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Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Show Off Her ‘Unbelievable’ Home | TODAY Originals
17,236 views - 03/31/20
TLC’s Dr. Sandra Lee gives an exclusive tour of her California home and pops Natalie Morales’ pimple on this episode of “At Home With...
From Zoom To Phone Calls, Isolated Americans Find Ways To Stay In Touch | TODAY
2,412 views - 03/30/20
With more than 200 million Americans being asked to stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, Americans are turning to everything from...
Meet The Dog Who Is Helping Spread Calm And Comfort In The ER | TODAY
20,930 views - 03/30/20
Dr. Susan Ryan is on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak in Denver, and so is her yellow Lab, Wynn. It “heals my heart” to pet...
Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Are Back In The US | TODAY
4,926 views - 03/30/20
After Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson tested positive for the coronavirus in Australia, the couple are now back in the United States....
Could Blood Plasma of Coronavirus Survivors Be the Key to a Vaccine? | TODAY
21,053 views - 03/30/20
As the coronavirus spreads, health officials are scrambling to find options that might curb its spread. One possible avenue for...
Johnson & Johnson CEO Announces Vaccine Candidate With High Degree Of Probability | TODAY
37,764 views - 03/30/20
Alex Gorsky, chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, one of several companies that’s developed a potential coronavirus vaccine, tells...
2 Cruise Ships With 4 Dead and Dozens Showing Virus Symptoms Head to Florida | TODAY
71,906 views - 03/30/20
Two Holland America cruise ships are heading to Florida with dozens of passengers suffering coronavirus-like symptoms and four dead....
Detroit, New Orleans And Chicago Are New Hot Spots As Coronavirus Spreads | TODAY
182,871 views - 03/30/20
A number of new cities are being declared as the coronavirus spreads, including Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago. And along with the...
Sen. Amy Klobuchar Shares Update After Husband Hospitalized With Coronavirus | TODAY
5,209 views - 03/30/20
Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar shares an update on her husband’s health after he was hospitalized with...
Dr. Deborah Birx Predicts Up To 200,000 Deaths ‘If We Do Things Almost Perfectly’ | TODAY
200,325 views - 03/30/20
Joining TODAY from Washington, the response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Deborah Birx, says, “We’re very...
Hospital Tents Erected in Central Park as Medical Responders Battle Their Own Virus Cases | TODAY
16,241 views - 03/30/20
Though President Trump has backed off his suggestion that New York, New Jersey and Connecticut be quarantined, the CDC has put new travel...
Tokyo Olympics Now Reportedly Set To Start On July 23, 2021 | TODAY
4,233 views - 03/30/20
According to several Japanese news outlets, the postponed 2020 Olympic Games will now being on July 23, 2021. Last week the International...
Trump Extends Social Distance Guidelines To April 30 As Coronavirus Numbers Rise | TODAY
298,082 views - 03/30/20
Just days after saying he wanted much of the country open by Easter, President Trump has now extended social distancing guidelines...
Kious Kelly, A Health Care Worker Treating Coronavirus Patients, Dies At 48 | Sunday TODAY
35,446 views - 03/29/20
Kious Kelly was one of the many health care professionals sacrificing his own health to help patients with the coronavirus, and he...
Berklee Students’ Touching Musical Message Goes Viral | Sunday TODAY
8,217 views - 03/29/20
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make headlines, Berklee College of Music student Shelbie Rassler is sharing a simple message:...
What Does Life Look Like After Coronavirus? | Sunday TODAY
391,597 views - 03/29/20
The coronavirus pandemic is changing the lives of millions of people around the world and putting many of them out of work. Many are...
NY, NJ And CT Under Travel Advisory, But ‘A Quarantine Will Not Be Necessary’ | Sunday TODAY
357,205 views - 03/29/20
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are under a CDC travel advisory urging residents to refrain from nonessential travel for 14 days...
Hospitals Overwhelmed As Coronavirus Cases Surpass 100,000 In US | TODAY
2,681,090 views - 03/28/20
More than 100,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, killing more than 1,500. Hospitals around...
Peter Alexander And Kristen Welker Thank Weekend TODAY Staff Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | TODAY
12,255 views - 03/28/20
NBC’s Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker wrap up Weekend TODAY by recognizing the hardworking staff that continues to produce the...
Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Return To US After Coronavirus Diagnosis | TODAY
104,336 views - 03/28/20
More than two weeks after Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were diagnosed with the coronavirus in Australia, the couple have returned to their...
Puppies Get To Explore Closed Georgia Aquarium During Pandemic | TODAY
18,814 views - 03/28/20
The Georgia Aquarium is closed to the public amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it made a special exception for two furry friends from...
Coronavirus Survivor Recovering After Coma: ‘I’m Improving Every Day’ | TODAY
148,604 views - 03/28/20
Chris Tillett, who contracted the coronavirus and had to be put into a medically induced coma, joins TODAY with his wife and newborn twin...
Life In China Becoming More Recognizable After Coronavirus Breakout | TODAY
1,180,785 views - 03/28/20
In some places in China, life is starting to get back to normal after the coronavirus outbreak first broke out a few months ago. But as...
Carson Daly Updates Us On New Baby Goldie And How Siri Is Doing: See The Pics | TODAY
18,460 views - 03/27/20
TODAY’s Carson Daly joins the show live to update us on the arrival of his fourth child with his wife Siri. The baby, a girl, is named...
Unemployment In US Hits A Record High: The Reality Behind The Numbers | TODAY
13,496 views - 03/27/20
Staggering new figures reveal that 3.2 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak....
Do Hospitals Really Need So Many Ventilators For Coronavirus Patients? | TODAY
150,170 views - 03/27/20
NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres tells TODAY that despite President Trump’s remarks on Fox News that he doubts the accuracy...
How New Orleans Became the New Hot Spot for Coronavirus Cases | TODAY
178,351 views - 03/27/20
Louisiana has seen a staggering number of new coronavirus cases, many of them in New Orleans, and some experts are blaming last month’s...
Hoda Kotb Gets Emotional Interviewing New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees | TODAY
543,431 views - 03/27/20
TODAY’s Hoda Kotb has deep roots in Louisiana, having worked there for years earlier in her career. So it’s not surprising that she...
NY Hospitals Face Growing Crisis as Coronavirus Deaths in US Reach 1,200 | TODAY
1,458,968 views - 03/27/20
As the coronavirus crisis deepens across the U.S., the toll on doctors and nurses in New York is growing each day. In other TODAY news...
New Orleans Saints' QB Drew Brees: ‘Hang In There and Maintain Hope’ | TODAY
564,894 views - 03/27/20
With a huge spike in coronavirus cases in Louisiana, Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, is stepping up to help his home...
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY
3,451 views - 03/27/20
Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, tweeted that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. TODAY senior international...
Pregnant Doctor Discusses Her Difficult Choice to Step Back from Coronavirus Fight | TODAY
9,163 views - 03/26/20
Dr. Laura Dean, a resident physician working in the emergency rooms at Mass General and Brigham and Women’s hospitals who is also nine...
How To Take Advantage Of Unemployment Benefits | TODAY
202,571 views - 03/26/20
NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen answers questions about filing for unemployment benefits amid the...
From Retirees To Students, Health Care Workers Step Up In Unexpected Ways | TODAY
9,634 views - 03/26/20
Overnight the U.S. Army put out a call to retired military doctors and nurses to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. Across the country,...
Prince Charles ‘Otherwise In Good Health’ After Testing Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY
40,390 views - 03/26/20
Prince Charles, 71, has tested positive for the coronavirus. Clarence House says he is “otherwise in good health,” but many are concerned...
Despite Coronavirus, Pharmacy Workers Work To Ensure Americans Get Their Medicines | TODAY
8,691 views - 03/26/20
Amid the coronavirus outbreak, pharmacy workers are essential, making sure customers have their medications even as pharmacies make...
How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Impacting Families In Europe | TODAY
13,102 views - 03/26/20
The global death toll from the coronavirus has soared past 20,000, and more than half of cases around the world have been in Europe. From...
Joe Biden To Bernie Sanders: ‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’ | TODAY
125,835 views - 03/26/20
After Bernie Sanders said he’d be ready to debate Joe Biden in April, Biden cited the coronavirus outbreak and commented, “I think we’ve...
Senate Passes $2 Trillion Aid Package As U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Exceed 1000 | TODAY
592,173 views - 03/26/20
Overnight the Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion aid package for a U.S. economy crippled by coronavirus outbreak, and a House vote...
Fed Chair says U.S. 'May Well Be In A Recession' As Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads | TODAY
141,266 views - 03/26/20
Joining TODAY for a rare and exclusive live interview, Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, acknowledges that “we may very...
Watch Savannah Guthrie Announce ‘Olympic’ Feats By Kids Charley And Vale | TODAY
13,339 views - 03/25/20
Like so many Americans, TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie is working to keep her kids entertained at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Watch...
As 75th Anniversary Of Iwo Jima Approaches, Harry Smith Looks Back | TODAY
9,250 views - 03/25/20
Saturday marks the 75th anniversary of the pivotal Battle of Iwo Jima, but coronavirus concerns have cancelled plans to honor some of its...
Jenna Checks In With Savannah And Hoda From Home | TODAY
54,157 views - 03/25/20
Like most families, Jenna Bush Hager has been hunkered down at home with her husband and kids in self-quarantine during the coronavirus...
Ryan Lochte Reacts To Postponed Olympics: ‘It’s Going To Be Hard’ | TODAY
3,836 views - 03/25/20
Six-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, who was training to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in July, talks to TODAY’s Craig Melvin...
‘Slow Burn’: How Coronavirus Symptoms Can Start Slow, Then Worsen | TODAY
366,925 views - 03/25/20
As the coronavirus pandemic accelerates, doctors are getting real-time experience treating patients and discovering more and more about...
New York Doctor Reports From Front Lines Of Coronavirus Crisis: ‘It Does Not Spare Anyone’ | TODAY
1,000,372 views - 03/25/20
Dr. Craig Spencer, who contracted Ebola while fighting its outbreak in Africa, is now an emergency room doctor in New York City. He tells...
Athletes Speak Out About Postponement Of Tokyo Olympics | TODAY
3,650 views - 03/25/20
After the unprecedented decision to postpone the 2020 Olympics until next year, reaction is pouring in from star athletes as well as Team...
Gov. Cuomo Blasts Federal Government As New York Becomes Epicenter Of Outbreak | TODAY
19,035 views - 03/25/20
New York City is now the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., and while drastic steps are being taken to deal with a surge of...
Coronavirus: Spending bill would give $1200 to Americans making less than $99,000 a year | TODAY
428,599 views - 03/25/20
Overnight lawmakers at last reached agreement on a $2 trillion bill to stimulate an economy brought to a standstill by the coronavirus...
Lawmakers Reach Agreement On $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill | TODAY
17,207 views - 03/25/20
In the middle of the night, lawmakers at last reached agreement on a $2 trillion bill to stimulate an economy brought to a standstill by...
Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY
318,663 views - 03/25/20
Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus. He has displayed mild symptoms and is reportedly self-isolating in Scotland. There is...
Partners Banned From Some Delivery Rooms During Coronavirus Outbreak | TODAY
9,940 views - 03/25/20
In an effort to promote safety during the coronavirus outbreak, some hospitals are banning partners from delivery rooms. NBC medical...
Aly Raisman on How Getting Her Dog Was 'Life-Changing’  | My Pet Tales | TODAY Originals
4,828 views - 03/24/20
Aly Raisman talks about her obsession with dogs and reveals her pets' best outfits and hairdos in this episode of “My Pet Tale.” »...
Nurses And Doctors Say They Are In Desperate Need Of Protective Gear | TODAY
11,033 views - 03/24/20
President Trump has said that private companies are stepping up voluntarily to manufacture much-needed protective gear, but nurses and...
Practical Ways to Help During Coronavirus Outbreak | TODAY
9,041 views - 03/24/20
As our With You TODAY campaign in collaboration with Facebook and Instagram continues, NBC investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky...
Dr. Deborah Birx on Social Distancing: ‘We Have To Be Willing To Adjust Our Plans’ | TODAY
12,394 views - 03/24/20
As President Trump signals his eagerness to reopen the company for business, White House coronavirus coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx tells...
Ford Executive Chairman: We're Making Medical Supplies ‘As Fast As We Can’ | TODAY
17,656 views - 03/24/20
Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, tells TODAY that Ford is working with GE on making ventilators and with 3M on...
Trump Signals Impatience With Shutdown As Coronavirus Cases Surge: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY
2,105,859 views - 03/24/20
Despite social distancing warnings from health experts amid a surge in U.S. coronavirus cases, President Trump has announced he’s eager...
Medical System Still In Dire Need Of Supplies To Battle Coronavirus | TODAY
8,122 views - 03/24/20
Private companies are stepping up to fill the desperate need of equipment and supplies for health-care workers to battle the coronavirus...
2020 Tokyo Olympics Postponed: Mike Tirico Weighs In | TODAY
13,682 views - 03/24/20
Mike Tirico of NBC Sports talks to Craig Melvin and Al Roker about the International Olympic Committee’s decision to postpone the 2020...
Man Dies After Taking Chloroquine Phosphate To Prevent Coronavirus | TODAY
266,462 views - 03/24/20
An Arizona man has died after taking chloroquine phosphate in the belief it would protect him from getting the coronavirus. His wife, now...
Couple Marry On Sidewalk As Friend Officiates From 4th-Floor Apartment | TODAY
26,694 views - 03/23/20
A couple worried that restrictions would prevent their planned fall wedding resorted to tying the knot on a New York City sidewalk while...
How Amazon And Other Services Are Working To Deliver Packages Safely | TODAY
13,203 views - 03/23/20
At-home delivery used to be a convenience, but now, with much of America shuttered indoors, it has become a necessity. But are warehouse...
TODAY Remembers Late NBC Audio Technician Larry Edgeworth | TODAY
12,282 views - 03/23/20
Like so many communities, the coronavirus has affected the NBC News family. TODAY remembers audio technician Larry Edgeworth, who passed...
Tom Hanks Updates fans about coronavirus: He and Rita Wilson Are Feeling Better | TODAY
273,768 views - 03/23/20
“We feel better,” Tom Hanks posted to fans two weeks after he and Rita Wilson tested positive for the coronavirus. NBC’s Joe Fryer...
What To Do If You’re Having Trouble Paying Bills During Coronavirus Crisis | TODAY
42,927 views - 03/23/20
As our With You TODAY effort to answer your questions about the coronavirus continues in collaboration with Facebook and Instagram, NBC...
As Europe Battles Coronavirus, Hope For A Vaccine At Oxford | TODAY
42,974 views - 03/23/20
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a staggering toll in Europe, an Oxford University team working on a vaccine offers a...
Severe Coronavirus Cases Among Young Americans Raise New Alarm | TODAY
2,708,312 views - 03/23/20
As the coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, there is increasing alarm about the number of unexpectedly severe cases among...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Even During Coronavirus Crisis, ‘God Is With Us’ | TODAY
8,664 views - 03/23/20
At a time of anxiety, Timothy Cardinal Dolan joins TODAY via Skype from his New York City home with a message of reassurance. He says...
Trump Activates National Guard In 3 States Amid Urgent Calls For Protective Supplies | TODAY
653,989 views - 03/23/20
President Trump is sending the National Guard to three of the states hardest-hit by the coronavirus outbreak: New York, California and...
Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker: ‘We’re Competing For Ventilators With FEMA’ | TODAY
72,049 views - 03/23/20
With more than 1,000 coronavirus cases in the state, Illinois began enforcing a strict stay-at-home order over the weekend. Joining TODAY...
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams On Coronavirus: ‘This Week It’s Going To Get Bad’ | TODAY
1,227,540 views - 03/23/20
Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general, tells TODAY that “we need to come together as a nation” to fight the coronavirus outbreak but...
‘We’ll get through this together’: Hear good news that happened this week | Sunday TODAY
15,930 views - 03/22/20
Willie Geist wraps up Sunday TODAY by sharing positive messages and good deeds amid the coronavirus pandemic, including the uplifting...
Beloved NBC News employee Larry Edgeworth dies at 61 | Sunday TODAY
100,507 views - 03/22/20
Larry Edgeworth, an audio technician who worked with NBC News for more than 25 years, has died at age 61 after contracting the...
Gratitude Pours In For Health Care Workers As They Face The Coronavirus | Sunday TODAY
10,503 views - 03/22/20
Health care workers around the country are putting themselves on the frontlines while they work to combat the coronavirus pandemic. As...
How The Coronavirus Is Changing Our Relationship With Technology | Sunday TODAY
11,045 views - 03/22/20
The coronavirus pandemic is changing the lives of people around the world, and that includes the way we work, spend time with family and...
‘Self Made’ Star Octavia Spencer Shares Advice That Still Makes Her Emotional | Sunday TODAY
32,625 views - 03/22/20
In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer talks to Willie Geist about her “15-year overnight success” in...
Can Restaurant Takeout Containers Spread Coronavirus? | Sunday TODAY
162,738 views - 03/22/20
NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres joins Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist to answer viewer questions about the coronavirus. Can...
More Than 80 Million Americans Told To Stay Home Amid Coronavirus | Sunday TODAY
886,839 views - 03/22/20
More than 80 million Americans across five states are being put under stay-at-home orders as officials try to contain the spread of the...
Seniors Play Real-Life Hungry Hungry Hippos | TODAY
58,913 views - 03/21/20
Seniors are among the most vulnerable people to the coronavirus, but they’re still taking time to have some fun while being socially...
Animal Shelters Seeking Foster Parents For Pets Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | TODAY
19,716 views - 03/21/20
Animal shelters are cutting down on staff amid the coronavirus pandemic and that’s inspiring some people to start fostering animals while...
Florida To Close Beaches After Young People Ignore Social Distancing Orders | TODAY
368,060 views - 03/21/20
Officials in Florida are now shutting down beaches following criticism from across the country, as young people continued to gather in...
Remembering Larry Edgeworth, NBC Employee Who Died After Contracting Coronavirus | TODAY
157,901 views - 03/21/20
Weekend TODAY’s Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker remember longtime NBC News employee Larry Edgeworth, a friend “who always made you...
Savannah Guthrie’s Kids Join Her As She Co-anchors TODAY From Home | TODAY
45,170 views - 03/21/20
At the end of a challenging week for millions of Americans, Savannah Guthrie, co-anchoring TODAY from home, makes viewers smile as her...
Where You Can Still Shop This Weekend As Social Distancing Continues | TODAY
14,758 views - 03/20/20
As Americans head into a weekend of social distancing, NBC investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen joins TODAY with timely...
American In Milan: ‘We Didn’t Realize How Serious’ Coronavirus Outbreak Was | TODAY
244,592 views - 03/20/20
Joining TODAY via FaceTime, Rachel Buchholz, an American living in Milan, describes what life there is like for her and her husband and...
Former Monk Jay Shetty On Coronavirus Stress: Find Things That Bring You Joy | TODAY
18,492 views - 03/20/20
Jay Shetty, a former monk turned social media star, joins TODAY with advice on how to manage stress while maintaining social distance...
Citi Announces $15 Million Donation In Time of Worldwide Crisis | TODAY
21,654 views - 03/20/20
Citi, the sponsor of our concert series, announced it is making a $15 million donation for a few relief organizations amid the...
Young People Warned: You’re More Vulnerable To Coronavirus Than You Think | TODAY
42,530 views - 03/20/20
As images continue to surface of Florida beaches packed with large crowds on spring break, even more urgent pleas about the coronavirus...
As Italy’s Death Toll Exceeds China’s, Hospitals There Struggle To Keep Up | TODAY
1,020,483 views - 03/20/20
Now that Italy has overtaken China in the number of coronavirus deaths, the entire country is bracing for an extended lockdown. Military...
Senators Reportedly Sold Off Stocks After Coronavirus Briefings | TODAY
6,556 views - 03/20/20
Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Kelly Loeffler and other lawmakers are under fire after reports that they sold off stocks just before the market...
Mass General President: ‘We Have Seen A Dramatic Increase In Testing’ | TODAY
7,601 views - 03/20/20
Massachusetts General Hospital President Dr. Peter Slavin speaks to TODAY’s Craig Melvin about his hospital’s, as well as the nation’s,...
Senate Prioritizes Economic Relief As FDA Fast-Tracks Coronavirus Treatments | TODAY
15,130 views - 03/20/20
As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, Congress is fast-tracking a $1 trillion relief plan for the economy. Meanwhile, the...
40 Million Californians Under ‘Stay At Home’ Order | TODAY
378,235 views - 03/20/20
Saying that it’s only a matter of time before tens of millions of Californians are stricken with the coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom has...
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti: It’s ‘Plausible’ That 56 Percent Of Californians Could Get Virus | TODAY
44,469 views - 03/20/20
With the entire state of California ordered to shelter in place, Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, tells TODAY “people are actually...
Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘Delay Anything That’s Elective’ To Spare Medical System | TODAY
135,187 views - 03/20/20
Dr. Anthony Fauci tells TODAY that medical professionals should “delay if not cancel anything that’s elective” to relieve the coming...
See Hoda’s Daughter Haley Take Music Class From Home | TODAY
10,252 views - 03/19/20
While Hoda Kotb’s family is hunkered down at home during the coronavirus outbreak, her daughter Haley Joy still got to enjoy her music...
This Toddler Is Working From Her Home Office Just Like Her Mom | TODAY
49,444 views - 03/19/20
With many parents working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, kids are getting into the act – including one toddler who set up her...
Your Coronavirus Questions Answered: What About IVF Treatments And Chemotherapy? | TODAY
12,238 views - 03/19/20
In collaboration with Facebook, two of our With You TODAY experts – NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres and NBC investigative...
Savannah And Hoda Check In With Al And Craig At Home | TODAY
25,928 views - 03/19/20
Hoda Kotb, who’s live in Studio 1A, and Savannah Guthrie, who’s been co-anchoring TODAY from her basement, check in on Al Roker and Craig...
Jimmy Fallon Talks About Producing ‘Tonight Show’ From Home | TODAY
252,011 views - 03/19/20
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, “The Tonight Show” suspended production last week – but that hasn’t stopped Jimmy Fallon, who is filming...