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Alison Roman's Dip [Labneh with Chili Oil]

3.324 views / Nov 13, 2019

If you're anything like us, you've been following Alison Roman's viral recipes. Every time something seemingly simple is renamed like, "The Dip," we're like, really? But then we make the recipe and sure enough, it's simple, approachable and a crowd pleaser. This dip with sizzled scallions and chili oil is no different.

This week on Dak and Ju, we made The Dip, using Alison's suggestion of full-fat Greek yogurt as an alternative to labneh. Labneh is strained yogurt and while delicious, it's not as easy for us to find.

Simply mix the base of labneh or Greek yogurt with lemon juice, pepper and plenty of salt. Then top it with oil you've infused (in a matter of minutes) with chili flakes, scallions and cilantro.

This is great with boiled baby potatoes, really any vegetable or pita, crackers, name it. The result is a lusciously creamy dip that tastes like the sour cream and onion chips we grew up on.

Did we mention it's beautiful? Whether you're planning a party, need to bring a snack in your backpack to a weeknight birthday or want to just want to watch The Voice and nosh—this dip is perfect.

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