Recession of 2020. Chances are you...
These Mistakes Will Cost You Over $1.7 Million
3,328 views - 01/08/20
Welcome back to another addition of The Wealth Board™. Today we are going to be talking about some of the worst money mistakes I’ve seen...
My Top 5 Stock Picks of All Time (over 21.4% return 📈)
4,194 views - 01/07/20
Ok so there was that one time where I lost $5,000 trying to make money on penny stocks. That doesn’t mean I am a terrible stock picker....
Did I pay $2,000+ for FAKE Travis Scott Jordan 1 and 6s?
2,014 views - 01/03/20
Obsessed….that’s probably the best way I can describe it. I have $2,000 worth of sneakers which equals FOUR pairs of shoes. 👟👟 It all...
Yet Another Millionaire Reacts to $1.6m per year Graham Stephan| CNBC Make It Video
16,202 views - 01/01/20
Today I am doing another reaction video, this one with Graham Stephan. I have sat back and watched his channels explode. His first...
Grow Your Dough Update (how much money 💵did I make?)
4,461 views - 12/30/19
What in the world is going on? I know it has been a while, it is time for another Grow Your Dough Throwdown update! I also have a very...
The Ultimate Family Travel Hack
2,403 views - 12/23/19
Growing up I lived mostly with my dad. Finances were not his strong point, so we never really took any family vacations. That is why...
How to Make $100 Per Day Google Adsense (The RPP Method)
14,715 views - 12/19/19
Let me guess, you’ve tried to make money online. You’ve tried Amazon, a course, a YouTube channel, etc. What if I showed you the exact...
Why Millionaires All Work Below Minimum Wage (and love it)
4,120 views - 12/12/19
Do you know how long I’ve been looking for a BMW - just to use it in this video? Weeks. It shouldn’t be that hard. Ok, so why? I had...
When you feel stuck do this…
2,545 views - 12/11/19
Today I have a little something different. I just finished up a strategy session with multiple white boards. Gotta love those white...
30 Year-Old Made This $872,826 mistake..
2,709 views - 12/05/19
He was supposed to be my success story. But it didn’t work out. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Since he wasn’t my success story it...
8 Low-Risk Investments With High Returns
58,557 views - 12/03/19
We have another edition of The Wealth Board™ . 👨‍🏫Today we are talking about investments that give us high return with little to no...
Millionaire Reveals His 4 Worst Investments (lost over $15,000 😩)
3,064 views - 11/27/19
Yes, I am a Certified Financial Planner, but I have made some stupid mistakes. Today I am going to share my best investment and my worst...
Why I Paid $500,000 For This Hole (absolutely clickbait)
3,305 views - 11/26/19
$500,000 is what I am paying for this big hole! I know it’s a lot of money. But I promise, this is going to serve a greater purpose....
The Greatest Tax Hack Ever? (backdoor Roth IRA explained)
6,691 views - 11/21/19
Chances are if you could get one over on the IRS, you would take full advantage. I am all about paying the taxes that I owe, but I don’t...
Where You Need to Start Looking For Money Hacks
3,773 views - 11/20/19
Welcome back to another Wealth Hack Wednesday! I have a special treat for you! I know I don’t have ALL the tips - there are other...
7 Rules of Investing For Beginners (start making money in your 20s)
7,520 views - 11/19/19
Welcome back for another The Wealth Board™  edition, where we will be talking about investing! 🤔Most people don’t start investing...