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Ishigaki Wagyu: Okinawa's Rarest Steak - Teppanyaki in Japan
89,505 views - 07/02/20
Oyster blade steak from Wagyu grown on tropical Ishigaki Island (Okinawa). Only 600 to 800 cows are raised per year.
Nightfall in Ancient Forest - Sababurg - Germany
12,732 views - 06/29/20
The oak trees in this forest are up to 600 years old. Until 1850 this forest was used as pastoral forest: pigs and sheep were strolling...
Tokyo's most ASMR Chef preparing Hida Wagyu & Lobster
447,914 views - 06/18/20
Teppanyaki Lunch in Tokyo, including steak, lobster, vegetables, fried rice and dessert -
Japanese Fried Rice - Step by Step
520,943 views - 06/16/20
Teppanyaki preparation of Fried Rice in Tokyo -
Mangalica Pork - High-end Hungarian Wool Pig
73,695 views - 06/11/20
Mangalica is an old Hungarian wool pig race. It grows slowly, is kept free-range (in Hungary) and is known for its high content of fat....
Japanese Street Food - Baby Octopus Takoyaki
88,267 views - 06/09/20
Takoyaki filled with Octopus sold in Dotonbori - Osaka
Rare Miyazaki Wagyu A5 - Teppanyaki in Japan
2,905,982 views - 06/04/20
Pleasant Teppanyaki place in a side alley in Osaka - Miyazaki Wagyu belongs roughly to the Top5 Japanese Wagyu Beef brands (beside Kobe...
Nasi Goreng Fried Rice & Seafood - Teppanyaki in Bali
191,117 views - 05/28/20
Visiting a high-end Teppanyaki in Kuta, Bali - surprisingly a lot of these dishes are prepared with ice cream and Pepsi -
$330 Kobe Beef Dinner - Teppanyaki in Japan
1,019,001 views - 05/21/20
Opening in 1945 in Kobe, Misono was the first Teppanyaki steak restaurant in the world at that time -
Argentine Steak - German Steel Pan
76,225 views - 05/17/20
Night Market Teppanyaki - Street Food in Taiwan
49,313 views - 05/14/20
A number of dishes at Dadong Night Market in Tainan, Taiwan: Chicken, Omelette, Shrimps, Steak, Chinese Cabbage, Bean Sprouts -
Japanese Matcha Steak - Step by Step
53,731 views - 05/07/20
3 ingredients: Argentine steak, salt and Japanese green tea. The matcha steak contains about 150mg of caffeine (similar to Starbucks...
$270 Gourmet Lunch - Tokyo's best Teppanyaki ?
1,207,609 views - 04/30/20
One of the most top-notch Teppanyaki restaurants in Tokyo - Ukai-tei in Ginza
Dadong Night Market - Street Food in Taiwan
58,264 views - 04/23/20
Various street foods at Dadong Night Market in Tainan - Taiwan
The perfect Rare-Well Steak - Step by Step
729,176 views - 04/17/20
A rare-well Steak requires an uneven cut steak combing all stages of cooking in one single steak: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well...
Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake - Street Food in Osaka
73,722 views - 03/27/20
Famous Rikuro's jiggly cheesecake in Osaka - Japan
Kobe Beef in Kyoto - Japan's best Steakhouse ?
11,198,907 views - 03/20/20
Gion Mikaku, founded in 1929: - 2 different cuts of beef: Tajima beef filet mignon and Kobe beef rump steak with just the right amount of...
Japanese Fried Rice - Food in Kyoto Japan
5,224,002 views - 03/16/20
Fried Rice prepared with fat, garlic, onions, egg -
Spanish Charra Steak with Mushrooms - One Pan Preparation
70,292 views - 03/13/20
Ribeye steak of Spanish Charra Beef (hybrid of Morucha x Charolais and Avileña x Charolais/Limousin), prepared with garlic mushrooms -
Okonomiyaki - Food in Osaka JAPAN
277,415 views - 03/06/20
Family-run Teppanyaki restaurant in Osaka Namba - serving Squid-Pork Okonomiyaki
Belgian Beef & Beer Stew - Step by Step
63,004 views - 02/28/20
A traditional Belgian recipe: As dark beer is usually loaded with flavors, all further necessary ingredients for this exquisite dish are...
Japanese Street Food - Kyabetuyaki
463,143 views - 02/21/20
A rather popular street food joint near Namba Station in Osaka preparing a variety of the Japanese deliciousy Okonomiyaki -
Bangkok Street Food - 6 iconic Street Foods in Thailand
54,891 views - 02/14/20
Filmed in Bangkok Sukhumvit, Khlong Lat Mayom and Chiang Mai -
6 easy Thai Food Recipes - Step by Step (engl. subtitles)
75,822 views - 02/07/20
Each dish takes about 2 minutes to prepare. Filmed at 2 different street food spots in Sukhumvit / Bangkok
Rare Salmon Steak in Bali - Seafood Teppanyaki
63,827 views - 02/01/20
Teppanyaki in Bali - the last Hindu bubble in South East Asia - Some appetizers, fried vegetables, salmon steak, and banana ice cream....
Bangkok Street Food: Soi Cowboy - Night and Day
26,542 views - 01/24/20
Soi Cowboy - the legendary bar alley in Bangkok of about 200 m length - named after T. G. "Cowboy" Edwards, a retired American Vietnam...
$210 Wagyu Steak well done Lunch  - Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan
661,202 views - 01/17/20
A5 superior Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak prepared "well done" in Tokyo Akasaka -
Khaung Daing - Snack Village in Myanmar
430,910 views - 01/11/20
Village Khaung Daing (also called Tofu Village) at Inle Lake produces 22 different snacks, mostly from chickpea flour, cane sugar and...
Rare Kuroge Wagyu in Tokyo - Teppanyaki Lunch in Japan
964,638 views - 01/02/20
Wagyu Beef Lunch in Tokyo - Akihabara, including appetizer, sorbet, fried vegetables, A5 Wagyu, fried rice, salad, dessert, coffee, beer...
Bangkok Street Food - Khao San Road
333,233 views - 12/26/19
Some street foods in the Khao San Road area in Bangkok - Thailand
Rare Argentine Steak in German Stainless Steel Skillet
378,409 views - 12/24/19
Angus steak from Argentina (free-range, organic, dry aged in Spanish Brandy) cooked in a brand-new stainless steel skillet from Germany....
2 Argentine Steaks in French Enameled  Cast Iron Skillet
59,187 views - 12/19/19
Small dry-aged (and organic) Black Angus Steak and a bigger wet-aged Black Angus Steak from Argentina. Prepared in a French enameled Cast...
Bangkok Street Food - Roast Duck, Tiger Prawn, Pat Thai, Khanom Bueang, Tornado Potato
150,599 views - 12/17/19
0:01 Roast Duck 2:41 Moopan - Roasted Pork Sheet 3:10 Khanom Bueang (Thai Crepe), white topping: shredded coconut, orange topping:...
A5 Wagyu Beef well done - Teppanyaki Masterchef TOKYO Japan
494,310 views - 12/13/19
Teppanyaki preparation of A5 Wagyu Beef Steak and sides in Tokyo - Japan. I went to this restaurant a year ago for the first time,...
Bangkok Street Food - Pad Thai, Fried Morning Glory, Pad See Ew, Papaya Salad
284,999 views - 12/09/19
0:01 Fried Morning Glory with chili and garlic 1:47 Fried flat noodles with egg and vegetables 4:11 Pad Thai vermicelli with fried egg...
$318 Matsusaka Steak Dinner - Japan's most expensive Beef
4,447,445 views - 12/06/19
0:08 Chestnut Potage 0:35 Grilled Shrimp 4:13 Sautéed Foie Gras with Red Wine Sauce 6:58 Sautéed Yam and Gingko Nut 9:07 Salad 9:11 300 g...
Egg Wagyu Beef Fried Rice - Tokyo Japan
65,145 views - 12/03/19
Fried Rice in Tokyo - Japan
Bangkok Street Food - Chicken Fried Rice
46,066 views - 12/02/19
A number of wok dishes being prepared - including chicken fried rice - filmed at Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, Bangkok -
Argentine Steak vs. Botswana Steak - French Cast Iron Skillet
80,983 views - 11/29/19
The bigger steak is from grain-fed Botswana beef. The smaller one is gras-fed, brandy-aged Argentine Black Angus beef - Clarified butter...
Steakland Kobe - The World's most popular Kobe Beef Steak Restaurant
144,508 views - 11/25/19
The only Kobe Steak restaurant in Japan where people actually line up outside to get in. I visited this restaurant 4 years ago for the...
Japanese Street Food - Giant Parrotfish Sashimi OKINAWA Giant Sea Snail
104,716 views - 11/22/19
Giant Sea Snail, Parrotfish, Red Pinecone Soldierfish - all prepared as Sashimi at Makishi Market in Naha, Okinawa - More Okinawa...
Japanese Street Food - Peking Duck in Kobe Chinatown
52,360 views - 11/19/19
Peking Duck sold as street food in Kobe City's Chinatown, Japan. This street food joint appears to be new, I haven't seen this chef the...
Japanese Fried Rice - Tokyo vs. Osaka
178,030 views - 11/15/19
Fried rice as a part of a lunch course in Tokyo and as a part of a dinner in Osaka -
The perfect well done Steak - step by step
2,456,772 views - 11/12/19
Ribeye Steak from Uruguay prepared "well done" with an approximate internal temperature of 70°C / 158°F -
$201 Kobe Beef well done in Tokyo - Japan
274,555 views - 11/08/19
Teppanyaki preparation of 200g of Kobe Beef. The marbeling of the Kobe Beef in this restaurant varies from "A4 to A7" (according to the...
Italian Chianina Steak with Herb Butter
114,998 views - 11/08/19
Chianina beef Porterhouse Steak from Italy - grilled over wood fire and charcoal topped with herb butter of thyme, garlic, parsley and...
Best 5 RAMEN in Tokyo - Japan
1,100,044 views - 11/05/19
Best 5 Ramen places in Tokyo according to Tripadvisor. Timestamp: Restaurant #5 0:02 - - Restaurant #4 5:26 - - Restaurant #3 10:15 - -...
$102 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Lunch - Gourmet Teppanyaki FUKUOKA JAPAN
224,181 views - 11/02/19
A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Lunch, together with vegetables, fried rice and a desert - filmed in Fukuoka, Southern Japan
Rare Nebraska Wagyu vs. Ancient Japanese Knife
309,962 views - 10/29/19
On my last visit to Matsumoto in 2018 (about 4 hours from Tokyo) I bought an ancient Japanese knife from a local antiques street vendor....
Best 4 RAMEN in Osaka Japan - Ichiran, Ippudo, Hanamaruken, Zundo-Ya
417,358 views - 10/26/19
Top 4 recommended Ramen restaurants in Osaka at TripAdvisor: 2 Ramen places at lunch time. 2 after midnight. Filmed within 12 hours in...
Rare Kagoshima Wagyu Steak - Teppanyaki in Japan
334,261 views - 10/22/19
Kagoshima beef won the top spot at the 11th National Japanese Beef Ability Expo (2017) - against Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, etc. so it is...
3 Steaks in Japan  - $6 vs. $37 vs. $132
3,828,642 views - 10/19/19
3 options of eating steak in Japan - cheap, moderate and expensive.
$114 Saga Wagyu Beef Lunch - Gourmet Teppanyaki FUKUOKA JAPAN
334,717 views - 10/16/19
Teppanyaki preparation of prestigious Saga Beef, together with vegetables and fried rice. Served with appetizers and desert -
Egg Fried Rice in Japan - 3 different Styles/Chefs
422,961 views - 10/12/19
Teppanyaki cooking of egg fried rice in Fukuoka and Kagoshima, Southern Japan -
Seafood Fried Rice - Japanese Style
69,067 views - 10/10/19
Teppanyaki style preparation of seafood fried rice in Takamatsu - Japan.
Olive Wagyu in Japan - The rarest Steak in the World
38,857,822 views - 10/07/19
Olive Sanuki Wagyu, exclusively raised in Kagawa prefecture is fed on the remains of pressed olives - It's considered the rarest beef in...
Ramen in Japan - 4 different Styles/Chefs
882,587 views - 10/04/19
4 to 5 different Ramen places in Fukuoka, Southern Japan -
$124 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan
103,970 views - 10/01/19
Misono was the first Teppanyaki restaurant in the world, it opened in 1945 in Kobe, this is the Tokyo Ginza branch. The microphone fails...
Hachinohe - Japan's Biggest Morning Market
1,300,761 views - 09/28/19
Tatehana Wharf Sunday Morning Market at 5am - located in the harbour of Hachinohe - a town in Aomori, Northern Japan -
Japanese Street Food - Taiyaki, Pancakes, Snacks, Dumplings, Grilled Fish...
72,307 views - 09/27/19
Tatehana Wharf Morning Market is Japans biggest morning market, it's open from 5am to 9am. Arriving at 5am the market is already filled...
$191 Lunch in Tokyo GOURMET TEPPANYAKI Wagyu, Abalone, Prawn and Fried Rice
1,461,867 views - 09/25/19
High-end lunch in Central Tokyo (Akasaka), seafood, meat, and various smaller dishes, the restaurant is fully integrated into a park with...
Fried Rice in Tokyo - 4 different Styles/Chefs
3,819,253 views - 09/23/19
Fried rice prepared in various restaurants in Tokyo by different Japanese Teppanyaki chefs -
Street Food in Tokyo - Japanese Egg Omelette
111,094 views - 09/21/19
Street Food in Tokyo (Tsukiji Fish Market) - fresh, flattened Shrimp, Egg Omelette and grilled Wagyu
Miyazaki Wagyu in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan
122,276 views - 09/19/19
Miyazaki Wagyu Tenderloin Steak (Chateaubriand) prepared in a Teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo - Tenderloin being one the leanest cuts for...
Tokyo - Pancake Japanese Style, Garlic Fried Rice, Teppanyaki Ice Cream
279,698 views - 09/16/19
Cozy teppanyaki place in Ginza (Tokyo): Japanese style pancake with vegetables, beef and special seafood, Asahi Super Dry (beer) and as...
Irish grass-fed Steak vs. Australian grain-fed Steak
62,728 views - 09/11/19
Two premium steaks: A modest looking Irish grass-fed, dry-aged Hereford Ribeye runs against a slightly heavier, prettily marbled...
A simple Egg Bacon Steak - Step by Step
75,093 views - 09/02/19
Spanish Rubia Gallega Ribeye Steak (old cow, grass-fed) prepared with egg and bacon in a perhaps rather simple manner -
The Perfect Garlic Prawn - Step by Step
73,985 views - 08/28/19
Italian (red) and New Caledonian (blue) prawn, defrosted for 8 hours - debatably, the most flavorful part of the prawn is the head, a mix...
Natural Mystic -
11,583 views - 08/26/19
Argentine Chateaubriand Steak au Blueberí vs. Wooden Knife
70,654 views - 08/20/19
Argentine Black Angus Chateaubriand steak with a classical Blueberry sauce. The doneness of the prepared steaks varies from medium to...
The 3-hour Steak - slow cooked Argentine Steak & German Steak
100,293 views - 08/16/19
German Simmentaler Ribeye and Argentine Black Angus Tenderloin beef being slow cooked for 3 hours -
Bistecca alla Fiorentina - Steakhouse in Italy
2,310,984 views - 08/10/19
Steak cutting and grilling in Florence. Chianina beef being low in fat - lean - can be eaten rare or even blue rare. The weight of the...
Street Food in Italy - Florence
151,247 views - 08/08/19
Various street foods at longstanding food joint "Da Nerbone", opened in 1872 in Central Market in Florence, Italy
Street Food in Italy - Schiacciata in Florence
581,688 views - 08/04/19
Busy Saturday night at a street food joint - All'antico Vinaio - in Florence, Italy - 1 hour before closing many people are still hoping...
BEST 4 Steaks in the World - 2019
159,026 views - 07/31/19
Tested steaks: Scottish Aberdeen Angus, English Beef, Kobe Beef, American Porterhouse Steak, New Zealand Wagyu, German Wagyu, Japanese...
Steak Vladimir - A presidential, rare Steak
206,579 views - 07/22/19
A traditional Steak Vladimir requires a high-quality beef cut: grass-fed Argentinian beef tenderloin steak, center cut. It's served with...
Elk Steak with Blackberry Sauce
66,913 views - 07/19/19
Elk meat, naturally low in fat, goes well with a simple yet magnificent blackberry sauce, consisting of fresh blackberries, red wine,...
Rare Galician Steak - Chuletón
208,726 views - 07/14/19
Old cow in-bone steak from Northern Spain, grilled on wood fire and charcoal -
Gambero Rosso - The most expensive prawns in the world
62,314 views - 07/10/19
Sicilian red prawns, the shellfish of choice for Italian gourmets - Wild caught in the Mediterranean Sea.
Uruguayan Steak vs. French Le Thiers Steak Knife
171,015 views - 07/04/19
Gras-fed Angus beef from Uruguay vs. the most aesthetically pleasing steak knife there is: Le Thiers. Test result: I would use it for a...
Crete - Ancient Olive Grove - Walk
12,640 views - 07/01/19
2 or 3 olive trees in this grove have been producing olives for more than a thousand years.
Food in Rome ITALY - Busy Pizzeria
566,877 views - 06/29/19
As the Steakhouse with some pretty Bistecche said "No" to a video, I went straight to this Pizzeria -
Bistecca alla Fiorentina - The oldest Steak in the history of Mankind
255,895 views - 06/26/19
Chianina beef: appreciated 2,500 years ago by Etruscans and ancient Romans - This video without music:
Food in Rome - Wood Fired Pizza - Italy
3,277,723 views - 06/22/19
Passing by at some Pizzerias in Rome (Trastevere). This place made me go back and film it.
The Art of Cooking a Well-Done Steak
122,014 views - 06/18/19
Uruguay Ribeye Steak, prepared "well-done", cooking time 20 to 25 minutes, starting out with medium low heat, and finishing it with high...
Caveman Steak - underground
82,404 views - 06/16/19
Ancient Portuguese Food: TEMPURA Shrimp Fritters
43,842 views - 06/13/19
Introduced by Portuguese traders, Camarão frito arrived to Japan in the 16th century - the forefather of what later became Tempura, the...
$220 Kobe Beef Lunch - Kyoto - Teppanyaki in Japan
2,412,770 views - 06/09/19
Luxury lunch in Kyoto, Japan's old capital, including shrimp, vegetables, Kobe beef, fried garlic rice, miso soup, vanilla ice, cake and...
Shrimp - Japanese Style - Kyoto
95,494 views - 06/08/19
Japanese Shrimp prepared Teppanyaki Style in a restaurant in Kyoto - Japan
Garlic Rice - Japanese Style - Kyoto
214,425 views - 06/07/19
Garlic Fried Rice prepared in a Teppanyaki restaurant in Kyoto - Japan
Chipotle-花椒-Steak -- Mexican-Chinese
45,032 views - 06/03/19
Rubia Gallega Steak from Spain, prepared with Chipotle and 花椒 (Huajiao - Sichuan Pepper). The smoked Jalapeño chili (Chipotle) adds...
Ancient English Food - Oatmeal Caudle
16,883 views - 06/01/19
Once popular in countryside England: high energy Oatmeal Caudle, ingredients: beer, water, oatmeal, nutmeg, powdered ginger, cloves,...
Austrian Steak - Dry-Aged Simmentaler Beef
204,593 views - 05/28/19
Simmentaler bone-in steak, dry-aged for 49 days, grown in the Austrian Alps -
German Street Food - 19th century - recreated
29,176 views - 05/25/19
German: Kuttelsuppe, Polish: Flaki, Bulgarian: Schkembe tschorba, Romanian: Ciorbă de burtă - there are local varieties of this soup in...
Spanish Morucha Steak vs. French Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet
716,383 views - 05/21/19
Dry aged, in-bone Ribeye steak (Côte de Boeuf) of Spanish Morucha beef cooked in a high-end enameled cast iron skillet from France -
Iga Beef Amiyaki - Gourmet Food in Japan
172,778 views - 05/18/19
BBQ of highest quality Wagyu Beef (A5) in a traditional restaurant in Iga - Japan
Steak Donald - a presidential, well done Steak
471,802 views - 05/14/19
A traditional Steak Donald requires a high-quality beef cut, Irish Ribeye Steak or such, grass-fed and dry aged. Cooking time: 10 to 15...
The Perfect THICK Steak
736,205 views - 05/11/19
1.6 kg (3.5 lb) Spanish Ribeye Steak reverse seared over charcoal until around 50°C / 122°F internal steak temperature is reached. Using...