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Chicken Biryani Recipe

34.378 views / Jul 11, 2014

The first thing we're going to do, which is stage one, is marinating the chicken so we're going to start with that. I've just got some chicken thighs here, I've taken all the fat off and skinned them and just chopped them into nice sort of bite size chunks. Into that I'm going to put a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt.
I always use a Greek yoghurt just a nice thick yoghurt. There you go, and then I'm going to add my spices into there.

So all you need to do is a teaspoon of salt for seasoning, just sprinkle that in. I'm going to put some hot chilli in there because I, I like it fairly warm but you can by all means miss this out. So I'm just going to put half a teaspoon of chilli in. I'm going to put some lovely fragrant garam masala in there, a nice big teaspoon. I love my garam masala so I do go a little bit heavy on that. but I'm just going to put a sort of heaped teaspoon in for now. I'm going to, also, put in a mild chilli powder as well.
This is Kashmiri chilli powder and this is really for the vibrance and the colour, so I'm going to put in a heaped tablespoon of that. There we go.

I'm also going to add some coriander seeds which I'm going to just pound slightly. I've got my pestle and mortar here so just a teaspoon, I'm just going to sprinkle that in. Just give that a little crunch. Starts to smell really lovely. You don't need it in a fine powder or anything but just, just sort of roughly chopped up. It's all going in the marinade so it's fine.

And then I'm going to pop in about half a teaspoon of turmeric as well. Just pop that in. There we go. The other bits I'm going to add in there are garlic, so one clove of garlic which I've finely sliced. I've also grated some fresh ginger, about a tablespoon of that in there. Once you've got those ingredients in there we're going to give that all a stir through, just to get all of the flavours and all of the spices marinating in through the yoghurt and into the chicken. And then we're just going to pop that to one side. So that's what you're looking for, just all of that chicken marinated in that lovely yoghurt and all of those fresh spices. I'm just going to pop that to one side whilst I do the next bit.

The Biryani is all about decadence. It originated as a dish that was created for the Mughal emperors and they wanted to use all of the best ingredients. So all of your whole spices, cloves, cardamoms, and the other thing that they liked to use was saffron. So we're going to be just steeping some saffron in a little bit of milk. The reason that I'm going to do that is to draw the colour out, draw out that lovely yellow. So just about a good pinch of saffron and probably about a tablespoon, two tablespoons of milk just into a bowl and we're just going to leave that.
Give that a little stir but what you'll see is very quickly the beautiful orange colour will start to be drawn out of those stamens. So I'm just going to pop that to one side and we're going to start making our sauce.

The second stage of making your biryani is all about the onions and making your sauce. The onions I always cut into rings just because that's the way I like to do it. Again it's all about keeping it fairly chunky. What I like to use, when I make this dish, is ghee. What ghee will do is it gives a really nutty flavour. It's quite unique, its flavour, it's not the same as using oil. So I do like to use ghee for those very special dishes. So I'm just going to put in about two tablespoons and I know that sounds a lot but this, this dish will feed at least six to eight people, so don't be afraid of using that ghee. It's really about putting that all lovely flavour in there.

Once the ghee has melted I'm going to pop in, I have three onions here that I've sliced up. As with most meat dishes, when you're cooking Indian food, it's really important that you caramelise your onions to a really nice, dark brown colour. And I'm going to take a good twenty minutes, even up to half an hour, to do that. Because what I will be doing once I've browned my onions is I will be taking half of them out and just popping them on the side, and continuing to make a sauce with the remaining half that's in there. So just coat them all with the ghee and keep them moving. Keep an eye on them and leave them for about twenty minutes until you get that beautiful dark brown caramelised colour.

The onions are halfway through, they're starting to look nice and brown so it's a good time to move on to do the rice. For this dish I've got two cups of rice in here that I've washed just till the water runs clear, got rid of all of that excess starch. I'm just going to pop that into the pan here.

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