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204,620 views - 11/14/19
Harvesting on ROUGH FROZEN GROUND-My full review of the folding Capello Header. Special Thank You to Our Video Sponsor Farmers...
Harvest 2019 Got Us Down
277,183 views - 11/13/19
Harvest 2019 Got Us Down. Literally and Figuratively this sucks. Downed Corn is a serious pain in the a$$. What a year!! Can we be done...
How to Lose a Tire in 10 Acres
319,529 views - 11/11/19
How to Lose a Tire in 10 Acres.. I've had better days. Only 600 acres of corn to go. #harvest2019blows Special Thank You to Our Channel...
Harvesting Corn in the Snow is Problematic
376,532 views - 11/07/19
Harvesting Corn in the Snow is Problematic. We take a delivery of a new Capello Corn header to try in the downed corn. #HARVEST19...
Implement Rollover
551,574 views - 11/06/19
Local Coop Rolls Implement. Dan’s Diesel Saved the day! Not a fun Saturday! #harvest19 Special Thank You to Our Channel Sponsor Farmers...
Harvesting Corn
465,033 views - 11/03/19
We're back to harvesting corn. Things aren't going great... The amount of downed corn we have is a nightmare. It's still muddy with SNOW...
Tilling with the new 2680H Disk
377,045 views - 11/01/19
Started Tillage with the 2680h Disk from John Deere and Send Goodbye to the S780. We finished beans and will start back up on corn...
155,008 views - 10/31/19
Farm Communities Come Together
371,431 views - 10/31/19
Farm Community Comes Together to help out one of our own. 60 years ago our neighbor Norm was there to help finish our harvest when my...
I got the Combine Stuck on a Hill
431,458 views - 10/30/19
I got the John Deere S780 Stuck on the side of a hill. I've never experienced experienced anything like it. The combine slid 20ft down...
Our Pets Heads are Falling Off!
334,647 views - 10/29/19
Our Pets Heads are Falling Off! Well, not literally... But seriously the grain cart has ALMOST been stuck 100,000 times today. On a side...
Activating Millennial Mode
295,516 views - 10/28/19
Activating Millennial Mode also known as GoHarvest Combine Advisor. Pretty neat stuff! #greenmachine #harvest19 Special Thank You to Our...
Our First Day of Corn Harvest with the S780
406,374 views - 10/27/19
Our First Day of Corn Harvest with the S780.. The bean fields are too wet so we're moving onto corn for the time being. Randy had a real...
John Deere S780 Harvest Debut
426,335 views - 10/26/19
The John Deere S780 has made it to the field for its 2019 Soybean Harvest Debut. The rain is coming.. Or is it?? Nobody really knows....
398,564 views - 10/24/19
Everything is getting stuck! Well, not everything but our semi and Randy's cart sure did. The conditions are anything less than ideal...
Our First Day of Harvest 2019!
354,966 views - 10/22/19
First Day of Harvest!! We're finally in the field and going hard. Expecting MORE rain in just a few days we're racing the clock about to...
Early Harvest Problems-BUT RAIN AIN'T ONE
365,295 views - 10/19/19
There's always a few early harvest problems that need to be ironed out before we hit it hard. We're finally in the field and hope to...
302 Bushels Per Acre
329,204 views - 10/17/19
302 Bushels Per Acer is pretty wishful thinking in our area, but we might hit it in spots with our Channel® Seed. Using Farmer's Business...
330,867 views - 10/14/19
WILL WE EVER HARVEST?!?! Snow and MORE rain in the forecast... Things are looking bleak.. October 14th, and we haven't harvested a thing....
430,623 views - 10/12/19
We ACTUALLY got a NEW COMBINE!! John Deere delivered us a BRAND NEW S780 with Tracks to demo this Harvest. Thank you to John Deere for...
627,686 views - 10/09/19
We got a NEW Combine! Kidding!!! Isla got a new TOY combine. However we did spend two days putting a NEW Crary Wind System on our John...
We Millennialized the John Deere Ripper
335,625 views - 10/07/19
Our Regional Tillage Specialist, Sam, from John Deere stopped by to help me install TruSet on our 2730 ripper. TruSet helps you increase...
Randy's Harvesting Soybeans!
410,252 views - 10/05/19
Eric from May Wes came out to help with more upgrades to our John Deere headers, Ron from Farmers Business Network was out to look at our...
Our MASSIVE American Grain Cart is here!
494,748 views - 10/03/19
J&M Manufacturing brought out a brand new grain cart with special American flag decals! Dakota Micro installed some of their new InnoPro...
Stainless Steel Upgrades For The Deep Bander
284,411 views - 09/30/19
We made a HUGE mess in the shop installing a new Romafa stainless steel meter housing in our John Deere Deep Bander. Thank you to Red E...
Cleaning the Grain Pits
294,184 views - 09/26/19
Cleaning out the 500 Bushel Grain Pits. Everybody loves climbing down into the pits to pump out 200 gallons of rotten stagnant mosquito...
Millennials Trying To Farm
308,678 views - 09/24/19
Millennials Trying to Farm That's an AVACA-NO For Me Video Collaboration with You Betcha:...
Hauling Corn in Miserable Conditions
299,364 views - 09/20/19
It continues to rain... We're Hauling Corn to the Ethanol plant to empty our bins before Harvest. There is nothing more enjoyable than...
Combine Improvements
353,995 views - 09/18/19
Harvest will be here before we know it.... Or will it??? Too much cold rainy weather! I spent the day installing a new Combine Tool box...
The NEW Sukup Grain Bin is Built!!
271,494 views - 09/16/19
In just under 48 hours our new Sukup Grain Bin is up. Unfortunately we've got some rotten wet corn plugged up in the gates way up top in...
Millennial Farmer STOLE Welker's Case Combine (Optimus Bine!!)
722,996 views - 09/02/19
Millennial Farmer Stole a Case Combine! (KIDDING) The Johnson family was headed to Glacial National Park for a family vacation, along the...
Combine Work Before Harvest
274,850 views - 08/24/19
We have the combine in the shop ahead of harvest and installed some new G4 stalk stompers from May Wes! Harvest is getting closer to the...
Farm Tour
291,604 views - 08/18/19
My Field Work Podcast Co Host Mitchell visited to take a tour of our farm and check out the soybeans we planted green. We also had an...
Farm Equipment at Farm Fest
228,202 views - 08/13/19
The family and I had fun spending two days at Farm Fest. We got to check out some awesome new Farm Equipment and Farm Technology. The...
Grain Leg Trick Shot-Fun On The Farm
234,916 views - 08/08/19
Having a little fun on the Farm with The Gould Brothers before Harvest Ramps up. Grain Leg and Combine Trick Shot Fun On The Farm. We...
Farm Work
307,369 views - 08/02/19
A busy day of Farm Work. Removing the duels from the sprayer to save some crops, scouting and spraying our Non GMO soybeans and a full...
We're Building a New Grain Bin
289,108 views - 07/31/19
We're Building a New Grain Bin and have an International Trade Team visiting our farm from China. Harvest Prep is just around the corner....
Field Work in Iowa
214,542 views - 07/26/19
Meeting up with my Field Work Co-Host Mitchell Hora with Continuum Ag. THE PROBLEM Quantifiable soil health data and standards are...
We Toured a Hog Farm!
277,320 views - 07/23/19
Onyx and I headed a few hours south to tour a hog farm. We learned about the pigs diets and how well they are cared for. Onyx wanted to...
Laying Pipe with Master Pipe Layer Randy
371,519 views - 07/19/19
Laying Pipe with the Master Pipe Layer Randy. Randy and his team at Big Stone Ag are working on a Pattern Tile Job with their new Inter...
Millennial Farmer Visits Pelosi's Office
232,394 views - 07/16/19
Millennial Farmer visits Pelosi's Office... Just kidding! It was a busy day attending our County Corn and Soybean Growers Association...
Just in CASE
331,028 views - 07/12/19
Top secret Meeting at an undisclosed location that I can't talk about just in Case things don't work out. Special Thank You to Our...
Millennial Farmer Gets Schooled By Case
421,951 views - 07/02/19
Millennial Farmer heads to the land of Hockey Pucks and Maple Syrup to cover Canada's Farm Progress Show. Lots of interviews, a quick...
Seed Tender Review
165,403 views - 06/29/19
J&M LC 290 Seed Tender Review-New Hats $5 from EVERY Millennial Farmer Merchandise purchase will go towards helping U.S. veterans get...
Planting Green
319,252 views - 06/21/19
Our last 7 acres just came out of CRP. We're going to plant Soybeans green right through the sod. I also have plans to pick up our new...
Farm Kid Takes out The Trash
444,775 views - 06/13/19
Scouting Fields- Overall the crop looks good other than the plants are a little yellow yet due to the extra moisture and low temps we've...
Planting Non GMO Soybeans
180,373 views - 06/12/19
Planting my first Non GMO Soybeans from FBN. We're hopeful they do well and end up being a big opportunity for our farm. These are a 1.2...
9520RX John Deere-2660VT Vertical Tillage Demo
515,084 views - 06/11/19
Midwest Machinery sent us a 9520RX John Deere and 2660VT Disc to demo and try our hand at some vertical tillage. I was really hoping this...
What should we do with our last 40 Acres of Mud?
410,473 views - 06/09/19
We started spraying our corn and had to clean some plastic twine off the Digger Shanks and in the process I stabbed myself with a digger...
My First Experience With No-Till
386,179 views - 06/07/19
W gave up on corn and switched the planter back to beans for our last 400 acres. We fixed a leaky hydraulic hose on the sprayer and tried...
Tractor Stuck in the MUD
1,643,009 views - 06/04/19
We had to fire Jim (Joking) after he got the 9560RT John Deere and 2230 cultivator stuck in the mud. #forpetessakejim #holybuckets...
Millennial Farmer Merchandise Giveaway
86,544 views - 06/03/19
Never Climb in Grain Bins
495,220 views - 06/01/19
A day full of emptying bins, hauling corn and getting back in the field after this last rain. Climbing in Grain Bins is never safe but...
Excavators and Chainsaws
469,641 views - 05/28/19
Excavators and Chainsaws make for the perfect rainy day activity. Master Pipe Layer Randy and his team came over to fix a broken drain...
Trigger Warning
350,349 views - 05/24/19
This video will include my opinions on Donald Trump, Rain and Subsidies. It's still raining so I spend the day cleaning a bin our and...
Farming VS Rain
250,688 views - 05/22/19
We switched back to planting corn after spending a day doing soybeans. We're racing the rain and trying to get our last 200 acres in!...
Switching from Corn to Beans
209,606 views - 05/17/19
We're scrambling to get as much of anything in the ground as we can before the rain. We've got 1321 acres of corn in the ground and we/re...
249,852 views - 05/15/19
The weather is cooperating (for now) and we're planting! Getting our lasts Corn Test Plots in the ground. We plant a test Plot for our...
Happy Hour
110,221 views - 05/15/19
Planting Corn
Planting Our Corn Test Plots
199,652 views - 05/13/19
We're gonna see how the F2F 102 and 92 day varieties stack up against the popular Channel late 97 day variety in our test plot. Becky...
Spring Corn Planting 2019
363,242 views - 05/08/19
We're back at it-Spring Corn Planting 2019 resumes. Loving the new J&M LC290 Seed Tender . Still getting the hang of the Yetter Row...
How Not to Change an Oil Filter
470,400 views - 05/04/19
Here's a brief tutorial on how not to change and oil filter on your John Deere 4830 Sprayer #doublerubber ►Join FBN with a $100...
125 Acres in the Ground
282,013 views - 05/01/19
We spent 3 days trying to get busy in the fields planting corn. We got 125 acres in the ground, but the weather hasn't been super...
The Work Continues
330,289 views - 04/28/19
The 2230 Field Cultivator is ready to go. Our F2F Corn and Soybean seeds arrived on the farm. We're gonna try planting some conventional...
John Deere Planter Preparations 2019
220,371 views - 04/25/19
Things are really getting busy now. I spent the day loading trucks, accepting chemical and seed deliveries while getting the planter all...
A Brief Announcement!
158,027 views - 04/20/19
Farmers Business Network has come on board with my channel to support what I do and help with the time I put into this. Their help is...
It Snowed.
226,376 views - 04/17/19
It snowed. a bunch. I guess that's what Minnesota is all about. And so I did some work to the snow blower, the tractors, and I worked...
Truck work, hauling, and New Row Cleaners
278,821 views - 04/15/19
I spent the day hauling corn, working on trucks, and we got the new row cleaners from yetter! ►Learn more here:...
Technology in Agriculture - Win up to $5,000 with FarmFluencer!
117,605 views - 04/13/19
Corteva Agriscience and 4H have teamed up to bring you the "FarmFluencer Campaign!" This is a global video contest that encourages young...
Planting Preparations
260,134 views - 04/09/19
Planting Preparations Continue in full force, while we get ready for a busy week or two of hauling corn to the Ethanol Plant. Yetter...
Goodbye to Our John Deere Combine
743,707 views - 04/05/19
I spent the day cleaning shop, shuffling equipment, and said goodbye to our John Deere 9650 combine. The weather is starting to turn...
Getting Closer to Spring!
228,602 views - 04/02/19
Getting closer to spring! The temps are warming up, the snow is disappearing, and I need a new pair of work boots! We also received a...
Helping out Farm Families and a Quick Update on Things
192,891 views - 03/24/19
Spring weather, flooding donations, our combine situation, Roudup/glyphosate, No till, and the new podcast. Here's a quick update on...
More Snow Removal and a NEW Tractor
294,903 views - 03/07/19
If you can believe it... It's still snowing in MN! Join me for the fun and check out Dad's new 3038E John Deere. This video is...
Animated Podcast -  An Interview with RDO Equipment
75,302 views - 03/04/19
An animated podcast interview with RDO Equipment! We talk advocacy, farming, and YouTube. Never thought I would be turned into a...
The History of Our Farm - Part 2 - A Talk With Dad
179,810 views - 02/27/19
the 2nd installment that digs into our farms history with my Dad. This ended up being a really great interview. MN Millennial Farmer,...
The History of Our Farm - Part 1 - A Talk With Dad
309,045 views - 02/25/19
I talked with Dad about the history of our farm and what it was like when he started farming. In Response to high demand! MN...
The Truth About Where I've Been.... (CLICKBAIT)
159,293 views - 02/15/19
Where have I been? Why no videos? Here's the truth.... It's been cold, and I went on vacation. That's it. I promise there will be...
Hauling corn to the Ethanol Plant
433,597 views - 01/20/19
7 truckloads headed to the Ethanol plant. The most recent snow fall and broken truck tarp didn't make things any easier. MN Millennial...
Moving Snow as Slowly as Possible
740,555 views - 01/13/19
Moving and blowing snow as slowly as I could! Things don't always go right and sometimes the job takes longer than it should! MN...
I Destroyed My Silver Play Button (Clickbait)
191,018 views - 01/03/19
Special Thank you going out to my first 100,000 subscribers and my second 100,000 subscribers! What an amazing feat! Thank you for the...
Pheasant Hunting and Trick Shots With the Gould Brothers
242,147 views - 12/26/18
Who thinks The Gould Brothers can shoot 6 Clay's from the hip from the top of the Challenger?! Steve and Aaron join Onyx and I for a...
Fixing Stuff and Tillage - The Lost Harvest Video!
275,286 views - 12/22/18
Fixing Stuff and Tillage - The Lost corn and soybean Harvest Video! We (Zach) 'misplaced' (lost) this footage during harvest and we have...
Equipment Envy!!!
760,412 views - 12/18/18
Equipment Envy! Master Pipe Layer Randy give us a machinery tour at Clinton Ag. MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation...
Challenger VS Deere
707,511 views - 12/12/18
Challenger VS Deere, Good byes are never easy. MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central...
Farm Wash Day!
359,797 views - 12/04/18
On-Site Wash visits the farm to get our equipment and grain dryer cleaned up. MN Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation...
Cleaning Some Things Up
282,995 views - 12/01/18
Cleaning up the grain dryer, office work, meetings. Harvest is over but we're still plenty busy getting the farm clean now that the corn...
MN Millennial Farmer Farm Flix
260,029 views - 11/28/18
Find out more about Zach and his alter-ego the Millennial Farmer who is on a one-man mission to correct any mis-perceptions of farming...
The John Deere Shuffle
472,758 views - 11/26/18
A day of shuffling John Deere Tractors and Harvest Equipment including the Combines. MN Millennial Farmer Merchandise is now available!!...
A Few Quick Things: Apparel, FS19, and I'm going to Omaha!
116,765 views - 11/23/18
I'm heading to Omaha for Farmers Business Networks Farmer2Farmer event, I hope to see you there!
Visiting a Turkey Farm!
178,687 views - 11/22/18
We got to take a tour of our local Oakdale Turkey Farm just before thanksgiving! We got to experience some of the jobs they do on a...
Wrapping up Harvest!
231,696 views - 11/20/18
Wrapping Harvest up! Cleaning the yard up, ordering seed for next and lots of other cool stuff! ► Subscribe to our channel...
It's all Frozen!
341,326 views - 11/16/18
It's all froze. Musical Machinery, frozen grain system, snow and smokey burn outs. ► Subscribe to our channel...
Bonus Tillage Vlog
270,040 views - 11/14/18
Bonus Tillage Vlog- We wrapped up tillage last week, but we saved this vlog for last. #sponsored #harvest2018 Thank you to WD-40 for...
Rushing Tillage Before the Ground Freezes
244,110 views - 11/12/18
Rushing Tillage Before the Ground Freezes! Winter looks like it's coming early for us this year so we are hustling to work the ground as...
A Long Day of Farming in the Snow
1,118,214 views - 11/10/18
A Long Day of Farming in the Snow! We are racing to beat the freeze and get our field tillage done. The Challenger and the John Deere...
Teaching Her to Drive the Challenger
541,751 views - 11/08/18
Teaching her to Drive the Challenger- Becky drives tractor for the first time learning how to do tillage in the Challenger MT743 with the...
Farmer gets Bean Boozled
452,744 views - 11/06/18
Millennial Farmer gets Bean Boozled. It's been a long harvest. Aurora came to visit me in the tractor and challenged me to a game of Bean...
Working Hard or Hardly Working?
637,991 views - 11/05/18
Working Hard or Hardly Working- The fields are muddy but the weather is turning cold quickly and we need to get our tillage done fast....
Last Day of Harvest 2018
195,355 views - 11/03/18
Last Day of Harvest 2018- It's gonna be a great day.... Or is it??? ► Subscribe to our channel...
NFL Superstar Makes Vodka using our Corn!
215,172 views - 11/02/18
NFL Superstar makes Vodka with our Corn - MN Vikings Chad Greenway visits the farm to see where his Gray Duck Vodka corn is grown and...