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Harvesting leeks 2014
3,618 views - 04/23/14
Some areal footage of our leek harvester operating in this years crop. Taken using a DJI Phantom.
Too much rain
760 views - 06/22/12
We seem to be copping our fair share of extremes this week. After experiencing the largest earthquake in the past century to hit our area...
Leek production 2011
37,747 views - 08/06/11
This video gives you a good look at how leeks are currently produced on our farm. We grow over 7 million leeks each year and work very...
Packing vegetables caught in timelapse
2,970 views - 05/23/11
See what happens during a day in the packing shed when things are bought to life using timelapse photography.
Baby cos trimming line
1,614 views - 05/12/11
A simple machine developed to assist in the trimming and washing of our baby cos lettuce. It helps in the ease of handling the product...
2010 Asa-lift leek harvester
13,420 views - 03/23/10
We now have this machine running fairly well and are very happy with it. A few more changes will be made but this will give you a good...
Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Vegetable Production
3,752 views - 10/23/09
This video was put together after a request by the Department of Primary Industries. Peter Schreurs made a presentation at the...
What is Kohlrabi
30,753 views - 07/08/09
Meet a Kohlrabi and find out a bit of information about them. This video is purely entertaining with a bit of information placed in...
National Vegetable Expo 2009
3,053 views - 05/23/09
The National Vegetable Expo is held in Werribee just outside of Melbourne every second year in May. It is a unique event where all the...
Growing vegetables in extreme heat
5,496 views - 02/07/09
When Melbourne has its hottest day ever on record (46.4 degrees C) vegetable growing just outside the city becomes almost impossible....
Hole puncher
7,667 views - 02/06/09
Our 2 hole punching machines in operation. Both these machines are of our own design and aim to punch holes in the soil ready for leek...
Peter Schreurs & Sons Vegetable Farm 2008
8,858 views - 10/30/08
This video is to show a basic overview of what we do on our farm and our basic philosophy.
From plant to product. Baby Endive
7,575 views - 10/06/08
See baby endive grow into a product ready for you to take home. For more information on how baby endive is grown please visit...
Leek Washing
6,622 views - 08/13/08
We have just installed our new leek washing system.
A brief history of Peter Schreurs & Sons Vegetable Farm
3,034 views - 07/24/08
This video has been put together to tell the story of how Peter and Odilia Schreurs started a vegetable farm in 1964 which has now grown...
Earthworks on new paddock
1,546 views - 07/21/08
Preparing a new paddock for vegetable production means alot of earthworks in our part of Australia. As soil types change quickly and the...
Asa-lift leek harvester
12,435 views - 06/18/08
On a bright sunny morning I could not resist taking some more shots of our harvester.
Househam self propelled sprayer
12,176 views - 06/03/08
See our new Househam self propelled sprayer in action. If you are wondering why the machine is being driven slow whilst spraying, this...
From Planting to Packing. Baby Cos
14,756 views - 05/01/08
A look at how baby cos lettuce is produced on Peter Schreurs and Sons Vegetable Farm. As of April 2008
Testing our new Househam sprayer
5,428 views - 02/23/08
Our first trial run of our newest piece of machinery, the Househam self propelled spray rig.
Landini Powerfarm
41,781 views - 10/04/07
A day in the life of our Landini tractors.
Re: Radicchio
2,344 views - 09/19/07
As you can see not all radicchio crops are weed free
Hardi Alpha Sprayer
20,176 views - 09/17/07
A nice new looking Hardi Alpa sprayrig that is used for most of our chemical applications.
Ford Truck
760 views - 09/17/07
Dad bought this truck in 1970. We still have it today and it still runs although it is in need of attention. Here you see it loaded with...
Ford Thames truck
7,114 views - 09/17/07
The only footage we have of our old Ford Thames truck seen here loaded with lettuce ready for market 1969.
International 434
6,533 views - 09/17/07
We had 2 international 434 tractors that served us well from 1969 to 1995
UTB Stork Tractor
30,344 views - 09/17/07
A tractor rarely seen in Australia. This UTB Stork was used for spraying celery crops in the 1970's.
Leek Harvesting 2007
12,627 views - 09/12/07
Harvesting of leeks using Asa-lift harvester. Filmed at Peter Schreurs and Sons September 2007
Integrated Pest Management
4,157 views - 09/05/07
A brief summary of what IPM is and how it is used on Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm.
Water Conservation
823 views - 09/05/07
A breif summary of how water is being conserved on Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm. Part of our sustainable practices.
5,966 views - 09/04/07
A look at how radicchio was produced on Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm.
9,182 views - 09/04/07
A look at how Parsnips are produced at Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm
Kohl Rabi
13,082 views - 09/04/07
A look at how kohl rabi is produced at Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm.
Baby Wombok
6,817 views - 09/04/07
A look at how baby wombok (chinese cabbage) is produced at Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm.
Baby Endive
9,140 views - 09/04/07
A look at how baby endive (frisee) is produced at Peter Schreurs and Sons vegetable farm.
Peter Schreurs and Sons Vegetable Farm
14,244 views - 09/03/07
A look in at the workings of an Austrlian vegetable farm. This footage taken in 2005.
Australian leek production 2005
40,619 views - 08/30/07
A basic view of leek production on Peter Schreurs and Sons Vegetable Farm in 2005.