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Experts Weigh In: What to Eat to Have a Positive Impact on Climate Change
39 views - 01/03/20
Marine biologist and conservation strategist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication...
Former Head of the EPA Gina McCarthy: Climate Change is a Public Health Issue
55 views - 01/03/20
Gina McCarthy, former head of the EPA, talks about framing climate change as a public health issue and finding new ways of talking about...
Climate Change Experts Discuss Greta Thunberg and the Role of Young People in Making Change
274 views - 01/03/20
Former EPA head Gina McCarthy, marine biologist and conservation strategist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Director of the Yale Program on...
Understanding Climate Change as a Political Issue
63 views - 01/03/20
Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, discusses how climate change weighs as a political...
Climate Change Impact on Oceans with Marine Biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
71 views - 01/03/20
Marine biologist and conservation strategist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, explains some facts we might not know about the climate crisis...
Wired Editor Nicholas Thompson and Tech Visionary Jaron Lanier Discuss 3-D Printing
110 views - 01/02/20
Nicholas Thompson and Jaron Lanier discuss 3-D printing technology and consider what it might be used for in the next 5-10 years....
Prime Minister Julia Gillard Discusses her Famous Misogyny Speech
46,740 views - 01/02/20
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard describes the context and impact of what has become widely known as her "misogyny speech."...
Surprising Solutions for Climate Change - Empower Women and Girls!
211 views - 11/26/19
Marine biologist and conservation strategist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication...
National Geographic Underwater Photographer Brian Skerry on Conservation and the State of our Oceans
184 views - 06/04/19
Underwater photographer Brian Skerry discusses the importance of educating consumers, through good science and good journalism, about the...
Photojournalists Pete Souza and Lynsey Addario on ethical editing
411 views - 05/15/19
Pete Souza and Lynsey Addario discuss the ethics of photo editing and the few times they have edited the content of their photos due to...
UN Ambassador Samantha Power on Being a Woman at the White House and the United Nations
566 views - 03/21/19
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power talks about her experience as a woman at work in the predominantly male White...
Prime Minister Julia Gillard on How Australia Gave Up Guns
2,757 views - 03/21/19
Prime Minister Julia Gillard talks about how Australia quickly changed its gun policy in the wake of a single tragic event. Prime...
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and UN Ambassador Samantha Power on How Each of Us Can Change the World
341 views - 03/21/19
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former UN Ambassador Samantha Power talk about how each one of us can effect positive change...
Former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power on U.S. Foreign Policy Strategy under President Obama
434 views - 03/13/19
Samantha Power, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, discusses U.S. foreign policy strategy under President Barack...
Tech Experts Discuss the Culture of Silicon Valley
641 views - 11/20/18
Tech insider Jaron Lanier and Nicholas Thompson, editor-in-chief of "Wired," discuss the culture of Silicon Valley as well as recent...
Cecile Richards, Roxane Gay and Sallie Krawcheck on Female Guilt & Perfectionism
372 views - 10/01/18
Cecile Richards, Roxane Gay and Sallie Krawcheck reflect on the guilt and pressure for perfection that many women feel. Richards, Gay,...
Sallie Krawcheck on the Importance of Diversity in Business Leadership
439 views - 10/01/18
Wall Street leader and "financial feminist" Sallie Krawcheck reflects on the importance of diversity for successful businesses....
Author Roxane Gay - Taking on Online Trolls
1,081 views - 10/01/18
Author Roxane Gay talks about how she fights back at the trolls who insult her online. Gay appeared with Cecile Richards, Sallie...
Cecile Richards, Roxane Gay and Sallie Krawcheck on Women and Power in 2018
484 views - 09/25/18
Cecile Richards, Roxane Gay and Sallie Krawcheck reflect on the women's movement in 2018. Richards, Gay, and Krawcheck were featured...
Tom Colicchio on Ending Hunger in America
95 views - 06/01/18
Tom Colicchio talks about his policy work and advocacy to end hunger in America. Colicchio, Gabrielle Hamilton, and David Chang were...
David Chang on Being a Chef
1,528 views - 06/01/18
David Chang, award-winning chef and founder of Momofuku, talks about the level of intensity, teamwork and professionalism inside the...
David Chang, Gabrielle Hamilton & Tom Colicchio on Their Earliest Cooking Memories
1,555 views - 05/16/18
Chefs David Chang, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Tom Colicchio talk about their earliest cooking memories. Chang, Hamilton, and Colicchio were...
Joy Reid, David Fahrenthold, and Hugh Hewitt on Media Bias
433 views - 04/27/18
Joy Reid, David Fahrenthold, and Hugh Hewitt discuss media bias and the inherent challenges in a profession that is predominantly white,...
Washington Post Reporter David Fahrenthold on Donald Trump's Charitable Giving
1,675 views - 04/27/18
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post discusses his reporting on the Donald J. Trump Foundation and...
Journalists on Donald Trump's Pattern of Exploiting Honor Systems & the Media
344 views - 04/27/18
Journalists David Fahrenthold, Hugh Hewitt, and Joy Reid discuss Donald Trump's pattern of exploiting honor systems and the media for his...
Joy Reid and Hugh Hewitt on Confirmation Bias
733 views - 04/27/18
Journalists Joy Reid and Hugh Hewitt discuss how people want news and information that affirms what they already believe, regardless of...
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Discusses the Broken American Political System
764 views - 03/30/18
Doris Kearns Goodwin reflects on the broken state of the U.S. political system. Goodwin, Karl Rove and Charles Blow were featured...
Karl Rove on Why the Political System May Not Be as Broken as We Think
73 views - 03/30/18
Karl Rove reflects on the broken state of our U.S. political system and argues that the system has always been broken. Rove, Doris...
Dacher Keltner on the Relationship Between Poverty and the Brain
141 views - 03/30/18
Dacher Keltner discusses the effects of poverty on the nervous system. Keltner, Susan Cain, and Lisa Genova were featured panelists at...
Joy Reid, David Fahrenthold and Hugh Hewitt on the State of Journalism and the News
468 views - 03/19/18
MSNBC Host Joy Reid, Washington Post Investigative Journalist David Fahrenthold, and News Analyst and Radio Talk Show Host Hugh Hewitt...
Marc Maron on Having President Obama in His Garage
5,647 views - 01/26/18
Comedian Marc Maron tells the story of having former President Barack Obama visit his garage to record his podcast, WTF with Marc Maron....
Susan Cain on Why Donald Trump is So Attractive to So Many People
6,177 views - 01/19/18
Author Susan Cain explains some of the science behind the appeal of Donald Trump. Cain appeared with fellow panelists Lisa Genova and...
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on Changes in the Press
438 views - 01/05/18
Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin reflects on changes in the press - from long form reporting of facts to short form reporting of opinions -...
Katharine Graham on Publishing the Pentagon Papers
71,414 views - 01/05/18
Katharine Graham, former publisher of the Washington Post, talks about her decision to publish the Pentagon Papers. Graham was a featured...
Fred Armisen Does Impressions - Scottish, Texan and More!
674,864 views - 12/21/17
Portlandia creator and SNL alum Fred Armisen displays his talents for impressions and accents. Fred Armisen, Tig Notaro and Marc Maron...
Ezra Klein Rants Against the “Obsession” About Automation
790 views - 12/15/17
Ezra Klein, journalist and founder of, dispels some of the concerns surrounding automation. Klein was a featured panelist with...
Irshad Manji Shares Her Experience with Anti-Muslim Prejudice
3,450 views - 12/07/17
Reformist Muslim, author and educator Irshad Manji describes the prejudice she has experienced as a Muslim woman, and the way that life...
Michael Gerson on White Identity Politics and the Conservative Right
861 views - 12/07/17
Conservative commentator and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson discusses shifts in conservative politics and the role of the...
Ezra Klein on Disruptive Innovation
167 views - 12/07/17
Ezra Klein, journalist and founder of, discusses the concept of "disruptive innovation" and his own experience in journalism....
Ezra Klein on Trying New Things
932 views - 12/07/17
Ezra Klein, journalist and founder of, talks about the value of trying new things and taking risks. Klein was a featured...
Restaurateur Danny Meyer on Vetting Ideas and Creating a Culture of Trust
210 views - 12/07/17
Restaurateur and hospitality guru Danny Meyer talks about his process for vetting ideas and creating a culture of trust. Meyer was a...
Anjali Kumar on Misogyny in Tech Culture
165 views - 12/07/17
Anjali Kumar discusses her experience at Google and misogyny in the tech world in general. She also offers advice to young women hoping...
Fred Armisen, Tig Notaro and Marc Maron on their Comedy Beginnings
25,015 views - 11/21/17
Fred Armisen, Tig Notaro and Marc Maron talk about their early days in comedy in a live, unscripted conversation before an audience of...
Laughter, Anyone? An evening with comedians
127 views - 10/16/17
Join us on Saturday, November 18, 2017 for a night of live, unscripted hilarity with some of our favorite funny people! Featuring Marc...
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on the First Amendment
1,898 views - 10/05/17
Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer responds to audience questions about the First Amendment posed by moderator Norah O'Donnell....
Timothy Ferris on Why He Loves the Sky
376 views - 08/18/17
What is it about the sky? In this clip, Pulitzer Prize-nominated science writer and astronomer Tim Ferris reflects on his longstanding...
Ezra Klein on the Ugliness of Politics
826 views - 08/14/17
Ezra Klein discusses President Donald Trump and the state of politics in America. Ezra Klein was a featured panelist at The Connecticut...
Alan Alda and Jason Reitman Discuss Their Fathers
415 views - 06/16/17
TV icon Alan Alda and director Jason Reitman have something in common: famous fathers. In this heartwarming and hilarious clip, they...
Alan Alda and Jason Reitman on Creating Unlikable Characters
392 views - 06/08/17
Alan Alda and Jason Reitman talk about creating unlikable characters in their work in front of and behind the camera. Alda and Reitman...
Frank Deford on Hope and Human Spirit
94 views - 05/30/17
Frank Deford quotes Washington Roebling in his introductory remarks as moderator of the 2005 Connecticut Forum, "Hope and Human Spirit,"...
Spirituality as a Byproduct of Neuroscience
710 views - 05/16/17
A panel of neuroscience experts (Lisa Genova, Susan Cain, and Dacher Keltner) take on the question, "Is spirituality a byproduct of...
Alan Alda and Jason Reitman on their Aspirations for Acting and Filmmaking
398 views - 05/08/17
TV icon Alan Alda and director Jason Reitman talk about their aspirations for acting and filmmaking. Alda and Reitman were featured...
Ezra Klein on Presidents Trump and Obama
1,718 views - 04/14/17
Ezra Klein reflects on the character of both Presidents Trump and Obama and in particular the authentic "language of aspiration" he heard...
Danny Meyer on the Six Qualities He Looks For in Employees
18,398 views - 03/24/17
Restaurateur Danny Meyer and his Union Square Hospitality Group look for employees with a high "hospitality quotient" - qualities that...
Ezra Klein on the Creation of
1,962 views - 03/15/17
Ezra Klein shares his reasoning for leaving "The Washington Post" and his motivation for creating Klein was a featured...
Lisa Genova on Stress and the Mind-Body Connection
1,917 views - 02/24/17
Lisa Genova, neuroscientist and author of "Still Alice," explains how stress affects the mind-body connection. Genova joined fellow...
Come Listen. Go Think.
174 views - 02/21/17
We all possess two items that can make life radically better. They’re called ears. Conveniently connected to the brain. Join us!
Susan Cain on the Formation of Personality
1,496 views - 02/17/17
Who are we? What is identity? In this clip from The CT Forum, "The Science of Our Minds," Susan Cain discusses the very foundation of...
Arne Duncan on Investing in Education
135 views - 01/06/17
Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan talks about investing in education. Duncan was a panelist at The Connecticut Forum, "The...
Arne Duncan on Working for Obama and Sandy Hook
213 views - 01/06/17
Arne Duncan reflects on his best and worst days working under President Obama as Secretary of Education. Duncan was a panelist at The...
Daphne Koller on Why College Needs to Change
598 views - 01/06/17
Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller explains why colleges need to adapt to better serve today's students. Koller was a featured panelist at...
Arne Duncan, Daphne Koller and Freeman Hrabowski on the Purpose of College
316 views - 12/07/16
Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller, and UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski, III reflect on...
Jon Meacham on Polarization in Religion and Politics
514 views - 10/21/16
Jon Meacham discusses polarization in religion and politics in America in 2016. Meacham was a featured panelist at "Religion in America...
Michael Gerson on Election 2016 and the Politics of Resentment
353 views - 10/07/16
Washington Post Columnist Michael Gerson reflects on what he sees as the biggest failure of our political process in the 2016...
Jon Meacham Discusses Role of Religion in History & Current Politics
745 views - 10/07/16
In this clip the historian and journalist Jon Meacham discusses the ways in which the role of religion has changed from the founding of...
Irshad Manji on Faith and Diversity
480 views - 10/04/16
Irshad Manji, a Reformist Muslim, author and educator, discusses the changing demographics of America and why many, particularly young...
Jackie Joyner-Kersee on Being a Role Model
351 views - 08/12/16
Former Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee discusses athletes as heroes or role models, and how she sees herself. Joyner-Kersee appeared with...
Writer Elizabeth Gilbert Discusses Failure and Success
1,008 views - 08/09/16
In this clip, the writer Elizabeth Gilbert discusses her years of failure and rejection as a fiction writer, as well as the overwhelming...
Tennis Great Billie Jean King on Discovering Tennis was her Calling
57 views - 08/04/16
The great tennis player Billie Jean King discusses "turning points" in her life, including the day she realized that tennis was her...
Elizabeth Gilbert and Bill T. Jones Address Tortured Artists
1,116 views - 08/04/16
Author Elizabeth Gilbert and choreographer and dancer Bill T. Jones debate the purpose of art and whether artists need to suffer for...
Bill T. Jones Discusses Body Image and Dance
1,637 views - 08/04/16
The dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones discusses the evolution he has witnessed regarding bodies and body image in dance. Jones was...
Elie Wiesel on the Danger of Indifference
2,943 views - 07/08/16
On March 20, 2003, the evening before the official start of the Iraq War, The Connecticut Forum welcomed three Nobel Peace Prize winners...
Artist Werner Pfeiffer & Psychologist Howard Gardner on Creativity in Children & Adults
263 views - 06/21/16
The artist Werner Pfeiffer talks about the purity of creativity in children. The psychologist Howard Gardner weighs in on why creativity...
Bishop Gene Robinson calls for Racial & Economic Equality
52 views - 06/21/16
Bishop Gene Robinson discusses the things that concern him the most: racial inequality and economic inequality. Robinson was joined on...
Bishop Gene Robinson on the Solidarity of the LGBTQ Community
361 views - 06/17/16
Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Bishop, talks about threats of violence directed at him and his family and the LGBTQ community in...
Nile Rodgers on the Origin of the Song Freak Out
55,994 views - 06/14/16
Grammy Award-winning musician and producer Nile Rodgers shares a hilarious story about the origin of the hit song, "Le Freak (Aw Freak...
Bill T. Jones on Overcoming Creative Block
209 views - 06/14/16
Dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones talks about how to overcome creative block in this clip from the May 13, 2016 CT Forum, "Creative...
Morley Safer on his Most Rewarding Story
285 views - 06/13/16
In this exclusive clip from the 1995 Connecticut Forum, "90 Minutes with 60 Minutes," Morley Safer reflects on the most rewarding story...
Elizabeth Gilbert, Nile Rodgers and Bill T. Jones on Creativity
595 views - 06/13/16
Author Elizabeth Gilbert, Musician/Producer Nile Rodgers, and Dancer/Choreographer Bill T. Jones respond to the question, "What word best...
Elizabeth Gilbert on How to Open Yourself to Creativity
1,731 views - 05/27/16
"Eat, Pray, Love" author Elizabeth Gilbert responds to the question, "How can you make yourself open and available to creativity?"...
Lisa Genova and Dacher Keltner on Memory and Identity
1,479 views - 03/11/16
In this clip on memory and identity, Lisa Genova and Dacher Keltner discuss how our brains form, lose, and use memories to shape our very...
Lisa Genova, Susan Cain, and Dacher Keltner answer: What's the most amazing thing about the brain?
679 views - 03/08/16
Lisa Genova, Susan Cain and Dacher Keltner each answer what they think is the most amazing thing about the human brain. Genova, Cain and...
Antonio Villaraigosa on Education and Drop Out Rates
506 views - 12/11/15
Former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa talks about education and the disproportionate drop out rates for students of color....
Morris Dees on Hate Groups
1,794 views - 12/11/15
Morris Dees, legendary civil rights activist and co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, talks about the evolution of virtual hate...
Wes Moore and Jessica Williams on the Different Kinds of Racism
2,099 views - 12/11/15
Wes Moore, social justice advocate and author, and Jessica Williams, actress, comedian and "Daily Show" correspondent, discuss racism in...
Wes Moore on a post-racist America
2,432 views - 12/04/15
On Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, Wes Moore was a panelist at The Connecticut Forum, "Racism," with Morris Dees, Antonio Villaraigosa, Jessica...
Gene Wilder on Creativity
34,417 views - 11/06/15
Gene Wilder talks about the beginning of his creativity in this humorous clip from the 1999 Connecticut Forum, "The Wonders of...
Racism: The Conversation Continues
221 views - 10/22/15
In this 30-second promotional spot for the 12/3/2015 CT Forum on "Racism," we re-visit the 1993 CT Forum, "Focus on Race Relations" with...
Joi Ito on Gut Bacteria
830 views - 10/09/15
Joi Ito discusses the development of neural networks and their connection to our gut microbiome. Ito was a panelist at the Oct. 3, 2015...
Joi Ito on Autism and Genetic Correction
701 views - 10/09/15
Joi Ito discusses the ethics and possible ramifications of genetic correction, specifically in reference to the autism spectrum. Ito was...
Fareed Zakaria on Gun Control
2,016 views - 10/06/15
Fareed Zakaria talks about gun violence in the United States compared to other countries, including Germany, Japan, and Yemen,...
The Connecticut Forum. Get in IT!
185 views - 07/24/15
Our mission is to encourage the free and active exchange of ideas in Forums that inform, challenge, entertain, inspire and build bridges...
Highlights 2014-2015 Season
166 views - 06/12/15
Assorted highlights from our 2014-2015 Season. Featuring clips from "Nerdfest," "Debating Our Broken Political System," "Today's Great...
David McCullough and Stacy Schiff Describe their Ideal Dinner Party
680 views - 06/05/15
Authors David McCullough and Stacy Schiff talk about who they would invite to their ideal dinner party. McCullough and Schiff were...
David McCullough on Why History Matters
17,252 views - 05/15/15
Pulitzer Prize-winner David McCullough delivers an eloquent and impassioned response to the question, "Why is history important?"...
Cheryl Strayed on Coping With Pain
1,200 views - 04/10/15
Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, discusses her epic hike and how she overcame the pain. She appeared at The CT Forum, "Explorers &...
Paul Nicklen on the Willingness to Fail
1,950 views - 04/10/15
National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen talks about the importance of being willing to fail. He shares that it took him ten years...
Diana Nyad on Fear and Will
340 views - 04/10/15
Diana Nyad, inspirational long-distance swimmer discusses fear and the will to overcome it. She appeared at The CT Forum, "Explorers &...
Cheryl Strayed and Diana Nyad Discuss Spirituality
847 views - 03/19/15
Inspirational swimmer Diana Nyad and acclaimed author Cheryl Strayed share their views on spirituality and how it influenced their...
Mitch Hurwitz Talks Arrested Development
3,540 views - 02/06/15
Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development, discusses the origin of his show with moderator Colin McEnroe at The Connecticut Forum,...
Mario Cuomo Discusses the Role of Government
820 views - 01/02/15
Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo discusses the role of government as a panelist at The Connecticut Forum on March 30, 1996. More info...