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Grandfather. Full Documentary

694.335 views / Oct 21, 2019

This is a re upload of previous version because it has minor sound problems with not being sync with the picture.

I will not die
I will stay
Between you and the sun
Between the grass in the meadow
Cuddled by the scythe
Between the breathe of the horse
And swallow in the window frame
With prayer and the plow
Tearing through earth
I will plough your heart
Between the wrinkles in the barn’s door
Where the scent of hay flows
I will stay as the last one from you all
I will stay
Between you
And eternity

Poem dedicated to Grandfather. Written by Jacob 21. Sept, 2019 in Latvia.

This is a full documentary movie including all 4 seasons about Grandfather. The movie uncovers one day in each season in his life It talks about his daily routine and dedication to his down to earth lifestyle his fathers lived. His passion and love is horses. He is an old and experienced horse logger and is doing all the farm work all year round using only horse power. He is a hard worker and fully self-sufficient and independent. He has been living off the grid, before there even was a grid. Grandfather turned 76 May 2019. Since his wife passed away 10 years ago he works on his farm almost alone. He says - I do not need anyone to help me - I have horses...

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