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‘Friends’ Cast Were Just On A Break; Stars Confirm Reunion Special | TODAY
24,266 views - 02/22/20
The cast of “Friends” were just on a break! All six actors have officially confirmed they will reunite for an unscripted special on HBO...
How The US Is Preparing For coronavirus | TODAY
47,273 views - 02/22/20
NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar joins Weekend TODAY to discuss the potential spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., which...
Melora Hardin Looks Back On 'Dinner Party' Episode Of 'The Office' | TODAY Originals
3,758 views - 02/22/20
Melora Hardin, who played Jan Levinson on "The Office," reveals her favorite episode and talks about Jan and Michael Scott's chemistry. »...
‘Impractical Jokers’ Tell Hoda And Jenna About Their New Movie | TODAY
7,546 views - 02/21/20
James “Murr” Murray, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano of “Impractical Jokers” on TruTV sit down with Hoda and Jenna to talk about “Impractical...
Dylan Calls In From Maternity Leave: ‘I’m Starting To Feel Like Myself Again’ | TODAY
4,100 views - 02/21/20
Dylan Dreyer calls into the 3rd hour of TODAY during her maternity leave to give an update on life with baby Oliver. She shares that...
Hoda: I Never Loved Joel More After This 1 Tiny Gesture | TODAY
13,933 views - 02/21/20
Hoda tells Jenna about the tiny gesture her fiancé, Joel Schiffman, did for her mother that made her heart swell. “It’s a language of...
Trump Reportedly Angered By Briefing That Said Russia Is Helping Him Get Reelected | TODAY
35,954 views - 02/21/20
The New York Times reports that President Trump was angered by an intelligence briefing that said that Russia was once again working to...
Good Samaritans Rescue Driver From Exploding Tanker Truck | TODAY
23,634 views - 02/21/20
A truck driver in Indianapolis is lucky to be alive after his tanker trunk filled with jet fuel turned over on an interstate and burst...
Are WhatsApp And Other Messaging Apps More Vulnerable Than You Think? | TODAY
2,049 views - 02/21/20
The messaging app WhatsApp has reached a milestone two billion users, in part because people think it’s so safe. But how vulnerable to...
Nevada Hopes To Avoid Chaos Of Iowa Caucuses As Bloomberg Tries To Recover | TODAY
582 views - 02/21/20
Only hours away from the Nevada caucuses, the state is desperate to avoid the chaos that occurred in Iowa. Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg...
BTS Live Interview On New Album 'Map Of The Soul: Seven' | TODAY
708,809 views - 02/21/20
On the same day the South Korean boy band BTS release “Map of the Soul: Seven,” their highly anticipated new album, Jin, Suga, J-Hope,...
2 Lucky Women Get Ambush Makeovers After Each Losing 25 Pounds | TODAY
8,474 views - 02/20/20
Two lucky women plucked from the TODAY plaza get primped and pampered for this week’s Ambush Makeover! See their head-to-toe...
Sheinelle Jones Says She’s Getting Surgery On Her Vocal Cords | TODAY
10,701 views - 02/20/20
On the 3rd hour of TODAY, Sheinelle Jones announces she will be undergoing surgery on her vocal cords after struggling with a polyp her...
‘Homeland’ Star Claire Danes’ Best Moments On TODAY | TODAY Original
3,725 views - 02/20/20
The actress has stopped by TODAY over the years to talk about her projects, including “Little Women” in 1994 and “The Family Stone” in...
How A Rare Condition Can Cause Heart Attacks In Healthy Young Women | TODAY
2,536 views - 02/20/20
Alexandra Valasek, a 33-year-old woman with no history of health problems, was startled to learn she had spontaneous coronary artery...
This Woman’s Boxing Class Helps Young People On The Autism Spectrum | TODAY Original
1,006 views - 02/20/20
Jessica Margulies started the Spectrum Bout because she saw the positive effects of boxing in her own life. She teaches students with...
Suspect In 9 Fatal Shootings In Germany May Have Had Far-Right Beliefs | TODAY
1,063 views - 02/20/20
A man suspected of fatally shooting nine people in the German city of Hanau was found dead in his home overnight, hours after the attacks...
2 Diamond Princess Passengers Have Died From Coronavirus | TODAY
46,965 views - 02/20/20
Two people infected with the coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died. As hundreds of passengers are getting off the...
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Retreat From Royal Duties: New Details Emerge | TODAY
56,693 views - 02/20/20
Buckingham Palace has released new details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from their royal duties. The couple will begin...
Democratic Candidates Pile On Michael Bloomberg In His Debate Debut | TODAY
195,918 views - 02/20/20
At the Democratic debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night, the newest entrant to the field, Michael Bloomberg, got the brunt of attacks from...
Andy Samberg’s Best Moments On TODAY | TODAY Original
3,475 views - 02/20/20
The actor and comedian has stopped by TODAY over the years to talk about his projects, including “That's My Boy” in 2012 and “Brooklyn...
Da’Vine Joy Randolph Talks About New Series ‘High Fidelity’ | TODAY
868 views - 02/19/20
Actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about her role in the new series “High Fidelity.” She also discusses the...
Chrissy Teigen Talks Motherhood, Marriage And Sharing The Love Online | TODAY
6,970 views - 02/19/20
Chrissy Teigen sits down with Hoda and Jenna to talk about teaming with Pampers for its “Share the Love” campaign to create a community...
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle May Be Barred From Using Sussex Royal Brand | TODAY
11,086 views - 02/19/20
Reports are claiming that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may no longer be allowed to use the Sussex Royal brand. It is currently the name...
Jenna Shares Candid Talk She Had With Her Dad About Drinking | TODAY
69,289 views - 02/19/20
Jenna tells Hoda about the moment when she and her dad had a candid conversation about drinking. She recalls him saying, “I found in my...
‘Dry Fasting’ Fad Diet Carries Risks: Here’s What You Need To Know | TODAY
1,015 views - 02/19/20
A new diet called “dry fasting” that involves drinking no water at all, is generating a lot of buzz on social media – but it carries...
Ben Affleck: Divorcing Jennifer Garner Is The Biggest Regret Of My Life | TODAY
172,379 views - 02/19/20
In a surprisingly emotional new interview, actor Ben Affleck opens up about his alcoholism and his divorce from actress Jennifer Garner,...
Looking At The Rise Of Michael Bloomberg Ahead Of Democratic Debate | TODAY
4,060 views - 02/19/20
Ahead of Wednesday night’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Michael Bloomberg’s ads seem ubiquitous, but how much do voters really know...
As Coronavirus Spreads, US Health Officials Race To Limit Its Impact | TODAY
100,545 views - 02/19/20
In China the rate of transmission of the coronavirus appears to be slowing, but elsewhere it may actually be gaining speed. Meanwhile,...
Waterlogged South Faces More Rain And New Flooding Fears | TODAY
3,674 views - 02/19/20
Residents of the waterlogged South are facing forecasts of even more rain. Parts of Jackson, Mississippi are already flooded, and now...
Bloomberg Set To Debate Other Democratic Candidates For First Time | TODAY
1,454 views - 02/19/20
As the top Democratic candidates get set to take the stage at Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas, it will be the first opportunity for...
Trump Pardons Rod Blagojevich And Other Controversial Criminals | TODAY
2,873 views - 02/19/20
On Tuesday President Trump pardoned 11 convicted criminals, including former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, while calling himself “the...
Kevin Durant's Mom Tearfully Shares How Her Son 'Saved' Her Life | Through Mom's Eyes | TODAY
13,309 views - 02/18/20
Wanda Durant reveals how she raised the NBA superstar and discusses his calf injury and whether he will be back to play with the Brooklyn...
Mississippi Flooding Worsens As Heavy Rain Batters South | TODAY
22,578 views - 02/18/20
As heavy rain continues to batter the South, there are flood warnings in more than a dozen states, where the danger is far from over....
Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change | TODAY
6,133 views - 02/18/20
The world's richest man, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has announced he’ll spend a staggering $10 billion to fund efforts to fight climate...
Coronavirus Crisis Is Having A Ripple Effect On Consumers | TODAY
36,979 views - 02/18/20
U.S. borders have tightened in response to the growing coronavirus crisis overseas, but that isn’t stopping American businesses from...
Michael Bloomberg Will Participate In Democratic Debate In Las Vegas | TODAY
3,840 views - 02/18/20
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially qualified to join the Democratic candidates at Wednesday night's debate in Las...
Boy Scouts File For Bankruptcy Protection From Sex-Abuse Lawsuits | TODAY
3,072 views - 02/18/20
The Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy protection as the organization struggles to deal with a wave of sexual abuse...
Head Of Hospital At Epicenter Of Coronavirus Outbreak Has Died | TODAY
477,707 views - 02/18/20
There are new fears surrounding hundreds of passengers who disembarked from a cruise ship in Cambodia, but not before they may have been...
Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Photographed Together For 1st Time Since ‘Step Back’ | TODAY
108,157 views - 02/18/20
Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, were photographed stepping off a commercial flight last week. It’s the first time the couple...
How To Make The Best Meatballs Ever With 1 Simple Trick | TODAY Original
99,255 views - 02/18/20
TODAY Food stylist Anthony Contrino grew up making meatballs with his beloved grandma. Since she made them from memory, he’s spent years...
Meet Daniel, The Golden Retriever Who Stole Hearts At Westminster | TODAY
23,661 views - 02/17/20
Siba the standard poodle won Best in Show at the recent Westminster Dog Show, but it was a golden retriever named Daniel, winner in the...
Ryan Eggold Talks About ‘New Amsterdam’ (Charles Barkley’s A Fan!) | TODAY
3,906 views - 02/17/20
Actor Ryan Eggold, who plays medical director Dr. Max Goodwin on “New Amsterdam,” visits the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about the show,...
Huey Lewis Opens Up About His Struggle With Hearing Loss | TODAY
2,971 views - 02/17/20
Grammy-winning rock group Huey Lewis and the News went multiplatinum with their 1983 album “Sports.” Now as the band comes out with a new...
Former Member Of Secretive Church Speaks Out About Alleged Violence | TODAY
23,017 views - 02/17/20
Ben Cooper and his family became members of the Word of Faith Fellowship, a secretive church in rural North Carolina, when he was 7. He...
Skier Suffocates In Bizarre Chairlift Accident At Colorado Resort | TODAY
66,209 views - 02/17/20
In Vail, Colorado, investigators are trying to figure out how a New Jersey man died in a tragic mishap on a ski resort chairlift. NBC’s...
Inside One Town’s Battle To Save Its Minor League Baseball Team | TODAY
3,063 views - 02/17/20
For more than 40 cities across the country, there’s fear that this could be their last season with a minor league baseball team after...
Flooding In Mississippi Forces Residents To Flee Their Homes | TODAY
69,230 views - 02/17/20
A state of emergency has been declared in Mississippi, where the Pearl River in Jackson is rising to dangerous levels after days of heavy...
Americans Return Home From Quarantined Cruise Ship, But 14 Are Infected | TODAY
8,932 views - 02/17/20
Overnight, two chartered planes arrived in the U.S. with Americans from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship – but 14 of them are...
Kate Middleton Opens Up About ‘Mom Guilt’ In Rare Interview | TODAY
27,904 views - 02/17/20
In a surprise move, the former Kate Middleton opened up about motherhood over the weekend, speaking at length in an interview for a...
Coronavirus Updates: Americans Evacuated From Cruise Ship Head To 14-Day Quarantine | Sunday TODAY
245,554 views - 02/16/20
Hundreds of Americans quarantined aboard a cruise ship in Japan are heading back to the U.S. for another 14-day quarantine at a military...
John Mulaney Talks ‘Sack Lunch Bunch,’ ‘SNL’ And Stefon | Sunday TODAY
32,041 views - 02/16/20
In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, John Mulaney joins Willie Geist to talk about his career in comedy, landing a writing job at “Saturday...
Inside The Electric Vehicle Market That Is Revving Up | Sunday TODAY
6,067 views - 02/16/20
In this week’s Sunday Spotlight, NBC’s Harry Smith takes a ride in the upcoming electric Ford Mustang. This is just one of the...
New Details Released For Memorial For Kobe And Gianna Bryant | TODAY
143,276 views - 02/15/20
New details, including ticket information, are being shared for the "Celebration of Life” memorial for NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his...
Asteroid Buzzes Past Earth, Avoiding Catastrophic Destruction | TODAY
126,656 views - 02/15/20
A giant rock flew past Earth Saturday morning, missing our home planet by about 3.5 million miles. NBC’s Savannah Sellers reports for...
Filing Your Taxes: Tips To Make The Process Easier | TODAY
2,814 views - 02/15/20
With two months to go until Tax Day, NBC’s Alison Morris joins Weekend TODAY with tips to help make filing your taxes less stressful. »...
Truck Thief Slams Through Fence, Hitting Employee With Gate | TODAY
4,955 views - 02/15/20
A manhunt is underway in Portland, Oregon, after a driver smashed a pickup truck through a fence at a tow yard, injuring an employee. »...
Americans To Be Evacuated From Cruise Ship Quarantined By Coronavirus | TODAY
50,112 views - 02/15/20
The U.S. Embassy has sent letters to American passengers on a quarantined cruise ship in Japan offering them a way home on a chartered...
Jenna Tears Up Reading Her Grandparents’ Sweet Love Letter | TODAY
2,832 views - 02/15/20
Watch as Jenna Bush Hager reads aloud a heartfelt letter that her grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush, wrote to his wife,...
Watch Astronaut Christina Koch’s Dog React To Her Return After A Year | TODAY
54,763 views - 02/14/20
After 328 days about the International Space Station, astronaut Christina Koch is back on Earth – and no one is happier about it than her...
‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Skylar Astin Was ‘Emotional’ Filming Final Movie Scene | TODAY Original
12,563 views - 02/14/20
Skylar Astin, who played Jesse Swanson in “Pitch Perfect,” reflects on what inspires him about his character. He remembers the movie’s...
Watch Craig Melvin’s Full TODAY Interview With The Hosts Of ‘Inside Of NBA’ | TODAY
134,497 views - 02/14/20
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson Jr., Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal discuss the 30th anniversary of the show, predictions on who will...
‘Shop The Stars With Jill Martin’ Guest Martha Stewart Talks Building An Empire | TODAY Original
1,741 views - 02/14/20
On the debut episode of “Shop the Stars with Jill Martin,” Martha Stewart shares how she created her successful business empire and a few...
World’s Oldest Married Couple Share Their Love On Valentine’s Day | TODAY
42,947 views - 02/14/20
With a combined age of 212, John and Charlotte Henderson hold the Guinness world record for oldest married couple, and they’re an...
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks About New Movie ‘Downhill’ | TODAY
3,404 views - 02/14/20
Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about her new comedy film, “Downhill,” along with the film’s co-writers...
Watch Surprise Valentine’s Day Proposal Happen Live On TODAY | TODAY
8,861 views - 02/14/20
TODAY plays Cupid on Valentine’s Day, helping stage a surprise proposal live on the Rockefeller Center skating rink involving and Anthony...
‘Dabbing’ Concentrated THC Is Troubling New Trend Among Teens | TODAY
1,991 views - 02/14/20
A much more potent way to use marijuana called “dabbing” – smoking concentrated THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets you high – is...
Coronavirus Crisis Deepens As Chinese Quarantine Squads Crack Down | TODAY
19,753 views - 02/14/20
With coronavirus cases still mounting in China, officials there are expanding the roundup of people who might be sick. Meantime, we’re...
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Fire London Staff, Visit Stanford University | TODAY
182,192 views - 02/14/20
It’s been a month since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step back from their royal duties. This week they paid...
Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson Remember Kobe Bryant | TODAY
76,537 views - 02/14/20
"With the NBA’s All-Star weekend set to get underway in Chicago, TODAY’s Craig Melvin sat down with the team from TNT’s “Inside the NBA”...
Hank Aaron On Barry Bonds' Use Of Steroids: 'It's Hard For Me To Digest' | TODAY
2,814 views - 02/13/20
Baseball legend Hank Aaron sat down with Craig Melvin for a wide-ranging conversation about his rise from the Negro Leagues and how he...
Christina Hendricks Talks About Season 3 Of ‘Good Girls’ | TODAY
25,879 views - 02/13/20
Actress Christina Hendricks joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about season three of “Good Girls.” She also reflects on her decision to...
Chance The Rapper On Fatherhood, Kanye, Faith And Loneliest Moments | TODAY
4,012 views - 02/13/20
Chance the Rapper sits down with Al Roker to talk about his rise to fame, his loneliest moments, and the importance of family and faith...
Hank Aaron On The Negro Leagues: ‘There Was So Much Talent’ | TODAY
2,838 views - 02/13/20
Thursday marks 100 years since the founding of the first Negro League, a place for black and Hispanic baseball players, then barred from...
Astronaut Christina Koch: ‘It’s Fun To Interact With People Again’ | TODAY
2,888 views - 02/13/20
U.S. astronaut Christina Koch, back on Earth after a record 328-day mission on the International Space Station, opened up about what it’s...
Mike Bloomberg Addresses Stop-And-Frisk Controversy | TODAY
7,648 views - 02/13/20
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in Tennessee as he makes a big...
William Barr To Testify Before Congress About Roger Stone Sentencing | TODAY
2,267 views - 02/13/20
Attorney General William Barr will testify before Congress about why he suddenly intervened to lighten the sentence of President Trump’s...
Coronavirus Crisis Worsens Aboard Quarantined Cruise Ship | TODAY
25,314 views - 02/13/20
A 14th person in the U.S. has now been diagnosed with COVID-19, the new name for the coronavirus disease. More than 14,000 new cases have...
Is The Flip Phone Back? Check Out Motorola’s New Smart Razr | TODAY
12,068 views - 02/12/20
Tech expert Katie Linendoll stops by TODAY to show the team Motorola’s updated edition of its Razr cell phone. The foldable device has...
See Jennifer Aniston On The Cover Of Interview Magazine | TODAY
15,125 views - 02/12/20
Jennifer Aniston is celebrating her 51st birthday with a feature on the cover of Interview magazine’s March issue. Watch as Hoda and...
Nick Kroll Talks About New Movie ‘Olympic Dreams’ | TODAY
1,394 views - 02/12/20
Comedian Nick Kroll joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about his new comedy film, “Olympic Dreams,” that he filmed during the 2018...
Frightening School Bus Crash Video Sparks New Safety Concerns | TODAY
2,260,865 views - 02/12/20
Video released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol from inside of a school bus captures the terrifying moments when the bus filled with...
Sufi And Anjali Uses Spotlight To Spread Important Message About Love | TODAY
3,781 views - 02/12/20
The 3rd hour of TODAY’s Alex Ficquette talks to Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik, whose inspiring love story made headlines and ignited...
Ellie Kemper Remembers Emotional 'Office' Finale | TODAY Original
1,808 views - 02/12/20
Ellie Kemper, who played Erin Hannon on "The Office," reveals that she "broke down in tears basically every day" while filming the...
Jussie Smollett Facing 6 New Charges For Allegedly Lying To Police | TODAY
36,229 views - 02/12/20
Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett is facing six new charges of disorderly conduct. A special prosecutor in Chicago says Smollett was...
Roger Stone Prosecutors Resign In DOJ Fight Over Prison Sentence | TODAY
2,235 views - 02/12/20
The entire team prosecuting Roger Stone, President Trump’s longtime associate, abruptly resigned from the criminal case Tuesday after the...
Coronavirus Update: Death Toll In China Tops 1,100  | TODAY
408,735 views - 02/12/20
A leading public health expert is sounding the alarm on the COVID-19, warning it could affect 60% of the global population if it’s not...
Bloomberg Under Fire For ‘Stop And Frisk’ Comments In 2015 Audio | TODAY
27,484 views - 02/12/20
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing scrutiny for his controversial “stop and frisk” policy after leaked audio of him...
A Chance At Romance: Chloe And Lisa Meet 5 Eligible Bachelors | TODAY
2,665 views - 02/12/20
In Hoda and Jenna’s “A Chance at Romance” series, the ladies help real people looking for real love. With help from Melissa Hobley of...
‘To All The Boys’ Author Jenny Han On Hit Books Becoming Films | TODAY
3,318 views - 02/12/20
Jenny Han, author of the young-adult novel “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and its sequel books, joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to...
Hoda Dishes On Her Visit To See Dylan And Her Sons | TODAY
26,601 views - 02/11/20
Hoda Kotb tells Jenna Bush Hager all about bringing daughter Haley over to Dylan Dreyer’s house for a playdate with her sons, 3-year-old...
Meet The Singing Nurse Who Uses Music To Help Heal Patients | TODAY
3,271 views - 02/11/20
Across the country, health care professionals are using music to help patients. TODAY’s Carson Daly visited Kathleen Sarnes, a singing...
‘To All The Boys We Loved Before’ Star Noah Centineo And Cast React To Fans | TODAY Original
5,256 views - 02/11/20
Lana Condor, Noah Centineo and the rest of the stars of “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” share what it’s been like to work on the...
Watch Dan White Perform An Amazing Card Trick On TODAY | TODAY
7,821 views - 02/11/20
Magician Dan White, currently performing at the Nomad Hotel in New York City, visits TODAY for another dazzling illusion. Watch what...
Joe Biden Is ‘Almost On Fumes’ In New Hampshire, Andrea Mitchell Says | TODAY
3,525 views - 02/11/20
Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and NBC senior Washington correspondent Andrea Mitchell join TODAY to discuss the New Hampshire...
Olivia Jade's Fake Athletic Profile Revealed In Court | TODAY
87,951 views - 02/11/20
New court documents reveal what prosecutors say is a phony student profile for Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade that was created to...
Crowds Attend Memorial For Altobelli Family Members Killed With Kobe Bryant | TODAY
302,897 views - 02/11/20
John, Kerri and Alyssa Altobelli, killed in the same helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, were...
135 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed Aboard Quarantined Cruise Ship | TODAY
49,634 views - 02/11/20
An American evacuated from Wuhan, China, last week has now tested positive for the virus and is being kept under isolation in San Diego....
Pete Buttigieg: It ‘Would Be Very Difficult’ For Bernie Sanders To Beat Trump | TODAY
38,743 views - 02/11/20
On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Pete Buttigieg spoke with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie. Addressing Joe Biden ads attacking his lack...
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Star Cheryl Hines Talks Funniest Scenes With Larry David | TODAY Original
92,146 views - 02/10/20
Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry David's ex-wife on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," reveals her favorite moments on the show, including the...
Sheinelle: Helping Dylan Look After Baby Ollie Was The ‘Best Decision’ | TODAY
45,863 views - 02/10/20
Sheinelle Jones tells Al Roker and Craig Melvin about heading over to Dylan Dreyer’s home last week to give her a much-needed break from...