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How to Make Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (Recipe)

89.027 views / Jul 17, 2019

Finally posting a real ramen video. This is a recipe for a Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen that is (very) loosely based off a recipe I found in a book for a double soup Tonkotsu Gyokai bowl of Ramen. I omitted the Gyokai soup and just did a Tonkotsu. It took 2 days to make it but the results turned out great.

Pork Bones
Chicken Feet
Green Onion
Round Onion

Chicken Oil
Shoyu Tare Recipe:
Chashu Recipe:
Faux Menma (recipe coming)
Ajidama (Softboiled Egg)
Green onions

Other topping options:
finely minced sweet onion
Gari Shoga (the garlic you get in sushi restaurants)

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