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Adam Breaks All the Games - Best Of Funhaus

258.688 views / Mar 8, 2020

Adam came here to do two things: Chew bubblegum and break video games. And he's all out of... oh wait. Nope. He's got some. Big fat pack of Juicy Fruit right there in his back pocket. Shit, this did not go as planned.
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PARADISE LOST - Nightmarchers Gameplay Part 4
Designated Piledriver - You Have A Drunk Friend Gameplay
Glitches and Hose - Flashing Lights Gameplay
Nursing Home Invasion - Grandpa Gameplay
Feel A Jovovich - Wheelhaus Gameplay w/ Freddie W.
Red vs Blew - Halo Gameplay Part 1
Master Blasters - Halo Gameplay Part 2
Dungeon Blaster - The Slater Gameplay Part 4
BUTTMAN AND CHOKE-HER - Demo Disk Gameplay
DORKS AND ORCS - Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Gameplay Part 4
GAME OF THE YEAR! - Sayaka Gameplay
HOW NOT TO GET HELP - Suicide Guy Gameplay
Failing the 7 Seas - Sail and Sacrifice Gameplay
Worst Person Shooter - Maximum Action Gameplay
WORLD WAR DERP - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay
FILTHY PIRATES - Raven's Cry Gameplay
WHO NEEDS MASS EFFECT? - Push for Emor Gameplay
GARBAGE GAMES - 3D Paraglider and Crash Dive Gameplay
Search and Seizure Warnings - Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay Part 3
Worst Games of 2018 Gameplay!
Breathalyzer of the Wild - Drunk E3 Funny Moments
MY RUSSIAN CAR - Jalopy Gameplay
GAME OF THE YEAR? no. - The Face of Hope: Underground Gameplay
HOT GARBAGE - Firefighter Simulators Gameplay
GOD AWFUL GAMES - The God's Chain Gameplay