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12 Types of Steak, Examined and Cooked | Bon Appétit

686.623 views / Nov 18, 2019

There are exactly 12 types of steak, no more, no less. Wait.. what's that? Ok, we just got word that there are actually a few more types of steak, but what defines a steak anyway? Amiel Stanek is here to break down the features of 12 types of steak based on cut, cattle breed, diet and age and how long the meat was aged. Whether it's the always popular Angus T-bone or the Piedmontese porterhouse, each steak has its own unique attributes and quality is truly in the eye of the beholder.
Find each steak's timecode here:
Angus - 1:47
Hereford - 3:45
Piedmontese - 5:14
Brahman - 6:55
Wagyu - 8:45
Bison - 10:31
Grass-Fed - 12:14
Grain-Finished - 13:54
Veal - 15:50
Mature Cow - 17:33
Wet Aged - 19:27
Dry Aged - 20:43

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12 Types of Steak, Examined and Cooked | Bon Appétit

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