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10 People Who REGRET Joining Jake Paul’s Team 10

4.308.374 views / Nov 21, 2017

10 People Who Regret Joining Jake Paul’s Team 10
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Since its inception back in 2016, Team 10 has been steadily climbing to the top of the social media ladder. Unfortunately, a series of drama-filled events and deceptive actions have caused us all to become a bit weary of Team 10s true intentions. Even some of our favorite Team 10 members have questioned their membership in Jake’s exclusive squad. If youre curious to learn more, check out our video about 10 People Who Regret Joining Jake Pauls Team 10.

The Dobre twins were two hilarious members of the original Team 10 group. They told their fans that they left Jakes crew because they were homesick and missed being with their family. However, they ended up moving back to L.A. just a year and a half later in August 2017. So what really happened at the Team 10 house? Youll have to watch the video to see what drama king Jake had to say about their departure.

Max Beaumont was never at the forefront of the Team 10 crew, but the way that he left the group was unforgettable. Max decided that he had enough of Team 10 after Jake lied about FaZe Banks hurting his assistant. Max was with Meg Zelly that night and knew for a fact that FaZe didnt lay a single finger on her. Instead of keeping Team 10s big secret under wraps, he decided to tell the entire world that Team 10 lied.

From Erika Costell to Tessa Brooks to Neels Visser, there are so many people who regret their Team 10 membership. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see what the Martinez twins hope that Jake will learn from their departure.