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The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Math Test
1,601,984 views - 07/01/20
Summer school's in session kids! Who do you think will be the ultimate mathletes and pass the test? The drunk dudes or the high guys?...
The Try Guys Find Their Harry Potter Patronus
1,146,275 views - 06/29/20
Please donate what you can to the Trevor Project using the donate button. Every dollar goes towards saving young LGBTQ lives by providing...
Eugene Answers 36 Extremely Personal Questions
950,066 views - 06/27/20
Welcome to our newest dating show where we test you at home to see if you're destined to fall in love with one of The Try Guys! Who wants...
The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy Snacks Taste Test
1,881,790 views - 06/24/20
Another day, another taste test to ruin our tongues! Today we're trying all the spicy snacks out there! Are you a business looking to...
Keith Eats & Drinks Everything At Dunkin Donuts
3,440,321 views - 06/22/20
A feast unlike any other! Keith is taking on the challenge of eating AND drinking everything on the menu at Dunkin Donuts! 🍩☕ Get your...
The Try Guys Surprise Ned With Mystery Gifts For Daddy
1,457,570 views - 06/20/20
It's almost Father's Day and we're surprising our dad, Ned, with MYSTERY gifts! Who's gonna be Daddy's Favorite? Thanks to Norton 360 for...
New Logo Reveal! • The Tea
1,001,291 views - 06/17/20
The time has come! Today Zach is revealing the OFFICIAL brand name and logo for his new tea company custom made by a Try Guys fan! Head...
The Try Guys Photoshop Pranks Pt. 2 Worst Nightmares
2,071,017 views - 06/15/20
We're back on photoshop and we're turning each other into our WORST nightmares! Who will be crowned the photoshop king today? Are you a...
The Try Guys Find Out Their REAL Harry Potter Houses
2,357,683 views - 06/13/20
We wanted to take this opportunity to denounce transphobia and to bring more awareness to organizations like The Trevor Project. Please...
Try Guys Try The Ghost Pepper Challenge
1,371,576 views - 06/10/20
Well this might be the worst idea we've ever had, but it sure is eNTeRtaINing! We're eating ghost peppers and delivering an extra special...
The Try Guys High Bob Ross Paint Challenge
1,909,837 views - 06/08/20
Today the guys are gettin high and painting like the legend Bob Ross himself! Who's painting do you think will turn out best? 🎨👨‍🎨 Are...
The Try Guys Try Sexy Future Job Costumes
1,242,158 views - 06/06/20
As part of our participation in YouTube's 2020 graduation livestream (Sun. 6/7 @12pm PT), we're trying on the "sexiest" job costumes out...
Keith’s 100 SPICY Wing Challenge ft. The Food Babies
2,479,937 views - 06/01/20
The food babies are back! This time Keith challenged them to eat 100 spicy wings from Buffalo Wild Wings! Can they do it?! Are you a...
I Got A Six Pack In Six Weeks
3,272,023 views - 05/30/20
The before and after is SHOCKING! Watch Ned get a six pack pack in just six weeks! Are you a business looking to work with The Try...
The Try Partners Mystery Box Cooking Challenge
2,686,630 views - 05/27/20
It's the mystery box cooking challenge pt. 2 and today our partners are showing off their skills! What cooking creations can they whip up...
The Try Guys EXTREME Caffeine Taste Test • Zach's Tea ep2
1,575,607 views - 05/25/20
Welcome back to tea time with Korndiddy! Today Zach is trying to find the PERFECT blend for his tea and the guys are trying the most...
Our Girlfriends & Wives CUT Our Hair
2,519,976 views - 05/23/20
Today our girlfriends and wives are in control and giving us fresh new hair cuts! How do you think they turned out?! 💇Thanks to Candy...
Keith Gives The Try Guys A Sims Spa Day
948,957 views - 05/20/20
Miles is controlling his four Try Guy bosses in this special game of Sims! He takes them to the spa, Keith joins to make jokes, and DRAMA...
Keith Eats Everything At Popeye's & Raising Cane's
3,245,993 views - 05/18/20
The episode you've all been waiting for! Keith is eating everything on the menu at Popeye's AND Raising Cane's! Don't forget to get...
Home-Cooked Vs. $55 Fancy Burger Meal
1,658,801 views - 05/16/20
Welcome to DATE NIGHT! Our latest cooking show featuring Ned & Ariel! They're taking on the challenge of recreating some of the top rated...
Why I'm Starting A New Company for $500 (and need your help) • Zach's Tea ep1
1,355,159 views - 05/13/20
Welcome to tea time with Zach! This video will be the first in a six part series for my new tea company! I'm starting a new business with...
The Try Guys Try FIRE Cupping
3,224,555 views - 05/11/20
Light em up! We on FIREEE! Would you guys try fire cupping?🔥 Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys? Reach out to us at...
The Try Guys Photoshop Prank Battle
3,488,460 views - 05/09/20
Get ready for a battle like you've never seen before! Today we're photoshopping each other! May the best editor win! Are you a business...
The Try Guys Try Fitness YouTuber Workouts
2,033,044 views - 05/06/20
GOOOOD MORNING! And welcome to the Try Guys fitness taste test! We're trying the best workouts on YouTube for your #StayHome! Let us know...
Eugene Ranks Every Spice In His Kitchen Cabinet
1,667,400 views - 05/04/20
As promised, here it is! Eugene is ranking EVERY spice in his kitchen cabinet and the Spice King has really out does himself with this...
The Try Guys Recreate Met Gala Fashion
2,436,265 views - 05/02/20
Welcome to the #TryGala! We're recreating Met Gala looks in honor of Met Gala 2020! #MetGalaChallenge! Tag us in your runway recreations...
Eugene Vs. Ned // Keith Vs. Zach FULL FIGHT
498,152 views - 04/30/20
Now it's time for the showdown! It's Keith Vs. Zach and Ned Vs. Eugene, who will emerge the Try Guys' king of the boxing ring?! Thanks to...
The Try Guys Try Boxing
1,732,209 views - 04/29/20
Who's gonna beat who to the punch? Watch us learn how to box! + get ready for a bonus release! Tune in tomorrow morning at 8AM PST to...
Ned Bakes Sourdough Bread For 14 Days
1,332,409 views - 04/27/20
Everyone get your starters ready! It's how to bake sourdough bread with Ned! 🍞 Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys?...
Keith Eats Everything At Nando's PERi-PERi Chicken
3,324,651 views - 04/25/20
Buckle up and get ready for a PERi-PERi pepper journey to chicken town! Keith's eating everything from Nando's! 🌶️ Get your bottle of...
The Try Guys Replace Each Other
1,561,421 views - 04/22/20
Please enjoy this video of us trying to to replace each other from the comfort of our own homes :) #StayHome #WithMe Are you a business...
The Try Guys Korean FIRE Noodle Challenge
4,429,644 views - 04/20/20
We're leveling up from our extreme spicy noodle challenge to the Korean FIRE noodle challenge!🔥 Who do you think will tap out first?...
The Try Guys Try Crocheting
2,126,267 views - 04/18/20
We filmed this video pre-quarantine, but crocheting might just be the perfect hobby to pick up during your #StayHome #WithMe! Are you a...
The Try Guys Recreate Their Wives' Makeup Looks
2,755,291 views - 04/15/20
But who's face beat will be worthy of the King? Watch the guys recreate their wives makeup looks and Eugene crown one of them The Try...
The Try Guys Build A Mini Golf Course At Home
1,736,324 views - 04/13/20
We're gettin' crafty over here! Watch Keith build a mini golf course at home! What are you up to during your #StayHome? Are you a...
The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Easter Egg Hunt
3,038,799 views - 04/11/20
Which of these drunk vs. high geese will get their golden egg? We hope you have a hoppy egg day during your #StayHome! Send us all your...
Keith Reviews Every Trending Video On YouTube
1,368,423 views - 04/10/20
It's like eat the menu, but instead I'm consuming the feed! What's your trending tab look like? Anyone else got rich kid envy? If you...
I’m At Risk for Covid-19
1,763,154 views - 04/08/20
Hey everyone! Today we have a very important message from Zach on what it feels like being immunosuppressed during these scary times. We...
The Try Guys Get New Hobbies At Home • Quarantine Vlog Day 21
2,074,536 views - 04/06/20
What have you guys been up to any new ideas for us to try during self-quarantine? Help us raise money to fight the spread of Covid-19 by...
Oops, My Penis Was On The Internet
2,365,266 views - 04/04/20
A pissing match gone viral... This is the true story of Zach's infamous d*** slip. Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys?...
The Try Guys Mystery Box Home-Cooking Challenge
4,550,477 views - 04/01/20
Boy oh boy do we have a treat for you? How many of you guys are using mystery ingredients to cook up creative recipes at home right now?...
The Try Guys Quarantine Update Day 14
1,845,939 views - 03/30/20
It's officially been 366 hours indoors and we're trying to stay busy during this self quarantine time! What have you guys been doing to...
The Try Guys Shave Each Other's Faces
2,645,085 views - 03/28/20
Beards be gone! Watch us transform into professional barbers for the day and shave each other's faces! Are you a business looking to...
The Try Guys Learn Tai Chi
1,456,645 views - 03/25/20
We learned how to tap into our mind, body and spirit auras through Tai Chi! Who's adding this to their morning routine? Thanks to...
The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hours
3,009,886 views - 03/23/20
We've been working from home all week and this is how it's going so far! What have you been doing to stay busy during your stay at home?...
The Try Guys Try Extreme Korean Skincare Products
3,598,163 views - 03/21/20
Do we look beautimous now? We're trying a 14-step Korean Skincare routine! Which product would you want to try first? Help us support...
The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill With Eugene's Mom
2,372,339 views - 03/18/20
Eugene's mom has to choose between Ned, Zach, and Keith! Who's going to win this special edition of boink, marry, kill? Are you a...
The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Update
2,940,141 views - 03/16/20
A quick update from us about our work from home strategy to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus. + The beginning of our Try Guys...
The Try Guys Get $775 Red Carpet Facials
6,578,412 views - 03/14/20
It's #TryGuysBeautyMonth and this week we're trying a celebrity red carpet spa treatment and expensive facials! Watch our transformation...
The Try Guys Siblings Lie Detector Test
3,966,353 views - 03/11/20
Which Try Guy is lying to their sibling? Find out all their juicy family secrets in today’s special episode of the LIE GUYS take a lie...
The Try Guys EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challenge
7,751,625 views - 03/09/20
Who's going to make it to level 6 in this extreme spicy noodle challenge? Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys? Reach...
The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers
5,329,397 views - 03/07/20
Hi sisters! Today we're trying out four insanely complicated makeup looks from some of the top beauty YouTubers for our beauty month...
Eugene Ranks Every Popular Soda
5,100,660 views - 03/04/20
The #RankKing is back and he’s ready to do the dew just for you! Feel free to pop off about your fav soda pops in the comments! Are you...
The Try Guys Read Mean & Thirsty YouTube Comments
4,077,659 views - 03/02/20
You guys are honestly TOO kind! Drop your favorite comment, from the comments, about a comment below! Are you a business looking to...
The Try Guys Recreate Awkward Middle School Photos
2,804,606 views - 02/29/20
We decided to re-live the worst of times and recreate our awkward middle school photos to reflect and see how far we've come! Share your...
The Try Guys Become TikTokers For A Week ft. Noen Eubanks
4,318,493 views - 02/26/20
We tried becoming #TikTokers for the week with some help from our friend #Noen! Check him out on #TikTok (@noeneubanks) and follow our...
Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1
5,472,398 views - 02/22/20
Will she call their bluffs? Watch The Try Guys try to beat a world poker champion in the new episode of, The Try Guys 4 vs. 1! Are you a...
Keith Eats Everything At Whataburger
3,407,211 views - 02/19/20
It's the latest episode of #EatTheMenu On The Road and Keith is chowin' down at a Texas favorite! Are y'all team Whataburger or team...
The Try Guys Take Lie Detector Tests (Again)
5,770,286 views - 02/15/20
It's been 3 years and it's time to get some ANSWERS! Which Try Guy is gonna crack under the pressure? Watch us take a lie detector test!...
The Try Guys Make Surprise DIY Valentines
3,143,521 views - 02/12/20
This one is sweet so we hope you enjoy the treat! ;) Watch us make surprise DIY Valentine's for our SO's! Get our ltd. edition Always Bet...
The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions
3,913,668 views - 02/08/20
Y'all asked for it, but can we build it?!👷‍♂️ Watch us attempt to build this crazy Ikea furniture without instructions Let us know what...
The Try Guys Try Debate Club
2,621,517 views - 02/05/20
Is that a straw man argument I hear there? Choose your players! Huge thanks to our friend, Shane Madej, for hosting our debate club!...
10,000 Squats In 24 Hours Challenge ft. Blogilates
1,953,285 views - 02/01/20
Ned’s trying to knock out his New Year’s resolution in just one day! Will his booty survive 10,000 squats in 24 Hours? 🍑 With some help...
Which Try Guy Is The Best Boss?
4,203,727 views - 01/29/20
Our staff really grilled us on this one! Which #TryGuy do you think knows their staff best? And who's the worst #boss? Are you a...
Try Guys 300 Sushi pc. Mukbang ft. The Food Babies
5,085,080 views - 01/25/20
It's time for some sushiii! This week Keith challenged the Food Babies to eat 300 pieces of sushi with some help from the guys! Do you...
Keith Eats Everything At Shake Shack
4,992,326 views - 01/22/20
Welcome to the first Eat The Menu on The Road where Keith tastes all your regional favs with the help of his Lewberger band! ENJOY! Get...
The Try Guys Try Dungeons And Dragons
2,478,547 views - 01/18/20
Welcome to Snowdonia! Let's roll some dice! 🎲 Listen to the full 4+ hours of gameplay on the One Shot podcast!...
The Try Guys Watch Animal Births For The First Time
1,888,376 views - 01/15/20
This is the try not to ahhhh challenge! Please enjoy the gift of life with us! Are you a business looking to work with The Try Guys?...
The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe
4,475,529 views - 01/11/20
Who’s ready for some bonus baking? Which Try Guy’s Waffle Cone will stack up to the competition? 🧇👑 Are you a business looking to work...
The Try Guys Try Not To Get Scared Challenge
2,046,101 views - 01/08/20
It’s payback time! This time Ned’s getting surprised with HIS worst nightmare. How long will he last in this try-not-to-SCREAM horror...
The Try Guys NEVER BEFORE SEEN Footage!
1,868,415 views - 01/04/20
You were never supposed to see any of this! 😱 For the first time in Try Guys history, we’ve gone through thousands of hours of unused...
The 19 Best Songs Made Up By The Try Guys
1,031,797 views - 01/01/20
Start your new year off right with a truly superb soundtrack from #TheTryGuys! And stay tuned for some extra special EXCLUSIVE releases...
The Try Guys Eat EVERY Singapore Street Food
3,842,178 views - 12/30/19
We’re so excited to finally share our Singapore adventure with you guys! We were so lucky to travel, taste and try all of the beautiful...
The Try Guys Bake Cakes Without A Recipe
9,156,988 views - 12/28/19
Batter up! Bakers, step up to the plate! This week on #WithoutARecipe #TheTryGuys are baking cakes, but who’s ready to whisk it all? Get...
Keith Transforms Into Eugene's Worst Nightmare (A Chair)
5,587,975 views - 12/25/19
Happy holidays Tryceratops! This holiday season we wanted to give you an extra special present and most importantly, give our dear friend...
Eugene Babysits Twins For A Day
3,524,046 views - 12/23/19
Here we go again! #Eugene the babysitter is back and maaaybe better than ever? Will he survive a day of watching twins? And more...
The Try Guys Make Ice Cream Without A Recipe
9,000,954 views - 12/21/19
Which #TryGuy is gonna get served today? Keep watching because we’ve got the scoop on #WithoutARecipe!🍦 Are you a business looking to...
Keith Eats Every Pie
3,580,529 views - 12/18/19
Tis the season of pie-eating! Watch Keith eat ALL the pies while using #GoogleLens!🥧 How many of these pies do you think you could...
Eugene Interviews the CEO of YouTube
871,008 views - 12/16/19
Eugene sits down with #YouTubeCEO #SusanWojcicki to reflect on the past decade and discuss the new harassment policy, COPPA and the FTC,...
The Try Guys Cook Bagels Without A Recipe
8,866,435 views - 12/14/19
#WithoutARecipe is all you knead! This week the guys are giving bagels a go, but which #TryGuy will dough it right?🥯🏆 Are you a...
Last To Leave Handcuffs Wins $10,000 ft. MrBeast
5,267,576 views - 12/11/19
Will #TheTryGuys survive a #MrBeast challenge? Who will be the last guy standing in this 24 hr.+ handcuff challenge? Are you a business...
The Try Guys Rewind 2019, from 4 Different Perspectives
1,578,671 views - 12/09/19
#TheTryGuys reflect on their craziest year ever and share stories about their book, tour, and podcast, from 4 different perspectives....
The Try Guys Bake Cookies Without A Recipe
8,882,211 views - 12/07/19
#WithoutARecipe is officially back! Which batch of #TryGuys cookies will bake it to the top?🍪🏆 Are you a business looking to work with...
The Try Guys Try To Survive A Major Earthquake
3,495,593 views - 12/04/19
We're getting ready for the “big one”... just in case! We want all of you guys to be prepared too! For more information about how to...
How We Left BuzzFeed, from 4 Different Perspectives
3,975,068 views - 12/02/19
The story you’ve all been waiting for! Welcome to our new mini series: Story Try. New episodes every Monday through December! Happy...
Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken
2,295,247 views - 11/30/19
It’s here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce! Buy Keith's Chicken Sauce here 👉...
The Try Guys Play With Dolls
1,837,991 views - 11/27/19
Are we an #Unboxing channel now? Watch us live out our life long dream of playing with baby dolls for hours on end! 👶🍼#ToysReview...
The Try Guys Try Baby Photography
2,649,014 views - 11/23/19
Welcome to the new Era of Eugene + Babies! Watch us become professional baby photographers! 👼📸 Are you a business looking to work with...
The Try Guys Try Rugby League • Try Australia
1,632,278 views - 11/20/19
It's about to get a little rough down under! We're trying rugby! Watch us attempt to beat a bunch of 12 year olds at their own game in...
Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's Australia
4,324,085 views - 11/16/19
Keith ate everything at an Australian McDonald's and it was A LOT of bread! Aussie fans, what's your go to order from Macca's?? Are you...
We Made Meat Pies & Ate Gourmet Australian BBQ • Try Australia
3,206,470 views - 11/13/19
It's barbie time! Watch us try all the gourmet meats Australia has to offer! Also, we ate at the same place THOR eats!!! AKA: Chris...
The Try Guys Coffee Art Competition • Try Australia
3,701,507 views - 11/09/19
Some of the most beautiful latte art you'll ever see, enjoy our caffeine craziness! ☕ Are you a business looking to work with The Try...
The Try Guys Eat $1,200 Of Gourmet Seafood • Try Australia
4,392,170 views - 11/06/19
Watch us shuck a ton of oysters and taste some of the finest seafood delicacies Australia has to offer in our journey down under the SEA!...
The Try Guys Become Zookeepers For A Day • Try Australia
3,844,676 views - 11/02/19
This may be our most emotional video yet! Take a look at all the beautiful creatures we met on our journey in Australia and watch us try...
Carving Each Other's Faces On To Pumpkins 🎃
3,666,911 views - 10/30/19
Trick or treat! We decided to get crafty and put our pumpkin carving skills to the test! Let us know what you think! 🎃 Are you a...
Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1
8,805,736 views - 10/26/19
Four average dudes vs. a master of chess in a battle of the wits! Can they beat #KurtSchneider at his own game?! ...oh and did we mention...
The Try Guys Plant 20 Million Trees (PSA Music Video)
1,304,347 views - 10/25/19
How do trees get online? ...they LOG in! Ahaha, now that we have your attention, visit or use the donate button...
Eugene Ranks Popular Cocktails Around The World
2,837,241 views - 10/23/19
It's the #RankKing season finale so it's time to celebrate! What better way then trying cocktails from around the world and RANK KING...
Try Guys Try Sexy Vs Traditional Halloween Costumes
4,032,438 views - 10/19/19
It's that time of year again! The #TryGuys are here to wish you the spoopiest #Halloween! 🎃👻💀 ⚡THE TRY GUYS LEGENDS OF THE INTERNET...
Who Is The Most Iconic Diva Of All Time?
1,937,212 views - 10/16/19
The #RankKing and his Rank Mother are here to bring the music mayhem this week! Who will be crowned the most iconic diva of all time? May...
Keith Eats Everything At Wendy's
7,163,035 views - 10/12/19
The bitch is back! 💁‍♀It's finally here! Watch Keith eat everything off the menu at Wendy's! #EatTheMenu ⚡THE TRY GUYS LEGENDS OF THE...