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Rory & Jess | PREVIEW
230 views - 11/29/16
|| multicouples ||
129 views - 02/02/16
- Watch in HD -
Roxy/Dean/Linda | Yes...yes it is
6,376 views - 01/06/16
- HD is bae - *WARNING: this video centres around a rape storyline. How good was it for Linda that Dean finally admitted what he'd...
multicouples || Natures Law
262 views - 12/28/15
- HD is bae - So I'm starting to get back into editing after a very long time!! I don't even know how I ended up with this video but it...
Justin+Selena || first love, yeah
156 views - 12/04/15
- HD is bae - I honestly can't put into words how perfect these two are together!! And how young does Justin look singing to Selena?!?!
Brooke&Lucas | Should've been us *Preview*
69 views - 11/21/15
- HD is best -
Parry Glasspool | KING
3,262 views - 03/13/15
[[Watch in HD]].
Olivia&Elliot | Hold On PREVIEW
44 views - 02/07/15
Please watch in HD :) OMG. I've actually edited a video for the first time in nearly a year (maybe more idk?). So this is probably a one...
142 views - 11/23/13
As you can probably tell from this shitty video, I'm going to be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. My laptop smashed recently and is...
Brooke+Lucas | Forever is a long time [HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLI]
207 views - 11/12/13
[watch in hd pls] So today is Olivia's (AntiPeytonSawyer12) birthday, and she's become such a good friend to me on here. Oli, you're...
Multicouples | Wrecking Ball [HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!]
1,001 views - 11/09/13
[Watch in hd] ____________ SO I'M FINALLY EIGHTEEN!! And this collab turned out so perfect, such a brilliant video to remember my 18th...
Freddie&Sinead | Please don't say you love me
10,519 views - 09/30/13
'Please don't say you love me, cause I might not say it back..." ____________ I know everyone ships Freddie&Lindsey but I'm just really...
Ronnie Mitchell [+Roxy/Kat/Alfie] | Rescue Me
2,038 views - 09/17/13
✌ HD ✌ _________ Samantha Womack is brilliant. End of. Sooo this was originally posted as a preview but due to my laptop breaking I lost...
461 views - 09/14/13
So I will officially be an adult on 8th November [SCARY SHIT! LOL] and if you would like to make my day even better, maybe you could...
Niall Horan | If I lose myself
537 views - 08/30/13
[Watch in HD] _________________ Who knew when that cocky Irish lad walked onto the stage, that he'd end up here? To say I'm proud of him...
H&A: Casey+Maddy | Somebody to die for
2,255 views - 08/30/13
[Watch in HD] _____________ I love a bit of overdramatic explosions + cute rescues. I love these guys friendship but I don't think I'd...
One Tree Hill | Long Live
176 views - 08/30/13
[Watch in HD] ____________ God, I miss this show! I finished this ages ago but sony vegas has been taking hours to render the tiniest...
Lucas&Peyton | A Drop in the Ocean [The Editors Contest]
573 views - 07/20/13
[HD] ______ I'm really disappointed with this. I think it was because I've been lacking inspiration recently and this song is hard to vid...
Cory Monteith [+Lea]  | Rest In Peace
420 views - 07/14/13
Cory Allan Michael Monteith [1982-2013] _________________ I actually had to feebly attempt to hold back the tears making this. He had...
John-Paul&Mitzeee | Figure 8
162 views - 07/13/13
You can now bid on me for Vidders4ACause here: _________________ So I'll be honest; I...
Vidders4ACause |  Auction starts on July 5th
17 views - 06/28/13
So Vidders4ACause is back! Auction & Bidding begins on 5th July! Trailer made by hardbecks:
I WAS TAGGED | 5 facts about me
25 views - 06/27/13
So I was tagged by cardcaptorgirl which means I have to tell you five things about myself that you probably don't know! I tagged:...
Jackson+Lydia | I hate you so much... [PREVIEW]
7,463 views - 06/27/13
[Watch in HD] _______________ Should I finish this?! I've become addicted to Teen Wolf over the last few days and I just can't believe...
Amber Turner & Josh Willis | Irresistible
7,706 views - 06/25/13
[Watch in HD] _____________ I think I have my new favourite couple in Erinsborough! I'm really loving Harley Bonner, he's great so nobody...
Mark&Kate | Worth Fighting For...
1,082 views - 05/29/13
HD makes things prettier ;) ___________________________ I'm sooo conflicted right now because I have always loved Kate & Mark, but now...
Brucas&Leyton | Impossible [+ Valentina]
670 views - 05/23/13
HD is more fun ;) So for the second round of the TheresOnlyOTH contest we were paired up and given the freedom to vid whatever we...
Chuck&Blair | I want what I can't have... [PREVIEW]
96 views - 05/15/13
The quality of this is terrible because I chose the wrong rendering settings :(
Lucas&Brooke | Forever is a long time [PREVIEW]
116 views - 05/15/13
I NEED YOUR HELP!! My Brucas clips are extremely bad quality so if anyone has any ideas where I can get high quality clips that would be...
Dodger&Texas | Biggest regret of our lives [GOODBYE DEXAS]
3,278 views - 05/09/13
"....we're soul mates ain't we? Tex that's why I can't and I won't let you marry my brother tomorrow. 'Cause we both know that will be...
Hunter Hayes [I want crazy]
64 views - 04/20/13
Watch in HD :) I absolutely love Hunter and his music. He's such a talented country singer, especially for his age and he's absolutely...
Lucas&Peyton | Sooner or Later {4x09}
320 views - 04/16/13
[Watch in HD] _______________ I haven't uploaded in ages, I know! I'm lacking inspiration these days but I decided to make this vidlet to...
Niall Horan | Light up the Sky
753 views - 04/06/13
"I wanna sell out arenas, and make an album and work with some of the best artists in the world..." Just making this gave me massive...
[ Chuck + Brooke ] ● AU
146 views - 03/25/13
[Watch in HD] How amazing would they be?!
6,643 views - 03/24/13
[Watch in HD] _________________ My favourite Irish moustached man is gone :( How amazing was his exit storyline though?! I genuinely...
92 views - 03/24/13
Watch in HD _____________ This is my entry for the "TheresOnlyOTH" contest. You had to vid one season of a couples relationship so I...
Rae+Finn | You should never fight your feelings
325 views - 03/09/13
[Watch in HD] _______________ How freakin' cute is Nico?! Rae and Finn are just adorable!
Spencer+Maddy [Spaddy] | Gotta be Somebody
4,428 views - 02/23/13
[Watch in HD] ____________ I knew from the moment these two arrived that they definitely weren't siblings. There was just something about...
137 views - 02/22/13
SO on March 1st I will have been vidding for 2 years on here :D And so to celebrate I'd love to do a multifandom collab to this song. All...
Skins | And I've lost who I am...
144 views - 02/18/13
[Watch in HD] _______________ My first skins cast video :D There hasn't been any generation better than these guys & their amazing...
One Tree Hill
32 views - 02/17/13
[Watch in HD]
Romeo+Indi | Ride
552 views - 02/02/13
[Watch in HD]
Naomi+Emily | Sink or Swim
243 views - 02/01/13
[Watch in HD] _____________
Brooke+Lucas | I knew you were trouble
1,711 views - 02/01/13
[Watch in HD] ______________ When you think about it, Lucas caused a lot of trouble for Brooke {+ even Peyton} through his womanizing...
Brooke+Lucas | I knew you were trouble [PREVIEW]
292 views - 01/31/13
[Watch in HD] _____________ I have to admit that I've become a big Brucas fan in the past few months. Most of you will know I'm a diehard...
Gilmore Girls | Demons
397 views - 01/24/13
[Watch in HD] ____________ MY FIRST EVER GILMORE GIRLS CAST VIDEO! This is one of the best series ever + why they never continued it is a...
Multifandom | It's Time [PREVIEW]
75 views - 01/19/13
So this song is amazing + I couldn't to vid it! I've been really uninspired recently so the fact that I've even done this much is a...
Multi-Fandom | Stutter {BIRTHDAY COLLAB]
257 views - 01/13/13
{Watch in HD} ______________ So I've finally got this up even though my birthday was way back in November. One of the vidders pulled out...
Marti+Dan | Where We Belong
158 views - 01/11/13
[Watch in HD] _____________
Dark {Harry Styles Fanfic Trailer}
647 views - 01/08/13
[Watch in HD] _____________ Okay, so after giving in to my curiosity I read Dark. Although the writer has removed it for the moment you...
Lucas+Peyton | Lullaby
1,794 views - 01/07/13
[Watch in HD] _____________ So a while ago, I saw an amazing Naley video which was basically the music video for an Avril Lavigne song +...
Nathan+Haley | Princess of China
283 views - 01/05/13
[Watch in HD] _____________
John Paul McQueen | Return to Hollyoaks
12,192 views - 12/30/12
[Watch in HD] _______________ How amazing is it to have James back?! And his storyline was so good and I cannot wait to see how this all...
Hollyoaks Crash | Power of Love
68,136 views - 12/30/12
[Watch in HD] ________________ I started this ages ago when the crash had only just aired but what with school work + driving lessons I...
MultiCouples | Where We Belong
150 views - 12/29/12
[Watch in HD]
Cook+Effy | And my heart is broken... [#10]
506 views - 12/26/12
[Watch in HD] ______________ OKAY, so Ceffy were #10 in my ships challenge which I posted a few months ago. Being the lazy girl that I...
Lucas&Peyton | I just want you to know who I am... {Happy Birthday Marina!}
486 views - 12/16/12
Watch in HD -------------------- So this video is dedicated to the amazing Marina [OneTreeHill23312] who is such an amazing girl and a...
MultiFemale | Looks like Sex
1,280 views - 12/09/12
[Watch in HD] _____________ I made this ages and ages ago but I completely forgot to render it until now. I'm trying to improve my...
Andrew+Tash | I don't know what this is gonna be
704 views - 12/07/12
[Watch in HD] ______________ I cannot believe I'm shipping them! Back when they first dated I absolutely hated them and totally shipped...
Lauren+Joey | I knew you were trouble
1,646 views - 12/03/12
[Watch in HD] ________________ Can you believe I'm uploaded another video of these guys? I thought the song really described how Lauren...
Lauren + Joey | Six Degrees of Separation
4,138 views - 12/01/12
[Watch in HD] ______________ How can something so wrong be so right? My second Lauren|Joey video in one night but I've just become really...
Lauren + Joey | They don't know about the I love you's
5,262 views - 12/01/12
[Watch in HD] _______________ Even though they are so wrong I can't help loving them! Joey genuinely cares so much about Lauren and she's...
Amy&Ricky | I'm not perfect
237 views - 11/17/12
[Watch in HD] ________________ This is a re-upload of one of my old videos which I've improved. It's basically about how Ramy's...
Chris Keller | I named it after the pornstar
265 views - 11/17/12
[Watch in HD] ________________ The epicness that is Chris Keller. He's one of my all time favourite underrated OTH characters and the...
Jess&Rory | Airplanes
127 views - 11/17/12
Watch in HD ______________ I hate how I can't get quality clips of this couple :(
Top 10 Ship Project
142 views - 11/17/12
I thought I'd go with the flow and do this too! Basically you have to choose 3 ships from the fandoms listed below + I will vid the top...
Heath Braxton & Summer Hoyland / Ft. April Scott [AU]
1,080 views - 11/17/12
[Watch in HD] ____________________ I know it's been ages since I last uploaded any sort of video. This was made really quick that's why...
Union J | Let it rock
383 views - 11/01/12
"My name's JJ, and I like to ride ponies" ___________________ I love these guys! Seriously talented lads especially Jaymi. Don't forget...
Nate & Jenny | I knew you were trouble {VIDLET}
499 views - 10/20/12
Watch in HD ________________ What even is this? lol. Unpopular opinion but Jenny was the only person I ever shipped Nate with.
My Birthday Wishlist [08/11/2012]
127 views - 10/19/12
Hey lovely youtubers :) So it's my 17th Birthday on 8th November and I've seen quite a few of this videos about so I thought I'd make one...
Brucas | If I could turn back time... [HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!]
632 views - 10/12/12
[Watch in HD] *READ DESCRIPTION* _________________ This song is PERFECT for Brucas if you listen to the lyrics. I've kind of made it a...
Mitzeee|Riley|Mercedes I see it in your eyes...
35,620 views - 10/03/12
[Watch in HD] Riley's dead! I was honestly shocked at this 'cause when they announced Rob was departing I assumed Riley would leave for...
Brucas | Turn Back Time PREVIEW
179 views - 09/28/12
SHOULD I CONTINUE?! You all know I'm a major Leyton shipper but there's just something about Brucas that I love too...
GMD3 | And the world's gonna know your name...
1,783 views - 09/27/12
Be a boss & watch in HD ;) _________________________ αяєηт тнєу αмαzιηg?! OKAY. So I've been off all week dying with the flu and being...
Brendan Brady | I've never told anyone that before...
17,590 views - 09/25/12
[Watch in HD] THIS CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE & ABUSE. _______________________ How amazing was the last episode of Hollyoaks Later?! I felt...
Summer&Andrew | We called it off again last night...
262 views - 09/15/12
[WATCH IN HD] ____________________ As soon as I heard this song I was like "THIS IS A SUMDREW SONG!" so I've been working on this ever...
CE | I thought I had you figured out
301 views - 09/12/12
[Watch in HD] _________________ So I put a lot more effort into this than my last Ceffy video. I honestly believe Cook&Effy will be...
Lucas&Peyton | If you're filled with affection...
400 views - 09/02/12
[Watch in HD] _____________________ Basically this revolves around season 5 when Peyton is desperately trying to win back Lucas & it...
Multi-Females | Fuckin' Perfect [Collab w/ AntiPeytonSawyer12]
1,978 views - 09/01/12
[Watch in HD] _______________ I absolutely love working with Olivia! I'm really happy to have done this collab with her & it has turned...
Theresa&Joel | Try Harder...
18,042 views - 09/01/12
[Watch in HD] _____________________ Aren't they just adorable? AND that
Nathan&Haley | I have loved you all along
173 views - 09/01/12
[Watch in HD] ______________________ I'm really disappointed with the quality of some of the clips but what can you do. I actually...
Texas+Dodger | Next thing we're touching...
4,815 views - 08/28/12
[Watch in HD - Danny Mac looks fitter!] __________________ FINALLY; I've vidded them! 'Dexas' are definitely my OTP in Hollyoaks. This is...
One Tree Hill | Scream your heart out
159 views - 08/04/12
Watch in HD. _______________ I don't know what this is. I kinda lost inspiration (again) so I cut it short meaning it's really random.
Dean&Haley | Shattered [Crossover]
627 views - 08/02/12
Watch in HD. _________________ STORYLINE: Haley and Dean are having problems and he's moved out. They can't sort it out & Dean tells her...
One Tree Hill | Whistle {HUMOUR}
11,282 views - 08/01/12
Watch in HD. ____________
Lucas&Peyton | Life After You.
1,167 views - 07/30/12
Watch in HD. _________________ I had to render this six times - SIX TIMES - until the sound finally worked for some reason. This song...
Jenna&Matty | I had you first...
3,772 views - 07/24/12
Watch in HD, _______________ And the epicness that is Jenna and Matty has returned to my screen! That scene in 2x02 where he tells her...
Lucas&Haley | Lights
137 views - 07/24/12
Watch in HD. _________________ I cannot express how disappointed with this. It fails to show their epic relationship. I started this ages...
Cook&Effy | Call Me Maybe
182 views - 07/23/12
Watch in HD! _______________________ My first ever Skins video! I absolutely love Cook and Effy. It's been confirmed that both of them...
One Tree Hill | Gives You Hell
46 views - 07/23/12
Watch in HD! ________________
Happy Birthday Sophia Bush | Call Me Maybe
194 views - 07/08/12
Happy 30th birthday to one of the most talented actresses out there; Miss Sophia Bush!
One Tree Hill | I won't let you go...
829 views - 07/03/12
Watch in HD _________________________ I worked really hard on this video and although there are a few mistakes, I'm quite proud of it. I...
Chuck & Blair | Hold It Against Me
408 views - 07/02/12
° Watch in HD ________________________
Chuck&Blair | In My Veins
284 views - 07/01/12
[Watch in HD] ___________________________
One Tree Hill | BLINK
343 views - 06/27/12
[Watch in HD] __________________________
One Tree Hill Tribute | Footprints in the Sand [w/Olivia]
1,008 views - 06/27/12
[Watch in HD] ________________________ Olivia's channel - Finally I've gotten around to...
~ welcome to avenuecollabs ● promo {the members}
25 views - 06/26/12
+channel link: ~the members:
Ricky&Amy | Dynamite
372 views - 06/25/12
[Watch in HD]
Multifandom Couples | Lullaby
1,926 views - 06/25/12
[Watch in HD] Unfortunately I had to pitch the song otherwise it would be removed which is annoying me now because I love Nickelback's...
Mitzeee&Riley | We Found Love
8,498 views - 06/24/12
[Watch in HD] I made this at 6am this morning when I hadn't been to bed yet so it's quite sloppy. Ever since that scene at Riley's stag...
Lucas&Peyton | What about now?
257 views - 06/20/12
[Watch in HD] I made this really quickly so there are a lot of mistakes but it's okay. I really love this song sung by Westlife & I felt...
Elena&Stefan | It's always gonna be Stefan
953 views - 06/15/12
- Watch in HD