Channel Videos from Brandon & Meredith

Picking Strawberries from the Greenstalk Vertical Garden Tower
11,512 views - 07/01/18
Today we pick loads of strawberries from our 2-year old strawberry plants. The second year they have produced for us, and amazing yield...
Crazy Texas Weather in April & Basil Box Unboxing
1,654 views - 04/10/18
See how our organic spring vegetable garden faired in early April with the unusually cold snap and freeze that many received. Basil Box...
Amazing Garden Plant Markers!
2,334 views - 04/03/18
Join us as we working in our organic urban vegetable garden in North Texas. Time to plant some greens beans and harvest some items, as...
Busy in the Early Spring Vegetable Garden
3,605 views - 03/16/18
Wall O' Water and more gardening favorites here.... So much it happening in our backyard organic suburban...
Busy Winter Day in the Garden plus Chef's Knife Review!
2,009 views - 01/30/18
8" Chef's Path Chef's Knife Protecta Sidekick Rodent Mouse Bait Stations Busy day in our...
Planting Onions & Plowbox Unboxing & Review
2,025 views - 01/25/18
Save 20% off any PlowBox subscription Today is time to plant the Onions and Leeks in the our Urban...
January Vegetable Garden Prep & Planning
5,392 views - 01/18/18
Today we get the in the garden before a big deep freeze and admend our garden soil and see what the plans are for the spring organic...
Bloomin' Bin ~ Garden Subscription Box Unboxing & Review ~ January 2018
3,327 views - 01/15/18
Use this link to save 15% off your Bloomin' Bin Subscription... Check out this amazing Monthly Gardening...
Harvest Time Before the First Freeze on the Season
3,849 views - 12/09/17
Time to strip the Summer Garden veggies before the first Freeze of the season with the help of our little boy. Subscribe to Gavin's...
Installing Gutter Shingle Gutter Guards
4,770 views - 10/25/17
See how we cleaned out our clogged gutters, and install new powder coated steal gutter shingle gutter guards on our k style 5 inch...
Time to Plant the Fall Garden & Bypass Pruning Shears Review
6,002 views - 09/10/17
Time to clean up some of the summer garden and make room for the fall crops. Also check out these bypass pruning shears that make...
Picking Strawberries & New Garden Hose Reel
3,107 views - 05/29/17
In the garden today, see what we are up to. Picking Strawberries & our new Garden Hose Reel Eley Garden Hose Reel...
First Harvest of the Season in the Garden
10,593 views - 05/15/17
Join us as we walk trough our Spring Organic Vegetable Garden and harvest some of our first items . Find the Garden Wrap Around Tags...
What's Growing? Spring Vegetable Garden Tour
3,293 views - 04/26/17
Here is a quick tour of how everything is growing and coming along in our Organic Spring Vegetable Garden here in North Texas in zone 8a.
Garden Layout - Nursery Haul - Amending our Soil
4,374 views - 03/16/17
Today I take you on a tour of our backyard vegetable garden layout and future plans. See what all we picked up at the local nursery of...
How We Built Our Raised Vegetable Garden Bed
4,817 views - 03/07/17
See how we built our Raised Vegetable Garden Bed. What materials did we use? How do you build a garden bed? What kind of soil do you add?...
Greenhouse & Vegetable Garden Tour with Local Gardener
9,303 views - 03/06/17
Come along with me as I meet up with fellow Gardener & Youtube Bodie Pyndus from DIY Home & Garden Projects. Tour the greenhouse &...
Building & Planting a Herb Bed in Clay Soil
5,201 views - 02/12/17
We have moved in the new house and it is time to start planting so herbs! Follow along with us as we prepare the soil, and plant our...
The End of Gardening...2017 Brings New Plans!
3,942 views - 12/20/16
Breaking News!! The end of our current Garden has come. Watch to see what our new plans our for Gardening in 2017. Also see what all is...
Fall Garden Tour & GreenStalk Update & More
3,522 views - 11/10/16
Join us as were are on the way to a great fall garden in Zone 8a in Dallas, Texas in November. See what all we have been up to the past...
Quick Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles
105,083 views - 07/02/16
Learn how to make a small batch of quick homemade garden fresh pickles. Very easy and only a few steps to make quick refrigerator...
Early June Garden Tour & Harvest after all the Rain
8,560 views - 06/05/16
Today join us as we work out the our backyard vegetable garden and see how everything is growing, and harvest tons of fresh organic...
Greenstalk Stackable Container Gardening System Unboxing & Review
3,371 views - 05/30/16
Grow a TON of food in very little space! Check out our new Container Garden setup that we just received from GreenStalk made here in...
Thief Stealing Package from Front Porch in Dallas, Texas
4,594 views - 05/25/16
Thief steals Amazon package in Dallas, Texas off of doorstep. Please contact Dallas Police Department if you or someone you know...
Harvesting Green Beans & Cucumbers
6,876 views - 05/24/16
Here is a quick update on our spider mite infestation on our greens beans & cucumber plants in our organic vegetable garden in Dallas,...
Organic Spider Mite Control in the Vegetable Garden
87,091 views - 05/19/16
As we stroll through our backyard vegetable garden we found a problem--spider mite infestation. Tons of spider mite eggs on the...
Potato Storage After Harest: How to Keep Potatoes from the Garden
61,461 views - 05/18/16
Learn the process of how we get our potatoes ready to store for a long time without rotting after harvesting in our organic vegetable...
Planting an Olive Tree
23,577 views - 05/17/16
Today we plant a Arbequina Olive Tree in North Texas. Hopefully we get olive from the tree in a few year in zone 8.
Harvesting Day! Onions, Potatoes, Garlic & more!
44,657 views - 05/15/16
Today is the day we harvest several items in the garden; Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, Swiss Chard. And we check on the rest of the garden!...
Early May Garden Tour & Where are our Chickens?
3,661 views - 05/10/16
Come along with us as we look at out Spring Vegetable Garden and see how everything is growing. Hear our plans for the up coming harvest...
The Evolution of our Vegetable Garden
3,061 views - 05/08/16
Come see how far we have come in 8 years of our garden. See the very first year we had a garden and how it has evolved over the years!
Swimming Pool Ball Pit
2,060 views - 05/08/16
Our 1 year old and his first swimming pool ball pit. Anyone up for 250 ball pickup? You can find the Plastic Pit Balls on Amazon...
Is your Vegetable Garden Waterlogged?
4,006 views - 04/18/16
Today I discuss reasons your garden my be waterlogged and what you can do to set your vegetable garden up for success in the future. Also...
Early Spring Vegetable Garden Tour
7,335 views - 03/31/16
Early Spring Vegetable Garden Tour of our garden. See what we are currently growing and what we are about to plant in our organic...
Time to start the Spring Vegetable Garden!
50,786 views - 02/25/16
Time to organize, plan, and transition from the Winter to the Spring Vegetable Garden! How to Plant, Grow, & Harvest Onions from Start...
First Time on the Baseball Field - Take Me Out To The Ball Game
1,072 views - 02/13/16
Time for his 1st Birthday Photo Shoot! Original music & 1908 lyrics by Ed Meeker – “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” Public Domain
Winter Garden Harvest
6,495 views - 01/19/16
Come along with us as we harvest many item throughout our organic vegetable garden in Dallas TX. We are located in Zone 8a. 0:35...
Gardening: First Freeze of the Season
3,501 views - 11/29/15
Take a look at our Fall garden, and see what we are doing with freezing tepatures in the Garden.
Gardening in the Fall: Early Fall Garden Tour
3,042 views - 11/05/15
Here is a quick update on our Vegetable Garden and what we have growing this Fall. Located in Dallas, Texas, USA USDA Plant Hardiness...
Are you Growing Garlic?
4,652 views - 09/14/15
See what we have planned for growing Garlic this year. Fall is the time to plant garlic in our area here in Dallas, Texas in Zone 8. See...
Self-Seeded Garden & When to Plant What in the Fall
4,417 views - 08/10/15
Quick look at some self-seeded veggies in our Summer garden and take a look at some of the seeds we are going to be planting for the...
Baby thredUp Unboxing & Review | Huge Baby Haul of Name Brand Clothing
1,888 views - 08/04/15
Check out our unboxing & review of thredUP for baby clothes for our little guy! This is an online consignment shop with high-end...
Easiest Organic Way to Kill Weeds in the Garden
42,172 views - 07/26/15
As Summer is here, it is time to clean the garden for Fall plantings. We need to cleanup the garden, removed dead, dying, sick, diseased...
Daddy & Baby Citrus Lane Unboxing & Review
983 views - 07/21/15
Citrus Lane: Save 40% on your first subscription box for your little one! This is the July 2015 Citrus...
Gardening after Vacation
2,470 views - 07/13/15
Here is a quick tour of our Vegetable Garden and what happens when you leave it for sometime. We are in the heat of summer now, and now...
Harvesting Heirloom Tomatoes in the Garden
18,533 views - 06/16/15
See the harvest of tomatoes and more! © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance,...
Growing Sweet Corn for the First Time
113,723 views - 06/06/15
Take a quick look at the corn growing in our organic vegetable garden. © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized...
Bountiful Harvest in the Organic Vegetable Garden
2,356,331 views - 05/24/15
Today before the rain hits again, we harvest our Green Beans, & Potatoes, Tomatoes, and also check on our summer squash, corn, and take a...
Mommy & Baby Unboxing ~ First CITRUS LANE Box ~ 2 months old - May 2015
2,614 views - 05/20/15
Check out our First Citrus Lane Box! Citrus Lane is a subscription box for babies, toddlers, and...
Harvest Time in the Garden
10,991 views - 05/18/15
Time to start harvesting a few items in the garden! Dynamite Organic Mater Magic Plant Food © Brandon Marshall....
NURSERY TOUR - Vintage Baseball Boy Nursery
8,513 views - 05/17/15
Here is a tour of Gavin's Vintage Baseball Nursery. We had so so fun finding everything for his room. Below are where we found the items...
Early May Vegetable Garden Tour & Update
3,120 views - 05/05/15
With little free time the garden has been all on its own! See a quick tour of our Spring Vegetable Garden and what we have growing. We...
Dollar Shave Club | Unboxing, Razor Testing & Review
3,975 views - 05/03/15
Try the Dollar Shave Club, sign up here So my wife ordered this for me to try out, after seeing many social media...
Early April Spring Garden Tour: The Garden is Full
2,992 views - 04/05/15
Here is a tour of our garden, see what has sprouted, planted, growing, plan on planting, and harvesting. What is that Black Stuff in...
Our Little One's Birth Story
2,873 views - 03/28/15
March 15, 2015 we welcome Gavin into our Family. Here is the birth story & timeline of our little one's birth. The week leading up to,...
Chickens in the Snow in March in Texas
32,496 views - 03/06/15
A SECOND round of snow has arrived in Dallas in March! A Rare Occurrence! See our spoiled City Hens in the Snow in March in Dallas. ©...
Snow + Garden + Beagles + Chickens
1,748 views - 03/01/15
See our beagles, Molly & Jackson enjoying the snow, and quick look at the Vegetable Garden, and a peek at our Hens. This has been a wild...
How to Have a Weed Free Organic Vegetable Garden: Weed Fabric
9,017 views - 02/11/15
See how we plan on having an almost "Maintenance-Free" vegetable garden. How to Plant, Grow & Harvest Potatoes from Start to Finish...
Baseball Theme Baby Shower
4,268 views - 01/25/15
It's finally our turn to have a baby shower & we can't believe it! This was such a fun, special day with friends & family. We love...
Ice Land at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX
5,060 views - 01/02/15
Ice Land Ice Sculptures with Spongebob Squarepants at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, USA 2014 A skilled team of 31...
SEE Him MOVE! ~ 3D/4D Ultrasound at 29 Weeks
4,831 views - 01/01/15
This is the shortened EDITED VERSION 3D/4D Ultrasound of our baby Boy at 29 weeks. It is amazing to the features of his face and see him...
Homemade Fermented Hot Sauce - Finishing the Pepper Mash - Part 2 of 2
82,262 views - 12/07/14
This is the Final step in making homemade hot sauce from our organically garden-grow peppers. This is a slow process that will take time...
Installing a 360 Degree Rotating Electrical Outlet
4,755 views - 11/09/14
Installing a Rotating Outlet is very simple and easy to do, just follow the manufacture’s instructions and turn off the power and...
Ultrasound Anatomy Scan - 19 Weeks Pregnant
3,812 views - 11/08/14
Ultrasound Anatomy Scan 19 Weeks © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or...
Amazing! Harvesting Sweet Potatoes
5,601 views - 10/22/14
Take a quick look at us harvesting our organically grown Sweet Potatoes, which we first started from some slips from a local nursery. All...
Happy HOWL-O-WEEN | BarkBox October 2014 Unboxing
6,442 views - 10/19/14
Check out our favorite monthly BarkBox that we receive in the mail and our Pups Love it too! Save 10% on your BarkBox...
Strong Fall Storms Damage the Fall Garden
1,141 views - 10/11/14
A few storm have came through the past week, check out how the Garden has fared! Music by Kevin MacLeod at Licensed...
56,085 views - 10/05/14
Do not SKIP or Read the Comments. Watch the whole video & enjoy the SURPRISE! Meredith is 16 weeks & 5 days pregnant when we find out...
15 Old Wives Tales Baby Gender Prediction Tests | BOY or GIRL?
113,523 views - 09/29/14
We find out what we are having in 7 more days! So we thought this would be a fun thing do to. We found so many old wives tales online...
BarkBox September 2014 Unboxing & Dog Testing
3,071 views - 09/17/14
Check out our favorite monthly BarkBox that we receive in the mail and our Pups Love it too! Save 10% on your BarkBox...
Why Grow a Fall Organic Vegetable Garden?
4,965 views - 09/14/14
The beginning of our Fall/Winter Garden. See what we are planting and why you should grow a Fall garden. Are you a Gardening Dummy? Get...
Baby 12 Week Ultrasound & Heartbeat
97,713 views - 09/10/14
Here is a quick look at our 12 weeks sonogram. and we get the HEAR the Heartbeat too! Subscribe to our channel to see more on our...
Homemade Tabasco Hot Sauce - Making Pepper Mash - Part 1 of 2
170,900 views - 09/08/14
This is the first step in making homemade hot sauce from our organically garden-grow peppers. This is a slow process that will take time...
Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to our Families
143,793 views - 09/02/14
See how we announced to all our families that were are going to have a baby! Also the beginning of the video is the 8 week ultrasound...
Chicken Egg Mystery - Our Dog brings us the Hidden Eggs
4,842 views - 08/08/14
In the Summer it is expecting to have a decrease in egg production your the hens, but over the past few months our dog (Molly) has been...
Weeds in the Garden FAIL
1,748 views - 08/07/14
See the results of Mulching our garden this year, and a little planning for the Fall garden. © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved....
Chicken Finds a Snake!
52,187 views - 07/24/14
One of our hens, Lucy, finds a snake and all the rest chase after her; everyone wants the snake! Music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by...
Summer Garden Tour
3,675 views - 07/14/14
Malabar Spinach, Yard Long Beans, Peppers, Blackberries, Melons, Sweet Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Pole Beans,Tomatoes, Sunflowers, and much...
Caring for Chickens in the Extreme Summer Heat
122,926 views - 07/09/14
Learn some best practices to keep your chickens happy & healthy through the high temperatures through the summer in Texas. I was...
Tomato Review in the Summer Garden
2,775 views - 07/08/14
This year we are growing 25 different varieties of heirloom & hybrid tomatoes in garden vegetable garden in Dallas, Texas. Learn a little...
Harvesting Tomatoes & Garden Tour
4,090 views - 06/14/14
We are so busy keeping everything picked in the garden, it is growing so fast! Check out what's going on and what we are harvesting in...
Harvesting Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, Tomatoes in the Organic Vegetable Garden
44,803 views - 05/31/14
See us harvest our Onions, and see a few onions we overwintered. Also we pull up our Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, and a few smaller-sized...
Chicken & Beagle Play Fetch
2,972 views - 05/29/14
YES! Really! Our Hen & Beagle play fetch together! Maybe someone could make a Toy for our Hens? Music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by...
Adding Ladybugs to the Garden
21,863 views - 05/26/14
Many people are fond of ladybugs because of their colorful, spotted appearance. But farmers love them for their appetite. Most ladybugs...
Tour & Harvesting of my Grandfather's Vegetable Garden
71,643 views - 05/25/14
Come check out my 82 year old Grandfather's Vegetable Garden and see how he grows a very successful garden every year! Follow us as we...
Tour of our May Vegetable Garden
6,720 views - 05/23/14
Come take a quick peak at all the things growing in our garden & much more... © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized...
BarkBox May 2014 ~ Unboxing & Dog Testing
1,822 views - 05/22/14
Use this link to save 10% off your first subscription We purchased the 6-month subscription. 10% supports a...
Harvesting Garlic Scapes & Garlic Scape Pesto
40,552 views - 05/10/14
Learn a little about Garlic Scapes, which grow from Hardneck varieties of garlic. Learn when & how to harvest. Also see how we make a...
East Dallas Urban Backyard Chicken Coop Tour
3,200 views - 05/07/14
Come along with us as we take a self-guided tour through 10 amazing backyard coops. A Peep at the Coops: The Urban Coop Tour, spread...
Spent Brewers Grains as a Chicken Treat
6,232 views - 05/07/14
Spent brewers grains is a great treat for your hens. Learn a little about it and keep in mind that it should only be used as a treat or...
Applying Epoxy Garage Floor Coating to 60 Year Old Cement Slab UcoatIt
24,451 views - 05/02/14
We have decided to make-over our Garage. Here we have chosen to apply the Ucoat It Epoxy Garage Floor Coating System; a Commercial grade...
Harvesting Sugar Snap Peas
7,610 views - 05/01/14
Time to harvest our Sugar Snap & Snow Peas from the garden... © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting,...
Tour of the Backyard Vegetable Garden
1,610 views - 04/26/14
See what all we have growing in out Garden in this wonderful Spring weather we have today. © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any...
BarkBox April 2014 - Unboxing & Dog Testing
4,297 views - 04/18/14
Use this link to save 10% off your first subscription We purchased the 6-month subscription. 10% supports a...
Best Asparagus Knife for Harvesting Asparagus
6,242 views - 04/17/14
See how we harvest our asparagus in the garden, and see the knife that works great for this task. Asparagus Knife...
Frost Damage Report after Rare April Cold Front
1,677 views - 04/16/14
Here is the results after a late April cold front comes through Dallas, Texas in mid-April. (NOT NORMAL) See what was damaged and what...
Freeze Warning! in April & adding Veggie Mix to the Garden
1,127 views - 04/15/14
Winter has come back, it may Freeze or at best get a frost overnight. Time to cover the garden, and save as much as we can! Also see a...
Harvesting Red Russian Kale
15,769 views - 04/14/14
Harvesting our Red Russian Kale, organically grown in our Front Yard flower bed over the winter....
Simple Breakfast with our Backyard Chicken Eggs
4,786 views - 04/06/14
Check out our huge egg as we crack it open from our happy urban-pastured free-range backyard hens. © Brandon Marshall. All rights...
Huge Chicken Egg!
2,383 views - 03/28/14
Check out the largest egg we have got yet from our backyard chickens © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized...
Spring is here & the Vegetable Garden is almost Full
3,721 views - 03/26/14
A quick look at what is growing on in our Spring Vegetable Garden. The weather is warming and the plants are happy. © Brandon Marshall....