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Roasted Pork Shoulder | Food & Wine Recipes
369 views - 01/15/20
Chef Jose Enrique’s roasted pork shoulder is marinated overnight giving the tender meat a garlic and citrus flavor. Once cooked, the meat...
5 Satisfying Salads That Will Fill You Up | Food & Wine Recipes
408 views - 01/13/20
If you are looking for a salad to fill you up that is also satisfying, look no further. These five salads will keep you full and your...
Roast Chicken with Sauce Chasseur Recipe | Food & Wine Recipes
484 views - 01/09/20
This roast chicken with sauce chasseur uses heavy cream to create a velvety and flavorful sauce. The sauce chasseur is finished with...
Tom Colicchio's Apple Cider Braised Cabbage | Food & Wine Recipes
497 views - 01/08/20
Tom Colicchio uses both apple cider and apple cider vinegar to give the cabbage a sweet and tangy flavor. The apple cider braised cabbage...
How To Make Saucisson Spread | Food & Wine Recipes
510 views - 01/07/20
Saucisson Spread is the perfect topping for a freshly sliced baguette. The saucisson is blended with unsalted butter and fresh thyme for...
Soft and Creamy Scrambled Eggs | Food & Wine Recipes
927 views - 01/06/20
These soft and creamy scrambled eggs are topped with freshly shaved black truffle, making for the ultimate bite. The secret to getting...
How To Upgrade Your Charcuterie Board | Food & Wine Recipes
775 views - 01/04/20
Looking to upgrade your charcuterie board? Look no further. These three recipes will instantly take your charcuterie board to the next...
Easy Weeknight Charred Vegetable Ragù | F&W Cooks
650 views - 01/03/20
Watch as Kelsey Youngman shares her secret for an easy weeknight charred vegetable ragù. The charred vegetable ragù has all of the...
3 Cozy Comfort Food Recipes | Food & Wine Recipes
867 views - 01/02/20
These comfort food recipes will keep you extra cozy during the cold months. These elevated comfort food dishes are great for a casual...
Hearty Potato and Broccoli Soup | Food & Wine Recipes
1,009 views - 01/01/20
This hearty potato and broccoli soup is simple to prepare and full of healthy vegetables. The broccoli stems are cooked down with the...
Maple Bourbon Smash | Food & Wine Recipes
384 views - 12/31/19
The Maple Bourbon Smash brings the classic old fashioned to the modern world. The rich amber syrup gives the cocktail a deep flavor to...
Spiced Marinated Olives | Food & Wine Recipes
325 views - 12/30/19
These spiced marinated olives are filled with bold vanilla and cinnamon flavors. The marinated olives also have a hint of harissa adding...
Osso Buco | Food & Wine Recipe
967 views - 12/29/19
Osso buco is a traditional veal dish that can be served for any occasion. In order to help the osso buco keep its shape while it cooks,...
Slow Cooker Coconut Curry | Food & Wine Recipes
648 views - 12/27/19
Slow cooker coconut curry is a flavorful dish packed with pork shoulder and bold spices. This coconut curry is made in the slow cooker,...
How To Make Champagne Jellies For New Year's Eve | Mad Genius
1,189 views - 12/26/19
Justin Chapple, Food & Wine's Culinary Director, is back with a Mad Genius tip just in time for New Year's Eve. Watch as Justin turns...
French Tartiflette | Food & Wine Recipes
615 views - 12/24/19
This French Tartiflette is made with a creamy Fromager d’Affinois. The creamy and buttery cheese is melted over a bed of tender russet...
Garlicky Haricots Verts with Hazelnuts | Food & Wine Recipes
284 views - 12/24/19
These fresh haricot verts are quickly sautéed in a layer of beef fat giving them a tender and crisp texture. The haricot verts are then...
Creamy Duck Liver Pâté | Food & Wine Recipe
502 views - 12/23/19
The creamy duck liver pâté is topped with a tart blackberry conserva. The contrasting flavors combine for the ultimate bite. Find the...
Pan Roasted Lobster For A Crowd | Food & Wine Cooks
602 views - 12/23/19
This Pan-Roasted Lobster is the perfect dish to serve for a large crowd. The pan-roasted lobster pairs perfectly with a lemony beurre...
Santa Claus Rates Christmas Cookies | The Expert Test
311 views - 12/23/19
Resident cookie expert Santa Clause joined us in the Food & Wine Studio to pick the best cookies for the holiday season. Watch as Santa...
Sweet and Salty Nut Brittle | Food & Wine Recipe
430 views - 12/22/19
Tina Ujlaki adapted this sweet and salty nut brittle from pastry chef Karen DeMasco of New York City Craft. The crunchy and buttery treat...
Jacques Pépin's Apple Galette | Food & Wine Recipes
509 views - 12/22/19
Jacques Pépin's Apple Galette is a great dessert for any occasion. The flaky and buttery crust is super simple to make in a food...
Double Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Cookies | Food & Wine Recipes
250 views - 12/21/19
These double chocolate chip and dried cranberry cookies are taken to the next level with the addition of rolled oats. The ingredients...
Andrew Zimmern's Oven Roasted Brisket | Food & Wine Recipes
567 views - 12/20/19
Andrew Zimmern’s brisket is the perfect main dish to serve during your Hanukkah celebration. The brisket is roasted whole to keep the...
How To Toast Nuts In The Microwave | Mad Genius
538 views - 12/20/19
Join Justin Chapple, Food & Wine's Culinary Director, as he shares a Mad Genius tip for toasting nuts in the microwave. This...
Easy Stir-Fried Udon Noodles With Shrimp | Food & Wine Recipes
345 views - 12/19/19
These easy stir fried udon noodles make for a great meal any night of the week. The stir fried dish is packed crunchy vegetables and full...
Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Talks Cookbooks and Corgis While Decorating Cookies | Treat Yourself
662 views - 12/18/19
Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski visits the studio to create a cookie self-portrait. While decorating, Antoni talks behind-the-scenes at Queer...
Roasted Butternut Squash | Food & Wine Recipes
960 views - 12/12/19
Roasted butternut squash is a classic during the fall and winter seasons. This roasted butternut squash is roasted with cumin, coriander,...
Pro Chef Puts 13 Avocado Cutting Tools To The Test | The Expert Test
509 views - 12/06/19
Cutting an avocado can be a tricky task if you are not a pro chef. For the home chef, there are many gadgets to choose from. But how do...
Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey Talk ‘Office Ladies’ While Decorating Cookies | Treat Yourself
3,052 views - 12/04/19
Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey stop by to decorate cookies and talk all about their new podcast, “Office Ladies.” On the podcast, join...
Stunning Chocolate-and-Citrus Cassata Cake | F&W Cooks
323 views - 12/03/19
This Chocolate-and-Citrus Cassata Cake is a true showstopper. The traditional Italian cake is filled with creamy ricotta and topped with...
Andrea Nguyen Puts a Twist on Leftover Turkey Soup | F&W Cooks
683 views - 11/27/19
Turkey soup is the go-to when it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers. In this cultural mashup, Andrea Nguyen shows us how she puts a spin on...
How to Make Loaded Leftover Thanksgiving Nachos | Mad Genius
579 views - 11/26/19
Wondering what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple makes next-level nachos with leftovers from his...
Simple Salt & Pepper Spatchcocked Turkey | Mad Genius
492 views - 11/25/19
Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this Thanksgiving turkey from F&W’s Justin Chapple. Salt and pepper are all you need when the meat...
Three Ways to Cook a Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey | Food & Wine
1,145 views - 11/25/19
Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. From deep-fried to wood-smoked, there are endless ways to prep a juicy and flavorful bird on...
The Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts | Food & Wine
531 views - 11/24/19
These decadent chocolate desserts feature everything from simple to sophisticated. From a childhood classic to a warm chocolate cake with...
Make-Ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes | Mad Genius
4,027 views - 11/22/19
Mashed potatoes are a staple on the Thanksgiving table and our Culinary Director-at-Large, Justin Chapple, has a Mad Genius tip to make...
THE BEST WAY to Cut an Onion | The Best Way
1,079 views - 11/22/19
Learn the best ways to cut an onion like a pro, without cutting your fingers off! Join Kelsey Youngman as she teaches you the best way to...
3 Stunning Holiday Pies | Meringue, Chocolate and Chocolate Pecan Pie | Food & Wine
581 views - 11/20/19
Friendsgiving doesn't always have to be about the turkey. This year, it is all about the pies! From chocolate pie with bourbon to citrus...
Wine Expert Teaches Wine Idiot about French Wine | Wine School
3,480 views - 11/20/19
Wine newbie, Hallie Tarpley, joins our host, Ray Isle, for an introduction into French wine. Hallie and Ray dive deep into the basic of...
How to Use Mayo to Make a Perfectly Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey | Mad Genius
2,746 views - 11/19/19
Want a Thanksgiving secret? Mayonnaise. After all, there is nothing worse than laboring over a Thanksgiving turkey for hours, only for it...
How to Spatchcock a Turkey | F&W Cooks
5,662 views - 11/18/19
A dry brine is not only an easier technique, but it also results in crispier skin and more flavorful meat than a classic wet brine. Those...
P!nk Knows Her Whiskey...And Wine! | Bottle Service
639,053 views - 11/14/19
Watch singer and winemaker, Alecia Moore- A.K.A. P!nk play Sip, Savor, Spit with 3 different whiskeys. As it turns out, she has a talent...
Ann Pittman's Easy Banana Snack Cake | F&W Cooks
463 views - 11/05/19
Ann Pittman does it again with her delicious, yet easy to make, snack cake. Here she combines a dynamic duo, banana and peanut butter,...
Kelsey Youngman Makes Perfect Pumpkin Butter | F&W Cooks
472 views - 10/29/19
Kelsey Youngman walks us through how to make her addictive pumpkin butter complete with a secret ingredient. This silky preserve toes the...
THE BEST WAY to Roast Pumpkin Seeds | F&W Cooks
1,215 views - 10/22/19
Use your leftover Halloween pumpkin seeds to make the perfect afternoon snack. Rosemary and sweet brown sugar are a great combination to...
Join the Party! Highlights from the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen 2019
569 views - 10/22/19
Check out highlights from the premier culinary event consisting of three incredible days of cooking demonstrations, wine tastings and...
Wok Cooking the Perfect Shaking Beef | F&W Cooks
590 views - 10/18/19
Meat is precious and Buddhist traditions are strong in Vietnam, which is why dishes of beef are considered a luxury. Clever cooks cut...
12 BEST Pumpkin Beers Tried By A Beer Expert | The Expert Test
823 views - 10/15/19
Cicerone Anne Becerra joins us in the studio to give her expert take on all of the season's best pumpkin beer offerings. #pumpkinbeer...
Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Favorite Sheryl Crow Song | Chef Chats | Food & Wine
170 views - 10/05/19
Food & Wine Senior Editor Kat Kinsman and chef Ludo Lefebvre drove around Aspen and discussed his most amazing dining experience,...
Carla Hall's Magic Frosty Order | Chef Chats | Food & Wine
175 views - 10/04/19
Food & Wine Senior Food Editor Mary-Frances Heck and chef Carla Hall drove around Aspen and discussed her most amazing dinner memory,...
JJ Johnson Explains The Finger Trick | Chef Chats | Food & Wine
197 views - 10/03/19
Food & Wine Senior Food Editor Mary-Frances Heck and chef JJ Johnson drive around Aspen and discussing his first-ever cooking demo at the...
How To Make THE BEST Steakhouse-Style Rib Eye  | F&W Cooks
904 views - 10/02/19
It's hard to recreate the perfectly medium-rare and buttery soft rib eye you’d get at a steakhouse. With 72 hours and a few pinches of...
Roasted Curry Tomato Pie | Food & Wine Recipes
646 views - 09/27/19
Turmeric gives the rustic crust of this tomato pie a glorious golden glow, but the real star (other than the ripe summer tomatoes) are...
How To Make Perfect Rice Paper Rolls At Home | F&W Cooks
997 views - 09/26/19
Practically any ingredient can fill a rice paper roll so long as it’s soft or thinly cut so it can be easily manipulated and contained....
Pro Coffee Taster Rates 9 Types of Instant Coffee | The Expert Test
554 views - 09/25/19
Although connoisseurs have historically shunned instant coffee as a heavily processed shadow of the bean lacking in aroma, consistency,...
Gilbert Gottfried Tries Expensive Wine | Bottle Service | Food & Wine
3,818 views - 09/19/19
Gilbert Gottfried joins our host, Ray Isle to play our favorite drinking game, Sip, Savor, Spit. Gilbert ranks wines and cheeses from...
Simple Crab and Pea Shoot Pasta | F&W Cooks
332 views - 09/16/19
Pea shoots are tossed with pasta and tender crabmeat in a bright, lemony butter and white wine sauce, and finish the dish with mint and...
Your Next Brunch Should Include These Za’atar Baked Eggs | F&W Cooks
760 views - 09/13/19
Gail Simmons reminisces about her first-ever job in a professional kitchen. She was 18 years old, doing breakfast duty on a kibbutz in...
How to Make Garlicky, Creamy Aioli with a Mortar and Pestle | F&W Cooks
928 views - 09/12/19
Aioli, which translates to “garlic oil,” is an incredibly versatile condiment—velvety smooth and mayo-like, it elevates any sandwich,...
Gary Vaynerchuk Blind Taste Tests Sports Wines | Bottle Service
5,673 views - 08/29/19
Gary Vaynerchuk joins wine expert, Ray Isle at TAK Room to blind taste test some of the best sports wines out there. Will Gary betray his...
Ann Pittman Makes Simple Crispy Chicken Thighs | F&W Cooks
2,140 views - 08/27/19
When it comes to dinner, sometimes simple is best. It's hard to beat this one-pan chicken thighs recipe, which comes together in under an...
Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garlic, and Feta Cheese | Food & Wine
713 views - 08/22/19
Here's an ideal summer pasta with fresh tomatoes as the main attraction. Feta complements the tomatoes beautifully, and the heat of the...
For the Love of Cod! Try this Cod with Lemony Leeks, Snap Peas and Herbs | F&W Cooks
501 views - 08/16/19
Cod doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. It’s buttery, unassuming, and incredibly versatile. Colu Henry gives it the elegant...
World's Best Bartender Makes the Queens Park Swizzle Cocktail
485 views - 08/16/19
Bartender and bar-owner Laura Newman uses rum, lime, sugar and mint to make the Queen's Park Swizzle, one of her favorite classic...
Dave Beran Talks About Athleticism, Discipline, and his Tenure as Toast Boy | Communal Table
157 views - 08/15/19
Mention Dave Beran's name to someone familiar with high-end and cutting-edge dining and they'll probably think, "Isn't that the chef who...
Chef Tim Luym makes Silog | Secret Filipino Breakfast
527 views - 08/15/19
Take an inside look at chef Tim Luym's incredible silog, a Filipino breakfast dish made with garlic fried rice, a sunny-style egg and...
Grilled Summer Pavlova With Juicy Berries | Mad Genius
1,418 views - 08/15/19
This easy grilled pavlova topped with juicy berries is the ultimate summer dessert. Start with a basic meringue, spoon onto foil and...
10 Things You Might Not Know About Rose | Bottle Service
1,089 views - 08/12/19
F&W's executive wine editor Ray Isle dives deep into the beloved pink wine. Rosé and summer are pretty synonymous—the pink-ish wine is a...
Ann Makes Warm, Garlicky Puttanesca Pasta Salad | F&W Cooks
515 views - 08/12/19
This Warm, Garlicky Puttanesca Pasta Salad Comes Together in 30 Minutes. Cherry tomatoes are the star of this vibrant dish, which also...
Priya Krishna Talks About Cookbook Writing, Working with Mom, and Defying Categorization
512 views - 08/08/19
When journalist Priya Krishna was writing a cookbook based on her Texas-dwelling Indian family, she knew she couldn't control where it...
New Orleans Pimento Cheese Burger | Hungry Yet
388 views - 08/08/19
This is Kristopher Doll’s no-frills Shank Charcuterie in New Orleans, a whole-beast butchery and luncheonette. Doll slings headcheese and...
Can You Guess What This Bizarre Vegetable Is? | Food & Wine
287 views - 08/07/19
Can you guess what this bizarre underrated vegetable is? Hint: It's related to the artichoke. Look for it at your farmer's market. Find...
How to Make this Frosty Grapefruit Pisco Cocktail | Recipe
511 views - 08/06/19
Grapefruit brings out the delicate floral flavors of Peruvian pisco, an unaged grape brandy, in this frosty blended drink, says bartender...
How to Make a DIY Grilling Basket | Mad Genius
594 views - 08/06/19
Grilling baskets are one of our five essential tools for summer grilling—they help prevent smaller foods (e.g. shrimp and asparagus) from...
Pitmaster Carey Bringle Talks Pursuing Passion and Kicking Butt with One Leg | Communal Table
80 views - 08/06/19
Carey Bringle developed his penchant for smoked pig pretty early on, following in the hoofprints of his uncle Bruce who competed in the...
Jammy Eggs and Hot Bacon Dressing |  F&W Cooks
357 views - 08/05/19
Colu Henry revisits a popular dish her Nana used to make—a lettuce salad topped with hot bacon dressing, which was “requested at every...
Watermelon Sorbet With Only 3 Ingredients | Mad Genius
1,686 views - 08/02/19
This Mad Genius technique is the perfect summer treat! Making ice cream in the summertime is a worthwhile, if not painstaking, labor of...
Chocolate Babka with Swirls for Days | Recipe
3,815 views - 08/02/19
This amazing chocolate babka gets extra flavor in the swirl from chocolate cookie crumbs. As a bonus, the tender-crumbed babka is topped...
Gail Simmons makes easy Grilled Scallops | F&W Cooks
371 views - 08/01/19
Gail Simmons' grilled scallops recipe is a favorite for quick and easy summer dinners. Gail cooks them on the grill until just kissed by...
Dwyane Wade Thinks Wine Fans are Crazy | Bottle Service
325 views - 07/31/19
Dwyane Wade and Ray Isle chat over tasting wine from Wade Cellars at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen 2019. Thanks for watching!...
Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Charred Tomatillo Salsa | F&W Cooks
240 views - 07/31/19
In this recipe, grilled pork tenderloin is paired with one of Paula Disbrowe's favorite supporting players: a tangy green salsa made from...
Marco Canora Talks About Taking Risks and Sticking Around for the Long Haul | Communal Table
131 views - 07/25/19
New York City is one of the toughest restaurant markets in the world. Places open and close in the blink of an eye, and even the...
How To Make Corn Husk–Grilled Goat Cheese For The Grill | F&W Cooks
514 views - 07/22/19
Learn how to make grilled goat cheese bundles using corn husks. Andrea Slonecker’s knockout summer appetizer will be the talk of your...
How to Make a Margarita (and 5 Mistakes to Avoid) | Bottle Service
932 views - 07/22/19
One of summer’s simplest pleasures is a fresh homemade margarita—they’re ice cold, tart, refreshing, and perfect for sipping languorously...
Strawberry Daiquiri | Summer Cocktails
539 views - 07/21/19
The best strawberry daiquiri is bright and full-flavored but never too sweet, balancing juicy berries and tart lime. This summer cocktail...
Grilled Corn on the Cob with Calamansi Mayo | Summer Grilling Recipe
688 views - 07/20/19
Chef Sheldon Simeon’s recipe for a Hawaiian twist on Mexican elote features grilled corn slathered in a creamy, cheesy calamansi...
Upgrade Your Blooming Onion with Enoki Blooms | Best New Chef Recipe
621 views - 07/20/19
With a mild, almost fruity mushroom flavor and crisp-tender texture, enoki mushrooms fry beautifully. Soaking the mushrooms in fresh...
Slow Cooker Barbecued Pulled Pork | Easy Crock Pot Recipes
1,013 views - 07/19/19
Looking to amp up your pulled pork? A slow cooker can help create layers of flavor in any weeknight dinner. Serve this pulled pork with...
Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with Roasted Rosemary Potatoes | Grilling Recipe
549 views - 07/18/19
This grilled rib eye steak is wonderful, but it's the potatoes that make this dish unforgettably good. First parboiled, then roasted with...
Restaurant Lawyer Jasmine Moy Talks About Opening a Restaurant and Expensive Mistakes | Food & Wine
166 views - 07/18/19
In her work as a hospitality-centric lawyer, Jasmine Moy has seen it all, bitter breakups, control-hungry partners, and expensive...
Cucumber Salad | Recipe | Food & Wine
965 views - 07/17/19
Vinegar, sugar, salt and onion help compliment this quick-and-easy cucumber salad recipe. Get the Recipe:...
Tres Leches Cake with Strawberries | Recipe | Food & Wine
645 views - 07/17/19
Many versions of this dessert, made by soaking sponge cake in condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream, are too sweet and wet. This one...
Grilled-Pork Banh Mi | Recipe | Food & Wine
960 views - 07/16/19
Try this simple Vietnamese sandwich filled with peppery pork and hoisin sauce. Grilled Pork Banh-mi Get the recipe:...
Red, Hot, and Cool Strawberries | Recipe | Food & Wine
522 views - 07/15/19
The chile-induced heat in this dish doesn’t kick in until the last moment, creating a gentle afterburn that is cooled by sweet...
JJ Johnson Talks About Entrepreneurship, Hustle, and Becoming a Brand | Food & Wine
84 views - 07/11/19
With a James Beard cookbook award for Between Harlem and Heaven, the permanently packed Henry at Life Hotel, and his new restaurant Field...
Frozen Curry-Banana Daiquiri | Recipe | Food & Wine
473 views - 07/02/19
Embrace the curry in this frozen drink from Liam Odien at The Corner Door in Culver City, California; it adds subtle intrigue without...
Jamila Robinson Talks About Feeling Welcome in Restaurants and Media Inclusion | Food & Wine
115 views - 07/02/19
Even if you don't know Jamila Robinson by name (yet!), she's almost certainly had an influence on the way you dine out, eat in, and...
3 Magical Color-Shifting Cocktails | Bottle Service | Food & Wine
5,918 views - 07/01/19
Learn how to use butterfly pea flower extract to make beautiful color-shifting cocktails. READ MORE: Here's...
Isaac Toups Talks About Bullying. Mentoring, Emeril, and His End Game | Communal Table | Food & Wine
715 views - 06/26/19
Top Chef watchers voted Isaac Toups their "fan favorite" when his season finished in 2016, but the Louisiana-born chef hadn't always been...
Chefs, Restaurateurs, and Writers Talk About the Impact of Anthony Bourdain | Food & Wine
3,365 views - 06/25/19
Anthony Bourdain left us too soon. The chef, host, and author's death by suicide in 2018 left an unfillable hole in the restaurant...