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Bandera Crossing Resort & RV Park on the Medina River
179 views - 06/15/20
If you're looking for somewhere to go with your RV or want top get away send stay in a cabin, check out Bandera Crossing Resort in...
Backyard Aquaponics Vegetables Lettuce, Tomatoes, Squash, & Peppers Everywhere
489 views - 05/20/20
I wanted to give an update of our aquaponic system and show the tremendous growth and vegetable production we're having. We use a series...
DIY License Plate Planer Boards for Trolling / EASY & CHEAP
190 views - 05/20/20
I've been doing quite a bit of trolling for striper lately and I needed a solution to keep my lines from tangling. I've been looking into...
Aquaponic Garden Slammed by Severe Weather Before,  During,  & After
258 views - 04/29/20
Are aquaponic Garden was pummeled by some severe weather has heavy thunderstorms moved into the area with high wind and torrential rains....
Adding Golden Shiners to My Aquaponics System & Update on Plant Growth
274 views - 04/28/20
We live very close to a large lake and love to fish so I've decided to start keeping golden shiners in my tank for the aquaponics system....
Aquaponics Setup Spring Cleaning
580 views - 04/06/20
In Southeast Texas we had great success with our aquaponics system 2 years ago however we Face some difficult challenges in the heat of...
GARBAGE! Pelican Catch 130 Hydrive Kayak FAILURE AGAIN!  Second New Drive System Fails First Day!
5,248 views - 08/26/19
So i shared my first experience with the Pelican Catch 130 Hydrive recently when the pedal drive system failed on the second use only two...
Failure!  New Pelican Catch 130 Hydrive Pedal System Breaks on Second Use & Left Paddling by Hand.
1,175 views - 08/24/19
Pelican's new catch 130 hydrive is their product intended to compete with Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks. The price of the Pelican is very...
Trying out the Pelican Catch 130 Hydrive Pedal Kayak with the kids
669 views - 08/23/19
We just bought this new kayak from Academy Sports and Outdoors. We took it out for a couple of hours on Lake Conroe this afternoon and...
My Little Copilot Helping with Instrument Approaches & Unusual Attitudes lol
456 views - 07/25/19
We were going through the motions this morning brushing up before my instrument checkride this afternoon. I figure if I can shoot...
Florida to Texas in Our Mooney
2,023 views - 04/14/19
Sun N Fun 2019 was a great experience and we had an amazing time. Traveling to and from central Florida all the way from Texas for the...
My One Year Old is Obsessed with Talking to Alexa & Sending Messages
2,429 views - 02/27/19
My 1 year old has learned to say Alexa well enough that she actually lights up and responds to him. He is obsessed with sending messages...
RC Traxxas Truck Versus Terrain 1:10 Scale Slow Motion Action
790 views - 02/20/19
Watch until the end to catch the rock crawling action. This video was filmed mostly by my 6 year old and 8 year old who recently learned...
RC Helicopter Align T-Rex 600 Coast Guard Fuselage with Retracts & Lights
2,390 views - 02/04/19
I had not flown this helicopter in about a year. It was time to get it out and knock the dust off. I was being pretty conservative due to...
DIY AC Repair Compressor Condenser Flush EVAC Charge
7,434 views - 01/16/19
My AC compressor locked up and almost caught fire so I had a decision to make. I could take my truck to the shop and pay thousands of...
Baker Loving This Radio Flyer Roller Coaster
604 views - 11/19/18
Bennett got this for Christmas in 2011 when he was 1 year old. I dug it out of the garage today for Baker to play with since I figured he...
A Beautiful Morning To Fly!
562 views - 09/20/18
Raising the hanger door and seeing the sun reflecting off the polished floor and the beautiful Mooney M20.
Flying My Mooney M20 Climbing Above the Clouds KCXO to KRFI
2,076 views - 09/17/18
GoPro Camera exterior mount to lower tail of 1967 Mooney M20F. Video edited with sound track and accelerated except for takeoff &...
Mooney M20F Executive 21 Taking Off,  Landing,  & Some Nice Photos
1,545 views - 08/28/18
We got a new airplane and here she is. One week ago we flew her home to Texas from Alabama. This 1967 Mooney M20F Executive 21 is a...
Big Brother Folding Towels & Baby Unfolding Right Behind Him LoL
1,369 views - 06/30/18
Baby brother wants to help. Big brother is folding towels and just as fast as he can fold them, his baby brother is right behind him...
Daddy Daughter Dance 2018
696 views - 06/09/18
My daughter and I dancing to disco at her recital.
Landing at Critters Lodge
912 views - 05/02/18
Success!  My DIY Backyard Aquaponics System Update
7,288 views - 04/07/18
I'm loving aquaponics right now. We have had great success this season with the new and improved larger system. I've been constantly...
P-51 Mustang Glamorous Glen Up Close Inside & Out
4,109 views - 03/27/18
This aircraft was once piloted by Chuck Yeager. The sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine is intoxicating! Listen as this amazing...
Aquaponic Strawberries & More
3,102 views - 03/14/18
I wanted to give a progress report and update on my aquaponics system.
Radiator Springs Racers at Disney's Cars Land Complete HD Ride Thru
4,238 views - 03/05/18
This tied for my favorite ride at Disneyland. Cruise the highway through Radiator Springs and race another car filled with other park...
Giant Mechanical Cuckoo Clock at Disneyland's Small World
11,518 views - 03/05/18
This clock sounds off every 15 minutes with some pretty elaborate mechanical features and characters.
Best Ride at Disneyland!  Matterhorn Bobsled Ride
2,127 views - 03/01/18
This was my favorite ride at Disneyland! See what it's like the whole way through. Not lots of steep drops, but a long ride with many...
Launch Rockets With Your Kids!!!  Super Easy!  Using Household Items!
835 views - 02/11/18
We let our kids make rockets and launch them using supplies you likely have around your house. The supplies you need for this project...
Adding New Fish to My Aquaponics Aquarium
1,505 views - 01/29/18
I wanted to give a quick update on my aquarium. I added quite a few fish this evening with the intent of not only making my tank more...
Improved DIY Backyard Aquaponic System
6,466 views - 01/23/18
In my newest aquaponic system build, I've done things a little differently as I learned some lessons from my first experiment. this time...
Dutch Bucket Aquaponic Avocados
2,228 views - 01/21/18
I transplanted the avocados from my first aquaponics system into Dutch buckets to be incorporated in my newest aquaponics system. For...
Sneak Peek @ Bigger & Better 55 Gallon DIY Aquaponics System
2,000 views - 01/21/18
I'm still working on the full length video of the build for this. Many have asked me for an update on the new system. I'm using a 55...
DIY Water Bottle Filter - Insanely Fast & Easy - Clean Your Fish Tank or Aquarium & Keep It Clean
39,919 views - 01/03/18
How I made a simple DIY filter with items I already had around the house. Watch my disgusting aquarium get spic and span in only 2...
UPDATE My DIY Aquaponics Aquarium Project 6 Month Update & Tank Cleaning With DIY Bottle Filter
60,512 views - 01/03/18
What I've learned after a 6 month trial of my floating raft aquaponics system in a 10 gallon aquarium with goldfish. I let this system...
Bearded Dragon Gets a Bigger Terrarium Enclosure
4,780 views - 12/21/17
We started him out with a small 10 gallon terrarium as a baby and we moved him up into a 75 gallon terrarium now. The new enclosure is...
DIY Privacy Fence Made to Last
4,001 views - 12/11/17
Check out the privacy fence I built at my house. Video summary with slideshow that shows the whole process. I enjoy doing home...
The Best of Reklaw 2017 Photo Slideshow
765 views - 11/18/17
If you're an aviation enthusiast, then you'll love these photos from Reklaw this year. General aviation pilots from all over flock in to...
Action Packed Aircraft Video Compilation from Reklaw 2017
16,080 views - 11/05/17
Reklaw, Texas is home to an annual fly-in that is the Lone Star State's version of Oshkosh. For three solid days there's non-stop action...
HD Wing Camera Footage of Low Approaches in Reklaw, Texas
890 views - 11/03/17
The Annual Cub Migration is a private three day and two night fly in that takes place at a private grass strip in Reklaw, Texas. General...
Cloud Hopping With the Kids in Cessna 172 GoPro Wing Camera Full Length
671 views - 09/19/17
What a beautiful day for flying! Blue skies with white puffy cumulus clouds. The kids were excited to see some clouds up close as we...
HD Cockpit View Approach & Arrival into Galveston, Texas in Cessna 172 Scholes International Airport
379 views - 09/19/17
Flying into Galveston accross Galveston Bay. You will see the I-45 Causeway bridge to the right at the beginning of the video. As I...
Soaring in the Clouds With My Kids in our Cessna 172 Soundtrack Added
2,006 views - 09/19/17
What a beautiful day for flying! Blue skies with white puffy cumulus clouds. The kids were excited to see some clouds up close as we...
Flying With the Kids Departing Conroe to Recklaw October 2016
181 views - 09/19/17
I just realized I never uploaded this video from last fall. My kids love to talk and sing in the headsets. LoL. Really glad we...
Straight Tail Cessna Skyhawk Start Up & Take Off 1958
2,814 views - 07/23/17
1958 Fast Back Straight Tail 172
French Drain Put to the Test
11,145 views - 07/10/17
So I was putting in a French drain at my house yesterday and some nasty thunderstorms moved in before I could finish the project. It Was...
My DIY Aquaponics Aquarium Project
828,683 views - 06/23/17
So I've really been wanting to experiment with aquaponic systems and start growing my own fresh vegetables and herbs along with fish. I...
Boxer Jumping on the Trampoline with the Kids for First Time
2,588 views - 05/26/17
Ziva, our Boxer, playing and jumping on the Trampoline for the first time with the kids.
Playful Boxer Dog vs Vacuum Cleaner
696 views - 04/28/17
My boxer Ziva loves to battle the vacuum cleaner!
The Last Hand Drawn Ferry on the Rio Grande in Los Ebanos, TX
3,514 views - 03/22/17
This is the only remaining hand drawn Ferry carrying vehicles and pedestrians back and forth across the Rio Grande. LOS EBANOS, TEXAS....
Maximum Destruction 2017 Freestyle Champion @ Monster Jam Houston NRG
16,750 views - 02/19/17
Monster Truck Winning freestyle run by Max D.
Home Made Ice Sickles Using Sprinkler
237 views - 01/10/17
The kids really enjoyed playing with the tree full of ice sickles I made with the garden hose and sprinkler. I left the sprinkler on...
Boxer Dog Chasing a Laser Part 2
60 views - 01/07/17
Making Saltwater Taffy at La King's Confectionery on the Historic Strand in Galveston, Texas
15,287,605 views - 12/21/16
This video shows the highlights from the Taffy making process. They do things the old school way using machines from nearly 100 years...
Bentley Doing Some Flying Over Lake Conroe With Her Daddy
176 views - 12/16/16
My 4 year old princess at the controls.
Once Around Our Revolving Christmas Tree 2016
178 views - 12/03/16
LED Christmas lights alternating colors and white lights with ornaments.
N6169E Taking Off from Rusk County RFI Headed to Lone Star Executive KCXO in Conroe
65 views - 11/20/16
Cessna 172 Skyhawk 1959 Take Off and Departure from the ground. Thanks to my cousin Brad for filming.
Baby #3 Gender Reveal... it's a...
141 views - 11/20/16
Reklaw TX Fly-In 2016 @ Flying M Ranch
6,058 views - 10/23/16
Highlights from Reklaw
Landing in Recklaw, TX for the 2016 Annual Fly In.
470 views - 10/23/16
At the Flying M Ranch
Sorry About Your Luck Chuck LoL
240 views - 09/27/16
Sting Ray in Destin
14 views - 09/27/16
Finger Fishing in Destin
12 views - 09/27/16
Takeoffs and Landings Align TREX 700 Up Close Gopro Footage
101 views - 09/23/16
I mounted my Gopro camera close to the heli and made a short clip of two takeoffs and landings with some up close hovering. I love the...
133 views - 09/21/16
This was my first flight on my Align TREX 700.
Our Puppies Ziva & Dinozzo Playing
36 views - 08/31/16
These two pups are still getting used to one another.
Dinozzo Had to Wear His Cone Head for Chewing on His Bandage
36 views - 08/31/16
Dinozzo and Ziva are still getting used to one another. Dinozzo really wants to play and wrestle with her, but Ziva doesn't know her...
Flaps & Gear Coming Down, Approach & Touch Down in Seattle in Alaska Airlines Bombardier Q400
248 views - 08/26/16
Watch as the flaps extends, gear comes down, and tires touch down barking on the runway.
Cessna 310 Takeoff
1,540 views - 08/23/16
Beautiful Polished 1959 Pilatus P3
204 views - 08/23/16
Cool Angle Spool Up & Take Off Eurocopter AS350 Gopro 1080p HD Video
469 views - 08/22/16
Do you love the sweet sound of a turbine engine spooling up and rotor blades as they begin slicing through the air? If so I think you'll...
Cows & Calves at Dairy Farm in Creston,  British Columbia,  Canada
240 views - 08/20/16
The kids enjoyed tasting the excellent cheeses and milk as well as seeing the livestock while we visited the farm. What a neat place.
Riding ATV'S in Northern Idaho
426 views - 08/20/16
Riding ATV'S With the Wife & Kids @ Priest Lake Idaho
221 views - 08/11/16
Riding around Lake View Road on the Southwest side of Priest Lake near Hills Resort. What beautiful scenery and a nice place to ride....
Landing Gear Retracting Take Off Roll Bombardier Q400
1,462 views - 08/11/16
My 4 year old commenting "wow, they put up the wheels!" Taking off from Seattle and entering the broken cloud layers.
US Border Patrol Air Boat on the Rio Grande
431 views - 07/02/16
US CBP Air Boat on patrol running the Rio Grande River in Texas.
Cinnamon Our Tarantula Exploring Her Escape Options, May the Odds Be Never in Her Favor
128 views - 06/20/16
It's Creepy how she can climb anything, even glass, with no problem at all. She climbed up to the top of the Terrarium several times...
When Ostriches Attack!  Feeding the Ostrich!
5,197 views - 05/22/16
This thing ran 200 yards straight to me after I shook the cup of feed. He hit the cup so hard each time, I thought he'd bust a whole on...
Ziva the Boxer vs the Balloon
55 views - 05/22/16
Our boxer isn't too fond of balloons. She'd like them all to be popped, but this one is just big enough, she can't seem to get her...
Tropical Fish in St Thomas
123 views - 05/22/16
Catamaran snorkeling tour in St Thomas. We sailed on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. Gopro Hero 3 camera was used. The boat was the...
Snorkeling with Sea Turtles in St Thomas
129 views - 05/22/16
Catamaran Snorkel and Swim Tour St Thomas Virgin Islands. Sea turtles and tropical fish were everywhere. Our guides were awesome and...