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CarryMinati - 2020's Fastest Growing YouTuber
1,557 views - 07/01/20
CarryMinati is an Indian YouTuber known for his roasting and commentary content. In this video, we take a look at what caused his...
Ninja's Big W
1,915 views - 06/23/20
GG Ninja Twitter: Instagram: TikTok:...
James Charles vs Tati - 1 Year Later
15,372 views - 05/10/20
James Charles vs Tati was one of the biggest stories on YouTube in 2019. In this video, we look back at the situation, see the impact and...
The Second Leafy (LeafyIsHere2)
13,689 views - 04/24/20
LeafyIsHere2 is a YouTube channel that is gaining traction for parodying Leafy. In this video, we take a look at how he has been going...
The Knockoff David Dobrik (Alex Warren)
1,243,258 views - 03/31/20
Alex Warren is a YouTube vlogger who has gotten the reputation of copying David Dobrik, from the way he makes his videos to his...
The Less Talented Team 10 (The Hype House)
55,024 views - 02/21/20
The Hype House has been taking over TikTok and their full presence on YouTube is only imminent. In this video, we take a look at the...
Jake Paul and Team 10 Serious Moments 2019 - Part 2 (Arguments, Fights, Trash Talking)
355,803 views - 01/19/20
This video is a bit different from the other ones, as I now want to change up my content. Jake Paul and Team 10 return to the channel...
2020 and Beyond
5,438 views - 01/02/20
See you later Twitter: Instagram:
Leaving Behind YouTube 2019
1,484 views - 12/31/19
What a year Background track: Twitter: Instagram:...
KSI vs Logan Paul - 1 Year Later
221,799 views - 08/25/19
It's been a year since the KSI vs Logan Paul event took place. We follow and see what they have been up to since then. This is them, 1...
Trailer for KSI vs Logan Paul - 1 Year Later
23,770 views - 08/19/19
A lot has happened with both KSI and Logan Paul ever since their boxing match from last year, so of course I had to add into the "1 Year...
Jake Paul and Team 10 Serious Moments 2019 - Part 1 (Arguments, Fights, Trash Talking)
1,274,614 views - 06/18/19
A lot of stuff has been happening to Jake Paul and his Team 10 crew this year. At the rate it has been going, I thought it would make...
Keemstar's Theory on Tfue Suing FaZe Clan
30,761 views - 05/23/19
Keemstar posted a video on Twitter where he made up a theory as to why Tfue chose to sue FaZe clan. I felt like the video needed some...
86M-93M - How Pewdiepie Has Been Defeating T-Series - Part 4
9,171 views - 04/05/19
The Pewdiepie vs T-Series battle goes on as Felix and the community are now going for the 100 million subscribers mark first. It was...
David Dobrik and Jason Nash Go Off on Each Other During the Views Podcast - Out of Context
6,427 views - 03/20/19
David Dobrik and Jason Nash go at it on the Views podcast. Views podcast: Twitter:...
MrBeast Almost Fights Logan Paul on the Impaulsive Podcast - Out of Context
241,759 views - 03/09/19
MrBeast and Logan Paul get heated during the Impaulsive podcast. Impaulsive episode with MrBeast:...
82M-86M - How Pewdiepie Has Been Defeating T-Series - Part 3
2,532 views - 02/23/19
The Pewdiepie vs T-Series saga continues. For the third installment, we see what great lengths Felix went in order to keep the number 1...
74M-82M - How Pewdiepie Has Been Defeating T-Series - Part 2
4,335 views - 01/23/19
Pewdiepie is still the most subscribed YouTuber on the platform. In this video, we see how the community has reached out to prevent...
Jake Paul and Team 10 Serious Moments 2018 (Arguments, Fights, Trash Talking)
4,203,701 views - 01/19/19
Jake Paul and Team 10 kept their serious moments going for the year of 2018. This year had some interesting moments from Jerika being...
RiceGum Best Moments in FaZe Tfue, Alissa Violet, and FaZe Banks Vlogs 2018
268,947 views - 01/17/19
RiceGum has a lot of funny and entertaining moments in other people's vlogs, so here are his best moments in the year of 2018. This video...
David Dobrik Serious Moments 2018 - Part 3
83,107 views - 01/15/19
This is the final part for the 2018 edition of serious moments for the David Dobrik vlogs. This video features Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas,...
What Happened to Ceeday?
5,162 views - 01/08/19
Ceeday has not uploaded a video for quite a while, which had viewers wondering if something happened or it was just another one of his...
RiceGum Goes All Out on the Impaulsive Podcast with Logan Paul - Out of Context
5,678 views - 01/05/19
RiceGum goes on the Impaulsive podcast and doesn't hold back on anything. He talks about the gambling site controversy, Gabbie Hanna,...
Logan Paul Forest Video - 1 Year Later
536,075 views - 12/31/18
Logan Paul had so many things happen to him after he uploaded the infamous video in Japan. This is him, 1 year later. And yes, I do...
Trailer For Logan Paul Forest Video - 1 Year Later
18,662 views - 12/24/18
Originally I was going to release the video on its own without a trailer, but I made this clip while making the video. It seemed like it...
David Dobrik Serious Moments 2018 - Part 2
38,416 views - 12/18/18
Here's more serious moments from the David Dobrik vlogs for 2018. These feature Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas, Liza Koshy, and more. Clips...
The Impaulsive Podcast Gets Awkward with Jacob Sartorius and Logan Paul - Out of Context
23,640 views - 12/14/18
Today, we see the interactions Logan Paul and Jacob Sartorius had on the 12th edition of the Impaulsive Podcast. I've been meaning to...
65M-74M - How Pewdiepie Has Been Defeating T-Series - Part 1
18,457 views - 12/07/18
The battle of Pewdiepie vs T-Series has taken over the internet. In this video, we look at the origin and see how Pewdiepie and other...
David Dobrik Serious Moments 2018 - Part 1
127,564 views - 11/23/18
The David Dobrik vlogs are those types of vlogs where anything can happen. Here are some of those moments where it got intense and real...
RiceGum Content Cop - 1 Year Later
158,150 views - 10/03/18
It has been 1 year since the Content Cop on RiceGum was released by iDubbbz. In today's video, we look at the history of RiceGum vs...
Logan Paul Couldn't Lose After All This Trash Talking Against KSI
79,642 views - 08/26/18
The KSI vs Logan Paul event was one to remember. The main event ended in a draw and the Deji vs Jake Paul match surprised many people....
RiceGum Best Moments in Deji Vlogs 2018
40,099 views - 08/24/18
Here are the best RiceGum moments from the Deji vlogs when he came to LA and stayed over at the Clout House. Thought it would be pretty...
Logan Paul and Jake Paul Have Lost It Against KSI and His Diss Track
7,787 views - 08/22/18
Logan Paul uploaded his diss track on KSI while Jake Paul uploaded his "reaction" to KSI's Logan Paul diss track. I saw many things wrong...
KSI and Deji Destroy Logan Paul and Jake Paul at the UK Press Conference
94,525 views - 07/20/18
Just a video with some exposing stuff and memes. The KSI vs Logan Paul UK Press Conference was a good one. Deji owned his panel in the...
Every Time Logan Paul and Jake Paul Wanted to Cry At The UK Press Conference Against KSI and Deji
187,676 views - 07/19/18
Jake Paul and Logan Paul could not handle the UK Press Conference crowd. Deji took over the Deji vs Jake Paul panel as KSI took over the...
Shane Dawson Must Make This Video About Jake Paul (Jerika, FaZe Banks, Team 10 Members Leaving)
15,317 views - 07/14/18
Shane Dawson and Jake Paul are making a video together in the form of a documentary like the one Shane made on TanaCon. Here are some...
Why Does Jake Paul Keep Making This One Mistake?
32,393 views - 07/05/18
I hope Jake Paul has learned his lesson. I decided to try voice commentary to test out and see how I like it vs just typing. I feel like...
It's Everyday Bro - 1 Year Later
206,279 views - 05/31/18
What happened to the members that rapped in It's Everyday Bro? This is them, 1 year later. See what Jake Paul, Nick Crompton, Chance...
RiceGum Overcame the Biggest Challenges Any YouTuber Could Go Through to Earn 10,000,000 Subscribers
56,572 views - 03/24/18
Congratulations to RiceGum for earning 10,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. It was a crazy experience watching the highs and lows while...
The Saddest Video I Will Ever Make on Logan Paul and Jake Paul
31,078 views - 03/02/18
I miss them so much!! Like the video if you shed a tear too!!! #Logang #JakePauler Aye, I see you kept on reading the description. I'm...
Erika Costell, You Are a Terrible Person with Jake Paul and Team 10 Against Wolfie
24,682 views - 02/20/18
Erika Costell calls out Wolfie in a video because he said that she can catch the hands. She brings along Jake Paul and Nick Crompton to...
Logan Paul Has Made Some More Mistakes
30,629 views - 02/10/18
Logan Paul kept doing stuff that many would find unacceptable after the forest situation. ↓Follow me on Twitter and...
Jake Paul is a Hypocrite in the KSI and Deji Drama
35,492 views - 02/07/18
Jake Paul showcases himself as a hypocrite in his response videos to KSI calling out Logan Paul and him after his boxing match against...
Logan Paul Has Not Learned Anything
18,765 views - 02/02/18
Logan Paul has not learned anything during his whole situation. For anyone that is still in the "Logang" and actually supports this guy,...
Jake Paul and Team 10 Serious Moments (Arguments, Fights, Trash Talking)
22,099,329 views - 01/19/18
Jake Paul and Team 10 are just a big happy family. Yeah, not really. Jake and Team 10 members Erika Costell, Chance and Anthony, and more...
Jake Paul Finally Reacts to the Logan Paul Japanese Forest Situation
21,550 views - 01/16/18
Many people have wondered what Jake Paul has thought about the Logan Paul situation. Here it is. In a Team 10 member's vlog, Jake lets us...
RiceGum Best Moments in FaZe Banks Vlogs 2017
1,164,516 views - 01/01/18
The best moments of RiceGum in FaZe Banks vlogs ft Alissa Violet, Wolfie, FaZe Rug, Sommer Ray, and many more from Clout Gang. Clips and...
The Next Content Cop Revealed?!?
5,318 views - 12/27/17
iDubbbz has hinted at the next victim for Content Cop in one of his last videos. This video is inspired by a Reddit post on the iDubbbz...
Is Ajit Pai a Troll?
1,011 views - 12/15/17
I am convinced that this dude is trolling. I can not take him serious. ►Like the video ►Subscribe to the channel ►Leave a comment ►Share...
The Problem with the Jake Paul and Gucci Mane It's Everyday Bro Remix Music Video
1,175 views - 11/23/17
Some of the problems that the new Jake Paul music video with Gucci Mane had. It also includes the deleted verse. I could have done more...
Jake Paul Can't Get Over The Martinez Twins Leaving Team 10
10,391 views - 11/18/17
Jake Paul tries to portray himself to be the better man when he gets into drama, but never goes through with it. The Martinez Twins...
RiceGum Hiding From FaZe Banks Antics | Funny RiceGum Moments In Vlogs
177,289 views - 08/15/17
Just a couple of clips I found humorous when watching the vlogs. Always fun to see RiceGum try to stay away from getting into trouble...
The Problem With The Chance and Anthony Music Video Song No Option (RiceGum Diss Track)
612 views - 08/10/17
Chance Sutton and Anthony Trujillo from the Jake Paul Team 10 group had the audacity to make a song and basically a RiceGum diss track...
Keemstar vs Lance Stewart (Twitter Videos) | Lance Stewart Exposed Failing to Join Jake Paul Team 10
272,391 views - 08/03/17
A bit of drama that went down between the legend Keemstar and the buffoon Lance Stewart on Twitter. Jake Paul and Team 10 get brought up...
Mia Khalifa Says Texas Is A Country On Ice Poseidon Stream
2,680 views - 08/02/17
Mia Khalifa comes to the Ice Poseidon stream to have a chat and she makes a statement that doesn't seem right. ►Like the video...
31,025 views - 08/01/17
This is a recap of YouTube's major events that happened in the month of July for 2017 ►Last month's recap:
Logan Paul Breaking Plates Compilation
4,737,563 views - 07/20/17
Logan Paul Breaking Plates Compilation with Ayla and Evan Jake Paul and Team 10 also make an appearance. ►Like the video ►Subscribe to...
The Fall of Jake Paul but it's only Kong Da Savage | Jake Paul Diss Track by Logan Paul
879 views - 07/16/17
Kong Da Savage overtakes the Logan Paul diss track on Jake Paul ►Like the video ►Subscribe to the channel ►Leave a comment ►Share the...
The Problem With the Jerika Music Video | Jake Paul - JERIKA (Song) feat. Erika Costell & Uncle Kade
3,861 views - 07/09/17
This line had to be talked about... Like the video and share it to a friend. Leave a comment if you wish and subscribe while you're...
1,931 views - 06/30/17
Thought of making a video summarizing what happened on the month of June in 2017 on YouTube. I came up with the idea a couple of days ago...