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Why Lobsters are Now So Cheap
79,012 views - 03/28/20
Lobsters are now much cheaper than you can imagine. Lets find out why lobsters are now so cheap! Suggest a topic here to be turned into a...
Scariest Pets People Actually Own
90,450 views - 03/27/20
Lots of incredibly scary pets and animals exist in the world. Sometimes you wouldn't believe the dangerous animals people keep. Coming up...
Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs
227,700 views - 03/26/20
Lots of celebrities, actors, singers and stars end up taking regular jobs. From the most famous movie stars to pop stars, here are some...
He Bought 18,000 Disinfectants To Get Rich. It Backfired Big Time.
436,991 views - 03/25/20
The worldwide economy is having trouble as we may be going into recession. Coming up is a story of a man who planned to profit off the...
The Most Protected People in the World
162,534 views - 03/24/20
Lots of famous people have the most insane protection and body guards. Coming up are the most protected people in the world. Suggest a...
How 100 Years of Breeding Changed These Popular Dog Breeds
193,216 views - 03/23/20
Dogs have changed a lot over the years. Lets take a look at how 100 years of dog breeding has changed the features of the most beloved...
Legends Solved By Recent Discoveries
538,903 views - 03/22/20
As human history progresses, new discoveries constantly re-shape our understanding of the past. Let’s dive right into the past and...
Dumb Ideas And Solutions That Actually Work - Part 2
212,731 views - 03/22/20
Lots of things that initially appear dumb, may actually work much better than expected. Lets find out about dumb ideas and solutions that...
Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things - Part 2
901,631 views - 03/22/20
Lots of everyday items have amazing hidden uses and secrets you don't know about. Lets find out about amazing secrets hidden in everyday...
Valuable Treasures YOU Can Find In Nature
181,531 views - 03/21/20
There are lots of valuable treasures you can find just lying around in nature. Lets find out about the most valuable treasures you can...
Ridiculous Products to Destroy Your Faith in Humanity
269,439 views - 03/20/20
Lots of ridiculous products have been made by various brands over time. Some are werid, strange and bizarre. Lets find out about the...
Shocking Things You Should See Up Close
120,419 views - 03/19/20
Close up images can reveal some shocking things. Lets take a look at some amazing close up photographs of things you should see up...
Places You Should NEVER EVER Swim - Part 2
167,706 views - 03/18/20
From one of the most toxic lakes in the world to a blood-red boiling pool, coming up are 10 killer bodies of water around the world that...
Secrets Your Body Language Reveals To Others
214,159 views - 03/17/20
Our bodies are dead giveaways of our true thoughts and feelings. Here are some secrets your body language reveals about you. Suggest a...
Strangest Last Words On Death Row
350,410 views - 03/16/20
Death Row is notorious for housing some of the most terrifying people on the planet. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest last...
Interesting Facts You’re Too Lazy To Google
507,044 views - 03/15/20
The internet is packed full of information and facts. Lets find out about the most interesting facts you’re just too lazy to Google…...
Marketing Strategies That Failed Spectacularly - Part  2
244,115 views - 03/14/20
Some businesses make mistakes. Sometimes business mistakes are so bad, they can't be ignored. Coming up are some terrible marketing...
One in A Million Coincidences You'll Have to See to Believe - Part 2
585,816 views - 03/13/20
You won't believe these incredibly lucky people that experienced one in a million coincidences. Here are some incredibly lucky people who...
What Celebrities Would Look Like if They Changed Gender
104,316 views - 03/12/20
Have you ever wondered what celebrities would actually look like if they changed gender? Lets find out now. Suggest a topic here to be...
Curious Comparisons That Will Make You Look At Things Differently
308,361 views - 03/11/20
Lots of images will change your perspective on things in the world. Lets find out about some crazy comparisons to change the way you look...
The Real Reason UPS Trucks Always Have Their Doors Open
673,036 views - 03/10/20
Here are a variety of facts you will find amazing and mind blowing. Lets get to the first video of facts! Suggest a topic here to be...
Construction FAILS that Wasted Time & Way Too Much Money
334,883 views - 03/09/20
In the realms of architecture and construction, costly failures happen alarmingly often. Coming up are some unbelievable construction...
Parents Who Instantly Regretted Having A Baby
1,540,201 views - 03/08/20
Being a parent and having a baby is tough. Lets take a look at some parents who instantly regretted having a baby! Suggest a topic here...
Supposedly Extinct Animals People Have Caught On Camera - Part 2
204,915 views - 03/07/20
Thanks to hunting, deforestation and global warming, lots of animals have become extinct. Here are incredible cases of animals that were...
People Having A Worse Day Than You - Part 2
463,893 views - 03/06/20
Lots of people have bad days, but some have worse days than others. Lets find out about some people havinga worse day than you. Part 1:...
Apocalypses We Somehow Survived
353,701 views - 03/05/20
Lets explore 8 apocalypses humanity somehow survived. Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: Subscribe for...
Past And Present Technology Then And Now
360,682 views - 03/04/20
From phones to computers, calculators and the television, lets take a look at the history of technology in the past and how it compares...
People Who Were Incredibly Lucky
1,750,523 views - 03/03/20
There are lots of lucky people in the world. Whether they were protected by guardian angels or just in the right place at the right time,...
Awesomely Passive Aggressive Ways People Got Revenge
681,077 views - 03/02/20
Sometimes, the most satisfying kinds of vengeance are the sneaky, calculated slow-burners. Here are some Awesomely Passive Aggressive...
Proof You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Hear
178,136 views - 03/01/20
Theres a lot of fake news out there these days. Lets find out why you should always question the headlines you see on news. Suggest a...
Luckiest People Who Survived the Impossible - Part 2
470,157 views - 02/29/20
Lots of lucky people have survived the most crazy scenarios. Lets find out about the luckiest people who survived the impossible. Part 1:...
Plans That Didn't Go As Expected - Part 2
504,095 views - 02/28/20
Some plans don't always go as expected. Lets find out about plans that wen't wrong and failed spectacularly. Part 1:...
Future Food Menu of 2050
206,775 views - 02/27/20
Experts say your food could look very different by the year 2050 as the world’s population skyrockets. Lets find out about the future...
Most Uncomfortable Products Ever Designed
1,001,357 views - 02/26/20
Lots of unusual products have been designed over the years, but some are more uncomfortable than others. Lets check out some of the most...
The Biggest Shark That Ever Existed - Facts About Megalodon
109,355 views - 02/25/20
The Megalodon is the biggest shark that ever existed. Here are some amazing facts about Megalodon. Shirts:...
How To Survive Coronavirus Covid-19
130,187 views - 02/24/20
The new outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 is worrying. The world health organisation is scrambling to control the outbreak. Lets find out...
People Having A Worse Day Than You - Part 1
772,744 views - 02/23/20
We all have bad days but some people have it worse than others. Lets take a look at some funny fails of people having a worse day than...
Amazon Products You Didn't Know You Needed
308,416 views - 02/22/20
The amazon marketplace is full of amazing products. Lets find out about some Amazon products you didn't even know you needed. Suggest a...
Lies You Were Told By The History Books
607,694 views - 02/21/20
Lots of lies have been told through history. Lets find out about some of the craziest lies you were told by the history books! Suggest a...
Satisfying Times Karma Came For Awful People - Part 4
832,436 views - 02/20/20
Instant Karma is satisfying to watch. Lets take a look at the most satisfying times karma came for awful people. All Karma Episodes:...
Documentaries That Lied To You
426,171 views - 02/19/20
Lots of documentaries lie to you. Lets find out about the worst cases of documentaries that lied straight to our faces! Suggest a topic...
Dark Origins of Famous Characters
291,054 views - 02/18/20
Lots of peoples favourite characters from cartoons, movies, tv shows and series have dark origins. Lets find out about the dark origins...
DNA Tests People Regretted Taking
573,587 views - 02/17/20
Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►...
Incredible Discoveries Found Underground That Changed History
585,640 views - 02/16/20
Lots of amazing finds and discoveries are made every day, but some have the ability to change history and significantly alter human...
Ingenious Home Design Solutions
439,750 views - 02/15/20
There are plenty of ingenious home design solutions and smart furniture to make saving space a crucial part of interior design. Suggest a...
Photos Proving Why Japan Is So Hard to Understand
395,767 views - 02/14/20
Japan is a strange country full of bizarre practices. Here are some Photos Proving Why It’s So Hard to Understand Japan. Suggest a topic...
Strangest Babies Of The Animal Kingdom
319,397 views - 02/13/20
The animal kingdom has some strange creatures. From bizarre baby kangaroos to strange baby hummingbirds, coming up are the weirdest...
Rarest Eye Colours Spotted in Humans
477,580 views - 02/12/20
Lots of different eye colours exist for a variety of reasons. Lets take a look at the rarest eye colours spotted in humans. Suggest a...
Risk Taking People with The Heaviest Balls Of Steel
78,677 views - 02/11/20
There are lots of crazy athletes and people out there who do the craziest stunts in the world. Lets take a look at people with the...
What Famous Historical Figures Really Looked Like
766,613 views - 02/10/20
Some of the most famous historical figures looked nothing like you imagined. Lets take a look at some realistic renditions of the most...
Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things - Part 1
952,179 views - 02/09/20
There are lots of hidden purposes and secrets of everyday things you might not be aware of. Coming up are secrets hidden in everyday...
Proof Nature Takes Over Abandoned Places In Amazing Ways
353,576 views - 02/08/20
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Oldest Creatures That Reveal The SECRETS Of Immortality
630,054 views - 02/07/20
Lots of the oldest creatures in the world offer explanations for the secrets of immortality. Lets find out about the oldest creatures in...
Tips That Could Save Your Life if You Get Lost In The Wilderness
641,951 views - 02/06/20
If you get lost in the wilderness your life may be in danger. Here are some life saving survival hacks and tips to help you survive in...
Check Your Wallet. This Coin is Worth Over $1,700,000.
284,370 views - 02/05/20
Learn how to spot rare and valuable coins you may have by simply checking in your wallet. Coming up are some rare coins that could make...
People Who Took Laziness to Another Level - Part 2
471,357 views - 02/04/20
Lots of Lazy people exist in the world. Lets take a look at people who took laziness to the next level! Part 1:...
Facts that Can Save Your Life Someday
368,508 views - 02/03/20
Lots of amazing facts will help you survive the worst scenarios. Lets find out about some facts that may save your life some day. Suggest...
Terrible Accidents That Turned Out Just Great
823,568 views - 02/02/20
Use Transferwise to Save Money Sending Funds Abroad: (affiliate link) Lots of terrible accidents have...
Places That Will Give You Nightmares
261,065 views - 02/01/20
What’s the creepiest place you’ve ever visited? Was it spooky enough to re-appear in your nightmares? Here are some creepy places....
Times People Truly Cared About Our Planet And You Can Start Doing The Same
397,759 views - 01/31/20
There are lots of easy environmental solutions out there, but some are better for the planet than others. Lets take a look at some of the...
Most Satisfying Inventions You Must See Before You Die
1,694,790 views - 01/30/20
There are loads of satisfying inventions out there, but some are so satisfying to watch you just cant stop viewing them. Coming up are...
Weirdest Items Ever Sold On eBay
621,746 views - 01/29/20
Lots of weird and strange things have been sold on ebay over the years. Lets find out the strangest items and products ever auctioned on...
Genius Graffiti Art That Will Make You Smile - Part 2
771,341 views - 01/28/20
Lots of creative street art exists. Lets take a look at some of the most genius graffiti art that will make you smile! Part 1:...
Psycho Parents who DESTROYED their Kids' Electronics
96,254 views - 01/27/20
Some parents get really angry at their gamer sons. Lets find out about gamers who had their electronics destroyed by their psycho...
Embarrassingly Dumb Criminals Who Must Not Want Their Freedom
700,875 views - 01/26/20
Some criminals are so dumb they obviously don't want their freedom. Lets find out about some of the dumbest criminals ever! Stupid People...
Habits That indicate You're a Genius
213,349 views - 01/25/20
Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial at or Text "beamazed" to 500 500. Choose 1 audiobook and 2...
Ancient Rare Objects Found Underground
606,328 views - 01/24/20
Lots of rare ancient objects can be found underground. Lets take a look at some of the rarest underground discoveries ever. Suggest a...
Incredible Discoveries Made By Construction Workers
1,019,774 views - 01/23/20
Before construction projects are started, construction workers dig up some incredible discoveries. Lets find out about the most...
Most Uncomfortable Things You’ll Ever See
747,672 views - 01/22/20
Some things are just way too uncomfortable to look at. Lets take a look at some of the most uncomfortable things you'll ever see. Suggest...
Hilariously Tragic Startup Business Fails
557,860 views - 01/21/20
Lots of start up businesses have failed despite millions of dollars in investments. Lets take a look at some of the most hilarious...
Unlucky Inventors Who Never Got to Cash in On Their Creations
643,335 views - 01/19/20
Not all inventors are rich like Thomas Edison. Some inventors don't make any money at all from their inventions. Lets find out about...
Psychics Embarrassingly Exposed As Fake
243,109 views - 01/18/20
Lots of psychics and gurus claim to have amazing powers. Thankfully many have been exposed over the years. Lets take a look at some...
People Embarrassingly Exposed By The Internet - Part 2
401,345 views - 01/17/20
The internet is full of liars. Lets find out some of the most embarrassing cases of people being exposed as liars online by the...
Things You Will See For The First Time in Your Life
1,395,225 views - 01/16/20
There are lots of videos and images of gadgets and things that you may see for the first time in your life. Lets find them out now!...
Craziest Failed Prison Escape Attempts
342,567 views - 01/15/20
From hot-footed, high-heeled escape attempts, to some very tight squeezes, let’s break out some of the Craziest Failed Prison Escapes...
Creatures That Are Taking Over The World
272,588 views - 01/14/20
Lots of animal populations around the world are exploding. Lets take a look at some creatures that are taking over the world! Suggest a...
The Untold Truth About Childhood Favourites
349,775 views - 01/13/20
Most of us look back on our childhood with fond memories. Here are some facts that will ruin your childhood. Suggest a topic here to be...
Fast Food Facts You Don't Want to Know
524,080 views - 01/12/20
Fast food has a series of quite disturbing secrets you probably don't want to know. Find out some fast food facts! Suggest a topic here...
What if ALL Of Australia Burned?
194,166 views - 01/11/20
The Australian wildfires are disastrous. Lets take a look at the effects of the Australian bushfires now. Donate here: Australian Red...
UFOs Fly Like THIS Area 51 Scientist Reveals
167,671 views - 01/10/20
UFOs are synonymous with area 51, but some leaved information from bob lazar, a former area 51 scientist may make you believe alien...
Experimental Towns and Communes
186,718 views - 01/09/20
Not all cities and towns are created equally. From strange utopian communes to bizarre towns in the desert, here are the strangest towns...
Privacy Life Hacks You Need In Your Life
417,686 views - 01/07/20
Our privacy is at threat because of technology. Lets find out about some neat privacy hacks to protect us! Suggest a topic here to be...
Dumb Ideas & Solutions That Actually Work - Part 1
1,039,083 views - 01/06/20
Some ideas are so dumb, they’re actually genius. Let’s check out 20 of these dumb ideas that – somehow – actually work. Part 2:...
Satisfying Times Karma Came For Awful People - Part 3
767,675 views - 01/05/20
Lots of people experience instant karma, but often it takes some time, even years. Lets find out about some amazing satisfying karma...
Amazing Discoveries Found Preserved
146,684 views - 01/04/20
Lots of the most amazing fossils reveal amazing prehistoric preserved items and animals. Lets find out about the most amazing preserved...
Clever Adverts That Gained Serious Attention
206,995 views - 01/01/20
Lots of amazing adverts and commercials exist, but some are smarter than others. Lets find out about the smartest adverts in the world!...
Police Discoveries That Will Give You Goosebumps
856,144 views - 12/31/19
Being a police officer or detective can be a strange job at times. Coming up are many cases and stories from cops that will give you...
Mysterious Things Found in the Desert
365,283 views - 12/29/19
Lots of mysterious things have been found in the desert. Lets find out about the most mysterious desert discoveries ever. Suggest a topic...
Scariest Pixar Movie Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood
405,165 views - 12/28/19
There are lots of pixar movie theories out there, and then there are the scary ones. Lets find out about the scariest pixar movie...
Weirdest Things People Spotted On The Subway
299,572 views - 12/27/19
The subway is a magical underground world where anything goes. Public transport has never been stranger. Here are the weirdest people...
Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist
416,278 views - 12/26/19
Most people understand that our world is full of fantastic places. Let’s explore some places whose appearances are truly unbelievable....
Survival Riddles If You're Left Home Alone At Christmas (Part 2)
1,116,785 views - 12/24/19
If you're left home alone, test your logic skills to see if you can fend off these thieves! Part 1: Suggest...
Survival Riddles If You're Left Home Alone At Christmas (Part 1)
493,452 views - 12/23/19
If you're left home alone, test your logic skills to see if you can fend off these thieves! Part 2: Suggest...
Christmas Riddles That Will Test Your Christmas Spirit (Part 2)
580,593 views - 12/22/19
Here are some riddles to test your Christmas spirit. Part 1 here: Suggest a topic here to be turned into a...
Proof You've Been Lied to About Christmas This Entire Time
121,267 views - 12/21/19
Christmas traditions tend to be full of myths. Lets find out about some christmas myths that most people don't realise are lies. Suggest...
Simpsons Predictions Yet to Come True
461,637 views - 12/20/19
The Simpsons has an eerie way of prophesising future realities. Coincidences are bound to happen, but here are some Simpsons predictions...
Christmas Riddles That Will Test Your Christmas Spirit (Part 1)
884,040 views - 12/18/19
Here are some riddles to test your Christmas spirit. Part 2 here: Suggest a topic here to be turned into a...
After Drowning In The Deep Sea For 30 Minutes, The Unthinkable Happened...
120,976 views - 12/17/19
Survival situations don’t get much more extreme than being left helpless and alone, in absolute darkness, at the bottom of the sea. Let’s...
Billionaires Before They Were Rich
316,815 views - 12/14/19
Lots of billionaires had a difficult time getting their success. Lets find out about the amazing stories of billionaires before they were...
One In A Million Coincidences You'll Have To See To Believe - Part 1
2,042,022 views - 12/13/19
You won't believe these incredibly lucky people that experienced one in a million coincidences. Here are some incredibly lucky people who...
What If We Discovered Alien Life?
146,568 views - 12/12/19
Imagine what would happen if we discovered alien life. Extraterrestrial life may be out in space, so lets find out what would happen if...