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I Bought The First 10 Things I Found While Blindfolded!

1.208.777 views / Nov 5, 2019

10 Magic Products Magicians Don't Want You To See! ➡
10 Products You Wouldn't Believe People Actually Buy! ➡

Yooo! Wassup playas?!? JoIn uz en todayz vId3o, wH3re wE ShoP aR0uNd on [email protected] WhILe bEiNg bLiNdfold3d!! W3 [email protected] A gIAnT wIshLIst fuLL oF Pr0duTz [email protected] w/ DiFF3r3nt PrIc3 PoiNTz. ThIS 3ntir3 VIde0 iz a Gambl3 CAusE wE D0n'T Kn0w [email protected] We'r3 GuNnA GeT! IF Y0u EnjOYed THis VIde0, bE Sur3 2 [email protected] It w/ a Fri3nND Who Y0u THiNK wILL EnjoY It aS w3ll!


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