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ASMR ❤️ Massage for Your Mind & Positive Affirmations ~ Fluffy Mics, It's OK, Let Go, Shh ~ Whisper

145.793 views / Dec 1, 2019

#ASMR #ASMRMagic #Whisper
Hello! ❤️ This ASMR session is dedicated to the comforting sound of fluffy mics along with lots of whispered positive affirmations, shh, it’s ok, let go and random positive thoughts that popped into my head. I hope this will be useful for times of anxiety or stress and I thank you for being here. I love you, you matter and I wish you the best. Fluffy hugs ~ Rhianna ✨❤️ xoxo


00:01 - 03:38 - Whispered fluffy intro

03:39 - 41:07 - Breathing, positive affirmations, it's OK, let go, shh etc.

41:08 - end - Just the fluffy mics

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❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

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