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[ASMR] 4 HOURS of INTENSE Triggers for Sleep

4.155.365 views / August 9, 2020

Hello lovelies! Okay so it didn't quite make it to 4 hours (massive issues with editing as I'm sure you'll all know!) But I genuinely hope I can give some comfort during sleepless nights with this video and you enjoy all the tingly sounds it offers!

Here are the time stamps!
1:23 letter block
5:00 plush headphones
10:50 tea packet crinkles
17:26 nail brush
22:30 latex gloves
34:05 coin purse
38:45 tuning fork
44:45 crinkly christmas wand
50:35 glass candle holder
55:40 plastic face wash bottle
1:01:30 soap bar in paper
1:08:45 hair brush
1:10:45 face brush
1:14:18 shaving foam whipping
1:19:40 plastic tub tapping
1:22:50 gel bead eye mask
1:30:53 glasses case
1:32:53 purse zip
1:36:20 metal lid candle
1:39:40 re-usable shopping bag
1:43:55 scratchy diary/ writing
1:53:32 massage roller
1:56:22 origami card
1:59:45 plastic festival bum bag
2:01:15 water sprayer
2:04:10 belly dance scarf
2:09:12 leather jacket
2:16:00 tape measure
2:22:18 spinning globe
2:29:30 wax candle melts
2:35:47 crinkly bunny
2:42:04 beaded earrings
2:45:45 game controller
2:50:30 glass jewellery box
2:55:15 necklace
2:59:30 pill bottle
3:02:28 abba cd
3:07:00 fine liners
3:12:30 wooden blocks
3:15:00 sequin notebook
3:23:25 ear plugs
3:27:05 sequin minnie mouse ears
3:32:22 glass pipette bottle
3:36:35 metal pick
3:38:45 whiteboard writing

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