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Breaking Free from Slavery
196 views - 07/11/20
Two-time Giller Prize-winner Esi Edugyan describes the inspiration for writing "Washington Black," a novel about the post-slavery life of...
Food Banks in Northern Ontario
160 views - 07/10/20
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Thunder Bay's food banks were centralized to one location. Northwestern Ontario Hub journalist Charnel...
Creative Connections vs. Social Media
319 views - 07/10/20
Do Twitter and Instagram help or hinder creative friendships? Author, visual artist, and musician Vivek Shraya talks about her book, "The...
The Question of Diversity in Art
570 views - 07/09/20
In "The Subtweet," author, visual artist, musician, and university professor Vivek Shraya cuts to the heart of ambition, competition, and...
Battling a Superbug
562 views - 07/09/20
Scientists Steffanie Strathdee and Thomas Patterson discuss their book, "The Perfect Predator: A Scientist's Race to Save Her Husband...
Race and Campus Life in Ontario
641 views - 07/08/20
What's it like to be a Black woman at a university attended by mostly white students? Author and journalist Eternity Martis talks about...
Eternity Martis: Being Black in a White Place
956 views - 07/07/20
Author and journalist Eternity Martis talks to Nam Kiwanuka about her book, "They Said This Would Be Fun: Race, Campus Life, and Growing...
How Fairy Tales Shape Children
579 views - 07/07/20
Author and disability activist Amanda Leduc discusses why she was compelled to write "Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making...
Amanda Leduc: Ableism and Disability in Fairy Tales
470 views - 07/06/20
Though they may seem like simple tales with heartwarming messages, fairy tales sometimes provide a false sense of reality when they...
Colson Whitehead: A Story of Racism in America
726 views - 07/04/20
The author of the 2020 Pulizer Prize-winning "The Nickel Boys," a novel set in the Jim Crow-era of racial segregation, talks about...
The Gig Economy Amid COVID-19
787 views - 07/03/20
Eastern Ontario Hub journalist David Rockne Corrigan talks about how gig economy workers have handled their jobs on the front lines of...
Mosquitoes: Tiny Creatures that Wreak Havoc
740 views - 07/03/20
When historian Timothy Winegard was looking for a new topic to delve into, his father, an emergency-room physician, suggested disease....
Mosquitoes: Tiny Creatures that Wreak Havoc
669 views - 07/02/20
When historian Timothy Winegard was looking for a new topic to delve into, his father, an emergency-room physician, suggested disease....
Perdita Felicien's Path to Championship
408 views - 07/02/20
What does it take to become a champion athlete? The accomplished hurdler, broadcaster, and author discusses her struggles and triumphs on...
Perdita Felicien: Hurdling Through Trial and Triumph
348 views - 07/01/20
Two-time Olympian and ten-time Canadian national champion in the 100m hurdles Perdita Felicien discusses her hard-won career as an...
A Memoir of Addiction and Recovery
309 views - 07/01/20
Great Big Sea founding member Séan McCann and his wife Andrea Aragon discuss their book, "One Good Reason: A Memoir of Addiction and...
A Memoir of Addiction and Recovery
221 views - 06/30/20
Great Big Sea founding member Séan McCann and his wife Andrea Aragon discuss their book, "One Good Reason: A Memoir of Addiction and...
Mae Martin: A Canadian Comedy Success
508 views - 06/30/20
The creator and star of Netflix's LGBTQ romantic comedy, "Feel Good," Mae Martin describes her rise in the ranks of Canadian comedy.
Mae Martin: Redefining Modern Love
2,537 views - 06/29/20
You might recognize Mae Martin from her starring role in the Netflix series, "Feel Good," a partially autobiographical romantic comedy. A...
A Mike Harris Retrospective
931 views - 06/27/20
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the election of Mike Harris and his Common Sense Revolution. Ontario's 22nd premier joins Steve...
Did The Common Sense Revolution Work?
1,785 views - 06/26/20
Twenty-five years after the election of the Mike Harris Conservatives in Ontario, journalists Christina Blizzard and Martin Regg Cohn...
Mike Harris: The Common Sense Revolution at 25
1,671 views - 06/26/20
On June 26, 1995, Mike Harris was sworn in as Ontario's 22nd premier after becoming the first in more than 70 years to lead his party...
Migrant Worker Safety Amid COVID-19
266 views - 06/26/20
Southwestern Ontario Hub journalist Mary Baxter provides an update on Essex County's migrant workers, a population that's been...
Mark Saunders Leaves Toronto Police Service
510 views - 06/26/20
Toronto Police Service's chief Mark Saunders looks back on his five years at the helm - why he's stepping down at the end of July, as...
Mark Saunders: Toronto's Police Chief Leaves His Post
2,622 views - 06/25/20
After more than five years leading Toronto Police Service and confronting gun violence, terrorist attacks, and even a serial killer,...
Asher Hill: Breaking Barriers on the Ice
319 views - 06/25/20
Asher Hill, Canadian ice dancer, choreographer, coach, and co-host of "That Figure Skating Show," discusses his career, institutionalized...
Ontario Schools Wrap Up a Tough Year
484 views - 06/25/20
This year the last day of school is unlike any other. Due to the pandemic. Globe and Mail education reporter Caroline Alphonso talks to...
Green Party of Canada Leadership Debate, Part 2
937 views - 06/25/20
In evening two of TVO's Green Party of Canada leadership debate, Meryam Haddad, Courtney Howard, Dimitri Lascaris, Dylan...
Lessons Learned about COVID-19
4,055 views - 06/24/20
The work of medical experts and researchers has never been more in the spotlight than during the COVID-19 pandemic. As almost all of...
Green Party of Canada Leadership Debate, Part 2
1,255 views - 06/24/20
In the second of TVO's two-part debate to determine who will replace Elizabeth May as leader of the Green Party of Canada, Meryam Haddad,...
Green Party of Canada Leadership Debate, Part 1
2,492 views - 06/24/20
Outgoing leader Elizabeth May fought hard to get the Green Party of Canada into the spotlight on the federal stage. She succeeded where...
Who Will Lead the Federal Green Party?
1,188 views - 06/24/20
Over the next two evenings, Steve Paikin moderates a debate of the candidates vying to lead the Green Party of Canada. In this first...
COVID-19 Response: Policy and Public Opinion
1,274 views - 06/24/20
COVID-19 cases are down, and Ontario is opening again. Even Toronto and Peel will move into stage 2 this week, leaving only Windsor-Essex...
Who Will Lead the Federal Green Party?
11,051 views - 06/23/20
TVO hosts the Green Party of Canada leadership debates. Moderated by Steve Paikin, all 10 leadership candidates will be participating in...
Quarantine and Answer with Drew Hayden Taylor
366 views - 06/23/20
From his home in Curve Lake First Nation, author and playwright Drew Hayden Taylor talks about how he's been spending his time during the...
RCMP-Indigenous Relations
614 views - 06/23/20
Recent violent police confrontations with Indigenous people have sparked outrage across the country. What is the path forward to improve...
Indigenous Killings, RCMP Accountability
1,619 views - 06/22/20
Recently, Canadians have witnessed interactions between RCMP officers and Indigenous people that have led to violence and even death....
Do Not Let the Covid-19 Crisis Go To Waste
1,735 views - 06/22/20
Jim Balsillie, former co-CEO of Blackberry and now the chair of Council of Canadian Innovators discusses how the economic crisis caused...
Quarantine and Answer with Sarah Slean
734 views - 06/22/20
Singer-songwriter Sarah Slean tours us through her home in Toronto to find out what she's been up to during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Quarantine and Answer with Bob Izumi
313 views - 06/22/20
Professional angler and television host Bob Izumi tours us through his boat out in Lake Erie to find out what he's been up to during the...
Quarantine and Answer with Perdita Felicien
289 views - 06/22/20
Two-time Olympian and television host Perdita Felicien tours us through her home to find out what she's been up to during the COVID-19...
Quarantine and Answer with Desmond Cole
655 views - 06/22/20
In early May 2020, author, activist, and journalist Desmond Cole toured us through his home in Toronto to find out what he's been up to...
Mapping Residential Schools in Canada
641 views - 06/20/20
For more than a century and half, Canada's residential schools inflicted astonishing suffering on Indigenous children and families across...
The University that Sara Built
574 views - 06/20/20
Sara Diamond shepherded OCAD U from its former incarnation as an art and design school into a full university. As she prepares to leave...
Remaking OCAD U; Marking National Indigenous Peoples Day
479 views - 06/20/20
Tonight we’ll look at two fascinating projects that map some of the history of Indigenous people over the past few centuries. Also, we’ve...
National Indigenous Peoples Day
428 views - 06/20/20
Since 1996, National Indigenous Peoples Day has been celebrated on June 21. This year, celebrations will be a bit different. Shelby Lisk,...
Golden Age For Cycling?; Urban Design is Not Neutral
791 views - 06/19/20
As Ontario continues to prepare for a post-coronavirus future, will getting on a bike play a bigger role as an everyday mode of...
The Golden Age of Cycling?
1,478 views - 06/18/20
As we inch closer to a post-pandemic reality, what will cycling look like in urban centres and smaller cities across the country? This...
Urban Design is Not Neutral
1,389 views - 06/18/20
Does urban design perpetuate the inequality society is trying to stamp out. To discuss how cities can be designed in a more inclusive...
Reimagining the Role of Police; The Role of Police Unions
893 views - 06/18/20
The push to defund the police is gaining momentum in some parts of the country, but what does that mean in practice? Then, economist Rob...
What Does Defunding the Police Mean?
1,595 views - 06/17/20
Calls to change policing are not new. Pressure for major reform is also not new. But particularly since the killing of George Floyd by...
Studying Civilian Deaths in Police Custody
541 views - 06/17/20
The death of civilians in police custody has perhaps never been as front and centre as it is right now. And what to do about it has never...
Are Humans Fundamentally Good?; Putting Trust to the Test
1,323 views - 06/17/20
Popular historian and author Rutger Bregman explains how people are indeed programmed to be kind, the subject of his new book,...
Human Nature: Not So Terrible After All?
2,471 views - 06/17/20
Philosopher Thomas Hobbes famously described the natural state of humankind as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." More than 350...
Do Pandemics Drive Us Together or Apart?
641 views - 06/16/20
Few things remind people how interconnected they are than a pandemic. But this one has also produced hoarding behaviour and racial...
Combatting Anti-Black Racism in Schools
1,062 views - 06/16/20
Earlier this year, a scathing report cited Ontario's second largest school board - Peel District - for widespread and systemic anti-Black...
What Does Being An Ally Mean?
1,277 views - 06/15/20
In the past few weeks, the term ,allyship, has become well used and it's become increasingly relevant, as the realities of anti-Black...
Tough Economic Times Ahead?
4,461 views - 06/12/20
In February, Canada's jobless rate was 5.6 per cent. This month, it's double digits. But there are signs of hope out there, even as the...
Fighting Racism in the North
907 views - 06/12/20
Northwestern Ontario hub journalist Charnel Anderson spoke to organizers of a memorial service held in Kenora for George Floyd, the...
Is the World's COVID-19 Response All Wrong?
41,635 views - 06/12/20
The predominance of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in older cohorts. That's prompted the question: should the country reconsider its...
John Tory: Confronting Toronto's Biggest Challenges
2,685 views - 06/11/20
This summer the city of Toronto is confronting a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented budget shortfall due to the lockdown, and...
Championing Trivial Pursuits with Jeopardy! Champs
23,386 views - 06/11/20
Three former Jeopardy! champions discuss the origins and popularity of trivia, how it's adapting to current events, what trivia...
The Law and Science Around Masks
3,805 views - 06/10/20
Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the messaging and recommendations around masks have changed, but questions and conflicting...
Race, Police, and Community Opportunities
1,808 views - 06/10/20
Last December, the Ontario government named Jamil Jivani its Advocate for Community Opportunities, and last week announced the youth,...
Rethinking Transportation After COVID-19
3,425 views - 06/09/20
As parts of Ontario begin to open up, physical distancing continues. The Agenda discusses how the pandemic will change how people move...
What Canadians Think of the BLM Protests
6,258 views - 06/09/20
Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc., returns to The Agenda to discuss what Polly the AI pollster has learned about how Canadians...
COVID-19 Contact Tracing in Ontario
982 views - 06/09/20
As businesses and offices around the province slowly reopen, contact tracing is being signalled as the next frontier in battling...
Should Ontario Open Region by Region?
1,652 views - 06/08/20
After initially saying the province needs to operate as "one unit," Premier Ford is moving forward with a regional approach to reopening...
The Fight to End Anti-Black Racism
2,979 views - 06/05/20
In the past week, protests over the death of George Floyd, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, and other Black men and women have erupted all across...
Ontario's COVID-19 Testing Strategy
1,609 views - 06/05/20
After months of restricted access to tests during this pandemic, Ontario has updated its testing strategy for COVID-19. But are the...
Celebrating Pride During a Pandemic
417 views - 06/05/20
There's nothing more iconic about Pride month than the various parades throughout the province. But what happens when those public...
Producing COVID-Delayed Culture
1,059 views - 06/04/20
COVID-19 has derailed the plans of many cultural institutions and events, from book launches and theatre performances to films and...
The Wild West of International Dog Rescue
477 views - 06/04/20
Steve Paikin talks to filmmaker Leora Eisen about her TVO Original documentary, Rescuing Rex, about international dog adoption, and the...
A Centenarian's View of the Pandemic
4,045 views - 06/04/20
Bernard Baskin, officially a rabbi for 60 years, continues to educate as a resident of a Toronto retirement home. He just turned 100, so...
Colleges, Universities, and COVID-19
1,973 views - 06/03/20
Universities and colleges are grappling with how to deliver post-secondary education as we live with the presence of COVID-19. A panel of...
Post-secondary Students in a Pandemic
1,341 views - 06/03/20
In March, the almost 900,000 post-secondary students in Ontario were told to vacate their student residences, as all campuses closed and...
Is the U.S. a Economic Threat to Canada?
5,530 views - 06/02/20
To say that the Canadian economy is tied to the U.S. economy is an understatement. Billions in trade, supply chain interconnectivity,...
Racism and Protest in a Pandemic
3,189 views - 06/02/20
Protestors across the United States, and in cities in Canada and around the world, are saying enough is enough, after the recent death of...
Should Canada Have a Four Day Work Week?
4,626 views - 06/01/20
Leading companies - including Microsoft - have experimented with it. Recently, New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern floated the...
How COVID-19 Changed the Food System
922 views - 06/01/20
Before the pandemic, dire warnings outlined how vulnerable the global food system had become. How vulnerable is it now? Sarah Rotz and...
YMCA Helps Connect People
364 views - 05/29/20
Northeastern Ontario Hub journalist Nick Dunne talks to host Jeyan Jeganathan about Wifi, telephone, and computer service the Sudbury...
Will the European Union Survive COVID-19?
4,537 views - 05/29/20
American author and international relations expert Claire Berlinski observes the European political scene from her home in Paris. She...
David Frum: In Search of Hope After Trump
158,493 views - 05/29/20
Author and journalist David Frum joins The Agenda to discuss his new book, "Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy."
Ontario's Long-Term Care Tragedy
1,952 views - 05/28/20
The COVID-19 pandemic had already revealed lapses in policies and procedures at Ontario's long-term care homes, but this week's Canadian...
The Pandemic Across Provinces
2,620 views - 05/28/20
Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have varied across Canada. The Agenda discusses the different approaches to the virus outbreak in the...
How COVID-19 is Changing Restaurants
2,726 views - 05/28/20
Restaurants have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are having to adapt day by day - many have had to close. With the help of...
Can Small Business Survive Covid-19?
2,459 views - 05/27/20
The Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) support program launched this week with the aim of reducing the monthly burden...
COVID-19 vs. the Criminal Underworld
2,606 views - 05/26/20
Author Antonio Nicaso, an expert and law-enforcement consultant on organized crime, discusses how broken supply chains during COVID-19 is...
Removing Barriers to Justice in Ontario
1,221 views - 05/26/20
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting almost everything about what was once considered normal business, and Ontario's criminal...
Documenting Wrongful Arrests
1,173 views - 05/26/20
Journalist and filmmaker Martin Himel discusses his work, "The Arrest," a TVO Original documentary. This gripping film follows several...
How COVID-19 is Devastating Ontario Tourism
2,677 views - 05/25/20
Ontario's tourism sector may have already lost nearly $17.5 billion due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the summer hasn't even started yet....
Assessing Risks Along the Canada-U.S. Border
2,228 views - 05/25/20
Premier Doug Ford has stressed that he does not want the Canada-U.S. border opened any time soon. But what is the actual threat posed to...
America's Patchy Response to COVID-19
11,191 views - 05/22/20
Ed Yong is staff writer for The Atlantic with a focus on science, but these days his writing has centred on explaining the COVID-19...
Understanding Migraines
59,330 views - 05/22/20
Despite so many people suffering from migraines, most people don't understand why they get them. Advice about triggers and ways to...
Niagara Wineries Pivot During COVID-19
802 views - 05/22/20
During a time of rapidly changing business models, Ontario wineries have had to get creative about serving their customers, including...
Thriving in The Age of Coronavirus
1,502 views - 05/21/20
Why are some people doing well and even thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic shut down? The Agenda explores the various reasons why a...
Annamie Paul: Vying to Lead the Federal Greens
907 views - 05/21/20
The Agenda welcomes Annamie Paul who is running for the Green Party of Canada leadership. She talks to Steve Paikin about why she has...
Finding Silver Linings in This Pandemic
1,853 views - 05/21/20
Sleeping better, spending more time with family, finding inner peace - not everyone is experiencing increased anxiety and sadness during...
Economic Stimulus with Renewable Energy?
2,152 views - 05/20/20
While it's hard to believe right now that anything good might come out of this worldwide crisis, there will be some things. And for those...
Greener Living Post COVID-19
1,458 views - 05/20/20
Cleaner air, clearer skies, and more wildlife sightings - it seems that lockdowns around the world are causing the planet to bounce back...
Are We in a COVID-19 'She-Cession?'
8,273 views - 05/19/20
Working through the COVID-19 pandemic has meant widespread economic repercussions for businesses and individuals, and there's evidence to...