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Which Of These Objects Is Actually A Cake?
18,440 views - 07/14/20
I guess I need to slice open all my shoes now. You know... just in case. Special thanks to:...
I Only Ate Disney Princess Foods For 24 Hours
223,852 views - 07/12/20
From Mulan's porridge to Belle's cheese souffle, to Tiana's signature gumbo and more, I challenged myself to ONLY make and eat foods from...
I Accidentally Became A Meme: Success Kid
173,189 views - 07/11/20
Sam and his parents recount how a family photo led to one of the biggest memes on the internet and changed their lives forever. Art and...
I Tried Re-Creating This Chocolate Salami From Worth It
186,924 views - 07/11/20
Dessert Sausage! Check out Pasta Sisters @pasta_sisters Credits: Subscribe to...
Do You Have Photographic Memory?
55,337 views - 07/10/20
Does your memory work like a Polaroid picture? Take this quiz and see if you're one of the small percentage of people with a memory...
Astronaut Plays Never Have I Ever
44,938 views - 07/10/20
"I have peed in my space suit, but i never pooped though!" For more of Clayton "Astro Clay" Anderson: Astronaut Clayton "Astro Clay"...
What's The Best Movie From Your State?
62,777 views - 07/09/20
Did you know Captain America: The Winter Solder was shot in Ohio? Credits: Subscribe to...
Which French Accent Is The Sexiest?
41,075 views - 07/09/20
"Wait...Say my name again?" Featuring: Vivian Nweze Credits:...
What Makes Lady Gaga A Gay Icon?
40,554 views - 07/08/20
The singer, artist, performer, actor, writer, activist, and pop queen is beloved by many and known by all as Lady Gaga. But Gaga has...
Let’s #TalkAboutBias: A Social Experiment by P&G
141,492 views - 07/08/20
CHAPTERS: 0:00 Intro 6:13 Lynn & Chozy | Islamophobia in Post 9/11 America 23:48 JC & Garnet | Beyond the Binary: Race and Gender 41:08...
Walmart Employees Share Secrets
122,161 views - 07/07/20
Credits: Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s...
Why Police Reform Doesn't Work In The U.S.
40,325 views - 07/06/20
An overview of more than a century of investigations into police brutality and systemic racism followed by the endless failed attempts at...
Are Merle And Aria Faking Their Relationship?
168,308 views - 07/05/20
Matt Real ( explores the conspiracy theories surrounding the relationship between Merle and Aria....
Animator vs. Cartoonist Draw Each Other As Animal Crossing Villagers • Draw-Off
134,180 views - 07/04/20
The Gang draws each other as Animal Crossing Villagers. Who would you keep on your island? With special guests Stephanie Alexander and...
Can This Chef Make 3 Meals With One Box Of Mac & Cheese?
114,857 views - 07/03/20
Want to season up your bland box mac & cheese? This Chef is going to teach you 3 ways to do so! Credits:...
Men Guess The Cost Of Beauty Gadgets
41,239 views - 07/02/20
"This looks like it could be a monopoly piece or a tiny red top hat for my pet rat" Irish Giron /...
Pastry Chef Reviews Boxed Brownie Mix
83,802 views - 07/01/20
Chef Breana Jackson gives her take on the best of the best brownie mixes from Pillsbury, to Ghirardelli, and more. Follow Chef Breana...
How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Will Make 1 Million Dollars During This 7 Minute Video
157,895 views - 06/30/20
Learn about how the richest man in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, earns his riches and is on his way to be the world's first...
Costco Employees Share Secrets
199,790 views - 06/29/20
Credits: Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s...
Professional Chef Tries TikTok Food Hacks | Part 2
160,192 views - 06/28/20
Chef Tiana Gee reviews four popular TikTok hacks. How useful are they? Cook #withme #stayhome Follow Tiana Gee's YouTube channel:...
I Tried To Learn Korean In 60 Days
230,318 views - 06/28/20
Inga documents her journey of trying to learn a new language, Korean, in 60 days. It’s a challenge that’s as fun as it is painful, with a...
Ramadan In Quarantine Around The World
49,050 views - 06/27/20
Watch how Muslims around the world have celebrated Ramadan while in lockdown. Maryam: Alaa:...
Animator vs. Cartoonist Draw Avatar TLA Characters From Memory • Draw-Off
229,819 views - 06/27/20
The gang tries drawing Aang, Katara, and Zuko from memory. Who will win the Agni Kai? With special guests Jess Cuffe and Penelope...
People Share Their Virginity Horror Stories
164,606 views - 06/26/20
"You've gotta warm up the oven before you put in the bread, and we didn't work up to it, he just kinda... YOU know..." Angel Zayas -...
Forensic Psychologist Reviews Movie Iconic Criminals
80,288 views - 06/25/20
Is it that corrupted, deceptive, manipulative, seductive behavior is the most human...?" We hope you love the products we recommend!...
Can You Guess The Disney Movie From Just Emojis?
40,953 views - 06/24/20
Are you a big enough Disney fan to guess the titles of these iconic films from just a few obscure emojis? We challenge you and your...
Pastry Chef Reviews Store-Bought Cookie Dough
144,065 views - 06/23/20
Pastry Chef Callista Mei gives her take on the best of the best cookie doughs from Nestle, to Pillsbury, and more. We hope you love the...
Why Do We Have Gay Pride Month In The United States?
53,288 views - 06/23/20
How and why we celebrate Pride the way we do today in the U.S.! Check out all the latest PRIDE gear at Shop BuzzFeed:...
Single Guy Picks A Date Based On Their Parents
99,930 views - 06/22/20
Gadiel speed dates 8 different parents in hopes of finding a love connection with one of their daughters. Who will he choose? Looking...
Dads And Sons Reveal The Unique Ways They Show Love // Presented By Old Spice
28,952 views - 06/21/20
There’s a million and one ways to tell your dad you love him; these fathers and sons break down a few with Old Spice #SeaSprayBodyWash
Older Dad Gives Advice For Younger Dads
34,806 views - 06/21/20
"Cherish every moment you have with your kids" For more from Kier, check out his YouTube channel:...
I Made This Fancy Ranch And Nuggets From Worth It
858,946 views - 06/21/20
"What even is a nugget?" Check out Burgerlords @Burgerlords. Credits: Subscribe to...
Father's Day According To A 2-Year-Old
54,320 views - 06/20/20
This 2 year old really loves her dad... well... kinda. For more Kier and Emery, check out their YouTube channel:...
Animator vs. Cartoonist Draw SpongeBob Mashups • Draw-Off
203,088 views - 06/20/20
The gang tries mashing up SpongeBob SquarePants with Shrek, The Hulk, Gollum, Kermit, Skeletor, and Pikachu. What monstrosities will they...
Why Everything I Own Fits In This Backpack
125,602 views - 06/19/20
Find Rob Greenfield on his YouTube channel and on Facebook...
Juneteenth Explained In 3 Minutes
40,305 views - 06/19/20
Put some respect on Juneteenth. Credits: Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo:...
I Escaped North Korea
475,500 views - 06/19/20
Mr. Choi was born and raised at a coal mine community in North Korea. His family had lowest social status in DPRK. Special Thanks to:...
Physical Therapists Review Our Posture
113,400 views - 06/18/20
"My back hurts and I want it to not hurt.' Special thanks to Physical Therapists Bob & Brad:...
People Share Their Work From Home Horror Stories
69,542 views - 06/16/20
Featuring: Sean Chong-Umeda - Credits: Check out...
I Accidentally Became A Meme: Hide The Pain Harold
6,268,463 views - 06/15/20
A stock photo shoot led to one of the biggest memes on the internet and changed one man's life forever. Be sure to follow along with Hide...
I Spend 24 Hours Attached To My Stepfather
66,222 views - 06/14/20
"I mean, I hated you." "Yeah, I probably gave you good reasons to hate me!" Looking for even MORE relationships put to the test?? Check...
Which Celebrity Has The Best Grilled Cheese Recipe?
778,974 views - 06/14/20
We make 5 of the most ooey gooey grilled cheese recipes by Martha Stewart, Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, The Game, and Antoni Porowski....
People Try The Check Your Privilege TikTok Challenge
129,798 views - 06/13/20
A new viral TikTok challenges viewers to check their racial privileges. How many fingers do you have left? People Are Participating In A...
Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Disney Villains From Memory • Draw-Off
257,959 views - 06/13/20
The gang tries drawing Ursula, Cruella De Vil, and Hades from memory. With special guests Stephanie Alexander & Lauren Collins! Check...
Defunding Vs. Abolishing The Police Explained In 6 Minutes
55,278 views - 06/12/20
Activist and educator Joseph Capehart explains the difference between reforming, defunding, and abolishing the police — and why it’s...
Professional Dancers Try TikTok Dances
102,030 views - 06/11/20
Do you have to be a professional to throw it back? Thanks to all the original choreographers: "7 Rings" Dance originated by...
I Designed The Original Rainbow Flag
103,107 views - 06/10/20
The flag means, everyone is welcome. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at...
Bartender Guesses Who’s Drunk Out Of A Lineup | At Home Edition
51,358 views - 06/09/20
Wait, what was the question? Mei Eldridge Carolina Reynoso
Can You Read Faster Than The Average Person?
208,544 views - 06/08/20
Have you been doing a lot of reading lately? Here's a handing quiz to put your reading speed to the test! Share your scores with your...
I Only Ate TikTok Recipes For 24 Hours
855,439 views - 06/07/20
Inga challenged herself to only cook and eat TikTok recipes for 24 hours, and we're talking pancake cereal, dalgona coffee, one pan egg...
Draw-Off Artists Draw A Stranger Based Only On Voice
578,177 views - 06/07/20
Jason, Kevin, and Kyra try to draw someone they've never met (Chelsea) based only on her own description. Whose portrait will get closest...
Millennials Live Without The Internet For 120 Hours
90,089 views - 06/06/20
"I am the first gen z, I don't know how to use this s***" Credits: Check out more awesome...
I Tried Making Traditional Korean Food For A Week
160,598 views - 06/06/20
Sean tries to connect more with his Korean side by only making traditional Korean food for a week. Why didn’t anyone tell him it was...
Disease Experts Answer Your Burning Questions About Reopening During COVID-19
60,189 views - 06/05/20
How will we reopen?? Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!...
For Every Person Tired Of Police Brutality
52,459 views - 06/04/20
Poet and activist Propaganda shares his pov on the ongoing battle for equality in America. Special thanks to: @prophiphop...
This Is What The Protests Around The U.S. Actually Look Like
146,081 views - 06/03/20
Protestors and looters are not the same. Special Thanks to:
We Built A $34 Tiny House In 3.5 Days
705,559 views - 06/01/20
Check out Le Rêve de Gaïa at Find Rob Greenfield on his YouTube channel...
Professional Chef Reviews Fast Food Chicken Nuggets
121,001 views - 05/31/20
Chef Tiana Gee (@cheftianagee) decides which fast food chicken nugget reigns supreme! BuzzFeed encourages everyone to do their part to...
Can This Tasty Chef Make A Dish Following Cantonese Instructions?
200,476 views - 05/30/20
Can Tasty Japan producer Red follow Inga's Cantonese instructions to make this four-ingredient cola chicken wing? Follow Inga for more...
I Made Boba For The First Time
97,142 views - 05/28/20
I used a Bubble Tea Kit to make boba at home! Get the Boba Kit for yourself: Cook #withme #stayhome We hope you...
I Had A Relationship With An Alien
116,784 views - 05/27/20
Who says love can't surpass galaxies. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at...
Three Generations Swap Their Favorite Snacks
84,851 views - 05/26/20
Between Mom, Grandma and Son who do you think has the best snack? Sean Chong-Umeda Credits:...
Dads Give Their Daughters Disney Princess Hairstyles
53,203 views - 05/26/20
Will these Dads turn out to be their daughter's Disney princess hairstyle fairy godmothers or will they turn out to be the villains?...
We Give Our Dogs Quarantine Haircuts
46,086 views - 05/25/20
Turns out cutting your dog's hair is WAY harder than it looks. We feel you Chris Evans. We FEEL you. See more of the dogs and their...
Draw-Off Marathon #2
118,422 views - 05/24/20
Join the Gang as they try to draw Studio Ghibli, Spongebob Memes, NickToons, Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, Justice League, Marvel, and...
I Tried Re-Creating This Vinegar Pie From Worth It
549,406 views - 05/24/20
How can this taste good?! Cook #withme #styahome BuzzFeed encourages everyone to do their part to help slow the spread of the...
Barber Gives Virtual Haircuts
57,028 views - 05/23/20
"Oh you really messed up" Angel Dust-Zayas Irish Giron
We Tried Re-Creating Viral TikToks For A Week
220,993 views - 05/23/20
Hannah and family try their favorite TikTok challenges for a week. Will any of them go viral? Follow Hannah on Instagram:...
Ex-Cyber Criminal Answers Burning Questions About The Dark Web
127,518 views - 05/22/20
Can you actually hire a hitman on the dark web...? Credits: Check out more awesome videos...
BuzzFeed Presents: The Stay At Home Talent Show
26,350 views - 05/22/20
We’re showcasing all of the wonderful talents people have sharpened during quarantine. 6 acts will perform live via video conference in...
I Made The Crazy Tornado Omelet (Omurice)
458,703 views - 05/22/20
Who knew eggs could even be made this way - can Inga make the epic tornado omelet rice? Follow Inga for more fun food content:...
We Tried No Toilet Paper For A Week
128,972 views - 05/21/20
Auri gets Steve to try reusable toilet paper, will he like it? Credits: Check out more...
Camp Counselors Reveal Their Horror Stories
279,014 views - 05/21/20
In honor of summer former camp counselors share their craziest, weirdest and funniest experiences from camp. Credits:...
Can These Exes Be Friends? | Petty Court
34,202 views - 05/20/20
And the verdict is... Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!...
Black Family Tries Each Others' Chocolate Chip Cookies
209,584 views - 05/19/20
"I'm lactose intolerant, I don't need this!" Credits: Check out more awesome videos at...
Japanese And Mexican People Swap Board Games
53,563 views - 05/18/20
People try swapping their favorite board games from around the world! Find them on Instagram: Sean Umeda: @seannyboy808 Carolina...
Can You Beat The Hardest Harry Potter Book 1 Quiz?
148,062 views - 05/17/20
Can you beat this quiz?! Follow along as Kelsey, Sean, and Caroline represent their houses in the hardest quiz about the first Harry...
$3 Takeout Vs. $129 Takeout
3,279,337 views - 05/17/20
"This is like if there was a garlic bread jellybean" BuzzFeed encourages everyone to do their part to help slow the spread of the...
We Got Banned From Disneyland
131,194 views - 05/16/20
"Ma'am you can't do that" This video was filmed while practicing social distancing and obeying government orders. BuzzFeed encourages...
I Let My Kids Dye Their Dad's Hair
325,818 views - 05/16/20
Hannah lets Jackson & Wyatt choose Matt's cut & color. Will he be a cool Dad or a total disaster? Follow Hannah on Instagram:...
Everything You Need To Know About Murder Hornets In 6 Minutes
340,689 views - 05/15/20
They decapitate their victims and eat their babies. But that's not why we should really fear them. Credits:...
I Made The Most Difficult Japanese Soufflé Pancakes
408,413 views - 05/15/20
This is probably the closest we'll ever get to eating a cloud - can Inga make the jiggliest, fluffiest pancakes in the world? Follow Inga...
What Will COVID-19 Do To The Economy?
42,494 views - 05/14/20
To learn more about Ellevest, visit: Credits: Check out more...
I Followed My Dog For 24 Hours
82,669 views - 05/12/20
What do dogs really do all day? Stuck at home, humans are finally finding out. BuzzFeed encourages everyone to do their part to help...
Professional Chef Reviews Fast Food Burgers
139,585 views - 05/12/20
Chef Tiana Gee ranks the most popular cheeseburgers from McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, In-And-Out Burger, and Shake Shack. Eat...
16 Weird Newborn Baby Facts
158,758 views - 05/11/20
Strange newborn baby facts that are just hard to believe! Credits: Check out more awesome...
A Zoo During Lockdown
106,903 views - 05/11/20
This is what it is like working at the Animal Park at the Conservation Center during lockdown. For more info go to:...
I Fell In Love With A Prison Inmate
111,616 views - 05/10/20
Brittany and Marcelino tell the story of how they fell in love after meeting as pen pals while she was in prison. Credits:...
I Let My Kids Make Breakfast For A Week
820,518 views - 05/09/20
Hannah lets Jackson & Wyatt make breakfast for the family for a week. What could possibly go wrong? Parent #withme #stayhome Follow...
Color-Blind Man Takes Viral Color Quizzes
103,327 views - 05/08/20
Matt takes 3 viral BuzzFeed color quizzes to see how he performs compared to the rest of you! Compete #withme #stayhome FEATURING Matt...
I Made The Super Stretchy Hand-Pulled Noodles
202,110 views - 05/08/20
Using only 4 ingredients + a foolproof recipe = noodle master worthy hand-pulled noodles. Follow Inga on Instagram for more:...
I Went To A Reopened Florida Beach
231,500 views - 05/07/20
Sarah takes her mom to their newly reopened beach and they are shocked. BuzzFeed encourages everyone to do their part to help slow the...
We Trained Like Prison Inmates For A Week
75,136 views - 05/07/20
"Put that pizza down and eat a salad!" Move #withme #stayhome Train with Conbody:
Cats And Dogs React To Their Owners “Playing Dead”
189,422 views - 05/06/20
In your time of need, which pet would save you?? Credits: Check out more awesome videos at...
Professional Chef Tries TikTok Cooking Hacks
513,725 views - 05/05/20
Chef Tiana Gee reviews five popular TikTok hacks. How useful are they?  Cook #withme #stayhome Try these hacks for yourself: Cheese...
Single People Try A Quarantine Blind Date App
88,397 views - 05/04/20
3 single people get matched anonymously without seeing the other person… Date #withme #stayhome Credits:...
Animator Draws Tom Nook From Animal Crossing In 3 Different Mediums
134,260 views - 05/03/20
Kyra from Draw-Off draws Tom Nook using colored pencils, photoshop and watercolors! What's your favorite medium? Kyra's Instagram:...
Merle & Aria Try Quarantining Together
1,043,024 views - 05/02/20
The new relationship between Merle ( and Aria ( is put to...
If Drake Made The Lockdown Demo We Needed
52,336 views - 05/01/20
"2020 elbow bumps ain't no more shaking hands. Toilet paper, canned goods, sanitizer flying off the shelves." Spotify:...
How Similar Are Spanish And Arabic?
120,945 views - 05/01/20
"The similarities are incredible!" This video was filmed before shelter-in-place orders were announced. BuzzFeed employees are now...
Adults Try Kids' Potato Light Science Experiment
43,031 views - 04/30/20
Can Inga and Sarah use a potato to light a lightbulb? Or will a kid expert show them up again? This video was filmed before...