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New Recipe: Boozy Chilli Chocolate Pots
517 views - 04/25/19
These chocolate dessert pots have a fiery kick to their end game and take 10 minutes to make. Watch me tell you more about using chilli...
New recipe: Turmeric, lime and ginger cod noodle bowls
862 views - 04/16/19
My first recipe for my London Evening Standard Simply Spiced column is one that puts turmeric to excellent use in a quick fix fish curry....
Simply Spiced: How to put your spices to better use
767 views - 04/04/19
Do you love spices? Do you have a cupboard full of them? Would you like simple know how, tips and recipes to put them to better use? I...
Diwali special: Fragrant Vegetable Malai Korma with Elmlea Double
2,224 views - 11/02/18
This creamy, decadent version of a vegetable korma is a festive treat that you and your family will enjoy at Diwali and beyond. The rich...
About my new cookbook Masala: Indian Cooking for Modern Living
1,682 views - 05/02/18
So this is what has been keeping me busy! My new cookbook has been two years in development and a massive labour of love. It’s...
Baked Chana Dal Bari (lentil fritters)
4,938 views - 09/02/16
These crisp on the outside, soft on the inside fritters are made with Split Bengal Gram or Chana Dal. In a healthy twist, I like to bake...
Paneer bhurji - Scrambled Indian Cheese
2,223 views - 08/12/16
Soft paneer crumbled with tomatoes, onions and the smallest hint of masala adds a giant spice hit for a lazy lunch for one or quick meal...
Simple Chicken Pulao
35,066 views - 07/15/16
Ever wondered how to make soft, fluffy and moreish Chicken Pulao? Here's how I make mine, with chicken on the bone for a deep flavour.
30-min Pindi Chana (Rawalpindi-style chickpeas)
5,286 views - 06/20/16
My quick and easy version of Pindi Chana, the dark, broody and very moreish chick pea saute. This is the bomb tucked into ready rotis for...
Chicken Chettinad Fry (Chicken Varuval)
4,246 views - 06/03/16
Chicken Chettinad Fry, a searingly hot, addictively fragrant and very moreish chicken stir fry, with a magical spice that you may not...
Khatta Meetha Baingan (Tauk Begun)
17,255 views - 05/06/16
Sweet and sour roasted baby aubergines in sizzling Panch Phoron, Bengali five spice mix. This is the perfect vegan dish for a busy...
Simplest khichdi
7,343 views - 04/22/16
Here's the simplest Khichdi recipe ever! A sublime rice and lentil preparation that's a remedy for everything from dodgy tummies and achy...
Quick and easy Saag Paneer
35,318 views - 04/08/16
Make this blender ready version of restaurant classic of soft paneer steeped in spicy smooth spinach curry. With my tip on frying...
Tomato and tamarind baked salmon
3,573 views - 03/11/16
Super simple and healthy baked salmon curry with a zing. Fish Friday, anyone?
Quick and easy Kofta Curry
17,103 views - 02/26/16
Quick and easy Kofta Curry, made with a pack of ready meatballs, in no time at all.
Fluffy naan in a frying pan
33,597 views - 02/12/16
Make soft and fluffy home made naan in a frying pan at home. No special skills needed, apart from a love of alien faces! Intrigued? Watch...
Indian with Mallika - an Introduction
7,502 views - 10/16/15
Welcome to my Indian with Mallika, where I bring you fabulous, healthier and quicker Indian recipes that can fit right into your busy...
Paneer Butter Masala (no colour no cream)
19,674 views - 10/16/15
Paneer in creamy smooth tomato curry - a restaurant favourite and it's easy to see why! My version uses no added colour or cream. A...
Home made Curry Powder
10,907 views - 08/21/15
Learn to make a handy jar of Curry Powder - a Western invention but one that will speed things up when time is of the essence!
Kadai Chicken
10,265 views - 07/24/15
When it comes to quick Indian cooking, you can't beat Kadai Chicken. A Kadai is a like a wok, with a heavy base and two equal handles. So...
Simple Masoor Dal (Red Lentils)
98,108 views - 07/10/15
The simplest dal and arguably most sublime: easy to cook red lentils bubbled and then topped with a spicy ghee tempering or tadka. Learn...
Chicken Jhalfrezi
13,019 views - 12/05/14
The perfect after work curry - Chicken Jhalfrezi, stir fried chicken strips with fresh and flavourful peppers and onions. Our answer to a...
How to make garam masala
5,405 views - 08/28/14
If you fancy a change from the ready powdered bags of garam masala, why not make your own. In my kitchen, a cheap coffee grinder is the...
How to store spices
4,810 views - 06/27/14
It's not an art, not a science. Here is my method to the madness of a cupboard bursting with Indian spices. I binned the metal container...
Mallika Basu with Madhur Jaffrey
17,823 views - 11/28/12
Mallika Basu features on Madhur Jaffrey's TV programme Curry Nation cooking and feeding her children a Bengali meal.
quickindiancooking - Comfort Eating - Anda Raita & Pulao
20,479 views - 09/23/08
Mallika Basu, Blogstar shows you how to cook up some tasty comfort eating treats!!
Mallika Basu -'s Blogstar!
15,265 views - 04/07/08
Mallika introduces us to her world!
quickindiancooking - Dal
12,364 views - 03/01/08 Blogstar Mallika Basu shows us how to make a tasty Dal.