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Fall Vegetable Ramen, a Purple Carrot Meal Kit Review - NoRecipeRequired
2,333 views - 03/22/19
Purple Carrot is a 100% plant based meal kit service based out the Boston area and I gave their Fall Vegetable Ramen with Brussels...
Pork Carnitas Tacos; a Review of HelloFresh  -
1,974 views - 03/10/19
Hello Fresh costs as little as $7/serving...but you can try them for even less with $60 off your first order: Use...
Curry Spiced Steaks with Chutney - A Green Chef Review from NoRecipeRequired
514 views - 03/07/19
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Seared Thai Ahi Tuna Sandwich - A Green Chef Meal Kit Review: NoRecipeRequired
486 views - 02/16/19
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Chicken Breasts With Enchilada Sauce - Review of Green Chef's Meal Kit
1,235 views - 02/09/19
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Review of HelloFresh's Crushed Peppercorn Steak -
1,311 views - 01/31/19
Most of the meal kit providers have a version of peppercorn steak, and I've found some better than others. Overall, I really liked the...
Review of HelloFresh's Sriracha Cha Cha  Chicken -
699 views - 01/24/19
Sriracha is all over the place today, from candy to chips, and I was intrigued to give HelloFresh's take on sriracha chicken a try. Along...
Simple Homemade Avocado Toast with Poached Egg -
923 views - 01/16/19
Avocado toast has made breakfast better. It's all over the place with so many versions it makes your head spin. I love the creativity I...
Review of HelloFresh's Juicy Lucy with Tomato Onion Jam  -
750 views - 01/07/19
For those unfamiliar, the Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger - with the cheese stuffed on the inside. As people are quite creative, the recipe...
Review of Purple Carrot's Skillet Fettuccine -
935 views - 12/05/18
I recently ordered and cooked, three Purple Carrot recipes recipes, and while I liked them all, this Skillet Fettuccine was my clear...
How To Make Sriracha Coleslaw -
1,146 views - 11/17/18
Some days I get the feeling sriracha is taking over the world. While not quite up there with ketchup, I'm seeing it all over..including...
Review of Dinnerly's Spinach Pesto Pasta -
617 views - 11/06/18
Dinnerly's meal kits focus on simple meals, quickly prepared, that of course taste great. With their Spinach Pesto Pasta (with roasted...
Review of Purple Carrot's Tempeh Tikki Masala Tacos -
344 views - 11/01/18
I recently tried the Tempeh Tikki Masala tacos from Purple Carrot. I really like the idea of "exotic" tacos, and so the notion of Indian...
Review of Take Out Kit's Indian Butter Chicken -
1,018 views - 10/24/18
This Indian Butter Chicken recipe from Take Out Kit, is a coconut curry like dish, served over basmati rice. The whole dish took me about...
Review of Home Chef's Chicken Kiev -
1,294 views - 10/16/18
Home Chef took a few liberties with their chicken kiev recipe (it's generally stuffed with butter - not topped), but it is still a very...
Making BBQ (pulled) Pork Tacos from Leftovers -
1,599 views - 10/12/18
BBQ pork ribs or shoulder or butt are among my all time favorite things to cook - and eat. So much so, that my eyes are often far bigger...
Review of Freshly's Veggie Baked Penne -
340 views - 10/10/18
I gotta say that I had low expectations for Freshly's penne dish when i ordered it. And I gotta say, my low expectations where met....
Review of Home Chef's Teriyaki Glazed Ginger Salmon -
900 views - 10/02/18
I tried Home Chef's Teriyaki Salmon this week. And am happy to report that twice now, they've mailed me fish that exceeded my...
Review of Home Chef Steak Wellington -
1,454 views - 09/30/18
Steak Wellington (normally called beef Wellington) is a pretty tricky dish to make, and while Home Chef does make a few modification to...
How to Make Baby Back Ribs the Easy Way -
4,073 views - 09/21/18
I love me some baby back ribs, but the time, equipment and effort it takes to smoke them traditionally, is just too much for me....
Review of Take Out Kit's Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup - NoRecipeRequired
686 views - 09/20/18
With Take Out Kit I've found just what I'm looking for. Their Pho admittedly is not as good as the truly authentic versions I've gotten...
How to Make Chicken Chili -
561 views - 09/13/18
While I love and respect all our fine feathered friends, I'm a bit tired of Turkey getting all the love when it comes to poultry based...
Review of Chef'd's Chicken Cauliflower Mac N Cheese -
333 views - 09/10/18
Chef'd has the answer for the Mac & Cheese lover that's looking to avoid pasta and carbs. Cauliflower to the rescue! Obviously a a mock...
Review of Home Chef's Italian Wedding Soup with Pork Meatballs -
263 views - 09/01/18
I'm a soup fan in general, and Home Chef makes it pretty easy to cook their take on Italian Wedding Soup. This is essentially a chicken...
Chipotle Coleslaw With Apples & Almonds -
483 views - 08/29/18
Coleslaw. Always a hit. Particularly in Summer. can get kind of boring. So, in this video, I show you how to literally spice...
Review of Chef'd Beef Bolognese -
401 views - 08/18/18
Chef'd puts a new and interesting (and gluten free) spin on Beef Bolognese with this recipe. Rather than using traditional pasta (or...
How To Grill Boneless Pork Chops -
20,685 views - 08/14/18
While I have to admit, I’m usually a sucker for a big, fat, bone-in pork chop, these little boneless guys are so easy to cook they often...
Review of Dinnerly's Grass Fed Beef Burger -
502 views - 08/10/18
I gave Dinnerly's Grass Fed Beef Burger, with fried pickles and tangy slaw the other day. The Good: The burger was tasty, and the bun...
How to Make Jambalaya -
882 views - 07/27/18
Sausage, Chicken, Ham & Rice - What could be better? Jambalaya is one of my all time favorite dishes - true a one pot wonder. Check out...
Review of Home Chef's Parisian Bistro Bone-In Chicken -
389 views - 07/24/18
Home Chef delivers one of my favorite meals in this version of a simple roast chicken breast. The bone-in check breasts are quickly...
Review of Freshly's 3 Bean Turkey Chili -
442 views - 07/16/18
Meals kits don't get any easier than Freshly. Their meals come delivered fully cooked and wrapped in microwavable packaging. Simple nuke...
Review of Home Chef's Baja Fish Tacos -
347 views - 06/22/18
Holy Crap, did I have low expectations for fish that came in the mail. But Home Chef really surprised with a couple couple pieces of...
How to Grill a Perfect Burger -
833 views - 06/15/18
Summertime (or any time actually) is a great time for a traditional grilled burger. But too often, they turn into hockey pucks! Here I'm...
Freshly's Peppercorn Steak Review -
3,488 views - 06/03/18
Freshly's peppercorn steak is served alongside some mash potatoes, beans and carrots. Like all Freshly meals, it came fully cooked; and...
Blue Apron Parmesan Crusted Steak Review -
379 views - 05/29/18
Steak and Potatoes at it best. But this Blue Apron recipe puts a new twist on it, but adding a smoky, lemon bread crumb crust baked right...
Plated's Stuffed Chicken Fontina Recipe -
564 views - 05/26/18
Plated gives you a pretty advanced recipe with their stuffed chicken fontina, with roasted vegetables. Stuffing chicken breasts is one...
Martha & Marley Spoon Sheet Pan Pasta Review -
522 views - 05/24/18
Sheet pan pasta was a new one for me. But Martha & Marley Spoon came up with an interesting twist on a pretty standard pasta dish with...
Plated's Steak & Tomato Vinaigrette Recipe Review -
450 views - 05/23/18
The Plated meal kit service has taken off. But are the meals any good? Let's take a look. Here I cook their Steak & Tomato Vinaigrette...
Freshly's Buffalo Chicken Recipe Review -
950 views - 05/23/18
Freshly is a popular meal delivery service, that ships you a weekly package of pre-cooked, healthy & gluten free meals. Here I'm...
Blue Apron Stove Top Chicken Parm Review -
391 views - 05/22/18
Blue Apron takes on a classic here....but makes it simpler. This stove top chicken parm is made this seared chicken tenderloins, a quick...
Martha & Marley Spoon Buffalo Glazed Chicken Breast Review -
548 views - 05/22/18
Martha & Marley Spoon took the flavors of classic buffalo wings and made a healthier, easy option for the home cook. Get $30 off your...
Bacon Meatloaf -
664 views - 02/23/18
The old line about bacon making everything absolutely worn out. But that does not mean it ain't true! In this video I...
How to Make Bolognese Sauce -
1,003 views - 02/16/18
Bolognese, or meat sauce, is one of my favorite "spaghetti" sauces. It is super rich, and packed with complex flavors that are sure to...
How to Make Chicken Tacos -
990 views - 12/08/17
Chicken tacos is a favorite in my house. And it's a such a simple recipes that everyone should have a quick and easy version ready to go....
Easy Apple Tart With Ginger Ice Cream -
454 views - 11/19/17
Walking through the grocery the other day, I spotted a pint of Ginger Ice cream from a company called Batch. After giving it a try, a got...
How to Make Pea Soup -
815 views - 09/30/17
Pea soup is one of my goto soups, when I want to make a super easy, super healthy and of course super tasty soup. This version only has...
Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon -
7,051 views - 08/11/17
One of the few things you can do to make a Filet Mignon to add BACON! Bacon wrapped filet is a pretty classic preparation,...
Three Bean Chili -
1,359 views - 02/24/17
I love chili. There are sooo many ways to make it, the options are nearly endless. This Three Bean Chili, is one of my healthier chili...
How to Cook Boneless Pork Chops -
849,643 views - 01/27/17
Boneless pork chops make a great, simple and tasty meal. But only if you cook them well!!! Pork is already very lean, and very easy to...
How to Bake Pork Tenderloin -
8,525 views - 12/11/16
Baking pork tenderloin. It can be sooo good. Or SOOOOO bad. The difference is in a few simple techniques which I demonstrate here. Most...
How to Grill a Butterflied Pork Tenderloin -
3,866 views - 11/05/16
The grill gives everything a terrific open flame, charred flavor, that I amp up even more by butterflying this pork tenderloin....
147 Degree Egg - The Ultimate Poached Egg - NoRecipeRequired
1,981 views - 10/29/16
My first 147 Degree Egg baffled me. It wasn't raw. It wasn't poached. It was, just barely, kinda cooked...uniformly. Once that first...
Leftover Chicken & Rice Soup -
4,357 views - 10/14/16
If I've got left over chicken from a whole roasted chicken, or even just the bone-on pieces, I'm pretty sure I've got a soup coming my...
Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich -
2,896 views - 09/09/16
The Fried Chicken Sandwich has become a staple everywhere from fast food drive thrus (Chick Fil A I'm looking at you) to New York City...
Fastest Way to Roast a Whole Chicken - NoRecipeRequired
5,209 views - 09/02/16
A whole roasted, perfectly cooked, crispy skinned, juicy meat chicken is one of my all time favorite things to cook. The only downside,...
Oven Baked & Grilled Country Pork Ribs -
6,189 views - 08/31/16
BBQ Ribs is one of my all time favorite foods. No only delicious, but also pseudo caveman...bringing meat to fire, and eating off the...
How to Grill Chicken Legs -
46,872 views - 08/19/16
I love grilling chicken legs. They are naturally tender and juicy, and as dark meat they have a lot more flavor than breast me. But there...
Tomato & Corn Salsa -
913 views - 08/05/16
Tomato & Corn Salsa is a perfect addition to so many meals. And in the middle of summer, with both veggies at the top of seasonal...
How to Grill Chicken Thighs -
67,956 views - 07/29/16
Boneless chicken thighs are an under-appreciated cut. They tend to pack more flavor than breasts, are really easy to cook, and stay...
How to Grill New York Steak -
18,729 views - 06/24/16
The New York Steak (or New York Strip Steak), is one of my favorite cuts of beef. It's got more flavor than a filet, and still has great...
How to Grill a Burger -
1,584 views - 06/10/16
How to Grill a Burger. It sounds simple enough...but I get the question often. And I eat a lousy burger too often. Here I'll show you the...
How to Make Turkey Tacos -
2,487 views - 06/03/16
Tacos Tacos Tacos! I love them. I grew on my Mom's ground beef tacos, and this version is similar. As the title implies, I'm using...
Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Butter -
6,769 views - 05/27/16
Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese is a classic combination. Filet Mignon with Butter, equally classic. Why not combine the two? For this...
How to Grill Pork Tenderloin -
1,708 views - 05/14/16
I love to grill pork tenderloin. It's a lean cut of meat, that does really well with high temperature cooking. The grill provides just...
TV Mom Mother's Day Menu: Bluth's Bloody Mary -
609 views - 05/07/16
The perfect Mother's day brunch isn't complete without a bit of booze. Now, I'd never shy away from a nice glass of champaign, but I...
TV Mom Mothers Day Menu - Costanza Marble Rye French Toast -
954 views - 05/07/16
Making Mother's Day Brunch is nothing new. What is new is making dishes inspired by our favorite TV Mom's. This Mothers Day Dish is for...
TV Mom Mother's Day Menu: Sopranos' Frittata -
702 views - 04/30/16
Mom's deserve some special surprises on Mother's day...and brunch is a great way to kick off the day! To add another twist, I've created...
Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup -
1,271 views - 04/08/16
Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of my goto's and always a crowd favorite. It's a really easy soup to make, and hard to mess up. It's...
How to Bake Pork Chops -
187,269 views - 04/01/16
Traditional "baked" pork chops - cooked in a pan at 350 degrees for hour...usually suck. Treating pork, like a tray of cupcakes is NOT...
Portobella Mushroom & Crispy Gouda Slider -
987 views - 03/25/16
Since burgers are a regular in my house, I'm always looking for new spins on the classic recipe - or my family will revolt. The coolest...
Game Day Sliders - Broncos' Short Rib Vs Pather's Pork Belly
872 views - 02/06/16
The big game is tomorrow, and if you're still looking for some great food to for your party, try these two slider recipes inspired by the...
How to Make an Egg McMuffin -
1,434 views - 01/29/16
The Egg McMuffin is one of the most iconic breakfast sandwiches around...and beloved by all. In fact, it's now available after 11am!...
Broccoli & Cheddar Soup -
1,166 views - 01/23/16
When the weather's cold, rich hearty soups are a goto for my family and I. Here, I show you have to make a simple Broccoli and Cheddar...
How to Cook a Beef Tenderloin -
282,354 views - 01/08/16
If a Filet Mignon is the king of steaks...the whole beef tenderloin is the king of roasts! In this video I show you how to marinate and...
The Secrets to Un-Sucky Chicken Breasts -
7,497 views - 11/06/15
Boneless skinless chicken breasts are difficult to cook well. They don't have a ton of flavor, and they have even less fat. That means...
Bacon & Black Bean Soup -
921 views - 10/30/15
A simple black bean soup is one of my favorites. But what's even better than a simple black bean soup? Bacon Black Bean Soup. In this...
How to Make Chicken & Sausage Stew -
3,103 views - 10/09/15
When most people think about stews they are thinking dark, beef stews, loaded with meat and potatoes. And frankly, those are...
Braised Brisket Tacos & Slaw -
1,224 views - 09/25/15
Braising is one of my favorite ways to draw out tons of flavor and complexity in food - especially, the tougher cuts of meat. Here, i...
Sous Vide Pork Chop - Nomiku Review -
13,515 views - 09/12/15
The folk at Nomiku sent me one of their immersion circulators to try, so I decided to cook up some beautiful, thick cut, pork chops....
How to Cook Filet Mignon In The Oven -
141,166 views - 08/07/15
While I love cooking steaks on the grill, it's not always practical to do so. And, for some cuts like Filet Mignon, I'd argue cooking in...
Grilled Ginger Lime Chicken Breast -
3,423 views - 07/31/15
This grilled chicken breast recipe is a perfect for Summer time (although I gotta admit, I'll cook it indoors all year long). This a...
AZ Diamonback's SouthWest Chicken Pizza - MBL Pizzas NoRecipeRequired
2,535 views - 05/12/15
Next up in my series of baseball inspired pizza's is the Arizona Diamondbacks. I'm bringing in as many flavors of the Southwest as I...
San Francisco Giants - Grape & Gorgonzola Pizza - MLB Pizza Recipes
2,078 views - 04/21/15
I had a ton of fun on my NFL Burger series so I...
Pizza Meatloaf -
1,874 views - 04/07/15
I love Pizza. I love Meatloaf. But dare I combine them....yes - I dare. For this video, I make a pizza inspired meatloaf by taking...
Guinness (Beer) Braised Short Ribs -
6,187 views - 03/24/15
The short rib is one of my all time favorite cuts of beef - but it needs to be cooked right. Slowly braised is my goto method....
A Mushroom & Marsala Sauce for Chicken Breasts -
8,249 views - 03/03/15
Everyone needs to know how to make a basic pan sauce. They are really fast and easy, and make your food sooooo much better. Here is a...
Kid Friendly Potato Leek Soup - Kid Recipes -
1,628 views - 02/17/15
This video is about Kid Friendly Potato Leek Soup
Atlanta Falcons Peach & Prosciutto Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,819 views - 01/29/15
For my Atlanta Falcons NFL inspired burger, I knew that I wanted to integrate peaches, and found two great ways to do it. First, I make...
Kansas City Stuffed BBQ Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,922 views - 01/29/15
I did a bunch of BBQ style burgers in my NFL Burger series & loved seeing each city's unique styles. Kansas City BBQ struck me as one of...
Washington Redskins Blue & Red Burger - NFL Burgers -
918 views - 01/28/15
Next up is the Washinton Redskins burger, and I decided to get political with my "Blue & Red" burger. I used a beef patty, but frankly,...
Oakland Raiders Taco Truck Burger - NFL Burgers -
2,530 views - 01/28/15
For my Oakland Raiders NFL Inspired Burger, I'm taking inspiration from the Taco Trucks. An early driver (pun intended) of the food...
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fish Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,985 views - 01/27/15
I'll freely admit that my Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Burger - is admittedly not really a burger, but probably better called a fish...
Seattle Seahawks Coffee Cherry Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,806 views - 01/27/15
My Seattle Seahawks Burger riffs of Seattle love of coffee, and industry giant Starbucks. I make a simple coffee rub for the outside of...
Cleveland Browns Polish Boy Burger - NFL Burgers -
2,088 views - 01/25/15
For my Cleveland Browns team inspired burger, I decided to do a take the "The Polish Boy" - a kielbasa, served on a hot dog bun, covered...
St Lous Rams Slinger Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,139 views - 01/25/15
I had done a good amount of reading about St Louis food, before coming across the St Louis Slinger. The wait was well worth it, and I...
San Francisco 49's Zinfandel Burger - NFL Burgers -
889 views - 01/23/15
As a San Francisco native it was hard to pick my 49er's inspired burger, as I love so many things about this area. I ended up showcasing...
Detroit Lions Blues & Better Made Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,011 views - 01/21/15
I knew from the start that my Detroit Lions burger, would be some version of a Blue Cheese burger (the connection to the blues is...
Chicago Bears Chicago Dog Burger - NFL Burgers -
2,061 views - 01/17/15
The Chicago Dog is Famous. A hot dog, dressed with with Tomato, Peppers, Relish, Yellow Mustard, Onion, Dill Pickles and Celery Salt -...
Pittsburgh Steelers Primanti Burger - NFL Burgers -
2,671 views - 01/14/15
Next up in my series of NFL burgers is the Pittsburgh Steelers and a Primanti Brothers inspired burger. Primanti sandwiches (and the...
Indianapolis Colts Fried Pork Burger - NFL Burgers - NoRecipeRequired
6,023 views - 01/13/15
Next up in my NFL Burger Series is the Indianapolis colts. I started down the path of White Castle like sliders...but quickly came...
Jacksonville Jaguars Biscuts & Gravy Burger - NFL Burgers -
1,127 views - 01/12/15
Next up in my NFL Burger series is the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we're drawing inspiration from the soul of Southern Cooking - Biscuits...