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Perfect poached egg 4 ways | poaching eggs masterclass

826.940 views / Mar 20, 2017

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Perfect poached egg 4 ways | poaching eggs masterclass

Today i'm going to show you how to poach an egg 4 different ways. Some methods are easier than others, but each one will produce a nice runny yolk, and firm whites. Play around with each method to find which one suits you best.

Now if you're lucky enough to have access to really fresh eggs such as from your own chickens, or a local farm, you will get perfect poached egg every time. However, many of us get our eggs from the supermarkets, and are not always as tippy top as we would like. These 4 methods though, will still produce a perfect poached egg.

I always buy free range eggs as well, I don't believe there is any excuse not to these days. free range eggs are cheap enough, and it stands to reason that a happier hen, produces a better egg.

So follow my tips, and poaching eggs need not be a nightmare any longer. If you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve on how to get the perfect poached egg, leave a comment below folks!
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