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Lime Sorbet Ball Surprise With Popping Candy Shell
6,917 views - 04/07/20
Sophisticated dessert filled with homemade lime sorbet coconut white chocolate shell and popping candy exterior. ingredients: - 1-2 tbsp...
Egg Wrapping Sushi Ideas - Sushi Ideas #6
12,509 views - 03/21/20
This is a new video in the series sushi cooking ideas where I show interesting techniques that you can apply to your sushi making to make...
Tasty Kale Chips Made in The Dehydrator
6,914 views - 02/14/20
How to make kale chips in a food dehydrator. ingredients: - 700g fresh kale - 100g Tahini - 50g...
Fluffy Japanese Pancakes Perfected Recipe (Jiggly Souffle Pancakes)
40,887 views - 01/22/20
This is the ultimate souffle pancakes recipe as close as possible to the top Japanese pancake restaurants in Tokyo. ingredients: - 76g...
3 Compound Butters
7,910 views - 12/10/19
Learn how to make 3 delicious compound butters that are great to add to meats and vegetables. Ingredients: Family BBQ Butter Recipe: - 1...
How to Make Chicken Wing Lollipops, Sticky Kimchi Honey Sauce
12,990 views - 11/28/19
Chicken wings can’t be made better... or can they? introducing the new and improved chicken wing lollipops, with a little bit of effort...
Pineapple Togarashi Japanese Style Food
8,737 views - 11/18/19
Delicious spicy sticky sweet pineapple chunks, an awesome simple Japanese style starter perfect to start any meal. Ingredients: -...
Spicy Kimchi Duck Sushi Roll Recipe - How to make sushi
10,567 views - 11/05/19
Interesting confit duck kimchi sushi roll recipe created by chef Devaux, in this video you will see how to make a delicious and unique...
How to Turn Salmon Skin into Crisps/Chips
22,082 views - 09/27/19
In this video, you will see how to make salmon skin crisps out of leftover salmon skin that you may have after making salmon sushi for...
10 Egg Separating Tricks
44,924 views - 09/17/19
New egg separating hacks video, shows 10 novel ways to separate yolks from whites in chicken eggs, also shows how to separate an ostrich...
Dry Aged Steak Sushi Roll - How to Make Sushi Tutorial
11,545 views - 08/21/19
how to make sushi presents, dry-aged beef sushi roll, with caramelized onions, see the caramelized onion video here...
4 Hours Caramelized Onions Recipe
18,555 views - 08/06/19
This recipe is all about taking one ingredient and applying heat + time to elevate that ingredient, the video will show you how to slow...
Japanese fried chicken recipe - Tori No Tatsuta Age
21,870 views - 07/13/19
Deep-fried chicken Japanese style, フライドチキン In this video, you will see how to make tasty triple fried chicken thighs that are juicy yet...
Healthy Сhia Pudding Recipe 3 Ways
15,977 views - 07/02/19
In this video, you will see how to make healthy beautiful and most importantly delicious chai puddings 3 ways, using blue spirulina and...
How to Sharpen a Knife to Razor Sharpness - Extremely Sharp, whetstone sharpening tutorial.
263,501 views - 06/02/19
In this video, you will see how to get a knife to extreme sharpness using whetstones and leather compound stropping. See sharp pebbles...
Behind The Scenes - How to Make Sushi Channel
9,990 views - 04/19/19
This is a little of a raw video showing some behind the scenes and a little about the video equipment I used to make my youtube cooking...
Sushi Cake!!! 🍰
143,200 views - 04/08/19
Salmon sushi cake made by Chef Devaux This video will show you how to make a delicious salmon sushi cake. ingredients: - cooked and...
Pyramid Sushi!!! YUM!
24,981 views - 03/25/19
how to make pyramid sushi, this video will show you how to make stunning pyramid sushi using a stainless steel pyramid mould. pyramid...
5 Terrible Kitchen Gadgets (don't buy these!)
23,264 views - 03/20/19
Do not buy these kitchen gadgets! in this video, I show you 5 of the worst kitchen gadgets I made the mistake of buying. here are the...
Super Juicy BBQ Chicken Recipe
11,080 views - 03/16/19
Insanely tasty BBQ sauced chicken thighs, this recipe will teach you how to make your own homemade BBQ sauce and how to use that sauce to...
3 Easy Sushi Sauce Recipes For Cooking Sushi at Home
186,622 views - 03/09/19
3 simple sauces to make your life easy when making sushi at home. Squeeze sauce bottles: spicy mayo: -...
Makesushi Channel Answering Youtube Comments
4,749 views - 03/03/19
Thank you to everyone who asked these questions on the youtube post in the community section:...
Pressed Sushi 3 Ways - Sushi Time!
37,232 views - 02/23/19
Sushi cooking idea, a new style of sushi pressed sushi with provocative high reaching nori walls. This video will show you how to make 3...
Soy Sauce For Sushi (Sushi Making Secrets)
52,329 views - 02/21/19
Here is something you probably didn't know about the soy sauce in good sushi restaurants and why it tastes better. learn how to make...
King Crab Sushi Hand Roll (Temaki) With Spicy Butter Sauce
15,007 views - 02/18/19
Delicious hand-rolled sushi filled with tasty king crab legs covered in tasty spicy butter sauce. sushi hand roll holding rack:...
Ribeye Beef Jerky
15,728 views - 02/01/19
How to make premium beef jerky from home. This video will show you how to make a deliciously seasoned piece of beef jerky that will make...
King Crab California Sushi Roll!
91,547 views - 12/27/18
This video shows how to make/cook a California sushi roll with the best ingredients possible, that being Alaskan King Crab!...
Ultimate Chocolate Ice-Cream Recipe
15,038 views - 12/14/18
Incredible chocolate ice cream recipe, prepare to be amazed! utensils used: - Ice cream machine: (not...
New Style Salmon Sashimi Tutorial
23,760 views - 11/22/18
A new style of salmon sashimi infused in a soy-based sauce and lightly cooked with sesame seed oil. the knife used to cut the fish:...
Flying Tiger Sushi Roll - Salmon Avocado Roll
41,467 views - 11/05/18
Learn how to make this delicious but simple salmon avocado sushi roll, this video will show you all the steps to make this tasty sushi...
Special Melon Dessert Recipe
10,276 views - 10/17/18
Simple but fun melon dessert trick. ingredients: - 2g agar agar powder - 220g coconut milk...
Bao Buns Recipe - Chinese Steam Buns
61,878 views - 10/07/18
This video recipe shows in depth how to make super fluffy tender bao buns. Ingredients: - milk 255g - yeast 12g - plain flour 545g...
Salmon Ballz Sushi temari sushi
21,695 views - 09/11/18
Salmon Temari sushi dish. same knife I used: knife sharpening video:...
How to Make Salmon Sashimi Plate
45,906 views - 08/11/18
Salmon Sashimi Plate Tutorial. In this video, I will show you how to make a beautiful salmon sashimi plate. my sushi rice recipe:...
Extremely Graphic: LIVE BBQ EEL UNAGI
79,806 views - 08/09/18
I re-uploaded this video and censored it because youtube age restricted the earlier version, I'm very sad that youtube thinks showing how...
7 Amazing Sushi Creations (Compilation)
53,488 views - 08/06/18
I thought this would be a nice video to reflect on all the amazing sushi rolls I have made in the past 😁please share this video I would...
What Rice Cooker to Buy For Sushi Rice Making?
26,961 views - 08/04/18
In this video, I wanted to do something different from my usual videos and show the different options for rice cookers you can use for...
Grilled Otoro Tuna Recipe
14,281 views - 07/24/18
This video shows you how to make a delicious grilled bluefin tuna dish, that rests on a pumpkin puree. I need some help, please share...
ASMR UNAGI EEL COOKING (extremely graphic)
34,982 views - 07/12/18
I wanted to try doing something new so here is my very first ASMR cooking video, in this video you will see how to cook eel with natural...
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Tuna Cutting (150Kg/330Lbs)
43,101 views - 07/09/18
150-kilogram Bluefin Tuna Cutting Event The other day I went to a tuna cutting event where a very big 150 kg bluefin tuna was butchered...
8 Kitchen Tips And Tricks
1,905,664 views - 06/30/18
8 new kitchen tricks and food hacks for you to try out in your home kitchen. The cooking tricks in this video are: - How to cook...
How to Make Pickled Ginger - Gari
256,329 views - 06/02/18
This video will show you how to pickle ginger for sushi, I hope you find this pickled ginger tutorial helpful and use it with your...
New Spiral Garnish Tutorial
22,185 views - 05/24/18
In this video, you will see a new spiral cutting gadget that will make amazing spiral vegetable cuts that are perfect to make stunning...
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Live Lobster Miso Soup
124,779 views - 05/16/18
How to turn a live lobster into lobster miso soup. see the tail end of this lobster made into sashimi: In...
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Killing Living Lobster to Make Sashimi
61,467 views - 05/15/18
How to prepare sashimi out of a living lobster. see the front part of this lobster made into a lobster miso soup:...
Simmered Shiitake Mushrooms Japanese Recipe
32,087 views - 05/03/18
Learn how to cook dried shiitake mushrooms which you can use as a filling for sushi rolls. In this video, I will show you a classic...
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Live Lobster Sushi Roll
2,667,409 views - 04/14/18
How to make sushi out of a live lobster, this video will show you how to kill a lobster humanely then how to cook the lobster and prepare...
Puffed Potatoes - Pomme Soufflé Recipe - 2 Ways
135,656 views - 04/10/18
Pomme Souffle Recipe - Puffed Potatoes In this video, I will show you 2 different ways to make pommes souffles. *method 1.* The first...
How to Prepare LIVE Sea Urchin Uni
156,258 views - 04/02/18
How to make uni sea urchin sushi. The first part of this video will show you how to prepare live sea urchin otherwise known as "uni",...
How to Make Traditional Matcha + Easy Way to Make Matcha Green Tea
481,282 views - 03/20/18
How to prepare matcha green tea the traditional way and easy way. What is Matcha? it's a finely ground young tea leave that is grown...
Edamame 2 Simple Recipes
209,948 views - 03/12/18
Edamame beans simple recipes. get frozen edamame pods here: In this video, you will see the basic way to cook...
Salmon Paradise Sushi Roll - How to Make Sushi
49,839 views - 03/06/18
Spinach wrapped salmon sushi roll recipe video more sushi on This video will show you how to make the salmon paradise...
69,971 views - 03/04/18
I recently went to Tokyo (Japan), while there I shot a lot of random things while on my trip to Japan so I was not sure what to do with...
8 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets - You Need These!
1,644,586 views - 12/13/17
8 awesome kitchen gadgets that you will want in your kitchen while cooking. Cooking gadgets in this video: 1. Butter Grater Gadget,...
Amazing Cutting Frozen Whole Tuna in Japanese Fish Market!
55,801 views - 12/04/17
I was running around Tsukiji fish market, the largest fish market in the world located in Tokyo (Japan) when I happened to see this...
White Tomato Mousse Recipe (lost video)
24,168 views - 11/29/17
Simple white tomato mousse recipe, this white gelatine recipe can be modified to make any white mouse with different flavors, just...
Special Butterfish Gunkan Sushi Recipe
20,153 views - 11/21/17
Need some new and exciting ideas for sushi making? I got your back with this new style of gunkan sushi. In this recipe, I show how to...
Wakame Seaweed & Cucumber Salad Recipe
71,275 views - 11/09/17
See how to make your own seaweed salad like you find in Japanese sushi restaurants. This video will show you how to make your very own...
Futomaki Sushi Roll Recipe - How to Make Sushi
85,889 views - 10/24/17
Daikon Wrapped Futo Maki Sushi Roll Recipe, see more sushi recipes on my website here: Simple...
Cucumber Salmon Sushi Canapé Recipe
37,389 views - 10/21/17
In this video you will see how to make a simple but delicious sushi canape, that will work great for any sushi party. if you do make...
941,623 views - 10/10/17
In this video, you will see 10 great cooking gadgets you will need in your home kitchen. Most of these cooking utensils are very useful....
Sweet Potato Sushi Roll - Vegan Sushi Recipe
38,739 views - 09/28/17
I hope you enjoy this vegan sushi roll recipe. see the old vegan sushi video here: In...
Japanese Sheet Cutting Technique - Easy Katsuramuki Tutorial
116,939 views - 09/23/17
How to cut katsuramuki, Japanese cutting technique. Katsuramuki is a difficult technique that takes hours to learn, but in this video, I...
501,531 views - 08/25/17
10 awesome kitchen hacks for you to try at home. In this video, you will see ten hacks you can use in your kitchen to make cooking...
Nori Tempura Salmon Tartare Canapé
55,665 views - 08/23/17
A simple yet delicious recipe for a salmon tartare canapé. perfect for sushi parties or any event really. Ingredients: spice mix: 2...
10 Genius Food Hacks
2,565,816 views - 08/14/17
10 Borderline Genius Food Tricks. In this video, you will see 10 awesome kitchen hack you can use in your home kitchen. if you enjoyed...
Korean Fried Chicken Recipe - BonChon
136,251 views - 08/02/17
Bon Chon Chicken Recipe / Korean fried chicken restaurant that inspired the recipe: See the full recipe on my...
Fruit Reverse Spherification
369,225 views - 07/17/17
In this video, you will see how to make liquid spheres filled with fruit juice, but you can easily use this recipe to fill them with...
935,464 views - 06/20/17
This video contains 35 of my food trick videos but in short form, I made this because I thought people might enjoy seeing these cooking...
Avocado Rose Garnish Tutorial
57,173 views - 05/24/17
A simple way to cut an avocado into a rose style garnish. In this video, you will see how to make a beautiful avocado rose by cutting a...
Sushi Donut Recipe
267,101 views - 05/09/17
An interesting new way to present your sushi. In this video, you will see how to present your sushi in a donut style that not only...
10 BEST FOOD HACKS (recompilation)
8,691,527 views - 04/21/17
These are 10 of the best food tricks from my past food hack videos. I hope you enjoy this re-compilation of the best tricks, I selected...
Palm Leaf Fish Garnish
104,682 views - 04/20/17
Learn how to make a creative but simple garnish for sushi platters :) more garnish designs here: In...
Whetstone Sharpening Angle Guide
84,869 views - 04/10/17
A short video showing a simple solution to getting the correct angle while sharpening on whetstones. angle guide stone set:...
10 Egg Tricks
12,966,354 views - 03/31/17
10 Egg Cooking Tricks/Hacks/Tips This video shows you 10 great tips to cook your eggs in new and innovative ways. The egg tricks in the...
Super Sushi Burrito Recipe
98,080 views - 03/09/17
Delicious burrito sushi filled with salmon and many other super tasty things. Watch this video so you can also make a tasty sushi...
Sushi Taco Tuna Ceviche Recipe
60,788 views - 02/10/17
El Sushi Taco! :) sushi t-shirt here: In this video, you will see a simple recipe to make a tuna ceviche taco....
6,837,147 views - 02/02/17
6 awesome food hacks / food tricks In this video, you will see 6 very different but equally awesome food hacks/tricks/tips that will...
6 SUSHI GADGETS - to help you make great sushi :)
1,510,144 views - 01/20/17
6 gadget to help you make sushi rolls. In this video, you will see 6 useful gadgets that will help you with your sushi making. these...
1,045,752 views - 01/17/17
6 Great Kitchen Gadgets For Food. In this video, you will see 6 great food gadgets that you can use in your home kitchen, they are both...
Coloured Tempura for Sushi - Sushi Cooking Ideas #5
39,175 views - 12/18/16
Naturally colored tempura for sushi rolls and other Japanese dishes. more sushi cooking ideas: Girlfriend in...
Best BBQ Ribs Recipe - Super Tender Fall Off Bone Ribs
198,573 views - 12/08/16
World's Best Barbecue Ribs Recipe. In this video, you will see how to cook the world's most tender rack of ribs using a sous -vide...
6 Tech Kitchen Gadgets
412,647 views - 11/16/16
6 awesome tech kitchen gadgets everyone needs in their kitchen. In this video, you will see six amazing new technologically innovative...
Vegetable Sheets For Sushi - Sushi Cooking Ideas #4
218,325 views - 10/25/16
Learn how to make dehydrated vegetable sheets to decorate sushi. more sushi ideas: In this video, you will...
Dehydrated Veggies on Sushi - Sushi Cooking Ideas #3
74,187 views - 10/10/16
An idea to make your sushi more interesting. see all sushi ideas here: In this video, you will see a great...
6 Kitchen Tricks - Food Hacks
15,333,568 views - 09/23/16
6 useful food tricks you can use in your home kitchen In this video you will see six great tricks you can use in your kitchen, these are...
Soft Shell Crab Temaki Sushi - Hand Roll Sushi
64,848 views - 09/16/16
Tempura soft shell crab temaki sushi recipe Another temaki recipe I made: In this video, you will learn how to...
Cutting Nori in Patterns - Sushi Cooking Ideas #2
113,720 views - 09/14/16
Cooking idea to help you make more awesome sushi rolls Cooking ideas playlist: In this video, you will see a...
Four Cheese Bread
49,513 views - 09/08/16
Simple Cheesy Bread Recipe also see eggs Devaux: This is a great easy recipe that you can...
6 Insane Kitchen Tricks
387,754 views - 08/11/16
6 Insane food hacks you will probably not use but are fun to know. see 6 more cooking tricks here: In...
Snail Sushi Roll Recipe
52,517 views - 07/12/16
How to make sushi art - snail sushi tutorial video made in partnership with CenturyLink PrismTV find it here:...
How to Make a Crab Sushi Roll
89,525 views - 07/05/16
Sushi Roll Art - Crab Sushi more sushi roll art: In this video, you will see how to make the inside of a sushi...
6 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets
2,041,326 views - 06/30/16
6 Amazing Useful Cooking Gadgets In this video, you will see 6 crazy fun useful gadgets that you can use in your home kitchen to make...
How to Make a Dog Sushi Roll  - Food Art
48,538 views - 06/21/16
See how to make an amazing sushi dog art out of sushi Sushi Hug T-shirt: In this video, you will see how to...
Rainbow Colored Sushi Rice - Sushi Cooking Ideas #1
90,043 views - 06/14/16
Rainbow colored sushi rice - cooking idea. same food coloring as in video: In this video, you will see a...
9 Sauce Plating Tricks
750,623 views - 05/09/16
Learn how to plate up puree like a pro. Ever wonder how chefs artistically plate up their sauces or puree? In this video, you will learn...
How to Make Cucumber Rose Garnish
474,265 views - 04/20/16
Learn how to make a beautiful cucumber garnish. In this video, you will see how to make a very simple garnish to decorate your food...
How to Make Cute Sushi Panda Bears
274,177 views - 04/13/16
Learn how to make these fun panda sushi bears :) panda mould: full tutorial how to make these panda sushi bears...
6 Fun Cooking Tricks
11,245,926 views - 03/24/16
6 Amazing Cooking Hacks For Your Home Kitchen! see my other tricks videos here: & here:...
How to Make a Daikon Flower Garnish
46,462 views - 03/07/16
How to make a beautiful pink & white flower garnish tutorial. Full tutorial on my website here: This video will...
Tempura PBR Beer Batter Sushi
56,693 views - 02/17/16
Tempura Beer Batter Sushi Sponsored by PBR Check out PBR's channel: In this video you...