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ASMR for People Who Don't Get Tingles

1.300.613 views / Sep 25, 2019

Challenge accepted! Let’s try and give you those amazing, relaxing head and body tingles. ~.~ zzz I’m working with different patterns here, as well as different speeds and of course lots of things that make good sounds. 🤤
0:00 tweezers
3:33 silicone ball on mic
6:46 fruit sticker
11:09 shaving cream can (damn! listen to those lid sounds 🤤
17:23 ear muffs
20:35 styling gel hand sounds
24:33 fabric rubbing, putting fabric on mic
27:57 oven mits
31:49 silicon gloves

I was trying to experiment with each item to make sounds with it that are unique and that you haven’t heard much in a video before. That way you can’t be immune to the sounds. Hope that worked! :D

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