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High Bush Cranberry Jelly

3.757 views / Nov 8, 2015

Similar to Squashberries, here is the recipe to make the jelly.

8 cups of high bush cranberries
7 cups of water
Boil for 30 minutes. Hang in a jelly bag(cotton pillowcase or double layer of cheesecloth) over a pot and drain overnight. You can also drain the juice by squeezing the berries if you choose not to drain overnight.

5 cups of juice
7 cups of sugar or equivalent with truvia(natural sweetner)

Bring to a boil, add 3 ounces of commercial pectin(or follow directions on the label), bring to a rolling boil (time from the point when you cannot stir enough to stop the tumbling boil) for 1 minute, and bottle.

If you have never bottled before, the bottles can be heated in an oven to sterilize or washed on high heat in the dishwasher prior to use. The lids and caps should be placed in boiling water and left in boiling water until use.
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